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GAITHER GALE Galeeway (Galloway?), James, Jr., m. Mary, widow of Jona. Beck of CE Co. (MDAD 2:278).

Galey, Thomas, m. by 15 Feb, 1674/5, Mary, extx. of John Lewger (ARMD 65:521).

Gallaway, James, Jr., m. by 20 Sep 1719, Mary, widow and admx of Jonathan Beck of CE Co. (MDAD 2:278).


Gambra, Richard, m. by 24 May 1725, Elizabeth, extx. of John Cole of CH Co. (MDAD 6:353).

Gardiffe(?), Robert, m. by 30 June 1736, Ann, extx. of James Barron late of TA Co. (MDAD 15:69).


Garey, John, m. by 16 Nov 1750, Mary, dau. of John Davis (in admin. acct. of Mary Davis of TA Co.) (MDAD 29:66).


GARRETT GARRETTSON Garrison, (N), m. by 13 June 1720, Elizabeth, sister of Richard Freeborne (BALR RM#HS, 661).

Gary, William, m. by 20 Aug 1689, Grace, dau. of George Aldridge (TALR 5:243).

Gasking, John, m. by 18 Sep 1718, Anne, sister, in, law of William Greenwood of London (TALR 12:362).


Gatenby, William, m. by 30 Oct 1724, Elizabeth, extx. of Thomas Taylor of KE Co. (MDAD 6:204).

Gatteridge [sic], Henry, m. by 24 July 1697, Mary, admx of extx of David Floyd of PG Co. (INAC 15:281).

Gautherin, Mathew, m. by (c.1695), Mary, admx of William Needham of CV Co. (INAC 10:440).

Gay, John, m. by 3 Sep 1701, Frances, evidently an heir of Nathaniel Ruxton (BALR HW#2:90).

Gears, Daniel, m. by 5 Aug 1723, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Benson of AA Co. (BALR IS#G:172).

Geary, Gideon; 21 Nov 1775; Elizabeth Royal ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.)

Gee, John, m. by Sep 1663, Hen. MacDonall (formerly servant to Robert Slye); marr. performed by John Legatt without a license (ARMD 49:42, 85).

Geff, William, d. by 10 April 1710, when his widow Elizabeth had m. John Olwell of AA Co. (BALR TR#A:162).

Geoghegan, Ambrose, m. by 13 July 1722, Katherine, extx. of Pierce Welch (BAAD 2:369; MINV 8:208).

Gerard, Thomas, m. by 11 Aug 1659, Susan, sister of Abel Snow (ARMD 41:373).

Gettings, (N), m. by 2 June 1719, Eliza, dau. of Henry Guttridge of PG Co. (MDAD 2:59).

Ghiselin, Dr., m. 22 Feb 1798, Nancy Robertson, dau. of of the late Elisha Robertson of the North Side of Severn (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:227).

Gibbons, John, m. by 20 Aug 1765, Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Edward Dingle of WO Co. (MDAD 54:9).


GIBSON GILBERT Gilder, Hukill, m. by 17 Feb 1734, Amia, admx of Thomas Simpers of CE Co. (MDTP 30:10).


GILL Gillespie, (N), d. by 12 Nov 1739, having m. Susannah, dau. of Isaac Harris, late of Kent Island (QALR RTB:259).

Gilley, William, m. by (date not given), Eliza, widow of Christopher Baynes of CV Co. (Judgments, 3:379, 385).

Gillibourne, Thomas, m. by March 1691/2, Mary, relict of Timothy Pinder (BACP F#1:164).

Gillis, (N), m. by 10 Nov 1761, Mary, sister of Joseph Hill of AA Co. (MWB 31:456; MDAD 51:55).

Gilstrap, Peter, m. by 4 June 1739, (N), dau. of Benj. Aydelott of SO Co. (MDAD 18:30).


Gladland, (N), m. by 27 Dec 1714, Joyce, dau. of Mary Pindle, widow of PG Co. (PGLR F:429).

Glandon, (N), m. by 11 April 1735, Anne, dau. and coheir of William Denton (QALR RTA:377).

Gleaves, (N), m. by 2 Aug 1740, Ruth, dau. of John Brooke (MPL LGB:188).


Goddard, George, m. by 1 July 1718, Elizabeth, admx of Peter Casley of SO Co. (MDAD 1:170).

Godshall, (N), m. by 19 Oct 1677, Sarah, relict and extx. of Henry Barnes of Ch Co. (INAC 4:431).


GODWIN Goff, Bartholomew, m. by 14 Aug 1703, (N), widow of Thomas Hide of PG Co. (PGLR C, 64).

Goffe, Stephen, m. by 1676, Mary, extx. of John Jarbo (ARMD 66:398).

Goldsberry [Goldsborough, Thomas], m. [Maria] Thomas, dau. of of James Thomas of Annapolis (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:238).

Goldsboorugh (Goldsbery), Mr. (N), m. 23 July 1793, (N), dau. of Nicholas Worthington (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:203).


Gomley, Sarah, m. by 1698, Alexander Simmes (borther-in-law of Benjamin Gomley) (MWB 6:293).



Goodall, Elizabeth, mother of Gilbert Goodall, m. (N) Gibbs (Pro. Court MM:65).

Gooden, William, m. by 1740 (N), dau. of Robert Ratcliff of PG Co. (MINV 25:24).



GOODMAN Goodrick, Wm., m. by 8 Septr. 1725, Mary, admx of Thomas Hungerford of CH Co. (MDAD 7:93).

Gordan, Thomas, m. by 22 March 1750, (N), dau. of James McMurray of SO Co. (MDAD 29:232, 32:375; MWB 31:307, 36:51).


Gorly, John, m. by 9 July 1686, Barbara Chapman, admx of Richard Chapman and of William Hensey of CH Co. (INAC 9:44, 54).

Gorsage, (N), m. by 26 Jan 1730, Rebecca, dau. of Richard Preston of CV Co. (DOLR Old 8, 397).


Gosling, John, of VA, m. by 4 Oct 1719, Mary, widow of John Nelson, and 2nd, Edward Rockwood of Chas. Co. (PGLR F (Old 6):844).

Gosnell, Peter, Jr., m. by 15 Aug 1761, Diana, dau. of Dutton Lane, Sr. (BALR B#G:401, B#I:298).

Goss, James, m. by 15 Dec 1721, Elenor, admins. of Robert Jones of KE Co. (MDAD 4:97).

Gott, John, of AA Co., d. c1727, having m. Esther, sister of Francis Crandall. Esther later went to Carolina with Thomas Vernale, and they passed as man and wife (MDAD 41:113).


Goulson, (N), m. by 30 Nov 1674, Alice, widow of James Godscrosse (INAC 1:136).

Govane, James, m. by 1729, Elizabeth, mother of Mordecai and William Hammond (AALR TI#1:162, 163).

Gover, (N), m. by 4 July 1735, Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Johns of CV Co. (MDAD 15:357).


Granger, Benjamin, m. by 1678, (N) Avery, dau. of John (Chanc. P. C.: 138, 141).


GRAY Grayless, Jesse, m. by 3 March 1762, Trephenia Johnson (DOLR 18 Old:151).

Grayson, Richard, m. by 1757, Susannah, widow of Edward Griffith of TA Co. (MDAD 41:366).


Greenberry, Charles, m. by (no date), Rachel, dau. of Thomas Humpson (Stimpson?) (AALR IH#1, 222).

Greene, Charles, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, Eng., m. by 17 Sep 1697, Elizabeth, dau. of James Truman (PGLR A:97).


Greeniff, John, m. by 4 Nov 1703, Ruth, extx. of Edward Dorsey son of Capt. John (BAAD 2:228).

Greenwell, John, m. by 25 July 1720, Katherine, dau. of John Wiseman of SM Co. (MDAD 3:71).


Greer, James, m. by 24 June 1742, Elizabeth, widow of William Wright; she m. 3rd, by 27 July 1743, Heathcote Pickett (BAAD 3:267, 312).

Gregory, Charles, chirurgeon, m. by 22 March 1676, (N), extx. of John Pipper (INAC 2:145).

Greves, John, m. by 1708, Sarah, widow of Wm. Barton (Judgt. 11:594).

Gridley, Jeremiah, m. by 12 July 1725, Eliza, extx. of Robert Creston of SM Co. (MDAD 7:95).

Griffen, Thomas, m. by 30 May 1761, Elizabeth, dau. of St. Leger Pattison (DOLR 17 Old:327).


GRIFFITH(S) GRIGGS Grille, William, m. by June 1667; Idy? Gradlowe (CHLR C#1:253).

Grimes, William, m. by 21 May 1744, Eliza, widow of Jacob Bell of AA Co. (MDAD 20:227).

Groome, Isaac P., m. (date not given), Emily, dau. of Nathan Smith of KE Co. (MCHP 157:207).


GRUNDY Grunwynn, Thomas, m. by 2 Nov 1700, Elizabeth, widow of john Evans of SM Co. (MDTP 18b:16).

Guichard, Samuel, m. by c.1707, (N), dau. of Ann Gongoe (Md. Rent Rolls, AA Co., 115).


Gulley (Ginlley?), John, m. by 2 March 1721/2, Elizabeth, admx of Barnet Ramsey of SO Co. (MDAD 4:104).


Gunnell, George, m. by 28 July 1679, Jane, admx of Thomas Overton of BA Co. ("m. immediately after death") (INAC 6:225; BAAD 2:72).

Gutridge, Henry, m. by 20 March 1697, Mary, admx of David Floyd (INAC 16:680).

Guyatt, John, m. by 4 Aug 1679, Alice, admx of Samuel Grant of CV Co. (INAC 6:271).


Gwinn, William, m. by 16 Nov 1698, Sarah, admx of William Gwinn of TA Co. (INAC 17:94).

Gwyn, William, m. by 13 July 1699, Sarah, extx of William Anderson of TA Co. (INAC 19:157).

Gyatt, John, m. by 4 Oct 1681, Alice, extx. of Demetrius Cart, Wright, and widow of Samuel Graves (ARMD 70:154).

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