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MSA S 1432

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1455: Theodore G. Dashiell vs. Stephen Ward and
Betsy Ward. SO. Estate of John Ward.
Accession No: 17,898-1455. MSA S512-1521   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2465: John Hunter and Jacob N. Slamaker vs. James
Hunter, Sr., James Hunter, Jr., William Glover,
John Jones, Ann Jones, John Thompson, Eleanor
Thompson, Samuel Kirby, Eleanor Ann Kirby, and
Nicholas Brewer. AA. Estate of James Hunter -
Accession No: 17,898-2465. MSA S512-2553   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2537: Johns Hopkins and Mahlow Hopkins vs. Daniel
Smith. AA. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 307.
Accession No: 17,898-2537. MSA S512-2614   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5164: Eleanor M. Tillard vs. Samuel W. Hamilton.
AA. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves.
Accession No: 17,898-5164. MSA S512-5298   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5277: John S. Tyson. BA. Trust estate of Electa
Van Horn.
Accession No: 17,898-5277. MSA S512-5407   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5949: William Armager vs. Mordecai Smith, James
Kent, Daniel Kent, James Iglehart, William
McCarlin, Richard G. Hutton, Richard Armager,
Benjamin Armager, and Thomas Armager. CV. Contract
to purchase land.
Accession No: 17,898-5949-1/2. MSA S512-6036   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5983: Richard Anderson, Catherine Murphy, Mary P.
Garrett, Talbot Anderson, Lydia Anderson, Eliza
Anderson, Susannah Anderson, Isaac Anderson,
Richard Anderson, Adar Anderson, Absolam Anderson,
Sarah Ann Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, William T.
Anderson, Mary Jane Anderson, Samuel Anderson,
Abraham Bealman, James Bealman, Thomas Bealman,
Samuel Bealman, Ann Brewer, Richard Isaacs, Eliza
Isaacs, William Anderson, Absolam Anderson,
Elizabeth Anderson, Henrietta Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Joshua Anderson, John Anderson, Maria
Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Miranda Anderson, Jacob
Hall, Absolam Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Ann Hall, Mary
Jane Hall, Isaac Hall, Barruch Hall, and Martha
Hall. AA. Estate of Absolam Anderson - Williams
Chance, Providence, Vacant Lot, Turkey Neck. Plat.

Accession No: 17,898-5983-1/2. MSA S512-6069   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5995: Solomon G. Albers vs. Samuel Mead. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure on lot in Annapolis. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 200.
Accession No: 17,898-5995. MSA S512-6081   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6068: James Abercrombie, Mary Fraser Abercrombie,
James Abercrombie, Agnes Abercrombie, Mary
Abercrombie, Nancy Abercrombie, Alexander
Abercrombie, Sally Abercrombie, and Ralph
Abercrombie vs. James Campbell and Robert Riddell.
BA. Trust estate of plaintiffs.

Accession No: 17,898-6068-1/2. MSA S512-6153   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6119: Elizabeth Brown vs. Sarah Smith, Richard
Smith, Sarah Ann Smith, Samuel D. Smith, Ruth
Smith, Mary Smith, Enoch Sheckells, Rachel Ann
Sheckells, Benjamin Neff, Richard Estep, Henry A.
Hall, Sarah Hall, and Eleanor Maria Tillard. AA.
Petition to sell Wrighton. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 171, p. 267.

Accession No: 17,898-6119-1/5. MSA S512-6202   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6355: John Berry, Thomas L. Berry, Abraham G.
Cole, John Coates, Thomas R. Hands, Anthony L.
Cook, Beale Randall, and Richard C. Murray vs.
Charles F. Mayer, James C. Murray, and Charles W.
McLean. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Ridgelys
Delight. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 663.

Accession No: 17,898-6355-1/2. MSA S512-6418   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6357: John H. Beall vs. Farmers Bank of Maryland,
Richard Potts, John T.G. Beall, David Butler, Jr.,
Laura Butler, Sarah E.P. Beall, Margaret P. Beall,
and Ann L. Beall. AA. Estate of Elizabeth C.
Accession No: 17,898-6357. MSA S512-6420   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6360: John Boone and G.W. Harrington vs. Philemon
Pippin, Jesse Clements, Elizabeth Clements, Sarah
A. Pippin, Joseph Pippin, and Ann E. Pippin. CA,
QA. Petition to sell Skinners Expectation, Hopton,
Butlers Own, Burkes Expectation, Clouds Range
Rectified, Long Marsh Ridge Enlarged. Plat.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 145, p. 198.

Accession No: 17,898-6360-1/3. MSA S512-6423   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6372: Dennis Boyd vs. Benjamin Welsh. PG. Validity
of a judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-6372. MSA S512-6435   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6378: William Bromwell vs. Samuel Nesbitt and
Joseph G. Nesbitt. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on lot
in Port Deposit. Recorded (Chancery Record) 149,
p. 452.
Accession No: 17,898-6378-1/3. MSA S512-6441   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6396: John Briscoe and Henrietta M. Briscoe vs.
James Carter. CE. Petition to sell land. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 149, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-6396. MSA S512-6459   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6401: Henry Baldwin vs. Elizabeth M. Baldwin, Mary
Baldwin, James T. Baldwin, Henrietta M. Baldwin,
Edward Baldwin, John H. Baldwin, and Eliza A.
Baldwin. AA. Petition to sell land. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 124.
Accession No: 17,898-6401. MSA S512-6463   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6430: Henry Bushey, John Bushey, Avon Richards,
and Margaret Richards vs. Jacob Bushey, George
Bushey, David Roxohl, Susanne Roxohl, Louisa
Huster, James Kindred, Catherine Kindred, Gotlich
Huster, Andrew Huster, Elizabeth Huster, Mary
Huster, and Mary Weller. BA. Petition to sell
Addition to William, William Resurveyed, Butlers
Farm, Addition to Eledges Farm. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 143, p. 740.

Accession No: 17,898-6430. MSA S512-6490   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6438: Richard H. Battee vs. Samuel H. Hamilton.
AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Norris Purchase,
Phillips Pillaged Lott, Hookers Purchase.
Accession No: 17,898-6438. MSA S512-6498   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6461: Stewart Brown vs. Francis H. Davidge. BA.
Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-6461. MSA S512-6521   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6482: John Bradley and Jane Bradley vs. Jesse
Hunt. BA. Estate of William Jack.
Accession No: 17,898-6482. MSA S512-6543   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6490: Keziah Barton, John Henderson, Mijah
Henderson, Ezekiel Barton, Nathan Barton, Absalom
Barton, Naskey Barton, Peggy Barton, Harriet
Barton, Rachel Henson, Munday Janey, Tabitha
Janey, Harriet Henderson, William Bailey, Sarah A.
Bailey, Harriet Bailey, Jesse Parker, and
Elizabeth Parker vs. John Walker and Lydia Walker.
BA. Estate of James Barton - Robbins Camp.
Accession No: 17,898-6490. MSA S512-6551   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6501: William Baker vs. Joseph W. Reynold, William
H. Long, and Zadack J. Long. CV. Petition to sell
Gods Grace Levels, Stokeley, Taneys Ease.
Accession No: 17,898-6501-1/3. MSA S512-6562   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6503: Richard H. Battee vs. Zachariah Jones,
Samuel Jones, Richard S. Hardesty, and Thomas B.
Hungerford. CV. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-6503-1/2. MSA S512-6564   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6504: Humphrey Beckett vs. Rachel Franklin,
Harriet Franklin, Ann Franklin, Marie Franklin,
and Samuel Franklin. PG. Petition to sell Arnolds
Industry, Addition to Arnolds Industry, Search.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 147.
Accession No: 17,898-6504. MSA S512-6565   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6598: Bernardo Rapalo and William C. Tilden vs.
Robert Barry. BA. Contract to purchase coffee.
Accession No: 17,898-6598. MSA S512-6655   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6623: Bellona Gunpowder Co. vs. Baltimore &
Susquehanna Railroad Co. BA. Petition to relocate
a proposed railroad in BC. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-6623-1/6. MSA S512-6678   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6659: James Boyle vs. David U. Brown, William
Stewart, and Margaret Stewart. BA. Mortgage
foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-6659. MSA S512-6711   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6697: Charles Crook, Jr. vs. Enoch Pearce. BA.
Dissolution of partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-6697-1/2. MSA S512-6747   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6710: Jannett Cosden vs. William Paschquet and
William Pasquet, Jr. CE. Title to Mulberry Mould,
Mulberry Dock, lots in Thorn Town.
Accession No: 17,898-6710. MSA S512-6758   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6743: Samuel Chase, and Elias Glenn vs. Randle H.
Moale. BA. Validity of sale of land.
Accession No: 17,898-6743. MSA S512-6790   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6772: Gabriel H. Chabot vs. Christian G. Peters.
BA. Dissolution of Peters & Chabot.
Accession No: 17,898-6772-1/10. MSA S512-6817   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7044: Thomas Compton vs. Baltimore & Susquehanna
Railroad Co., George Winchester, William Gibbs
McNeill, Charles Cheesborough, and William Stall.
BA. Injunction against destruction of property.
Accession No: 17,898-7044. MSA S512-7082   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7137: Abraham Chaney, Gassaway Chaney, and
Elizabeth Chaney vs. Ann S. Chaney, Joseph Chaney,
Richard G. Chaney, Floyd Chaney, and Selma Chaney.
AA. Title to Benjamins Choice, Greenwick Farm.
Accession No: 17,898-7137. MSA S512-7170   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7184: Richard Caton and Mary Caton vs. Robert
Patterson. BA. Trust estate of Henry Maynadier
Muray - Brookland Wood.
Accession No: 17,898-7184. MSA S512-7217   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7199: William H. Cain and Deborah Cain vs.
Elizabeth Legg, Benjamin B. Legg, and William
Legg. QA. Petition to partition lots in
Accession No: 17,898-7199. MSA S512-7232   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7222: Ann Cockey and Edward Fendall vs. Joshua T.
Cockey, Milkar F. Cockey, Penelope C.D. Cockey,
Elizabeth Cockey, Elizabeth S. Cockey, Rebecca R.
Cockey, Gist T. Cockey, and Peter F. Cockey. BA.
Estate of Thomas Dye Cockey.
Accession No: 17,898-7222-1/3. MSA S512-7252   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7232: Sarah Callahan vs. Richard Harwood of
Thomas, Sarah Harwood of Thomas, Samuel Maynard,
Anna Maynard, Elizabeth Callahan, James Callahan,
John Ridgely, Mary Ridgely, Ann Ridgely, Absolam
Ridgely, Richard Ridgely, Harriet Ridgely, William
Ridgely, Thomas M. Lendrum, and Maria Lendrum. AA.
Estate of John Callahan. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 144, p. 94.

Accession No: 17,898-7232. MSA S512-7262   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7291: Sarah Chaytor, Sarah A. Chaytor, Joseph
Chaytor, Mary Chaytor, Arietta Chaytor, William E.
Poits, and Rebecca Poits. BA. Estate of Daniel
Accession No: 17,898-7291. MSA S512-7317   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7478: Gabriel Duvall and Richard Duvall vs. Sarah
Duvall, Mary Duvall, Margaret Duvall, Gabriel
Duvall, Henry Duvall, Lucretia Duvall, Rosetta
Duvall, James Duvall, and Marius Duvall. AA.
Petition to record deed for Tudor Hall. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 144, p. 16.

Accession No: 17,898-7478. MSA S512-7499   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7493: John Dubois, Sisters of Charity of St.
Joseph, and Luke Tiernan vs. John Owings. BA.
Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7493-1/3. MSA S512-7514   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7516: John J. Donaldson and Marian Gibson vs.
Edward Campbell and Lewis Wernway. FR. Injunction
against removal of timber from land.
Accession No: 17,898-7516. MSA S512-7534   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7523: John Felix Durst, Joseph Turner, Jr.,
Charles Constable, and Elijah Joyce vs. William
Harrision and William B. Prout. BA. Insolvent
estate of Harrison.
Accession No: 17,898-7523. MSA S512-7540   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7538: James Kent and Daniel Kent vs. Richard S.
Rawlings. PG. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves
Rebecca, Bridget, Eliza, Charles, John, and
Accession No: 17,898-7538. MSA S512-7554   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7562: Roderick Dorsey vs. Nancy Vanhill, Henry M.
Vanhill, Stephen J. Vanhill, Emmeline S. Vanhill,
and William T. Vanhill. AA. Contract to purchase
Stoney Thickett, Addition to Stoney Thickett,
Calebs Choice. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record)
143, p. 866.

Accession No: 17,898-7562-1/2. MSA S512-7574   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7593: Thomas Davidson vs. Joseph Steuart. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-7593. MSA S512-7602   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7671: Joseph Evans, James Iglehart, William S.
Green, George McNeir, and Henry Matthews vs.
Somerville Pinkney, Mary Shaw, Eliza Shaw, Thomas
S. Shaw, Thomas Franklin, and Elizabeth Franklin.
AA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 143, p. 916.

Accession No: 17,898-7671-1/7. MSA S512-7674   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7703: George Ellicott and John A. Ellicott vs.
Thomas Ellicott, Evan T. Ellicott, and Andrew
Ellicott. BA. Estate of John Ellicott.
Accession No: 17,898-7703-1/3. MSA S512-7705   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7738: George Ellicott vs. Thomas Ellicott, Evan T.
Ellicott, and Evan Poultney. BA. Estate of Andrew
Accession No: 17,898-7738. MSA S512-7738   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7743: Columbus Evatt vs. John Glenn, John Evatt,
Edward Evatt, Ellen Evatt, Sarah A. Evatt, and
Hannah Evatt. BA. Petition to sell lots in BC.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 145, p. 361.
Accession No: 17,898-7743-1/3. MSA S512-7743   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7806: William Fowler vs. Larkin Shipley of John,
John Shipley, Peter Shipley, Margaret Shipley,
Richard G. Stockett, Henry Wayman, James Shipley,
Enos Shipley, William Shipley, Larkin Shipley,
Sarah Shipley, Mary Shipley, and William B.
Fowler. AA. Petition to sell Larkins Inheritance.
Accession No: 17,898-7806-1/2. MSA S512-7805   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7823: Solomon Foxwell and Eliza Foxwell vs.
Benjamin T. Street, Marcellus Todd, George Todd,
Caleb Todd, Zachariah Todd, and Levin Todd. DO.
Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record)
150, p. 427.
Accession No: 17,898-7823. MSA S512-7822   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7932: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Richard Duvall,
Grafton B. Duvall, Sarah Duvall, Mary Duvall,
Margaret Duvall, Gabriel H. Duvall, Lucretia
Duvall, Rosetta Duvall, James Duvall, and Maria
Duvall. AA. Petition to sell Greenfield. Plat.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 823.

Accession No: 17,898-7932-1/3. MSA S512-7927   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8015: Archibald George and John Reese vs. John
McDonnall. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Bulford.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 277.
Accession No: 17,898-8015. MSA S512-8006   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8047: John Gregg and Alexander Gregg vs. Samuel
Hogg, Robert Hogg, James Hogg, Eliza Hogg, Jane
Hogg, Mary Hogg, George Kidd, and Maria Kidd. CE.
Petition to sell lot in Charlestown. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 153, p. 110.
Accession No: 17,898-8047-1/3. MSA S512-8038   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8168: Robert Griffith vs. William Wood, Martha
Wood, James Wood, George Wood, Samuel Whittington,
Dorothy Whittington, Samuel Mitchell, Eleanor
Mitchell, Thomas Owens, Sally Owens, William
Trott, Gassaway Trott, Mordecai Trott, Richard
Crosby, and Juliet Crosby. AA. Petition to sell
Seeders Delight. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143,
p. 873.

Accession No: 17,898-8168. MSA S512-8152   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8224: Robert Ghiselin, Margaret A. Ghiselin, and
Robert W. Bowie vs. Walter B.C. Worthington,
Camilla Somerville, Thomas J. Somerville, James
Somerville, Brook Beall, Asenith Beall, Louis
Mackall, Sr., Louis Mackall, Jr., Susanna Mackall,
Rebecca Mackall, James Mackall, Ann Mackall,
Thomas Mackall, Thomas Horrell, Ann Horrell, John
H. Marbury, and Elizabeth Marbury. PG. Mortgage
foreclosure on Brook Court. Plat.

Accession No: 17,898-8224-1/5. MSA S512-8208   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8238: Thomas Gibbs vs. Elizabeth Clagett and
Richard H. Clagett. AA. Contract to purchase
slaves Austin and Sally.
Accession No: 17,898-8238. MSA S512-8223   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8277: Elizabeth Griffith vs. John Coale and Mary
Coale. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Hickory.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 150, pp. 1, 856.
Accession No: 17,898-8277. MSA S512-8256   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8320: Levi T. Hughes vs. Marcellus Jones. SO.
Estate of Josiah Hughes - slaves Patience, Isaac,
and Nelly.
Accession No: 17,898-8320-1/7. MSA S512-8299   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8498: Jacob Hoffman, Elizabeth Thacker Hooe, and
Robert J. Taylor vs. William H. Lyles, Sarah
Lyles, Mary M. Coombs, Robert Harper, Sarah
Harper, Eliza Clagett, Thomas C. Lyles, Sarah M.
Lyles, Henry D. Hatton, Emily Hatton, Richard H.
Edelin, Sidney Edelin, Sarah Coombs, Henry Coombs,
Enoch Coombs, Eliza Coombs, John Lowry, Eleanor
Lowry, Jane E. Lee, Samuel P. Lee, John F. Lee,
Arthur Lee, Frances Lee, and Francis Lightfoot
Lee. PG. Petition to sell land.

Accession No: 17,898-8498. MSA S512-8467   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8542: John Howes vs. Richard Crandell. AA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-8542-1/2. MSA S512-8503   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8588: Henry Hobbs vs. Benjamin Gwinn, Elizabeth
Gwinn, and Louisa Gwinn. QA. Petition to sell
Courseys Range, Hemsleys Brittland Rectified.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 145, p. 192.
Accession No: 17,898-8588. MSA S512-8542   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8692: Rezin Hammond, Charles Hammond, and Farmers
Bank of Maryland vs. Christopher L. Gantt. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Luggox. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 143, p. 294.
Accession No: 17,898-8692. MSA S512-8644   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8721: John T. Miles, Catherine Miles, and George
Bowlus vs. Edna Benson, Thomas Benson, James
Beall, Margaret Beall, William Wilcoxen, Ruth
Wilcoxen, and Marietta Elizabeth Hays. MO, PG.
Petition to sell Prospect Hill, Level in MO. Also
Convenievence in PG. Recorded (Chancery Record)
145, p. 122.

Accession No: 17,898-8721-1/3. MSA S512-8668   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8724: Charles Hill and Francis Hall vs. Richard
Wallace, Bank of Washington, Daniel Carroll of
Duddington, Daniel Brent, Catherine Digges, and
Nora Digges. PG. Injunction against sale of
Accession No: 17,898-8724. MSA S512-8671   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8756: Matthias Hammond of Matthias, Margaret D.
Hammond, and Rezin Hammond vs. Harriet Hammond,
Thomas Hammond, Charles V. Hammond, and Mary Ann
Hammond. AA. Petition to sell Mountville, Hammonds
Greenfield Connection. Recorded (Chancery Record)
155A, p. 290.

Accession No: 17,898-8756. MSA S512-8703   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8767: William A.G. Hobbs vs. Joseph M. Tate. QA.
Estate of Elizabeth Jackson.
Accession No: 17,898-8767. MSA S512-8713   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8771: Jesse H. Hunter and Jane Hunter vs. George
S. Porter. AA. Estate of Nathan Porter.
Accession No: 17,898-8771. MSA S512-8717   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8778: John Hoffman and Peter Hoffman, Jr. vs.
Gustavus Brown, Mary L. Walker, Thomas Walker,
Anne Walker, Harriet Brown, Leopold Mudd, Mary A.
Mudd, John Neal, Mary Neal, Eleanor Walker, Joseph
Walker, and John Leigh. SM. Petition to sell
Farthing Fortune, Addition to Farthing Fortune,
Mill Seat, Edenborough, Newington, Fielding Berry,
Landing Neck, Hopton Park, Thompsons Expense,
America Felix Secundus, Charles Conclusion, Aim
At, Clarks Rest, Greenbriar. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 150, p. 622.

Accession No: 17,898-8778-1/7. MSA S512-8723   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8818: Eli Hewett vs. Rezin D. Hewett and Jacob
Hewett. BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 15 and 154, p. 885.
Accession No: 17,898-8818. MSA S512-8762   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8840: Richard G. Hutton and Thomas Armiger vs.
Mordecai F. Smith, James Kent, Daniel Kent,
William Armiger, Richard Armiger, Benjamin
Armiger, James Weedon, Notley Starr, and Thomas
McCormick. AA. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-8840. MSA S512-8781   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8842: Joseph Husband and Skipwith H. Coale vs.
George M. Gill. HA. Injunction against execution
of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-8842. MSA S512-8783   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8858: Elizabeth Hughes vs. Baltimore & Susquehanna
Railroad Co., George Winchester, William G.
McNeill, and William Stall. BA. Injunction against
destroying land and crops.
Accession No: 17,898-8858. MSA S512-8799   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8876: James S. Iglehart, Richard Iglehart, Jr.,
Rebecca Iglehart, William B. Robey, Margaret
Robey, Ann Soper, Barton T. Soper, Joseph Soper,
William B. Soper, Basil B. Soper, James P. Soper,
Charles Soper, and Sarah Soper vs. Joseph Evans,
Henry Evans, Elizabeth Evans, William Soper, James
Soper, Edward Johnson, Mary A. Johnson, Sarah A.
Soper, Edward Soper, Addia Soper, Elizabeth Soper,
and Dennis Soper. AA. Estate of James Soper.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 146, p. 1.

Accession No: 17,898-8876-1/6. MSA S512-8817   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8902: William Jones, Richard A. Shipley, Elizabeth
Shipley, Andrew Hemphill, Ruth Hemphill, William
Wall, Ezekiel Wall, Ephraim Wall, Jacob Wall, Mary
Wall, Joseph Hook, Jr., Eliza Timanus, Susan
Stuart, Samuel Jones, Hamilton Jones, John
Reinicker, and Ann Reinicker vs. Charles Jones,
Washington Jones, Eliza Jones, Anne Jones, William
Jones, Margaret Jones, Joshua Jones, Thomas Jones,
and William Payne. BA. Petition to sell land.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 179.

Accession No: 17,898-8902. MSA S512-8843   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8945: Catherine Jamison and Michael Wallace vs.
Joseph Jamison and James L. Ridgely. BA. Alimony.
Accession No: 17,898-8945-1/2. MSA S512-8885   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8974: John Johnson vs. George Chauncey, Cordelia
P. Christie, Pricilla Christie, Sarah Christie,
Edward Christie, and Gabriel Christie. HA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Holly Hill, Hollis Chance,
Hollis Refuse, Parkers Lot, Parkers Folly, Outlets
Cove, Cabbin Hill. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143,
p. 159.

Accession No: 17,898-8974. MSA S512-8914   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9009: William Johnson and John Watson vs.
Elizabeth W. Snowden, Thomas J. Snowden, Louisa
Snowden, Juliana Snowden, Adeline Snowden, Edward
Snowden, Wilton Snowden, Henry Snowden, Eliza
Snowden, Emily Snowden, Nicholas Snowden, Arthur
Snowden, Francis Hall, and Elizabeth Hall. PG.
Petition to record lease of cotton factory, grist
mill, and saw mill.

Accession No: 17,898-9009. MSA S512-8945   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9025: William Jenkins vs. John Jenkins and George
Jenkins. PG. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-9025. MSA S512-8959   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9048: Kinsey Johns and Fielding Lucas, Jr. vs.
Thomas Harland and John R. Gwinn. BA. Contract to
purchase Merrymans Inclosure Rectified. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 706.
Accession No: 17,898-9048-1/2. MSA S512-8982   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9116: Sarah Kennedy vs. Richard Sunderland. CV.
Petition to sell Lingans Purchase.
Accession No: 17,898-9116. MSA S512-9047   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9151: Joseph Kent vs. Caleb Leach, Christian
Leach, and William Hilleary. PG. Estate of Ninian
T. Willett.
Accession No: 17,898-9151. MSA S512-9078   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9208: George H. Keerl, William Keerl, Charles F.
Keerl, Thomas H. Keerl, Ann M. Keerl, Eleanor P.
Keerl, Margaret Keerl, Robert Fulton, and Amelia
H. Fulton vs. John C. Keerl and John Samuel Keerl.
BA. Petition to partition lots in BC. Plats.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 148, p. 296.

Accession No: 17,898-9208-1/2. MSA S512-9135   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9265: Margaret Lyon vs. Agnes Lyon, Rebecca Lyon,
Elizabeth Lyon, Taylor Lyon, John Lyon, James
Lyon, Andrew Lyon, Benjamin Vandiver, and Margaret
Vandiver. CE. Contract to support Margaret Lyon -
Widows Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 21.
Accession No: 17,898-9265. MSA S512-9186   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9278: Stephen Lawson, Ann S. Lawson, Lydia Ball
Minchin, and Rebecca Roy vs. Rebecca Eliza
Creswell and Joseph Conden. BA. Title to lot in
Accession No: 17,898-9278. MSA S512-9199   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9301: Michael V. Leroy, David Hoffman, and Charles
F. Mayer vs. Anthony T. Chirac, Mathew Chaput, Ann
M. Chaput, Mathew Thevenon, Maria E. Thevenon,
John B.E. Betard, and Maria E. Deporte. BA.
Contract to purchase lots in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 148, p. 97.

Accession No: 17,898-9301. MSA S512-9221   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9332: John Leatherbury vs. Arnold E. Jones, Levin
D. Jones, Hiram Jones, John H. Jones, Henry Jones,
Charles Jones, Alfred Jones, Elihu Philips, and
Eleanor Philips. SO. Estate of Charles Jones.
Accession No: 17,898-9332. MSA S512-9249   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9364: Benjamin Lee vs. Walter B. Brooke, Richard
H. Brooke, and Otho B. Beale. PG. Contract to
purchase Perrywood.
Accession No: 17,898-9364. MSA S512-9281   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9424: James Morton and William Morton vs. James
Somervell, Thomas Somervell, Alexander Somervell,
Camella Somervell, John H. Marbury, Elizabeth
Marbury, Thomas Horrell, Ann Horrell, Walter C.B.
Worthington, Susannah Mackall, Brooke Beall,
Asenith Beall, Louis Mackall, Sally Mackall, Ann
Mackall, Thomas Mackall, James Mackall, and
Rebecca Ann Mackall. PG. Estate of John Somervell
- Brooke Court Manor.

Accession No: 17,898-9424. MSA S512-9339   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9489: Sophia Miller vs. Samuel Severson, John
Severson, John Wroth, James W. Wroth, Ann E.
Wroth, Hyland B. Pennington, Stephen J. Magruder,
John Markley, Rebecca Markley, Rachel Cox, Thomas
Cox, Elizabeth Cox, and James C. Cox. CE. Estate
of John Cox - Sasafrass Neck. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 180, p. 317.

Accession No: 17,898-9489-1/8. MSA S512-9404   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9550: William H. Murray vs. Alexander J. Murray.
AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Woodstock.
Accession No: 17,898-9550. MSA S512-9462   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9584: Charles S. Matthews vs. William Hincks,
Jeremiah Elder, and William Crawford. AA.
Dissolution of a partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-9584-1/2. MSA S512-9494   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9597: John Mitchell and James Cummings vs. Philip
Pindell, Elizabeth Pindell, Charles Hodges,
Priscilla Ann Hodges, and Henry C. Drury of
William. AA. Estate of Zebedu Wood - Grammars
Accession No: 17,898-9597. MSA S512-9507   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9619: William McParlin vs. James Kent, Daniel
Kent, Jr., Mordecai F. Smith, Benjamin Armiger,
and James Williamson. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on
Selbys Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-9619. MSA S512-9529   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9637: George F. Mason vs. George F. Mason, William
W. Mason, Thomas Mason, Richard Mason, Louisa
Baggs, Charlotte West, and William Parrotts. CA,
QA. Petition to partition Tilghmans Gift, Outlet
in CA. Also Statton in QA.
Accession No: 17,898-9637-1/3. MSA S512-9546   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9670: Charles F. Mayer and Randle H. Moale vs.
Hugh Dowling. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in
BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 143.
Accession No: 17,898-9670. MSA S512-9578   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9741: Horatio McPherson, John McPherson, Jacob
Ritter, and Abraham Ritter vs. Esther McPherson,
David Hoffman, William Gillingham, Jane
Gillingham, Jonathan Janny, Elizabeth Janny,
Nathaniel B. Whitaker, Ann Whitaker, Mary
McPherson, William McPherson, Martha McPherson,
Hannah McPherson, Lydia McPherson, Sarah
McPherson, and Isaac McPherson. BA, FR. Mortgage
foreclosure on Resurvey on Jedburgh Forrest in FR.
and petition to sell three lots in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 69.

Accession No: 17,898-9741-1/4. MSA S512-9642   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9752: Pritchett Meredith vs. Obadiah Dawson, and
Anthony C. Thompson. DO. Mortgage foreclosure on
Accession No: 17,898-9752-1/2. MSA S512-9653   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9756: Sophia Miller vs. George Beasten, James
Morgan, Jr., Samuel Severson, and Stephen I.
Magraw. CE. Estate of Benjamin Cox.
Accession No: 17,898-9756. MSA S512-9656   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9766: Bushrod W. Marriott vs. Thomas C. Donelson.
AA. Estate of Jesse Chaney.
Accession No: 17,898-9766. MSA S512-9666   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9772: Thomas Mundell vs. Mary Eversfield, Thomas
Eversfield, and Edward Eversfield. PG. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-9772. MSA S512-9672   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9776: Elizabeth Morrow, Robert Morrow, Mary Ann
Morrow, William Morrow, Margaret Morrow, Pricilla
Chamberlain, and David Chamberlain vs. William
McMechen, Samuel Walker, Marcus Denison, John
Derberow, Sarah Derberow, Elizabeth H. Woods, Ann
B. Woods, and Susan Woods. BA. Estate of John
Morrow - Stones Adventure. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 148, p. 561.

Accession No: 17,898-9776-1/2. MSA S512-9675   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9804: James Morton and William Morton vs. Zacheus
D. Brashears. CH. Estate of Abraham Davis -
Covington Manor, New Bedford.
Accession No: 17,898-9804. MSA S512-9701   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9805: Samuel Moale, Reverdy Johnson, Robert
Lemmon, Richard Lemmon, and George C. Morton vs.
Esther Smith Buchanan, Robert Smith Buchanan,
Samuel Smith Buchanan, William Boyd Buchanan,
Ellen Boucher Buchanan, Edmund Didier, and Henry
Green. BA. Title
to lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-9805-1/4. MSA S512-9702   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9831: Elijah Mitchell vs. Upton S. Heath. BA.
Petition to transfer funds.
Accession No: 17,898-9831. MSA S512-9727   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9871: John C. Moale and Richard H. Moale vs.
Dennis H. Smith. BA. Petition to discover unpaid
Accession No: 17,898-9871. MSA S512-9767   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9914: James Morton, William Morton, and Gustavus
Weems vs. Joseph W. Reynolds, William Henry Long,
and Williamina Long. CV. Mortgage foreclosure on
Stokely, Taneys Ease, Success, Partnership.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 154, p. 1089.
Accession No: 17,898-9914. MSA S512-9807   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9920: John S. E. Nutwell vs. John H. Fisher. AA.
Injunction against removal of timber and fences
from Anne Arundel Manor, Burrages End.
Accession No: 17,898-9920. MSA S512-9813   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10020: John Spear Nicholas vs. Peter Boyd, William
Bryden, Lewis Wild, Thomas Curtean, John Lorman,
Richard H. Jones, and Isaac Pancake. BA. Defraud
of creditors of Boyd - Mount Hays, soap and candle
factory and lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-10020-1/2. MSA S512-9912   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10045: William Owens and Benjamin McCeney vs.
Joseph Owens, Isaac Owens, Sr., Joseph Owens,
Isaac Owens, Sarah Owens, Eliza Owens, Mary Welch,
and Caroline McCeney. AA. Petition to sell Bear
Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 314.
Accession No: 17,898-10045. MSA S512-9937   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10048: William Owens, Mary Owens, Walter Gray, and
Ann Gray vs. James Campbell, Edmund Lynch, and
Samuel McDonald. BA. Trust estate under will of
Benjamin Ferguson - Union Line of Steamboats.
Accession No: 17,898-10048-1/9. MSA S512-9939   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10112: William Oglesby vs. Margaret Janney,
Tillitson Janney, Helen Marinda Janney, Armentina
Sophia Janney, Harriet Eliza Janney, Thomas
Addison Janney, and Caroline Augusta Janney. CE.
Estate of James Janney.
Accession No: 17,898-10112-1/2. MSA S512-9996   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10113: John O'Donnell vs. Columbus O'Donnell and
Elliot O'Donnel. BA. Trust estate of Elliot
O'Donnell. Recorded (Chancery Record) 148, p. 71.
Accession No: 17,898-10113. MSA S512-9997   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10128: James Owings vs. Daniel Kent, Thomas H.
Kent, Yates Kent, John Y. Barber, Mary Barber,
James Taylor, and Sally Taylor. CV. Title to
Silver Stone.
Accession No: 17,898-10128. MSA S512-10011  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10271: William B. Paca vs. Francis Dallam and
Sarah Dallam. HA. Validiy of conveyance bond for
Accession No: 17,898-10271-1/3. MSA S512-10140  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10280: Mary Ann Porter vs. George S. Porter.
Howard District. Estate of Nathan Porter.
Accession No: 17,898-10280. MSA S512-10149  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10323: Thomas Pindle, Eleanor Pindle, and
Elizabeth Pindle vs. Benjamin S. Pindle, Adolphus
Pindle, and Mary Jane Pindle. AA. Petition to sell
Chaneys Rest, Covels Folly. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 149, p. 211.
Accession No: 17,898-10323-1/3. MSA S512-10192  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10325: William Pearce vs. John Neilson. BA. Title
to Gillis Garden. Recorded (Chancery Record) 148,
p. 526.
Accession No: 17,898-10325. MSA S512-10194  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10338: William Price vs. Mary Tyson, Isaac Tyson,
and Moses Sheppard. BA. Petition to discover
payment of note.
Accession No: 17,898-10338. MSA S512-10207  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10344: Isaac Phillips, Jr., William Shipley, Jr.,
Charles F. Mayer, Gotlieb Huster, and Ashton
Alexander vs. Isaac Knight and Commercial and
Farmers Bank of Baltimore. BA. Mortgage
foreclosure on lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 143, p. 885.

Accession No: 17,898-10344-1/2. MSA S512-10212  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10348: Henry Pagan vs. Elijah Tall. DO. Estate of
Seth Hayward. Recorded (Chancery Record) 145, p.
Accession No: 17,898-10348. MSA S512-10216  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10366: Benjamin T. Pindle vs. Adolphus Pindle and
Thomas Welch. AA. Petition to release a mortgage.
Accession No: 17,898-10366. MSA S512-10233  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10398: Elizabeth Philpot vs. David Stewart. BA.
Petition to discover the accounts of Stewart.
Accession No: 17,898-10398-1/5. MSA S512-10262  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10427: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Samuel Chew,
Thomas Reynolds, Joseph W. Reynolds, Elizabeth
Reynolds, Richard Reynolds, William Reynolds,
Edward G. Reynolds, Edward Reynolds, and Francis
Hawkins. CV. Petition to sell land. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 352.

Accession No: 17,898-10427-1/3. MSA S512-10288  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10429: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Joseph E.
Cowman and John Glenn. BA. Estate of Henrietta
Accession No: 17,898-10429. MSA S512-10290  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10430: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Francis
Baldwin and William H. Baldwin. AA. Mortgage
Accession No: 17,898-10430. MSA S512-10291  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10459: Commercial and Farmers Bank of Baltimore
vs. Elizabeth Young and John S.W. Young. BA.
Contract to lease lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 144, p. 568.
Accession No: 17,898-10459-1/2. MSA S512-10319  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10593: Robert Ridgely vs. Michael Iglehart. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Dorseys Addition to Thomas
Lot, Fosters Make Shift, Grimes Venture.
Accession No: 17,898-10593-1/2. MSA S512-10445  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10610: Elizabeth M. Rodewald vs. Frederick W.
Brune and Henry Rodewald. BA.
Accession No: 17,898-10610. MSA S512-10461  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10630: Susannah Reeder vs. James Reeder and
William B. Locke. SM. Alimony.
Accession No: 17,898-10630. MSA S512-10479  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10649: John Rose vs. Susanna Wilson, Margaretta
Wilson, William Chalmers, William W. Chalmers,
Laura M. Chalmers, James W. Chalmers, Cordelia
Chalmers, and Isabella Chalmers. BA. Contract to
convey lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 148,
p. 600.

Accession No: 17,898-10649. MSA S512-10498  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10665: John Rowe, Margaret Summers, Margaret Rowe,
Jane Cloudsley, Thomas Cloudsley, John Cloudsley,
Horatio Williams, and Sarah Williams vs. James
Cloudsley and William Cloudsley. BA. Estate of
Thomas Cooper - lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 143, p. 34.

Accession No: 17,898-10665. MSA S512-10514  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10731: Elias Reister vs. Andrew Reister. BA. Trust
estate of Andrew Reister.
Accession No: 17,898-10731-1/3. MSA S512-10577  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10931: William Steuart vs. John L. Chew. CV.
Estate of Thomas Bowinda - Eltonhead Manor.
Accession No: 17,898-10931. MSA S512-10774  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10933: Denton Shipley vs. Upton D. Welch. AA.
Estate of A.S. Shipley.
Accession No: 17,898-10933. MSA S512-10776  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10939: Philemon Skinner vs. Hester Lee, Sarah Lee,
Maria Lee, and Amily Lee. DO. Estate of Thomas Lee
- Cooks Point Neck. Recorded (Chancery Record)
143, p. 131.
Accession No: 17,898-10939. MSA S512-10782  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10959: Moses Sprigg vs. Alexander Todd. AA.
Contract to purchase ship carpenters yard and
landing place in Annapolis.
Accession No: 17,898-10959. MSA S512-10802  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10979: James Smith vs. Mary Hook, Marcus R. Hook,
Winfield Decker Hook, Adeline Susan Hook, and
James Madison Hook. BA. Petition to sell Logdons
Addition, Isinglars Glade Enlarged, Rosland.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 150, p. 406.
Accession No: 17,898-10979. MSA S512-10822  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10997: John Stump, Jr., Joseph Couden, and Nancy
Couden vs. George Kidd, Maria Kidd, Samuel Hogg,
Jr., William Hogg, Jane Hogg, Robert E. Hogg,
Caroline Hogg, James Hogg, Eliza Jane Hogg, Mary
Hogg, and William Rochester. CE. Estate of Samuel
Hogg - Copsons Pasture, Addition to Copsons
Pasture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 722.

Accession No: 17,898-10997. MSA S512-10840  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11020: George H. Staplefort vs. George Lake, Susan
Lake, Levin Lake, Mary Lake, William Andrews, and
Margaret Andrews. DO. Estate of Washington Lake -
Stafford, Todds Path, McNamaras Ditch. Plat.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 333.
Accession No: 17,898-11020-1/2. MSA S512-10863  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11042: William Steuart, Steuart Brown, and John
Cross vs. William Warren, William Gwynn, William
Grayson, Fielding Lucas, Jr., Jonathan Meredith,
George H. Steuart, William Blood, Richard Peters,
and L. Mifflin. BA. Contract to purchase Holliday
Street Theater.

Accession No: 17,898-11042-1/15. MSA S512-10885  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11091: Thomas Parkin Scott vs. Absolom Frizzell,
Sr., Absolom Frizzell, Jr., and John Frizzell. BA.
Insolvent estate of Absolom Frizzel, Sr. -
Caledonia, Peach Brandy Forrest.
Accession No: 17,898-11091-1/2. MSA S512-10934  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11210: Clement Smith vs. John Duvall, Benjamin
Oden, Philemon Chew, and Robert W. Bowie. PG.
Petition to sell Brookfield.
Accession No: 17,898-11210. MSA S512-11045  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11221: Mary Steele vs. Charles H. Steele. DO.
Petition to sell Spring Hill in Cambridge.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 153.
Accession No: 17,898-11221. MSA S512-11056  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11307: Elias Shipley, William Shipley, Thomas
Shipley, Denton Shipley, William Sellman, Ruth
Sellman, Thomas G. Warfield, and Sarah Warfield
vs. Upton D. Welch, Mary Welch, Gustavus Shipley,
Susanna Shipley, Ellen Virginia Shipley, Susanna
Goldsborough, Robert Goldsborough, Henry
Goldsborough, Denton Geoghegan, and Elizabeth
Geoghegan. AA. Injunction against removal of
timber from Mount Pleasant. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 150, p. 443.

Accession No: 17,898-11307-1/7. MSA S512-11137  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11321: Henry V. Somerville vs. Hopewell Dorsey,
John R. Dorsey, Elizabeth Dorsey, Edwin W. Dorsey,
Hopewell Dorsey, Jr., Emily Dorsey, Francis H.
Davidge, and Anna Maria Davidge. BA. Title to
land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 141, p. 585.
Accession No: 17,898-11321. MSA S512-11148  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11327: William A. Slacum vs. Elizabeth Johnson,
Joseph Norris, and Ann Travers Norris. DO. Estate
of Richard Philips.
Accession No: 17,898-11327. MSA S512-11153  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11418A: Joseph Townsend, Frederick Sumwalt,
Charles W. Karthaus, Deiter Bargar, Howell
Downing, Martha Norbury, James Lovegrove, Charles
F. Mayer, James Bay, Joshua Turner, Mr. Williams,
Ellen Williams, Rachel J. Hewes, Michael Warner,
Michael Warner, Jr., Thomas Kenny, and Joseph
Jamison vs. Baltimore Society. BA. Petition to
sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143,
p. 773 and 180. p. 815.

Accession No: 17,898-11418A-1/4. MSA S512-11243  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11418C: Joseph Townsend, Frederick Sumwalt,
Charles W. Karthaus, Dieter Bargar, Howell
Downing, Martha Norbury, James Lovegrove, Charles
F. Mayer, James Bay, Joshua Turner, Mr. Williams,
Ellen Williams, Rachel J. Hewes, Michael Warner,
Michael Warner, Jr., Thomas Kenny, Joseph Jamison,
and Baltimore Society for the Encouragement of
Industry vs. Patrick Byrnes and John Zimmerman.
BA. Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 773 and 180, p. 815.

Accession No: 17,898-11418C-1/4. MSA S512-11245  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11449: Benjamin Todd and John Hood vs. Isaiah
Hood. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Warfield and
Snowden, Neals Choice, Resurvey on Hobbs Levels.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 657.
Accession No: 17,898-11449. MSA S512-11277  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11456: James Tongue vs. Johannes J. Hoogerwerff.
BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-11456. MSA S512-11284  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11514: Louis Tinges, Susan Ann Tinges, and William
Fisher vs. John Hilleay Tisher and John S.E.
Nutwell. AA. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-11514. MSA S512-11342  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11516: Christopher Todd vs. David Sindall. BA.
Injunction against removal of timber from Taylors
Accession No: 17,898-11516. MSA S512-11344  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11519: Harriet Tilghman, John S. Blake, Peregrine
Wilmer, and John Davis vs. Valentine Warner and
Thomas Meredith. QA. Estate of James Broadaway.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 149. p. 10.
Accession No: 17,898-11519-1/2. MSA S512-11347  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11521: James Thomas vs. Henry Howard of John. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment on Head
Quarters, Hampton Court.
Accession No: 17,898-11521-1/2. MSA S512-11349  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11537: Richard Thomas, Margaret Thomas, John
Clarke, Maria Clarke, James Adreon, and Eliza Ann
Adreon vs. Mary Adeline Bryan. DO. Petition to
sell lot in Cambridge. Recorded (Chancery Record)
143, p. 752.
Accession No: 17,898-11537. MSA S512-11364  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11541: Trustees for the Poor of Baltimore City and
County vs. Franklin Turnpike Road Co. and William
H. Freeman. BA. Injunction against building a road
through Calverton Farm.
Accession No: 17,898-11541. MSA S512-11368  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11607: Robert Taylor, James McNeal, James
Thompson, Henry Thompson, Charles W. Karthaus,
Edward Kurtz, Benjamin Hurxthal, John S. Gittings,
William Lorman, Alex Lorman, and Hugh Boyle vs.
Commercial & Farmers Bank, Stephen H. Ford, and
John Franciscus. BA, CE. Insolvent estate of Ford.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 146, p. 78.

Accession No: 17,898-11607-1/16. MSA S512-11430  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11647: Universal Insurance Co. vs. Anthony Canne,
John Spear Nicholas, and David Stewart. BA.
Insolvent estate of David Burke - lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-11647. MSA S512-11470  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11670: Joel Vickers and James C. Sellman vs.
Bernard Zell and William E. McClellan. BA. Defraud
of creditors of zell - lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-11670. MSA S512-11493  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11910: Nathaniel Wiley vs. John Williamson. CE.
Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record)
143, p. 341.
Accession No: 17,898-11910. MSA S512-11734  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11945: Nathaniel Wiley vs. Mary Redman, John
Redman, James Redman, Stuart Redman, William
Stewart, and Margaret R. Emory. CE. Petition to
correct deed for Doe Hill, Bear Point. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 148, p. 145.
Accession No: 17,898-11945. MSA S512-11769  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11967: Robert Welch of Ben vs. Martin Fenwick,
Alexander J. Murray, Farmers Bank of Maryland,
Lewis Neth, Robert Franklin, Elizabeth Ann Ball,
John Leids Kerr, Eliza Kerr, Benjamin C. Howard,
Samuel Hoffman, Philip Laurenson, Thomas T. Cross,
Stewart Brown, Samuel Reed, James M. Brown, Virgil
Maxey, and George Carson. AA. Insolvent estate of

Accession No: 17,898-11967-1/4. MSA S512-11791  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11981: John T. Worthington vs. Walter Worthington
and John T.H. Worthington. BA. Mortgage
foreclosure on Shawan Hunting Grounds. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 143, p. 674.
Accession No: 17,898-11981. MSA S512-11805  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12024: John Watkins vs. John Slee, Elizabeth Slee,
John W. Slee, Joseph Slee, Israel Slee, Asail
Slee, Jane Slee, Martha Slee, Mary Slee, Elizabeth
Slee, and Sarah Slee. BA. Estate of Joseph Slee -
Hills Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p.
Accession No: 17,898-12024-1/2. MSA S512-11846  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12032: John Wilhelm, Edward Lawson, and Rachel
Bossom vs. Joshua Gooding, Moses Gooding, George
Gooding, Jacob Gooding, Jesse Gooding, Amon
Gooding, Isaac Gooding, Betsy Gooding, Benjamin
Gooding, Henry Gooding, and Sally Gooding. BA.
Petition to sell Bosleys Forecast, Bosleys

Accession No: 17,898-12032-1/2. MSA S512-11853  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12073: Robert Walsh, James W. Walsh, Charles
Walsh, John Carrere, Mary Carrere, and John J.
Donaldson vs. Samuel Chase and Elias Glenn. BA.
Title to lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record)
144, p. 555.
Accession No: 17,898-12073. MSA S512-11894  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12118: Nicholas J. Watkins and Samuel Harrison vs.
Nicholas Brewer, Jr., John Linthicum, Elizabeth
Linthicum Sarving, Thomas Linthicum, William
Johnson, Anne Johnson, John D. Meekins, Anne
Meekins, Rachel Meekins, John Meekins, and William
Meekins. AA. Title to Hedges Park. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 570.

Accession No: 17,898-12118-1/2. MSA S512-11934  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12119: Lucretia Watkins vs. Rebecca Watkins and
Benjamin Welch. AA. Estate of Richard G. Watkins -
Gassaways Lot, Nathans Purchase, Parishes
Purchase, Conners Purchase, Carrs Hills. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 148, p. 537.
Accession No: 17,898-12119-1/2. MSA S512-11935  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12164: George Winchester, Maria Winchester, Lyde
Goodwin, Augusta Goodwin, Sophia Campbell, and
William Hindman Campbell vs. Robert Lemmon. BA.
Estate of James Hindman.
Accession No: 17,898-12164. MSA S512-11979  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12165: Juliana Williamson, George W. Williamson,
and Adolphus Williamson vs. Joseph M. Williamson
and Juliana Kilgour. BA. Petition to partition
lots in BC. Plats. Recorded (Chancery Record) 148,
p. 610.
Accession No: 17,898-12165-1/3. MSA S512-11980  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12214: Washington College vs. Theodore Britton,
Mary Ann Britton, Matthew Wilson, Ann Wilson, John
Elliott and Jesse Knock. KE, QA. Estate of
Nicholas Smith.
Accession No: 17,898-12214-1/3. MSA S512-12027  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12253: Charles Wirgman, William Gwynn, George
Winchester, Peter Hoffman, and Samuel J. Donaldson
vs. Samuel Winchester, Benjamin H. Robinson,
Samuel Farnandis, and Walter Farnandis. BA.
Contract to manage Masonic Hall Lottery.
Accession No: 17,898-12253. MSA S512-12063  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12276: Juliana Williamson, George W. Williamson,
and Adolphus Williamson. BA. Petition to partition
lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-12276. MSA S512-12086  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12400: Rebecca Ridgley Yellott vs. Mary Yellott,
Elizabeth Yellott, Jeremiah Yellott, John Yellott,
George Yellott, Coleman Yellott, and Washington
Yellott. BA. Estate of John Yellott - Fertility,
Epping, Hickory Hill, Galloways Old Place.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 143, p. 690.

Accession No: 17,898-12400. MSA S512-12203  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12414: Charles William Yoner, John S. Yoner, Mary
Yoner, and Henrietta Yoner vs. Jacob Hoffman,
Penelope Brunner, Daniel Brunner, Andrew Brunner,
John Brunner, Harriet Brunner, Isaac Brunner,
Jacob Brunner, Moors Hoffman, Valentine Hoffman,
Catherine Harris, and Elizabeth Gorsuch. BA.
Estate of Susanna Weiter.

Accession No: 17,898-12414. MSA S512-12217  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12416: Richard Young of William, Rebecca Young,
Ann Ayton, Azel Waters, and Eleanor Waters vs.
Thomas W. Watkins. AA. Petition to sell Resurvey
of Tracts. Recorded (Chancery Record) 145, p. 408.
Accession No: 17,898-12416. MSA S512-12219  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12420: Bernard Zell vs. James Doyle. BA.
Dissolution of a partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-12420-1/3. MSA S512-12223  1/39/4/

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