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Heade(?), [-?-], m. by 1 July 1718, Ann, extx. of Robert Monroe, chirurgeon of AA Co. (MDAD 1:10).



Heathman, Alex., m. by 1717, Frances, sister of Charles Payne of Sm Co. (SMWB PC#1:233, 237).


Hellen, David, m. by (c.1694), Susanna, relict anbd admx of William Molters of CV Co. (INAC 13A:219).

Helme, [-?-], of Parish of Wapping, White Chapel, Middlesex, d. by 22 Aug 1700, having m. Sarah, dau. of John Meekes, of the Parish of St. Paul's Shadwell, chirurgeon, Dec (PGLR A:419).

Hemsley, Philemon, m. by 23 Nov 1713, Frances, dau. of Robert Noble (QALR ETA:185).

Hemstead, Nicholas, m. by 2 Sep 1679, Elizabeth  [-?-], grandmother of Enoch Spinke (BALR HW#2:159).


Henekin, Mathew, m. by 5 June 1745, Eliabeth, widow of John Brayfield of Ch Co. (MDAD 21:345).

Henly, Darby, m. by 11 March 1697,  [-?-], relict and extx fof Obadia Evans of CV Co. (INAC 16:94).


Hepburn, Patrick, marriage contract, 15 Oct, 1711, with Eliza, beth Holdsworth of Calvert Co., widow of Samuel Holdsworth (PGLR F:147).



Herrill, John, m. by 7 Nov 1751, Eliza Greenfield, widow of Matthew Cartwright of SM Co. (MDAD 31:227).

Herrington, Cornelius, m. by 25 April 1701, Rathvael (Rachael?), dau. of Thomas Jones (BALR HW#2:105).

Hersey, Henry, of New Castle Co., PA, m. by 29 Aug 1765 Henrietta, formerly Holland, and legatee of Francis Middlemore (BALR B#O:418).

Hewett,  [-?-], m. by Nov 1721, Mary, dau. of Thomas Williamson (BACP IS#C:626).

Hewling, Jonas, Dec, m. by 12 July 1726, Ann, mother of Patrick Lynch (BALR HWS#M:147).

Heyley,  [-?-], m. by 31 Oct 1677, Mary, relict and admx of Edward Conary (Connery?) of SM Co. (INAC 4:522).


Higdon, Benjamin, m. Ann, widow of Josiah Wynn, and dau. of James and Ann Downing (PGWB 1:553; PGAD DD#6, 53).

Higgens, John, m. by 9 july 1725, Rebecca, admins. of James Tucker of TA Co. (MDAD 7:14).


HILL Hindman, John Jacob, d. by 27 July 1731, having m. Mary sister of Jacob Loockerman. She m. 2nd, Francis Allen (J[udg.?]30:370, 371).

Hinds, Thomas, of WO Co., m. by 1752, Mary, widow of Thos. Collings of Sussex Co.,De (MWB 28:374).

Hindsley, Thomas, m. by 28 Feb 1722, Mary, admx of Henry Ayler of QA Co. (MDAD 5:162).

Hinley, Darby, m. by c1696, Ann, relict and extx of Obadia Evins (INAC 13B:91).

Hinson, John, m. by 8 May 1694, Anne, admx of Jonathan Grafton of KE Co. (INAC 12:128).

Hinson, John, m. by 8 May 1694, Anne, admx of Jonathan Grafton of KE Co. (INAC 12:128).

Hipple, Lawrence, m. by 1764, Mary Ash (MWB 33:82).

Hitch,  [-?-], d. by 25 Aug 1761, having m. Rachel, widow of Francis Langake of SO Co. (MDAD 47:142).


Holbrook, Thomas, of SO Co., d. by 16 March 1748 when estate was admin. He left wife Sarah, and issue: Ann, m.  [-?-] Ricards, Mary m. (M) Pullett, John Holbrook, Martha Holbrook, and Alice Holbrook m.  [-?-] Philips (MDAD 26:43).

Holdsworth, John, m. by 2 May 1694, Isabel (now Dec), extx. and relict of George Abbott, and amdx of William Martin of CV Co. (INAC 12:127; 13A:230).

Holdsworth. See also Holsworth.


Holleger, Philip, m. by 4 Oct 17692, Mary, dau. of Jeremiah Haslin (AALR IH#3:89).


Hollis, William, m. by 11 June 1694, Mary, dau. of Abraham and Sarah Clark (BALR RM#HS, 4010.


HOLMES Holsworth, Thomas, m. by 3 Oct 1696, Elenor, relict and extx. of Thomas Parsloe of CV Co. (INAC 14:92).

Holsworth. See also Holdsworth.

Holton, John; 8 Feb 1768; Dorcas Weatheritt ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


Hooe, Abraham B., m. by 1798, Sarah, dau. of Horatio and Elizabeth Johnson of AA Co. (MCHP #2508-B0.


HOOKER HOOPER HOPKINS Hopper, Col. William, m. by 21 July 1766., Sarah, execs. of Matthew Dockery of QA Co. (MDAD 54:112)

Horfinton, Jonathan, m. by 1736, Betty, dau. of Gabriel and Ann Cooper of SO Co. (MWB 21:818),

Horine, Elizabeth, widow of Tobias, of FR Co., m. by by 1776, Stephen Julian (MDTP 47:125).

Horlock, Abraham, m. by 1702, Eliza walker, dau. of Daniel Walker, Sr. (MWB 3:171).


Hornbecker, Mary, dau. of Henry, m. by 1791, John Burkard of WA co. (WAWB A:258).


Horsey, Stephen, m. by 23 June 1737,  [-?-], dau. of John Beauchamp of SO Co. (MDAD 14:339).

Horton, Robert, of SM Co., m. by 1 Nov 1703, Margery, relict of Richard Gardiner of SM Co. (PGLR C, 87a).


Houckings, George, m. by 9 Dec 1724, Judith; execs. of George Hope (BALR, IS#H, 89).

Houghton, William, m., by 24 May 1718, Ann, extx. of Robert Catherwood of SO Co. (MDAD 1:88).

Hoult, Robert, m. by 1662, Christian Bromfield (MDTP 1:19, 29).

Houltins, Toles, m. by c1697,  [-?-], dau. of Cornelius Mulraine (INAC 15:245).

Houlton, William, m. by 12 June 1718, Ann, extx. of Joseph Goutee of DO Co. (MDAD 1:106).

House, William, Jr., m. by 9 Sep 1682, Ursula, extx. of Amos Bagby of CV Co. (INAC 7C:309).

How, Robert, m. by 23 April 1752, Priscilla, extx. of John Stevens of DO Co. (MDAD 33:1).


HOWEL(L) HUBBARD Hubbert, William, m. by 6 Sep 1766, Mary, widow of Babington Cook of DO Co. (MDAD 54:352).


Huffman, Peter, m. by 16 July 1758, Maria Apolonin, widow of 1st, Frederick Unseld of FR Co., and 2nd, Adam Ox (MDAD 44:79).

Huggins, James, m. by 5 Aug 1723, Jane, dau.of Daniel Benson of A. A. Co. (BALR, IS#G, 172).

Hugh, John, m. by 12 April 1698, Ann, admx of John Tillotson (INAC 16:66).


Hulston, Richard, m. by 5 July 1721, Sarah, admins. of William Scott of KE Co. (MDAD 3:463).

Humberson, John, m. by (c.1720),  [-?-], widow of John Husbands of CE Co. (MDAD 3:272).

Humphrey, Rolph, m. by 1 March 1735/6, Elizabeth, extx. of Humphrey Alcock of CE Co. (MWB 20:781; MDAD 14:215)

Humpon, Thomas, m. by 30 June 1719, Sarah, admx of Richard Hall of TA Co. (MDAD 2:96).

Hunn, Francis, m. by 24 Oct 1754, Margaret, widow of Nicholas James (BALR BB#I:333).

Hunt, Benjamin, m. by 15 Oct 1765, Mary, dau. of William Harrison of CV Co. (MDAD 54:2).


Hursley, William, m. by 17 July 1725, Eliza, admins. of Nicholas Linch of KE (MDAD 7:48).

Husband, William, m. by 1686,  [-?-], widow of Wm. Bowen (INAC 9:27).

Husbands, James, m., by 5 Dec 1718, Alice, admx. of Ezekiel Parr of CE Co. (MDAD 1:348).


Hutchinson, William, m. by 1732, Marjory, dau. of Robert Beall (Warrants EE:257).

Hyde, Joseph; m. by 27 Nov 1729, Margaret, admnx. of Hans Ellickson (CHPR 1717-1735:275).