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Cable, Mary, dau. of John, of CH Co., m. by 1706, Daniel Delozier (CHLR C#2:111; CHWB AB#3:35).

Cadal, Michael, of CH Co., m. by 1740, Judith, widow of Richard Coode of SM Co., whom she m. in 1736 (MDTP 31:137).



Cadot, (N), m. by 1763, Elizabeth, dau. of James and Sarah Elliott of AA Co. (Hodges Cites Chancery File 5905 E).

Cadrew, Jacob, m. by 24 Nov 1731, Ann, extx. of Thomas Bashaw of SO Co. (MWB 20:67; MDAD 11:341).

Cadrey, John, m. by 1713, Mary, dau. of Thomas Lambrook (MWB 13:548).

Cadwallader, John (Cadwalder), of QA Co., m. by 1770, Elizabeth Lloyd, dau. of Edward Lloyd (Hodges cites "Judgements 60:676-682"; "Pro Court DD#4:722; See PCLR DD#4, MSA  S 552-27 ).

Cady, Robert, of CH Co., m. by March 1670/1, Ellenor, widow of (N) Corner or Conner (ARMD 60:328; CHLR E#1:35½).

Cafrey, (N), m. by 1799, Milisent Burch, dau. of Oliver Burch (CHLR IB#2:524).


Cager, Dorothy, dau. of Robert Cager of SM Co., m. by 1667, George Monroe (SMWB PC#1:5).

Caggill, John, m. by 13 Oct 1739, Mary, granddau. of Joseph Peake ((BALR HWS#1-A:336).

Cahall, (N), m. by 1796, Sarah, dau. of William Draper of Caroline Co. (MCHP # 3697).

Cahop, Elizabeth, dau. of John and Ruth Cahop of TA Co., m. by 1773, Robert Neale (MDAD 68:238).

Caile, Margaret, dau. of John Caile, of AA Co., m. by 1770, Richard Sprigg (Hodges cites "Pro. Court JG#3B:537." This is to a volume in the General Court of the Western Shore Series; MSA No.: S 497-26 ).


Cake, Henry, m. by 1788,Catherine Miller, dau. of John Miller of WA Co (Hodges cites "Pro Court JG#3A:231." This is probably a volume in the Judgement Record of the General Court of the Western Shore, MSA No.: S 497-9 )

Calden, James, m. by 1769, Katherine Wallace, dau. of  John Wallace of KE Co. (MWB 38:137).


CALDWELL Cale, John; 1 Nov 1777; Eleanor Hall ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


Calvert (Calbart), Garrot, m. by 30 July 1734, Anne, mother of Elizabeth and Ann Abbot (DOLR Old 6, 39; Old 9:204).

Came(?), James, m. by Feb 1666/7, Elinor, widow of William Bosman (ARMD 57:157; on p. 192 her name is given as Mary).

Camell, Patrick, m. by 1663, Susan Acheson (Early Settlers 6:123).

Cameron, John, m. by 1719, Margaret, widow and admx. of Danniel Maccen of BA Co. (MDAD 3:25).

Cammell, John, m. by 30 Oct 1682, Elizabeth, relict and admx of William Savin of CE Co. (INAC 8:282).


Cancord, William, m. evening of 13 Nov 1795, Lottie Price (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:215).

Candron, John, m. by 20 Feb 1770, Ann (N), formerly wife of (N) who owned Brown's Lot (BALR AL#B:203).

Canner, Edward, of DO Co. m. Ann (N), and had following bros. and sisters, all m. by 13 Jan. 1745: Thomas; Mary, m. (N) Langfitt; Rebecca, m. (N) Long; Sarah, m. (N) Phillips (MDAD 22:128).


Cantor (or Coster), Michael, m. by 20 Oct 1750, Ann, extx. of David Hodgson of KE Co. (MDAD 29:107).

Caples, (N), m. by 18 Jan 1769, Alice, dau. of William Cole (MWB 37:692).

Carback, Valentine, m. by 30 May 1751, (N), dau. of John harryman of BA (MDAD 30:78, 79).

Carberry, John Baptist, m. by 5 June 1697, (N), relict of Cuthbert Scott of SM Co. (INAC 15:38).

Cardiffe, Robert, m. by 30 June 1736, Ann, extx. of James Barron of TA Co. (MDAD 15:69).

Carew, John, m. by 23 Jan 1755, Rachel, extx. of John Anderson of SO Co. (MDAD 37:115).


Carke, George, m. by 7 Aug 1719, Susanna, heir of Mrs. Susannah Mason of SM Co. (MDAD 2:309).

Carleton, Arthur, of CE Co., m. by 17 June 1687, Elizabeth, widow of John Morgan (TALR 5:88).


CARPENTER Carr, John, m. by 30 March 1744, Lewsey, coheir of John Clark who was a son of Matthew Clark (BALR TB#C:565).

Carradine, John, m. by 19 Aug 1730, Anne, admx of Robert Kent of QA Co. (MDTP 29:12).

Carrick, (N), m. by 20 Sep 1768, Sarah, dau. of Renaldo Monk (BAWB 3:123).


Carslake, John, m. by or after 19 July 1749, Margaret, widow of 1) Joseph Kinnimont of TA Co., and 2nd, James Horney (MDAD 19:434, 20:305).


CARTER CARTWRIGHT Carvele, Robert, m. by 7 March 1686, (N), admx of James Bodkin the Younger of SM Co. (INAC 9:219).



Cassey, James, m. by 24 Nov 1681, Elizabethy, relict and admx of Charles Barden (INAC 7B:166).

Casson, (N), m. by 22 May 1740, Esther, dau. of Thomas Baynard of QA Co. (MWB 21:195; MDAD 17:511).

Cathell, David, m. by 13 Nov 1750, Elizabeth, dau. of John Watson of WO Co. (MDAD 29:80).

Catlett, Alexander, of Loudon Co., VA, m. by 12 Aug 1777, Susanna, dau. of Ninian Beall (MOLR A:7).

Causin, Nicholas, m. c1649, Jane, widow of John Cockshot (MDPL ABH:22).

Cavanagh, Peter, m. by 8 Dec 1752, Mary, extx. of John Rinkshaw (Renshaw?) (BAAD 5:259, 288)

Caven, (N), m. by 12 March 1724, Mary, widow of George Sproiuse (DOLR Old 4:103, Old 6:239).

Cavenah, Patrick, m. by 8 Dec 1752, Mary, extx. of John Renshaw of BA Co. (MDAD 33:309).


Celly/Colly, Henry, m. by 1 Sep 1719, Mary, admx. of Simmond Combes of SM Co. (MDAD 2:209).

Cemey, Walter, m. by 1 Feb 1697/9, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Griffith (DOLR Old 3:1.Old 5:108).

Cermikeale (Carmichael?), John, m. by 26 Oct 1719, Anne, admx of Wm. Mevile of SM Co. (MDAD 2:279).

Cermikeale. See also Carmichael.

Chadbourne, William, m. by 13 Dec 1674, (N), relict of Richard Foxon or Fexton (BAAD 2:202; ARMD 51:475; INAC 1:147).


Chalmers, Jonathan; 10 April 1768; Ann Morgan ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


Champe, William, of SM Co., d. by Oct 1668; left widow Fortune Mitford, now wife of Marmaduke Simm (ARMD 57:358).

Chancey, George, m. by 2 Feb 1707/8, Sarah, admx. of Benjamin Smith (BAAD 2:71).

Chancey, George, m. after 1700, (N), dau. of William Hollis (Md. Rent Rolls, 23).


CHAPLIN CHAPMAN Charles, Isaac, d. by 28 Nov 1749, having m. Sarah Stevens, granddau. of Robert Bozwell (DOLR Old 14:409).

Charlescraft, John, m. by 23 July 1720, Rachel, admx of John Pearson of DO Co. (MDAD 3:90).

Charleson, Charles; 14 Nov 1689; Dorothy Musgrave, widow (CHLR P#1:208).


CHENOWETH/CHENOWITH Cheseldine (Chiseldine), Cyrenus, m. by 20 Oct. 1756, Ann, lately Anderson, admx of John Anderson, late of CH Co. (MDAD 38:313, 39:169; J[udg.?] 45:9, 10).

Cheshire, Richard, m. by 3 Oct. 1696, Mary, extx of Samuell Raniger of AA Co. (INAC 14:61).

Cheston, Daniel, m. by 1742, Francina Augustina, widow of William Stevenson (AA Judg. IB [1740, 1742]:39, 750).

Cheverell, John, m. by 1702, Jane, dau. of Edward and Mary Morgan of SM Co. (SMWB PC#1, 129, 159, 273).

Chevis, Luke, m. by 17 Sep 1767, Sophia, dau. of John Emerson of QA Co. (MDAD 58:27).


Chilcoat, Robert, m. by 18 June 1782, Jane, lately Jane Webb (BALR WG#K:437).

Chilcote, (N), m. by 22 May 1771, Elizabeth, dau. of George Ensor (BAWB 3:195).

Childs, Henry, m. by 27 Aug 1744, Jemima, dau. of Samuel Pottinger of PG Co. (MDAD 20:324).

Chinton, Hugh, of CV Co., m. by 12 Nov 1711, Elinor, dau. of Richard Hooper (DOLR 4:75; Old 6:184)

Chipley, Edward, m. by 7 April 1755, Rebecca, extx. of Samuel Chesum of Do Co. (MDAD 38:70).

Chiseldine. See Cheseldine.

Chisholm, Archibald; 23 Sep 1777; Elizabeth Waters ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Choate, Edward, Jr., m. by 24 Oct 1753, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Underwood (BALR IS#L:145, 161).

Chumbly, Francis, m. by 11 May 1685, Barbara, widow and extx. of Charles Cuiles of CH Co. (INAC 9:6).

Church, Luke, m. by 4 July 1761, dau. of Joseph Bladen of PG Co. (MDAD 47:210).


Clalk(?), (N), m. by 29 May 1742, Mary, dau. of Rebecca Potee (BAWB 2:80).

Clare, John, Jr., m. by 10 July 1751, Eliza, extx. of Richard Hellen, Jr., of CV Co. (MDAD 30:123; MDTP 35:47).


CLARKE CLARKSON CLARVO(E) Clawe, William, m. by 27 May 1677, Sarah, widow of William Cole (ARMD 51:498).


Clayland. See also Cleland.

Clayton, Solomon, m. by 19 Feb 1714, Ann dau. of Edward Smith, Dec, and his wife Ann, now wife of (N) Marshall (QALR I(J)KA:32).

Claywell, Ezekiel, m. by 18 (?) 1758, Rebecca, widow of Absolom Brittingham of WO Co. (MDAD 41:376, 378).

Cleave, Nathaniel, m. by 15 Dec 1745, Catherine Brown, widow of QA Co. (MDAD 6:189, 19:291).

Cleaver, John, m. by 27 May 1736, Elizabeth, extx. of John Skinney(?) of KE Co. (MDAD 15:7).


Cleland, Philip; 25 March 1774; Elizabeth Richards ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Cleland. See also Clayland.

Clemens, William, m. by 12 Feb 1749, Ann, extx. of Leonard Wheeler (BAAD 5:68).


CLIFTON Clipsham, Thomas, m. by 21 July 1680, Susanna, relict and extx. of John Cage of CH Co. (INAC 7A:151).

Cloather, (N), d. by 23 Dec 1684, having m. Susanna, dau. and heiress of Robert Knapp of TA, Dec (TALR 4:343).

Clocker, Daniel, m. by Oct. 1658, Mary, relict of James Courtney (ARMD 41:185).


CLYMER Coal, William, m. by 1 Sep 1757, Ann, dau. of Dr, Samuel Stringer of AA Co. (MDAD 41:134).

Coale, Samuel, m. by 22 Jan. 1801, Hannah, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Herett) Tipton (BALR WG#65, 161, 194).

Coape (?), Thomas, m. by 8 (?) 1755, Elizabeth, formerly Hall, admx of Thomas Hall of WO Co. (MDAD 38:105).

Coates, Leonard, of AA Co., m. by 7 June 1679, Martha, admx of William Russell (ARMD 68:208; INAC 6:232, 362; &A:258).

Cobb, James, m. by 9 Oct. 1710 (or 1719), Rebecca, extx. of James Emison (BAAD 2:147).

Cobrith, John, m. by 1748, (N), dau. of Francis Hollonshead of CV Co. (MWB 25:500).

Cockayne, Samuel, formerly of Yorkshire, Eng., died by 29 May 1717, having m. Ann, niece of Richard Carter of Talbot co. (TALR 12:294).


Cockshott, [Rev.] Thomas, m. by 20 Nov 1710, Ann, widow and extx. of Joseph Hall (MDTP 31:299).

Cockshutt, (N), d. by 11 July 1738, having m. Rebecca, dau. of Roger Boyce of CV Co.; she later m. Samuel Young, Jr. (MDAD 16:305; MDTP 30:76, 267).

Codd, St. Leger, m. by c1697, Anna, widow of Maj. Joseph Wickes of KE Co. (INAC 15:217).

Codrick, Peter, m. by 27 Dec 1724, Elizabeth, admx of Salathiel Quinney of AA Co. (MDAD 6:215).

Colbourne, (N), m. by 15 Feb 1749, Mary, dau. of John Cremes of DO Co. (MDAD 28:33).


COLEGATE COLEMAN Collahon, Daniel, m. by 11 Feb 1719, Mary, admx of Daniel Packet of AA Co. (MDAD 2:394).

Collier, Charles, m. by 321 March 1768, Sarah, dau. of Dinah Bryan of QA Co. (MDAD 58:102).


Collies, James, m. by 1674, Elizabeth, widow of Edward Ayres (MDTP 6:178).

Collings, Richard, m. by 25 Aug 1679, Sarah, extx. of William Hambleton of TA Co. (INAC 6:309).


Collison, William, m. by 13 April 1715, Susannah,. admx of William Addams (BAAD 1:212, 256; 2:127).

Collyer, Francis, m. by 18 May 1699, Sarah, admx of John Evans of CV Co. (INAC 18:160).

Colt, (N), m. by 25 March 1713, Dorothy, widow of Walter Smith (QALR ETA:171).

Colter, Henry, 23 Sep 1802, Ann Clark (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:240).

Combe, Abraham, m. by 8 April 1684, Margreett, admx of Edward Fishwick of SM Co. (INAC 8:247).


COMEGYS Commerford, George, m. by 28 Oct. 1718, Elizabeth, widow and extx. of Thomas Marsh of QA Co., and widow and admx of Thomas Baxter of QA Co. (MDAD 1:208, 364; 6:413)


Condon, Richard, m. by 9 Dec 1800, Airey, dau. of Thomas Franklin (BALR WG#64:431).

Condron, John, m. by 20 Feb 1770, Ann, widow of (N) Brown (BALR AL#B:202).

Conn, George, m. by 1791, Sarah, dau. of Richard Isaac (PGWB T#1, 313).

Connel, Thomas, m. by 1717, Mary Ogden (CH Court Records, I#2:249).

Conner, John, m. by 11 March 1744, El;izabeth Harris, in admin. account of James Harris of KE Co. (MDAD 21:163).

Conoway, (N), m. by 18 Dec 1780, Ruth, sis. of John Owings (BAWB 3:384; BAAD 8:67).

Constable, Henry, m. by 26 Sep 1682, Katherine, extx. of James Rigby of AA Co. (INAC 7C:335; 10:245).

Coode, John, m. by 8 Dec 1674, Susanna, widow of Robert Slye (ARMD 65:506; 69:136).


COOKE Cookson, John, m. by 10 April 1722, Ann, admx of Joseph Hartloe of KE Co. (MDAD 4:136).


Copas, John, m. by Nov 1685, Ann, widow of Matthew Wood (BACP D:356).

Copedge, John, of TA Co., m. by 2 Sep 1698, Mary, extx of Allan Smith of KE Co. (INAC 16:171).

Copper, John, m. by 14 Nov 1728, Angelica, dau. and extx. of John Atkey of CE Co. (MDAD 9:315; MWB: 112).

Copus, John, m. by Nov 1685, Sarah Teale, mother of Ales Teale (BALR TR#RA:338).


Cord, Abraham, m. by 15 March 1735, Mary, sis. of Joseph Pritchard, Dec (HWS#M, 401).

Cordary, David, m. by 24 Jan. 1758, (N), heir of Littleton Housington of SO Co. (MDAD 41:344).

Corke, Peter, m. by 22 Sep 1725, (N), extx. of Thomas Lockwell of TA Co. (MDAD 7:114).

Corkrin, (N), m. by 17 Jan. 1754, Margaret, dau. of Samuel and Priscilla (Barnett) Abbott (MDAD 36:81).

Corne, Thomas, m. by Aug 1714, Elizabeth, extx. of John Mortimore (BACP IS#B:566).

Cornelius, John, m. by 13 July 1719, Sarah, admx of Stephen White of BA Co. (MDAD 2:140; 3:507).

Cornell, Joseph, m. by 13 Aug 1686, Margrett, admx of Robert Worrall of CH Co. (INAC 9:76).

Cornish, (N), m. by 1720, Jane, sister of John Posey (CHLR K#2, 71).

Cosden, Alphonso, m. by 12 March 1724, Ann, dau. of Christopher Beanes of CV Co. (BALR IS#H, 101).

Coster (or Cantor), Michael, m. by 20 Oct. 1750, Ann, extx. of David Hodgson of KE Co. (MDAD 29:107).

Costin, Henry, m. by 28 Aug 1734, Dorothy, dau. of John Jones (QALR RTA:321).

Cottman, John, m. by 17 March 1719/20, Mary, admx of John Waters of SO Co. (MDAD 2:374).


COURSEY Court, John, m. by 13 March 1720, Mary, widow of Edward Webb (MDAD 3:312).


COURTS Couzens, Edward, m. by 24 Aug 1730, Elizabeth, extx. of Daniel Cowley of KE Co. (MDTP 29:13).

Cowaly, Averton, m. by 13 June 1766, Phillis, dau. of Ebenezer Cottman of SO Co. (MDAD 54:89).


Cowman, Joseph, m. by 27 June 1724, Sarah, relict and admx of Henry Hill (AALR SY#1:13; MDAD 6:23).


Cradock, Thomas, m. by 27 Aug 1746 Catherine, dau. of John Risteau (BALR TB#E:276).

Cramphin, Thomas, m. by 16 July 1755, Elizabeth, extx. of John Bowie, Jr., of PG Co. (MDAD 38;58).

Crandall, Abel, m. by 1756, Sarah, dau. of William Ford of AA Co. (MDAD 39:26).

Craney, John, m. by 24 Aug 1761, Elizabeth, admx of Bartholomew Lynham of FR Co. (MDAD 47:89; FRAD 1:235).

Cranford, Nathaniel, m.b y 15 Sep 1686, Martha,m admx of John Gill (INAC 9:89).


Crayers, Ignatius, m. by 14 March 1708, Sophia, dau. of Henry Parker (QALR ETA:48).

Crayker, Samuel, m. by 19 Sep 1687, Mary, relict and admx of George Sealey of DO Co. (INAC 9:430).

Cresap, Thomas, m. by 9 Aug 1739, Hannah, dau. of Daniel Johnson (BALR HWS#1-A:291).

Cretin, (N), m. by 15 Nov 1770, Mary, dau. of Patrick Lynch (BAAD 6:197).


Croft, George, m. by 22 April 1720, Elizabeth, extx. of Richard Reeder of SM Co. (MDAD 2:509).


Croley, Elizabeth, m. by

Crompton, James; 17 Jan 1773; Mary Lattin (sic) ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).


Croney, Jeremiah, m. by 20 Dec 1771, (N), dau. of John Hatton (BAAD 7:76).

Crooke, John, m. by 9 Aug 1686, Sarah, extx. of George Powell of CV Co. (INAC 9:137).


CROSS CROUCH CROWLEY Crutchley, Thomas, m. by 24 July 1719, Dinah, heir of Richard Harwood of AA Co. (MDAD 2:106).

Cryst, (N), "a young Dutchman of Frederick," m. 7 Sep 1795, Betsy Price (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:214).

Cubbage, Thomas, m. by 10 June 1761, Anna, dau. of (N) Edward Andrews of DO Co. (MDAD 47:44).

Cullam, George, m. by 1707, Eliza, widow of John Attwood (AA Judg., IB#1:504, 649, 693, 744).


Culley, Henry, m. by 7 Nov 1724, Christian, extx. of John Beach of KE Co. (MDAD 6:206).

Culver, Henry, m. by (c.1693), Rebeccah, widow and admx of William Finch of CV Co. (INAC 10:333).


Curmeen, James, m. by 14 Aug 1771, Anne, admx of Ambrous Aaaron of DO Co. (MDAD 66:184).

Currer, John, m. by 13 June 1757, Rosamond, admx of Thomas Pennington of CE Co. (MDAD 41:154).

Currey, John, m. by 7 March 1695, Elizabeth, dau. and legatee of Guy White (of CV Co.?) (INAC 13B:91).


CUTCHIN Cutler, Jacob; 11 Jan 1770; Hester Randell ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

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