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D'Corta,  Elizabeth, dau. of  Elizabeth of SM Co., m. by 1692, Thomas Williams (MDTP 14A:6).

Dabridgecourt [poss. Dabridge?], John, m. by 28 July 1679, Ann Sherclift, widow and extx. of Edward Clark of SM Co. (INAC 6:217; MPL 8:502).


Daffen, George, m. by 14 Aug 1744, Susanna, extx. of Wm. Asquith of SM Co. (MDAD 20:431; MWB 22:318).



Dagey, Jacob, m. by 1796, Catherine Fleegle, daiu. of Valentine Fleegle of FR Co. (MCHP # 1759).

Dagharty, William, m. by 18 Jan 1741, Ann, extx. of Hugh Oneil, of KE Co. (MINV 29:26).



Dakes, James, m. by 8 Sep 1772, Edeliah, dau. of Hope Adams of SO Co. (MDAD 67:258).


DALEY Dall, Junius, m. by 1791, Eleanor (Ridgely) Laming, granddau. of John Ridgely of BA Co. (MCHP # 2048).

Dallahay, Thomas, of TA Co, m. by 4 Sep 1731, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Abbot of [CV?] Co. (MDAD 11:203; MDTP 23:50, 51, 90, 29:94).

Dallahide, Francis, of BA Co., m. by 1723, Mary, widow of John Bradshaw and  mother of John Bradshaw of PG Co. (BALR HWS#1-A, 470; MDTP 26:200).


Dallas, Walter, m. by 24 Oct 1732, Chloe, dau. of James Crook (BAAD 3:115).



Dalzell (D'Elzell), Thomas, m. Margaret (N), who m. 2nd, by 1795, Benjamin Welch (MCHP # 4409).

Damcourtm Joanne Bonne, m. by 1797, Francois Landais, BA Co. (MCHP # 4182).

Dames, John, m. by 1770, (N), dau. of William and Mary Doxey (MWB 38:940).

Danilson, Richard; 22 Dec 1776; Elizabeth Phelps ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).




DARE Darft, Charles, m. by 30 April 1695, Ann (alias Medley), widow of Robert Cole, and  sister of George Rennalls of SM Co. (INAC 13A:293).

Darick, John, m. by 16 March 1715/6, Susannah, admx of Benjamin Ricaud (INAC 37a:12).

Darling, John, m., by 9 June 1696, Martha, relict and admx of John Miller of CE Co. (INAC 13B:113).


Dash, (N), m. by 12 Nov 1677, Elizabeth, relict and extx. of John Mackark(?) of SM Co. (INAC 4:529).


Daughaday, John, m. by 27 Dec 1788 Rachel, formerly the wife of George Sater (BALR WG#CC:351).

Daugherty, John, m. by 1 Dec 1761, Catherine, widow of Charles Breward of KE Co. (MDAD 47:184).


Davies, Vaughan, m. by 3 Aug 1726 Catherine, dau. of Gideon Skates, Dec (BALR IS#H:272).


DAWKINS Dawley, Thos., m. by 16 March 1740, (N), widow of Thomas Conner, son of Daniel Connon (or Conner) (MDAD 18:144).

Dawney, John, m. by 6 July 1723, Elizzabeth, dau. of Mark Swift (BALR, IS#G, 205).


DAY Dayley, Bryan, m. by Feb 1668/9, (N0, relict of Nicholas Keyton (ARMD 57:425).

Deacon, William, m. by 13 May 1730, Mary, extx. of Jeremiah Adderton (MDAD 10:249, 15:233).

Deakins, William, Jr., m. by 18 Aug 1777, Jane, widow of Nicholas Greenberry Ridgely (MOLR A:102).


DEAN(E) DEAVER(S) Deavour, Joseph, m. by 1763, Ann Gatril (MWB 33:184).|

de Barrette, Barbara, m. by 1669, Garet VanSwearingen of SM co. (Laws of Maryland, 1669, Chapter IV).

Debenlers, William, m. by 1763, (N), dau. of William Greenfield of BA Co. (MWB 31:1039; MINV 82:95). [This name may be Debruler].

Debroin, Charles, m. by 1733, Christian Buckner, sister of William Buckner of BA co. (MDTP 29:231, 309).


Deford, John, m. by 25 Feb 1740, Anne formerly Anne Tomlin, granddau. of Joan Taylor, widow (QALR RTB:344).

Delhoser, Daniel, m. by 25 July 1720, Mary, admx of William Branner of PG Co. (MDAD 3:85).

Demasters, Anthony, m. by Nov 1692, Rebecca, widow of Randall Death (BACP F#1, 325).

Demington, (Francis?), m. by 2 March 1718, Rebecca, dau. of Matthew Booker of CH Co. (MDAD 1:385).


Denny, Benj., m. by 30 July 1762, Susannah, dau. of Mary White of QA Co. (MDAD 48:205).

Denson, George; 26 Sep 1771; Mary Haides ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


DENTON DEROCHEBRUNE DERUMPLE Derveur, James, m. by 12 May 1720, Elizabeth, extx. of David Bowen of CV Co. (MDAD 3:129).

Desa[?], (N), m. by 15 Dec 1742, Sophia, dau. of Nathaniel Cleave of QA Co. (MDAD 19:291).

Devagh, John, m. by 7 Nov 1694, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Ayres (BALR RM#HS:439).

Devega, John, m. by Sep 1693, Elizabeth, admx of William Dison (BACP G#1:103).

Deveran, William, m. by 1710, Dinah, mother of William Nuthead. She m. 3rd, (N) Assa(?) (AALR PK:354).

Devinish, William; 10 Oct 1765; Anne Collins ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Dickason, John, m. by 4 March 1735/6, (N), dau. of Francis Clarvo (MDAD 14:170).


DIGGES/DIGGS Dike, Mathew, m. by 20 April 1684, Mary, relict of Thomas Alcock of Ch Co. (INAC 8:291).

Dikes, (N), m. by 5 June 1698, Mary, mother of Thomas Alcock of CH Co. (INAC 15:359).

Dill, (N), m. by 10 June 1761, Mary, dau. of (N) Edward Andrews of DO Co. (MDAD 47:44).


DISNEY DIXON Dobbs, John, m. by 1 March 1724/5, Ann, admx and widow of Mark Benton of QA Co. (MDAD 6:280).

Dobs, John, m. by 14 May 1697, Mary, relict and admx of John Mecomkin of TA Co. (INAC 14:140).

Dobson, Samuel, m. by April 1662, (N), mother of Mary Stratton (ARMD 53:214).

Dockery, Matthew, m. by 21 Oct 1731, Hannah, dau. of John Sweatnam who was a son of Richard Sweatnam of TA Co. (QALR RTA:82).

Docwra, John, m. by 15 Nov 1720, Salome, admx of James Robinson of PG Co. (MDAD 3:160).

Dodd, Peter, marriage contract, 19 Sep 1685, with Elizabeth, mother of William and Richard Chancxe (TALR 5:36).

Doddridge, William, m. by 23 Dec 1717, Lettice, dau. of Abraham Taylor (BALR TR#RA, 435).

Dolby, Jonathan, m. by 9 July 1757, (N), dau. of Daniel Boyce of WO Co. (MWB 29:413; MDAD 41:224)

Donnavan, Daniel, m. by (c.1694), Mary, extx. of James Derrumple of TA Co. (INAC 13A:2007).

Donner, Samuel, m. by 27 Oct 1725, Tammer, admx of John Berry of TA Co. (MDAD 7:208).

Donohoe, Joshua, m. by 7 Sep 1768, Cordelia, extx. of Charles Ford of CE Co. (MDAD 58:360).

Donovan, Thomas, m. by 5 March 1744, Frances, dau. of John Hall (BALR TB#D:51).


Dorrell, Nicholas, d. by 13 Sep 1687, Christian, relict and admx of Andrew Peterson of CE Co. (INAC 9:409).


DORRUMPLE DORSEY Dossey, James, m. by 23 Oct 1679, Martha, extx. of Thomas Morris of CV Co. (INAC 6:500).

Dottridge, William, m. by 1 Aug 1721, (N), dau. of Abraham Taylor of BA Co. (MDAD 3:504).


DOUGLAS DOVE Dowdall, John, m. by 27 Aug 1705, Judith, extx. of Col. John Thompson of CE Co. (INAC 25:83).

Dowell, Philip, m. by 4 April 1747 Mary Tydings (BALR TB#D, 522).


Downey, Valentine, m. by 7 Aug 1758, Anne, only child of John and Mary (Distance) Gilbert (Md. Court of Appeals Reports, 1:339).


DOWNS DOXEY/DOXIE Doyle, Thomas, m. by 22 Sep 1752, Sarah, widow of John Brown of QA Co. (MDAD 33:170).


Drain, James, of AA Co., m. by Jan. 1734, Hester, relict of Henry Hall of AA (MDTP 30:3).

Drane, James, m. by 23 July 1743, Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Pottinger, of PG Co. (MDAD 19:436).


Driskell, Moses, m. by 22 Jan. 1739/40, (N), dau. of William Elgate of SO Co. (MDAD 17:379).

Drugan, Edward, m. by 13 May 1751, Mary, extx. of John Howell of KE Co. (MDAD 31:1; BFD 1:1).

Drunkkord, (N), m. by 8 Jan. 1704, Mary, dau. of Thomas Greenfield of BA Co. (MCW, III, 53).


Dryden, (N), m. by 1719, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Beall (PG Liber F:183).

Duchee, Swanson, of Balto. Co., shipwright, m. by 8 Sep 1767, Ann formerly the widow of James Ventris (BALR, B#Q, 308).

Dudley, (N), m. by 19 Jan. 1744, Rachel, dau. of Joshua Clark (MDAD 21:88, 303).

Duet, Nathaniel, d. by 1 Aug 1760, having m. Ann, widow of Richard Walton (MDAD 44:337).

Duggins, Daniel, m. by 2 July 1720, Mary (als. Miller), admx of Edward Miller, Jr., of SM Co. (MDAD 3:97).

Dukes, Charles, m. by 17 May 1770, Violette, dau. of Jonas Bowen (BALR AL#B:188).

Dulaney, Daniel, m. by 23 Oct 1741, Henrietta Maria, widow of Samuel Chew, and dau. of Philemon Lloyd (DOLR Old 10:347, Old 14:322; Warrants PL#3:18).

Dumeste, John, m. by 8 Dec 1800, Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob Keeports (BALR WG#65:456).


Dunbar, William, m. by 3 April 1735, Elizabeth, admx of James Weatherinton (MDTP 30:24).

Dunbracco, John, m. by 7 March 1768, Hannah, admx of James Matthews of QA Co. (MDAD 58:107).

Duncan, Patrick, m. by 4 June 1684, Jane, widow of William Frizzell (AALR WH#4:107).

Dunivan, Cornelius, m. by (c.1695), Jane, admx of John Bould of CH Co. (INAC 13B:6).

Dunkan, George, m. by 6 Feb 1725, Mary, extx. of Daniel Large of KE Co. (MDAD 6:399).

Dunkin, John, m. by 26 March 1694, Ann, dau. of John Mould (BALR RM#HS:422).


Dunning, (N), m. by 1742, Anndau. of Henry Acton of PG Co. (Warrants IC#10:246; MWB 23:29; MDTP 24:56).

Duram, Richard, m. by 14 Sep 1682, Alice, extx. of Nicholas Furnace of CV Co. (INAC 8:267).

Durand, William, of TA Co., intention to marry, 2 Aug 1672, Elizabeth Aylee or Ayler (MDTP 5:372; TALR 1:209)


Durden, John, m. by 20 Oct 1719, Margaret, admx of Thomas Howe (MDAD 2:163).


DUVALL DYER Dyke, Mathew, m. by 1697, Elizabeth, dau. of Mathew and Mary Allcock (MWB 6:91).

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