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Ardery, Rachel, widow of William, of TA Co., m. by 1746, Richard Dove (MDTP 32:24; MDAD 22:392).


Abbeson, ELizabeth, m. by 1769, Thomas Willen, Jr. (MDTP 46:248).

Abbington. See Abington

Abbot. See Abbott.


Abel, Samuel, m. by 1786, Sarah Horsey Adams, dau. of John Adams of SO Co. (MCHP 82).

Abel. See also ABELL.



Abernathy, John, m. by 1 Oct 1725, Ann, admnx of Philip Doves of Ch Co. (CHAD 1708-1738, f. 269).




Ackerson, Rachel, widow of Robert, m. by 1702, William Frisby (INAC 23:92).


Acres, Wm., m. by 22 Aug 1719, Mary, widow of Dennom Clandman of SO Co. (MDAD 2:301).


Acworth, (N), m. by 23 Nov 1751, Mary, admnx. of George Givens of WO Co. (MDAD 31:214).


ADAMS Adams. See also Addams.

Adamson, James, m. by 14 Aug 1745, (N), dau. of James Crackson (MDAD 21:444).

Addair. See Adair.


Addams. See also Adams.


ADDISON ADKINS Adney, Moses, m. by 9 April 1735, Alice, widow of Charles Drury, (PGLR V:441; MDAD 13:80).

Adwick, James, m. by 1666, Grace, sister of John Walker; she m. 2nd, by 1666, Thomas Winton (Hodges cites Liber 1, Part F: 2:88, 89).

Agge, James, m. by 1725, Dinah, dau. of Thomas Box (PG Liber M:23).

Aiken, Archibald, d. by 30 May 1768, having m. (N), mother of Margaret Kelley (BAWB 3:95).

Ainsworth, William, m. by 1723, (N), coheiress of John Cupman (SORR:52).


AIREY AIRS Aiskins, William, of SM Co., m. by 30 Oct 1721, Mary (N) (MDAD 4:42).


Aitkenhead, George, m. by 11 Dec 1778, Katherine, widow and admnx. of Nicholas Hoslebach (BALR WG#C:210).

Aken, (N), m. by 22 April 1754, Margaret, widow of Patrick Kelly of CE Co. (MDAD 36:242; BFD 1:107).

Albee, (N), m. by 1747, (N) Atkinson, dau. of Anne Atkinson (PGLR BB: 447).


ALDRIDGE ALEXANDER Alferina, Phineas, m. by 1736, Mary (N) (Hodges cites J[udg.?] 27:219).


All, Robert, m. by 5 Sep 1765, Mary, widow of John Derochbrune of QA Co. (MDAD 53:63).

Allan, Alexander, of DO Co., m. by 24 July 1770, Priscilla, granddau. of Henry Hill (DOLR 24 Old:47).

Allay, John, m. by 19 Sep 1755, Elizabeth, extx. of John Woodall of KE Co. (MDAD 38:153).

Allcock, Thomas, of DO Co., m. by 13 June 1771, Catherine (N) (MWB 37:640; MDAD 66:99).

Allegood, (N), m. by 13 Aug 1737, Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Odear, Sr., of SO Co. (MDAD 14:507).


ALLENDER Allenson, Charles; 13 Nov 1774; Eleanor Brewer ("Marriage Register of Rev. David Love," discovered by Peter Wilson Coldham in the Public Record Office, London (PRO: AO 13/61(II)/ 420ff.).

Allerton, Isaac, m. by July 1665, Elizabeth, widow of Simon Overzee (ARMD 49:466).

Alley, (N), m. by 14 Dec 1749, Cornelia, dau. of John and Cornelia Sparks of QA Co. (MDAD 17:385).

Allingham, Philip, m. by 11 Oct 1751, Ann, dau. of Benj. Allen of AA Co. (MDAD 31:98).


Allman, Thomas, of SM Co., m. by 1696, Penelope Hayden, dau. and heiress of Francis Hayden (Hodges cites Judg., 7:1(?), 115).

Allnutt, James, m. by 25 Nov 1767, Sarah, dau. of George and Mary Lawrence of Cv Co. (MWB 38:119; MDAD 51:358, 67:169).

Allstone, Thos., m. by 2 Sep 1746 Draydin, widow of Samuel Bayley of SM Co. (MDAD 23:7).


Almet, William, of MO Co., m. by 12 Feb 1778, Mary Riley (MHS, p. 206).

Alphey, John, m. by 16 Feb 1729, Ann, dau. of Richard Ackworth of SO Co. (MDAD 10:219).

Alricks, Sigfredus, of CE Co., m. by 10 May 1745, Elizabeth (N); she m. 2nd, by 20 Aug 1746, John Stocton (MDAD 21:374, 22:371).

Alsworth, Michael, of AA Co., d. by 8 April 1745, leaving widow Isabella (N) (MDAD 21:275).

Alter, Christian, m. by 31 Aug 1801, Ann Wooden (BALR WG#68, 623).

Althorpe, Thomas, m. by 8 Sep 1729, Elizabeth, extx. of Richard Shaw of AA Co. (MDAD 9:463, 10:642).

Alton, John, of CV Co., d. by 6 Dec 1750, leaving an admx Elinor (N) (MDAD 29:129).


Alvray, Joseph, of SM Co., m. by 1705, Elizabeth Bullock (MWB 3:502, 10:17).


Amies, Edward, of AA Co., m. by 1772, Jane (N) (AA Judgt. DG#1: 113).

Amos, William, m. by 24 March 1749, Hannah, dau. of William McComas (BAAD 5:75, 135).

Amtell, Barnaby, of SM Co., d. by 20 Aug 1734, leaving extx. Elizabeth (N) (MWB 20:635; MDAD 12:526) [This name may be Anketell].

Ancell, Matt., m. by 29 Aug 1724, Ann, extx. of John Gardner of CV Co. (MDAD 6:78).





ANGUS Ankeny, Christian, m. by 1796, Elizabeth, dau. of George Shafer of WA Co. (WAWB A:344).

Anketill, (N), m. by 16 Sep 1720, Elizabeth, dau. of Lewis Evans of AA Co., dec. (Hodges cites FF#7:292, PL.#4:440).


ANNIS Ansill, William, m. by 1741, Ann, widow of James Glascock of CH Co. (CH Court Pro. 39:469, 563, 670).

Anktell. See also Antell.

Annis, Thomas, m. by 30 April 1718, Elizabeth, extx. of Thomas Mackey of CH Co. (CHAD 1708-1738:150; MDAD 1:60).

Ansitt, (N), m. by 16 July 1758, Judith, dau. of Frederick Unseld of FR Co. (MDAD 44:79).

Antell, Matt, m. by 29 Aug 1724, Ann, execs. of John Gardner of CV Co. (MDAD 6:78).


Anundel,  John, m. by 22 Sep 1771, Isabell Dobson, sister of George Dobson of TA co. (MDAD 66:187).

Aplea, Mary, step-dau. of  Tobias Brothers of WA Co., m. by 1795, Rudolph Brown (WAWB A:351).


Appleby, William, m. Rebecca, dau. of Jacob Barry of  AA Co. (MCHP # 5972).


Archer, Jacob, m. by 24 Dec 1694, Mary, admx of Jonas Maddox of CE Co. (INAC 13A:242, 243).

Ardery, William, m. by 23 Aug 1717, Rachel, widow of Joseph Barron of TA Co. (MDAD 8:482).

Arding (Harding? Arden?), (N), m. by 1714, Mary, heir of Joseph Strawbridge (BAAD 1:7)


Arington, Richard, m. by 23 March 1716, Mary, sister of Richard Shelvington (TALR 12:309).

Arkhutt, Alexander, m. 1705, Ann Barton (Christ Church, CV Co., Records, p. 84).

Armiger, Thomas, m. by 1672, Ann, widow of Francis Trippus (MDTP 5:377).

Armsby, Thomas, m. by 19 March 1736, Sarah, admx of Andrew Simmans of DO Co. (MDAD 15:307).


ARNETT ARNOLD Arnott, William, m. by 24 Nov 1709, Mary, formerly wife of Thomas Michell (DOLR, Old 6, 143).

Arrundel, John, m. by 22 Sep 1771, Isabell, sister of George Dobson of TA Co. (MDAD 66:187).

Arters, John, m. by 20 Nov 1727, Ann, extx. of Henry Smith of SM Co. (MDAD 8:467).

Artherbury, Thomas, m. by 1 June 1702, Martha, admins. of Basil Booth of CV Co. (INAC 22:1).


Asbeston, William, m. by 1 Jan 1654, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Smith (ARMD, 10:514, 515).


Ashford, Thos., of MO Co., m. 29 Aug 1779, Jane Taylor; by Rev. Clement Brooke (MHS, p. 244).


Asken, Richard, m. by 1695, Mary, relict of Edw. Reeves (MDTP 15:8).

Askers, John, m. 1659, Margaret Lane (Warrants Q:70, 4:60).


ASKIN Askom, Samuel, m. by 18 Aug 1741, Sarah, dau. of John Brome of CV Co. (MDAD 18:290).


Aspray, John, of Suffolk Co., VA, m. by 9 July 1777, Beersheba, granddau of Moses Rawlings, Dec (BALR WG#A:204).


ATCHESON ATCHISON Athey, Thomas, m. by 1745, Sarah Baker, dau. of Samuel and Mery (PGWB 1:386, 525).

Atkey, John, of PG Co., m. by 1760, Mary (N) (Liber 31:24).

Atkins, George, m. by 12 March 1666/7, (N), relict of Edward Pinner (ARMD 60:63).


ATTAWAY ATTERBURY ATTOWAY Attstone (Allstone?), Thomas, m., by 2 Sep 1746, Draydin, widow of Samuel Bagley of SM Co. (MDAD 23:7).


Atwell, Joseph, of TA Co., m. by 1707, Mary (N) (Hodges cites Judg. 11:80).

Augustine, Abraham, m. by WA Co. Marr Lic. 13 Sep 1799, Mary Cloper.


Aurkhutt, Alexander, m. 1705, Ann Barotn (Christ Church, CV Co., Records: 84).


Austine, Wm., m. by 2 May 1733, Martha, widow of Daniel Mackeambly of QA Co. (MDAD 11:712).

Averea, (N), m. by 24 Oct 1736, Jane, dau. of George Garey of TA Co. (MDAD 17:86).

Avis, Samuel, m. by 24 Jan 1715/6, Judith, admx. of George Husband of Dor., Co. (INAC 37a, 34).


Ayton, (N), m. by 1794, Jane Eversfield, dau. of Eleanor (Or Eleanor, dau. of Jane) PGWB T#1:381).

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