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Badley, John, m. by 1 March 1745, [-?-], dau. of Charles Dean of SO Co. (MDAD 22:184).

Bagby, John, of CV Co., m. by 30 Aug 1719, Mary, dau. of John Ford (BALR TR#DS:147).

Baggerley, James, m. 20 Oct 1798 in MO Co., by Rev. Slinsky Linthecum, Ella Smith (Md. Hist. Soc., p. 205).




Baily, John, m. by 15 Sep 1765, Sarah, widow of Richard Collins of QA Co. (MDAD 50:199).

Bain, William, m. by c.1761/2, Lydia, admx of Amos Johnson of BA Co. (MDAD 47:367)

Baines, Christopher, m. by 1671, Ann sister of Charles Brooke of CV Co. (MPL 20:285).

Baisey, Michael, m. by 28 Jan 1652/3, [-?-], widow of Anthony Rawlings (the father of John Rawlings) ARMD 10:213).


Baldin [Baldwin?], James, m. by 27 Aug 1744, Eliza, dau. of Samuel Pottinger of PG Co. (MDAD 20:324).

Balding, [-?-], m. by 11 Aug 1684, Elizabeth, formerly Dorrell (AALR IH#1, 225).



Balem, William; 28 Dec 1771; Martha Ducker ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).



Balleric (Ballery), Francis, m. by 22 April 1696, Elinor, admx of Edward Frawner of CV Co. (INAC 13B:7).

Balley, Thomas, m. by 30 June 1730, Mary, widow of John Little of SM Co. (MDAD 10:411; MDTP 29:14).

Banbury, Thomas, m. by 30 Jan 1726, Hester, widow of Richard Cotton of QA Co. (MDAD 8:140, 489).

Bancks, William, m. by 22 Oct 1748, Deborah, dau. of John Hawkins of QA Co. (MDAD 25:194; MINV 306).

Banett, [-?-], in Ireland, m. by 28 Jan 1756. Mary, dau. of Anne Hale of CE Co. (MDAD 39:124).


Bankson, Joseph, m. by 4 Sep 1757, Eliza, wwidow of James Slemaker of BA Co. (MDAD 41:244; MWB 27:212).

Bannen, Thomas, m. by 25 Nov 1721, Hannah, dau. of William Jones (QALR I(J)KB:94).

Banning, Benoni, m. by 1 Aug 1769, Ann, dau. of Abraham Clark of DO Co. (DOLR 23 Old:319).

Bantram, [-?-], m. by 17 Oct 1759, Margaret, dau. of Anthony Gay Williams of TA Co. (MDAD 43:343).

Barackdol, Peter, m. by 10 Aug 1799, Mary Mysleman (WA Co. Marr. Lic.).


Bardall, [-?-], m. by 24 March 1755, Jane, admx of Luke Axel of AA Co. (MDAD 37;119).

Barkdul, Jacob, m. c12 April 1800, Susannah Mysleman (WA Co. Marr. Lic.).



Barkley, Jno., late of Edinburgh, m. by 1732, Grace Hay (Liber 20:484). Barkley, John, of AA Co., m. by 28 Nov 1732, Grace Hay (MWB 20:484).

Barkus, Eliza, dau. of Geo. and Eliza Barkus, m. by 1726, Daniel Boulton (MWB 19:160).


Barnet, Thomas, m. by 24 June 1747, Phebe, widow of Richard Giles of TA Co. (MDAD 24:30).

Barnett, Lewis, m. by 15 Nov 1752, Mary, widow and extx. of Terence Connolly of TA Co. (MDAA 37:218).



Barnisger, Christian, m. by 1763, Mary, dau. of John Myer of BA Co. (MCHP # 3530, 3547).

Barns. See Barnes.

Barnterant, Peter, m. c26 Dec 1800, Barbara Metz (WAML).

Barnwell, James, m. by 8 March 1716, Elizabeth, sister of Lemmon John Catrup (TALR 12:273).

Baron, Henry, m. by 1736, Dorothy Perry ([MPL?] PL#8:421).

Barone, James, m. by 1763, Rody Crapper (MWB 31:468).

Barratt, Darby, m. by 3 July 1718, Katherine, dau. of Daniel Vinton (TALR 12:329).

Barret, Joseph, m. by 1737, Durant Conner (AA Judgt. IB#2:290).


Barritt, [-?-], m. by 1775, Ann, dau. of Richard Ball of PG Co. (PG T#1:15).

Barrock, John, m. by 1 March 1738, Sarah, widow of Thomas Hewett of TA Co. (MDAD 11:674).

Barron, James, m., by 14 July 1730, [-?-], dau. of Samuel Brocust of TA Co. (MDAD 10:406).

Barronett, Thomas, Jr., m. by 30 Feb 1742, Rachel widow of Wm. Connolly of TA Co. (MDAD 19:138).


Barry, Cornelius, m. by 1751, Eleanor, widow of John Whittle (Judgt. ISB#2:112).

Bartholomew, Philip, m. (date not given), Margaret Tongue, dau. of John, of SM Co. (MCW 1:42; Warrants CB#3:248).




Barwick, John, m. by 4 Oct 1764, Jane, widow of James Townsend (MDAD 51:377; BFD 4:59).

Basford, Stephen; 7 Dec 1775; Susannah Stewart ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Basil, John, m. by 1753, Elizabeth Perry, dau. of John. (PG No. ref. given).

Bastian, William,. m. by 17 June 1772, Eliza, dau. of Mathew Graves (or Grover) of Ch Co. (MDAD 67:120).


Bathurshell, Henry, m. by 29 Oct 1711, [-?-], legatee of George Smith of KE Co. (INAC 33A:10)

Batie, John, m. by 14 Oct 1697, [-?-], extx of Roger Bishop (INAC 15:180).



Batten, Capt. William (d. by 1662), m. Margery, widow of [-?-] Ashcom; she m. 3rd, by 1666 John Bowles (ARMD 53:269, 57:1151; MPL AB&H:202).

Baugher, [-?-], m. by 1707, Ann, relict of Charles Egerton (SMRR:1).

Baulding, [-?-], m. by 1684, Elizabeth [-?-], formerly Dorrell (AALR IH#1:225-228).

Baver, [-?-], m. by 21 May 1736, Rhoda (Rodyah), dau. of William Fossett, Sr., of SO Co. (MDAD 15:17).

Bavington, William, m. by 21 May 1759, Esther,m admx of James Nowland of CE Co. (MDAD 43:162).



Bayard, William, m. by Jan 1771, Eleanor, admx of Alexander McFarlane of SM Co. (MDTP 44:23).

Bayley, John, m. by (c.1680), Magdalen, widow and admx of James Pean (INAC 7A:215).

Bayly, Luke, m. by 27 March 1738, Easter, admx of John Wattson of SM Co. (MDAd 16:85).




Bazel, [-?-], m. by 15 Nov 1771, Ann, dau. of Wm. Hollingsworth (MDAD 67:14).


Beachboard, Levin, m. by 15 May 1772, Sarah, extx. of Solomon Milburn of WO Co. (MDAD 67:351).

BEAL John, m. by 9 Oct 1724, Elizabeth, sister of Andrew Norwood (BALR IS#G:387).



Beam, George, m. by 21 Oct 1784, Sarah McAllister, dau. of George (BAWB 3:560).


Beanes, Christopher, m. by 1723, Frances, admx of Edward Nutter of PG Co. (MDAD 6:87).


Beasey, Wm., m. by 4 June 1739, Eliza, dau. of Benj Aydelott of SO Co. (MDAD 18:30).

Beason, Nicholas, m. by 12 Dec 1722, Diana, admnx. of William Hutchings and of Matthew Hale or Hall (MDAD 5:83; BALR RM#HS, 73).





Becket, John, m. by 15 Feb 1755, [-?-], dau. of Benson Bond of CV Co. MDAD 37:215).


Beckley, John, m. c.20 May 1800 Nancy Norris (WAML, 1797-1800).


Beckworth, [-?-], m. by 8 May 1732, Ann, widow of John Miller of PG Co. (MDAD 11:392, 393).

Bedstead, John, Jr., m. by 14 Jan 1743, Mary, extx. of David Mills of TA Co. (MDAD 20:54; another reading of the doscument says he m. Eliz., dau. of David and Mary Mills).

Beech, Elias, m. by 9 Aug 1679, Sarah, sister and admx of Richard Cole (MDTP 8:338; INAC 6:282).

Beecher, John, m. by 21 Feb 1693, [-?-], widow of Christopher Gist (BALR RM#HS, 417).

Beecke, Elias, d. by 21 Feb 1675, having m. Elizabeth Loquer, sister of Thos. Loquer (MDTP 7:306).


Beetenson, Edmund, m. by 31 July 1680, Lydia, relict and extx. of Thomas Watkins of AA Co. (INAC 7A:172).

Beggs, Nathan, m. by 18 July 1751, Elizabeth, admx of William Andrew of QA Co. (MDAD 30:218).

Belaine, John, m. by 12 April 1669, [-?-], widow of Francis Posey (CHLR H#1:248; MDTP 11:100, 172).

Belcher, John, m. by 1 July 1709, Mary, admx of Richard Perkins (BAAD 2:88).


Bellin, Thomas, m. by 21 Nov 1719, Katherine, admx. of Samuel Collins of SO Co. (MDAD 2:389).


Beltzhoover, George, m. c.10 Dec 1799, Catherine Golb (WAML).

Bencil, Balcer, m. by 26 Oct 1778, Sophia, admnx. of Jacob Creeder (BALR WG#C:31).




Bennison, Richard, m. by 1705, [-?-], mother of Mary Ball (AALR WT#2:336).


Benston, William, m. by 25 Aug 1761, [-?-], dau. of Francis Langake of SO Co. (MDAD 47:142).

Bentalou, Paul, m. by 8 Dec 1800, Catherine, dau. of Jacob Keeports (BALR WG#65:456).

Bentley, Stephen, m. by Nov 1693, Ann, relict of Phillip Pissions(?), and formerly wife of William Pearle (BCCP F#1, 300, 307).




Berson (?), Edmond, m. by 4 March 1735/6, [-?-], dau. of Francis Clarvo (MDAA 14:170).


Best, Samuel, m. by 19 May 1732, Jane, widow and extx. of William Brown of KE Co. (MWB 19:880; MDAD 11:599).

Beston, George, m. by 9 April 1699, Jane, relict and admx of James Taylor of CE Co. (INAC 18:224).


Betfield, Meshacvk, m. by 23 June 1749, Sarah, widow of Richard Greason of TA Co. (MDAD 26:118).

Bett (Belt?), Higginson, m. by 22 Aug 1748, Dorothy, widow of John Rogers, Jr., of PG Co. (MDAD 19:450).

Betts, Humphrey, m. by 21 Jan 1742, Eliza, widow of Thomas Jennings of PG Co. (MDAD 19:307).

Beuley, Rev. John, m. by 17 Aug 1771, Rachel, dau. of Nicholas Goldsborough, Gent. (MDAD 66:195).

Bevan, Thomas, m. by 12 Oct 1691, Pretitia, extx. of William Ramsey of AA Co. (TALR 5:331; AALR IH#3:91, says she was the widow of Ramsey).

Beven, Jesse, m. by 8 July 1775, Martha, admx of Esrom Hendrickson (BAAD 6:352).

Bevin, George, m. 22 July 1804, Mary Ogle (Diary of William Faris, MHM 28:243).

Beyas, Peter, m. by lic. dated 20 Dec 1799 Mary Bowers (WAML)

Beymen, Ebenezer, m. by 11 Oct 1766, [-?-], heir of Susanna Perkins of KE Co. (MDAD 54:326).

Biays, Joseph, m. by 17 Feb 1800, Elizabeth, heir of Cornelius Clopper (BALR WG#61, 380).

Bickum, [-?-], m. by 10 Nov 1751, Philadelphia, dau. of Jacob Gray of WO Co. (MDAD 31:213).


Biggins, William, m. by 6 July 1734, Mary, dau. of Mary Evans of SO Co. (MDAD 12:371).

Biggs, Henry, m. by 11 May 1754, Mary, dau. of Benjamin Posey of CH Co. (MDAD 36:493).

Billings, James, d. by 12 Sep 1749, m. by 25 Jan 1733, Ann, dau. of John Ryder, sister of Charles Rider (DOLR 6 Old:29, 9 Old: 145, 14:375, 17 Old:371).


Binks, John, m. by 24 Sep 1733, Mary, widow of Bartholomew Dorsey of SM Co. (MDAD 12:135, 25:63).

Binley, John, m. by 1686; Blanche, relict of Wm. Stanton (Liber 9:124).

Binney, Benjamin, m. by 7 Aug 1766, Mary, widow of James Sterling of KE Co. (MDAD 54:218).

Birch, John, m. by Feb 1723/4, Mary, legatee of Mary Rose of SM Co. (MDAD 5:358).

Birchfield, Thomas, m. by 3 July 1722, Johanna, extx. of Edward Cantwell of BA Co. (MDAD 4:213).




Birmingham, John, m. by 28 Feb 1727, Veronica, dau. of Isaac Ven Bebber of CE Co. (MDAD 9:3).



Bissup, William, m. by 20 Nov 1728, Sabarah, extx. of Thomas Outten of SO Co. (MWB 19:51; MDAD 9:305).

Bitter, Thomas, m. by 21 May 1736, [-?-], dau. of William Fossett of SO Co. (MDAD 15:17).

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