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MSA S 1432

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
14: Robert Anderson, John Ainger, Hugh Lennox, and
Thomas Ewing vs. John Rasin. KE. Estate of John
Rasin - New Scotland, Batchelors Lot, Partnership,
Adams Hope, Grange. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21,
p. 371.
Accession No: 17,898-14-1/3. MSA S512-14   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
25: Rachel Ayers vs. Henry Ayers. WO. Estate of
Henry Ayers. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p.
Accession No: 17,898-25. MSA S512-25   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
82: Mark Alexander, William King, Robert Long, and
Mark Cox vs. Attorney General. BA. Title to
Carrolls Scrutiny. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-82. MSA S512-76   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85C: Abraham Brittain and Thomas Miles vs.
Attorney General. BA. Title to Darnalls Camp.
Accession No: 17,898-85C. MSA S512-81   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85E: Michael Tom vs. Attorney General, John
Buchanan, Gilbert Buchanan, and James Wardrop. WA.
Contract to purchase Dear Bought.
Accession No: 17,898-85E. MSA S512-83   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85G: William Whetcroft vs. Attorney General. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment on Smiths
Forest, Great Glade.
Accession No: 17,898-85G. MSA S512-85   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85I: Thomas Ruston vs. Attorney General. CE.
Estate of John Ruston - Talbots Manor, Gee
Harrison, Partnership, Addition to Forge Mills,
Grindon, Welch Knavery, assets of Principio Co.
Accession No: 17,898-85I-1/3. MSA S512-87   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85M: Attorney General vs. James Franklin. BA.
Injunction against removal of timber.
Accession No: 17,898-85M. MSA S512-91   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85N: Robert Gill vs. Attorney General. CH. Title
to Foxes Race.
Accession No: 17,898-85N. MSA S512-92   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
85O: John Churchman and Samuel Chase vs. Attorney
General. CE. Title to land.
Accession No: 17,898-85O. MSA S512-93   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
86: George Adams vs. William Thomas and Margaret
Dyer. FR. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-86. MSA S512-96   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
124: John Allender vs. John Beale Howard. HA.
Contract to purchase land.
Accession No: 17,898-124. MSA S512-135   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
180: John Barnaby. CE. Insolvent estate of
Barnaby. Recorded (Insolvency Record) 2, p. 104.
Accession No: 17,898-180. MSA S512-202   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
222: William Sydebotham, John Thomas Boucher,
Charles Stewart, Mary McCulloch, James McCulloch,
and William Bruce vs. Eleanor Bradford, Elizabeth
Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Mary Bradford, and
Henry Bradford Walker. PG. Estate of Henry
Bradford - Clover Plains, Lot in Bladensburg, lots
in Carrollsburg. Recorded (Chancery Record) 27, p.
Accession No: 17,898-222. MSA S512-260   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
226: Benson Bond. CV. Appointment of trustee for
Richard Bond.
Accession No: 17,898-226-1/3. MSA S512-264   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
247: Richard Barry. BA. Insolvent estate of Barry.
Accession No: 17,898-247. MSA S512-286   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
383: Fielder Bowie. PG. Appointment of trustee for
Anne Cox.
Accession No: 17,898-383. MSA S512-438   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
397: Leonard Bean vs. James Middleton and John
Glasgow. CH. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-397-1/2. MSA S512-452   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
422: Esther Beavens. WO. Appointment of trustee
for Joshua Beavens.
Accession No: 17,898-422-1/2. MSA S512-475   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
424: Morris Baker vs. Adam Torn. WA. Petition to
record deed for First Addition. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 28, p. 49.
Accession No: 17,898-424. MSA S512-477   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
456: Jacob Bull vs. Betsey Ann Bull. BA. Title to
Bulls Romantic Hills. Recorded (Chancery Record)
45, p. 353.
Accession No: 17,898-456-1/2. MSA S512-508   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
461: Middleton Belt vs. Esther Belt, Ruth Belt,
Rachel Belt, Hugh Nixon, and Elizabeth Nixon. PG.
Estate of Benjamin Belt - Belts Poor Chance, God
Fathers Gift, Norway, Belts Ranger, Belts Meadows.
Accession No: 17,898-461. MSA S512-513   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
516: William Brown vs. Robert Pottinger. AA.
Estate of Thomas Buchanan.
Accession No: 17,898-516. MSA S512-565   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
526: Gilbert Buchanan vs. James Morsell, James
Sewell, and Clarissa Norfolk. CV. Estate of Joseph
Ireland - Leeches Freehold, Peakins Nest, Angles.
Accession No: 17,898-526. MSA S512-571   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
527: Daniel Bowly and Richard Ridgely vs. George
Lux. BA. Petition to record deed. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 28, p. 38.
Accession No: 17,898-527. MSA S512-572   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
551: Sarah Buchanan, Thomas Sim Lee, Alexander
Cowan, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, and Benjamin
Nicholson vs. Thomas Cockey Deye. BA. Contract to
purchase Selsed, Bosleys Palace, Robinsons
Addition, Welches Hopeful Palace, Welches Fancy,
Jacks Double Purchase, Carrs Regulation, Ridgelys
Good Will, Charles Discovery, Pearces Folly,
Benjamins Beginning, Clesade, Fords Fancy. Plat
filed in MARYLAND SURVEY PAPERS (Division Plats) S
65, MdHR 40,283-196.
Accession No: 17,898-551-1/13. MSA S512-592   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
703: Walter Bowie vs. Elizabeth Wilson. PG.
Petition to record deed for Samuels Choice.
Accession No: 17,898-703. MSA S512-727   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
705: William Bosley vs. Charles Wells. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-705. MSA S512-729   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
723: Esau Brooks vs. John Wyatt. QA. Estate of
Samuel Wyatt - Tilghmans Discovery, Wyatts Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-723. MSA S512-745   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
755C: James Bryson. BA. Insolvent estate of Bryson
- Coles Harbour in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record)
35, p. 265.
Accession No: 17,898-755C-1/5. MSA S512-779   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
763E: Whittington Bowen and John Logan vs. John
Bratten. WO. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-763E. MSA S512-791   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
775: Richard Henley Courts vs. William Renner. FR.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-775. MSA S512-804   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
799: William Campbell and George Meade vs. Francis
Russell, John Russell, and Thomas Russell. BA.
Petition to sell lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 24, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-799. MSA S512-828   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
832: John Cockey vs. Ruth Cockey. BA. Estate of
William Cockey - Cockeys Trust, Holdmore. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 53, p. 25.
Accession No: 17,898-832. MSA S512-865   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
843: William Williams Chapline vs. James Chapline,
Jacob Hess, and Christopher Orendorff. FR. Trust
estate of William Williams Chapline - Resurvey on
Hills and Dales, Resurvey on Vineyard. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 145, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-843-1/7. MSA S512-877   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
903: John Cradock, Ann Cradock, William Lemar,
Margaret Lemar, and Hannah Worthington vs. John
Moale, William Lynch, and William Wilkinson. BA.
Estate of Mary Worthington - Watkins Neck,
Bagfords Fortune, Industry.
Accession No: 17,898-903-1/2. MSA S512-938   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
925: William Colston and Thomas Leaverton vs.
William Manidier and Sarah Dudley. CA. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-925. MSA S512-961   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
933: James Christie vs. George Abraham Hammond,
Mary Hammond, Elizabeth Derbin, and William
Andrew. BA. Estate of William Andrew - Raymor,
Bevans Adventure, Scotts Improvement, Carrolls
Island, Triangle. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record)
21, p. 671.
Accession No: 17,898-933-1/7. MSA S512-969   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
936: Richard Chew vs. Samuel Birckhead. HA. Estate
of Seaborn Birkhead - Cold Rain. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 32, p. 145.
Accession No: 17,898-936-1/2. MSA S512-972   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
943A: Rebecca Coston, John Purkins, Thomas
Gibbins, Mary Gibbins, Joseph Tilghman, Nancy
Tilghman, John H. Hayman, Josiah Broughton, and
George Broughton. WO. Petition to sell Ash Swamp,
Timber Grove, Harrisons Adventure, Cold Rain.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 398.

Accession No: 17,898-943A. MSA S512-980   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
973: John Chew, Ann Ridgely, Nicholas Ridgely,
Richard Bassett, William Molleson, John Banning,
and William Manlove vs. Peregrin Letherbury and
Risdon Bishop. KE. Estate of William St. Clair.
Accession No: 17,898-973. MSA S512-1012   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
977C: Philip Cole and Thomas Giles vs. Thomas
Hall. HA. Estate of Jocob Giles.
Accession No: 17,898-977C. MSA S512-1019   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1007: Peter Chaille vs. James Stewart. WO. Estate
of George Stewart - Kings Neck, Franklins Lot.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 24, p. 85.
Accession No: 17,898-1007. MSA S512-1049   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1074: Charles Carman and James Ryan vs. State of
Maryland. BA. Injunction against execution of
judgment. Recorded (Chancery Record) 26, p. 1 and
23, p. 237.
Accession No: 17,898-1074-1/4. MSA S512-1148   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1075: John Cartwright and Richard Carnes vs. State
of Maryland. SM. Contract to purchase Chaptico
Manor, Retirement, Hard Bargain, Hilton,
Baltimores Gift, Dear Bought, Mitchum Hill. Plats.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 33, p. 289.
Accession No: 17,898-1075. MSA S512-1149   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1130: Philip Coal and Thomas Giles vs. John Lee
Webster. HA. Estate of Jacob Giles.
Accession No: 17,898-1130. MSA S512-1203   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1142: Michael Cookenderfer and Frederick
Cookenderfer vs. James Gordon, Henry Riddle, John
Campbell, Sr., John Campbell, Jr., Alexander Lowe,
and William Ingram. MO. Injunction against
execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-1142. MSA S512-1212   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1145: Hans Creery, Thomas Neill, Hercules
Courtney, Isabella McIntire, Thomas McIntire, and
Joseph Donaldson. BA. Contract to purchase lot in
BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 16, p. 611 and 17
p. 190.
Accession No: 17,898-1145. MSA S512-1214   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1154: Samuel Chenowith and Elizabeth Chenowith vs.
Joseph Cromwell. BA. Estate of Steven Cromwell -
Nicholsons Manor.
Accession No: 17,898-1154. MSA S512-1222   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1209: James Chapline vs. Richard Ridgely. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-1209. MSA S512-1278   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1220: William Coultrough vs. Samuel Baylis. HA.
Title to Marys Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 33,
p. 516.
Accession No: 17,898-1220. MSA S512-1288   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1232: Christopher Cox, Jr. vs. John Chairs, Mark
Benton, and Thomas Callahan. QA. Estate of John
Railey - Good Increase, Raileys Hazard, Raileys
Chance, Scotland, Lows Arcadia. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 28, p. 110.
Accession No: 17,898-1232-1/2. MSA S512-1300   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1271: Hercules Courtnay, Thomas Neill, and Joseph
Donaldson vs. Thomas McIntire and Isabella
McIntire. BA. Estate of William Neill. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 19, p. 492 and 21, p. 167.
Accession No: 17,898-1271-1/2. MSA S512-1333   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1290: Hercules Courtenay, Joseph Donaldson, and
Thomas Nevill vs. Thomas McIntire and Isabella
McIntire. BA. Estate of William Nevill - Puntenays
Accession No: 17,898-1290. MSA S512-1348   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1331: Francis Deakins, William Deakins, Leonard
Deakins, Baker Johnson, and Paul Haye vs. Joseph
Sim, Thomas Sim Lee, Ralph Potts, and Casper
Schaff. WA. Title to Salisbury, Austils Delight.
Accession No: 17,898-1331. MSA S512-1387   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1337: John Dorsey, Archibald Moncrief, Robert
Dorsey, and William Hammond Dorsey vs. Henry Todd.
AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Rebeccas Lot. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 21, p. 419.
Accession No: 17,898-1337. MSA S512-1393   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1373: Daniel Dulany vs. Normand Bruce. FR.
Mortgage foreclosure on Good Intent, Richards
Folly, Toms Fancy, Cannon, Mount Pleasant, Pond
Licks, Lubberland, Bears Camp, Pumpkin Hall, Long
Snake, Good Hope, Paradise, Friendship, Buck
Range, River Rhine. Recorded (Chancery Record) 26,
p. 201 and 27, p. 37.
Accession No: 17,898-1373. MSA S512-1443   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1374: Henry Dickinson, John Dickinson, Granby
Dickinson, and Sophia Dickinson vs. James
Dickinson. CA, DO. Petition to partition
Wakefield, Plains, Addition to Plains, Painters
Range, Puzzle, Alfords Beginning, Trippers
Accession No: 17,898-1374. MSA S512-1444   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1402: Richard Duvall and Nathan Soper vs. Hannah
West, Mary Belt, and Thomas Belt. PG. Estate of
Jeremiah Belt - Recovery. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 109, p. 73.
Accession No: 17,898-1402-1/17. MSA S512-1471   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1415: Isaac Day vs. John Whetsel, John Whetsel,
Peter Whetsel, George Whetsel, Michael Whetsel,
Elizabeth Whetsek, Catherine Whetsel, Jacob
Whetsel, Christian Stopford, and Margaret
Stopford. BA. Contract to purchase Manheim Town.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 552.
Accession No: 17,898-1415. MSA S512-1486   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1454: Basil Brooke, Elizabeth Brooke, George
Chandler, Deborah Chandler, William Stabler,
Deborah Stabler, Mary Samuel, Mary Brooke, Richard
Thomas, Deborah Thomas, Margaret Brooke, Sarah
Brooke, Hannah Brooke, Roger Brooke, and Dorothy
Brooke vs. William H. Dorsey and Ann Dorsey. FR.
Petition to sell Pembrook, Resurvey on Mount
Radnor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 500.
Accession No: 17,898-1454. MSA S512-1520   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1491: Samuel Durham vs. Joseph Donaldson and John
Salman. BA. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-1491. MSA S512-1555   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1495: Samuel Duvall, William Duvall, and Henry
Griffith vs. Rebecca Dulany. AA. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-1495-1/2. MSA S512-1559   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1497: Daniel Dorsey vs. Deborah Dorsey and Ely
Dorsey. BA. Estate of Edward Dorsey. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 43, p. 179.
Accession No: 17,898-1497. MSA S512-1561   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1499: Edward Dorsey vs. Henry Owings. BA. Estate
of Michael Owings - Long Acre.
Accession No: 17,898-1499. MSA S512-1563   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1517: Anne Dorsey, Catherine Warfield, Charles
Warfield, Vachel Dorsey, Gassaway Watkins, Ruthy
Watkins, Lancelot Dorsey, Samuel Riggs, Amelia
Riggs, Vachel Warfield, and Sarah Warfield. AA.
Appointment of trustee for Philemon Dorsey of John
- Silence, Peace, Purdoms Range, Altogether,
Browns Chance, Dorseys Friendship, Toddy, Bite the
Skinner, First Discovery, First Division. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 36, p. 377.
Accession No: 17,898-1517. MSA S512-1591   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1536: Richard Dallam vs. William Dobbins. HA.
Injunction against execution of judgment on land
in NC.
Accession No: 17,898-1536. MSA S512-1610   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1558: Joseph S. Dixon vs. George Hopewell, John
McLean, William Lelburn, and William Hubert. CA.
Title to Bloomsbury. Recorded (Chancery Record)
23, p. 81.
Accession No: 17,898-1558. MSA S512-1628   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1579: Philemon Davis, Jr. SM. Trust estate of John
Accession No: 17,898-1579. MSA S512-1647   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1590: Daniel Dulany vs. John Bailey, Elam Bailey,
Elizabeth Parker, John Calvert, Sarah Calvert,
David Rink, and Mary Rink. Mortgage foreclosure on
Murrays Addition, Athol, slaves Arkey, Sharfor,
Hannah, Kate, Peter, Sam, Exeter, and Cambridge.
Accession No: 17,898-1590. MSA S512-1657   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1601: Philemon Dorsey, Ann Dorsey, William
Ridgely, Elizabeth Ridgely, Benjamin Warfield,
Catherine Warfield, Vachel Warfield, Sarah
Warfield, Samuel Riggs, and Amelia Riggs vs.
Nathan Harris, Rachel Harris, Nicholas Ridgely,
Greenbury Treakle, Philemon Barnes, Joshua Ingman,
and Philip Manikee. AA. Injunction against removal
of timber from Brothers Partnership, Brothers
Love, Pillage Resurveyed.
Accession No: 17,898-1601. MSA S512-1668   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1645: Thomas Elliott and Thomas Yates vs. Bushrod
Washington, Corbin Washington, Nathaniel Ramsay,
Clement Holliday, and Gabriel Duvall. BA. Contract
to purchase Bryans Meadows.
Accession No: 17,898-1645. MSA S512-1714   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1667: William Armstrong. CE. Insolvent estate of
Accession No: 17,898-1667. MSA S512-1736   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1685: John Elder vs. Harmon Greathouse and Lodwick
Wampler. FR. Contract to purchase land.
Accession No: 17,898-1685-1/2. MSA S512-1756   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1696: Peter Edmondson vs. Richard Collison, Reubin
Collison, Ritty Collison, and Sarah Collison. CA.
Estate of Richard Collison - Sherwins Chance,
Folly, Partnership, Plain Dealing, Willenborough.
Accession No: 17,898-1696. MSA S512-1767   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1712: Walter Evans, Jr., Jane D. Evans, Mary
Evans, and Pricilla Evans vs. Walter Evans, Sr.,
Robert Furguson, and Alexander Hamilton. MO.
Contract to purchase Dung Hill.
Accession No: 17,898-1712. MSA S512-1784   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1734: Francis Faris vs. William Stephen Moore. BA.
Petition to record deed for lot in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 28, p. 12.
Accession No: 17,898-1734. MSA S512-1814   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1756: Dr. Moor Falls vs. William Russell and
George Lux. BA. Trust estate under will of
Catherine Lux - lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-1756-1/2. MSA S512-1834   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1770: Philip Richard Fendall vs. Patrick Sim,
Joseph Sim, and Patrick Sim Smith. FR. Title to
slaves John, Charles, Nat, Moses, Billy, James,
Tom Will, Nat, Jack, Nell, Kate, Sal, Mary, Jenny,
Henry, Young Henry, Magadaleus, Nancy, and Bett.
Accession No: 17,898-1770. MSA S512-1848   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1779: Martin Fisher vs. Anthony Levie. CH.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-1779. MSA S512-1857   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1830: William Falconar vs. Jacob Comegys. KE.
Contract to lease land.
Accession No: 17,898-1830. MSA S512-1898   1/36/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1874: Robert Ferguson vs. Samuel Ward Middleton.
CH. Mortgage foreclosure on Mores Rest. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 19, p. 510.
Accession No: 17,898-1874. MSA S512-1940   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1879: Sarah Frisby vs. Thomas Broxon. CE. Title to
Part Rounds.
Accession No: 17, 898-1879. MSA S512-1944   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1892: Samuel Glenn vs. Thomas Wirt. CE. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-1892. MSA S512-1957   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1911: Thomas Giles and Philip Coale vs. William
Cox and Mary Cox. HA. Contract to purchase flour.
Accession No: 17,898-1911. MSA S512-1976   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1912: James Gordon, John Campbell, William Ingram,
Alexander Lowe, and Henry Riddle vs. David John
Oden. MO. Mortgage foreclosure on Boys Lott,
Fellowship. Recorded (Chancery Record) 44, p. 243.
Accession No: 17,898-1912-1/2. MSA S512-1977   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1968: Harry Dorsey Gough vs. Rebecca Young. HA.
Estate of Samuel Young - Addition to Youngs
Escape. Recorded (Chancery Record) 16, p. 777 and
17, p. 270.
Accession No: 17,898-1968-1/6. MSA S512-2030   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1973: Harry Dorsey Gough vs. David McMechen and
Robert Crawford. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Hope,
Pimblico, slaves Jack, Jacob, and Beck. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 21, p. 428.
Accession No: 17,898-1973-1/2. MSA S512-2035   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1995: Abraham Vanbebber vs. Benjamin Griffith,
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Nicholas Carroll,
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, William Smith,
Robert Carter, Daniel Carroll of Duddington, and
Baltimore Company. BA. Contract to purchase
Orange, Philipsburg.
Accession No: 17,898-1995. MSA S512-2062   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2016: Frederick Green vs. State of Maryland. AA.
Title to lot in Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 39, p. 391.
Accession No: 17,898-2016. MSA S512-2083   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2028: Benjamin German vs. Martha Jarrett and Jesse
Jarrett. BA. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-2028-1/4. MSA S512-2095   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2044: Charlotte Griffith. KE. Appointment of
trustee for Mary Faulkner.
Accession No: 17,898-2044. MSA S512-2112   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2107: Henry Griffith and Thomas Coale vs. John
Spurrier. AA. Insolvent estate of William Spurrier
- Browns Purchase.
Accession No: 17,898-2107. MSA S512-2177   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2126: John Gibson vs. State of Maryland. TA.
Contract to purchase Stevens Addition. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-2126. MSA S512-2196   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2154: John Galloway and James Ringgold vs. Solomon
Wright. QA. Estate of Matthew Dockry - Dockrys
Meadows, Dockrys Desire, Dockrys Plains.
Accession No: 17,898-2154. MSA S512-2224   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2188: John Gale and Levin Winder vs. Attorney
General. SO. Title to Clear of Cannon Shot,
Fluellings Settlement, Cow Ridge, Addition to Cow
Ridge, Prickles Cocks Hott, Addition to Prickles
Cocks Hott, Fluellings Purchase, Thicknett,
Cannons Lott, Security, Milk Mare, Small Chance,
Wolf Quarter. Recorded (Chancery Record) 23, p.
Accession No: 17,898-2188. MSA S512-2257   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2195: Job Garretson vs. Mary Cox, Mark Alexander
Cox, James Cox, William Cox, and Mary Cox. BA.
Contract to purchase Coxs Priviledge.
Accession No: 17,898-2195. MSA S512-2264   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2198B: Frederick Green vs. John Hamilton and
Patrick Ewings. CE. Estate of Ann Catherine Green.
Accession No: 17,898-2198B. MSA S512-2269   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2206: Philip Hall vs. Margery Howell and James
Morrison. BA. Injunction against execution of
judgment on lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-2206-1/2. MSA S512-2278   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2273: Patrick Hamilton vs. Turbut Wright. QA.
Contract to purchase Love Point.
Accession No: 17,898-2273. MSA S512-2363   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2281: Dennis Hudson vs. James Collins. WO. Estate
of John Collins - Head of St. Lawrence. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 17, p. 311 and 18, p. 81.
Accession No: 17,898-2281-1/3. MSA S512-2371   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2285: Thomas Helmes vs. John Langley, Sarah
Langley, William Lee, and Attorney General. WA.
Estate of Joseph Helmes - Charles Mount. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 47, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-2285-1/6. MSA S512-2375   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2301: Ephraim Howard and Joshua Howard vs.
Elizabeth Rumney, Henry Nellson, and Rachel
Nellson. AA, BA. Trust estate under will of James
Howard - slave Charles.
Accession No: 17,898-2301. MSA S512-2391   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2336: Samuel Hughes and Philip Coale vs. State of
Maryland. CE. Injunction against execution of
judgment on Hughes Choice, Principio. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 40, p. 251.
Accession No: 17,898-2336. MSA S512-2429   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2357: Charles Carroll of Carrollton, John B.
Bordley, and Robert Whitaker vs. Susannah T.
Hawkins and George Frazier Hawkins. PG. Estate of
George Frazier Hawkins - Addisons Good Will, Blue
Plains. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 27, p.
Accession No: 17,898-2357-1/6. MSA S512-2451   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2362: William Hammersley. SM. Appointment of
trustee for Francis Hammersley.
Accession No: 17,898-2362. MSA S512-2456   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2423: Jonathan Hager vs. Daniel Heester. WA.
Estate of Jonathan Hager.
Accession No: 17,898-2423-1/2. MSA S512-2511   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2446: Adam Hunter, Samuel Purviance, and Robert
Purviance vs. Fielder Gaunt. FR. Contract to lease
Fielderea, Spit, Cut Knee, Fouts Delight, Wells
Invention, Ore Bank, Addition to Hazell Thicket,
Unsels Delight, Resurvey on Beauty, Moreland,
Bakers Ramble. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p.
Accession No: 17,898-2446-1/2. MSA S512-2534   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2448: James Hollyday vs. Thomas Hollyday. QA.
Appointment of trustee for Thomas Hollyday.
Accession No: 17,898-2448. MSA S512-2536   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2457: Philip Hall vs. Samuel Norwood. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment on slave
Accession No: 17,898-2457. MSA S512-2544   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2462: Samuel Hughes vs. William Smith, Catherine
Ridley, Essex Sherborne Ridley, Matilda F.S.
Ridley, and Susannah Ridley. HA. Petition to sell
Wilton, Swan Harbor, Pacas Bit.
Accession No: 17,898-2462. MSA S512-2550   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2469: Leonard Hollyday vs. Joseph Sim and Thomas
Gantt. PG. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-2469. MSA S512-2557   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2490: Joshua Hall, Jr. vs. Joshua Bosley. BA.
Injunction against leaving the state.
Accession No: 17,898-2490. MSA S512-2578   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2533: Attorney General, William Hitchman, and
Thomas Ewing vs. John Rowland and James Rowland.
CE. Title to Susquehanah. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-2533-1/2. MSA S512-2610   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2548: Lambert Hyland vs. William Goodwin and
Charles Ridgely. BA. Injunction against execution
of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-2548. MSA S512-2625   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2552: Samuel Hanson of Samuel, Thomas Hanson,
William Bayly, William Baker, and Anthony Addison
vs. John Sutton. PG. Injunction against execution
of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-2552. MSA S512-2631   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2578: Thomas Hyde vs. Sarah Ball and John Johnson.
AA. Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Jenny, Stephen,
Easter, and Nan.
Accession No: 17,898-2578. MSA S512-2657   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2584: John Holmes vs. John Belt. MO. Contract to
purchase Grandmothers Good Will.
Accession No: 17,898-2584. MSA S512-2663   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2615: Rebecca Howard, Henry Howard, John Howard,
Ann S. Howard, Rebecca Howard, and Margaret Howard
vs. Brice Howard. AA. Estate of John Beale Howard
- Pheasant Ridge, Safe Guard, Windsor, Benjamins
Accession No: 17,898-2615. MSA S512-2691   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2645: Joshua Harp, Eleanor Harp, Thomas Johnson,
Honour Johnson, Joshua Young, Orphay Young,
William Jones, Mary Jones, and Eli MacKenzie vs.
Henry MacKenzie and Daniel MacKenzie. FR. Title to
Mollys Fancy.
Accession No: 17,898-2645. MSA S512-2719   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2658: John Hepburn and Henrietta Maria Walker vs.
Samuel Chew Hepburn. PG. Trust estate of John
Hepburn, Jr. and John Hepburn.
Accession No: 17,898-2658-1/2. MSA S512-2730   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2662: Rezin Hammond and Philip Hammond vs. John
Davis, Ely Davis, Thomas Davis, Robert Davis, and
Ichabod Davis. AA. Contract to purchase Ranters
Ridge, slaves Harry, Rossay, Sampson, Priss, Will,
and Phebe.
Accession No: 17,898-2662. MSA S512-2732   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2675: William Hopkins, Jr. vs. John Stump, Richard
Dallam, and John Patrick. HA. Contract to purchase
Accession No: 17,898-2675. MSA S512-2745   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
Richard Henderson and James Brice vs. Alexander
Claggett, John Claggett, Eleanor Claggett, Ann
Claggett, Robert Clarke, Rebecca Clarke, Hezekiah
Claggett, and Frances Claggett. WA. Estate of
Samuel Beall - lot in Georgetown, Frederick Forge,
Husband, Little I Thought It.
Accession No: 17,898-2680-1/2. MSA S512-2751   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2687: Samuel Hughes vs. State of Maryland. BA.
Contract to purchase lot in Principio Co. lands.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 28, p. 343.
Accession No: 17,898-2687. MSA S512-2756   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2751A: Frederick Heffner vs. George Clem, Henry
Leyday, and David Shahawn. FR. Injunction against
removal of timber from Resurvey on Heffners Fancy.
Accession No: 17,898-2751A. MSA S512-2817   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2758: Edmund Jenings vs. Samuel Johnson. AA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-2758. MSA S512-2825   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2823: Amos Jarman. QA. Insolvent estate of Jarman.
Accession No: 17,898-2823. MSA S512-2903   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2855: Roger Johnson. FR. Condemnation of Hope for
an iron forge.
Accession No: 17,898-2855. MSA S512-2933   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2865: Eleanor Jones and Jeremiah Jones vs. Richard
Jones. BA. Alimony. Recorded (Chancery Record) 34,
p. 590.
Accession No: 17,898-2865-1/3. MSA S512-2946   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2891: Isaiah Jackson. BA. Insolvent estate of
Jackson - lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-2891. MSA S512-2974   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2916: Robert Lloyd Nichols David Kerr and Thomas
Chamberlaine vs. Francis Sellers and Thomas
Cooper. CA. Petition to sell Sylvesters Addition,
Bayards Discovery, Webbs Chance. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 17, p. 13.
Accession No: 17,898-2916. MSA S512-3000   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2930: James Kelso vs. David Kennedy. AA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-2930-1/2. MSA S512-3014   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2936: John Knight and Levy Baily vs. William
Knight. CE. Contract to lease lots in Nottingham.
Accession No: 17,898-2936. MSA S512-3020   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2945: William Holland Reynolds vs. Francis King,
Uriah Forrest, and Benjamin Stoddert. CV.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-2945. MSA S512-3029   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2995: Daniel Kent and Ann W. Kent vs. John Weems.
CV. Estate of Roger Wheeler - Coxhead, Coxcomb,
Smiths Conveyance, Mewington, Henry Chew, Bucks
Purchase, slaves Tom, Nan and child, Henry, Pat,
and Bet. Recorded (Chancery Record) 39, p. 180.
Accession No: 17,898-2995. MSA S512-3077   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3015A: Daniel Lamb vs. State of Maryland. KE.
Injunction against execution of judgment on
Reserve of Kent Manor. Plat. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 40, p. 549.
Accession No: 17,898-3015A. MSA S512-3098   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3015B: Peter Littig. BA. Insolvent estate of
Accession No: 17,898-3015B. MSA S512-3099   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3025: James Low, Joshua Townsend, George Magee,
and Jacob Lynch vs. George Conner, James Conner,
Nancy Conner, Mincey Conner, and Mary Conner. WO.
Estate of James Conner - Hognorton, Turners Hall.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 627 and 36, p.
Accession No: 17,898-3025-1/2. MSA S512-3109   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3047: George Leggett vs. John Brown. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-3047. MSA S512-3131   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3123: Frank Leeke and John Smith Brookes vs.
Margaret Hudson and Jonathan Hudson. PG. Estate of
Jonathan Hudson.
Accession No: 17,898-3123. MSA S512-3210   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3139: George Luther vs. George Chandler and Peter
Shriver. FR. Title to Land of Promise. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 28, p. 665.
Accession No: 17,898-3139. MSA S512-3226   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3157: Abraham Larsch vs. Thomas Cockey Deye Ford
and William Harvey. BA. Defraud of creditors of
Ford - Fords Choice, Benjamins Beginning,
Benjamins Addition.
Accession No: 17,898-3157. MSA S512-3244   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3163: Robert Lemmon and Stephen Wilson vs. Agnes
Thompson. BA. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-3163. MSA S512-3250   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3169: Gale, Darves & Stevenson, John Heaton, Henry
White, Winter & Shee, John Hatchett, James
Strachan & Co., John Darves, Sr., Arthur Bryan,
Thomas Harwood, and William Faris vs. Edward Lloyd
and James Hindman. TA. Estate of Richard Bennett
Accession No: 17,898-3169. MSA S512-3256   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3188: Edward Lloyd vs. William Harris, James
Lloyd, Daniel Perkins, and Abraham Ridgely. CE,
KE. Mortgage foreclosure on Addition in CE. Also
lots in Chestertown, Milford, Fairly Hills Down,
Coventry, Skidmore, Langfords Bay Mill in KE.
Accession No: 17,898-3188. MSA S512-3275   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3190: Edward Lloyd vs. William Kirby, Nicholas
Kirby, and Joshua Kirby. QA. Mortgage foreclosure
on Body Neck, Sillen, slaves Clonns, Moses, Wat,
Doll, Beck, and Young Bess.
Accession No: 17,898-3190. MSA S512-3277   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3226: Peregrine Letherbury vs. George William
Forrester. KE. Estate of William Forrester.
Accession No: 17,898-3226. MSA S512-3315   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3243: Anne Leeke vs. Bernard Shanly. PG. Mortgage
foreclosure on lot in Upper Marlboro, Covert.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 20, p. 604.
Accession No: 17,898-3243. MSA S512-3332   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3288: John Murray, George Douglass, and Richard
Harrison vs. John McClure, Robert Gilmor, and
William Bingham. BA. Petition to discover accounts
of Jacobus DeLaLande and Hendrick Fynje.
Accession No: 17,898-3288. MSA S512-3384   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3298G: Alexander Ogg. CV. Insolvent estate of Ogg.
Recorded (Insolvency Record) 2, p. 303.
Accession No: 17,898-3298G. MSA S512-3401   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3315: Robert Lemmon vs. Philip Graybill. BA.
Contract to purchase Deep Point.
Accession No: 17,898-3315. MSA S512-3419   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3337: John Mitchell, James Bratten, Cyrus
Mitchell, Richard Carson, William Matthews, and
John Smith. SO, WO. Estate of John Mitchell - Mill
Security, Small Lot, Friends Good Will, Poor
Chance, Wicomico Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record)
21, p. 49.
Accession No: 17,898-3337-1/4. MSA S512-3444   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3399: William Miers vs. William McDowell and
George Jackson. QA. Injunction against execution
of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-3399-1/2. MSA S512-3506   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3407: Thomas Mudd, Henry Lowe Mudd, and Nicholas
Blacklock vs. Nicholas Davis. PG. Injunction
against execution of judgment on Cold Snowy
Accession No: 17,898-3407. MSA S512-3515   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3433: Samuel Maynard vs. William Maynard. AA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-3433. MSA S512-3541   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3440: John Murdock vs. Thomas Brooke. MO. Estate
of Elizabeth Batt - Jacob.
Accession No: 17,898-3440. MSA S512-3548   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7415: John J. Donaldson and Avalon Co. vs. Ann
Pinkney, William Pinkney, Charles Pinkney,
Cumberland D. Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Joseph
White, Isabella White, William Stewart, Charlotte
Stewart, Caroline Pinkney, Frederick Pinkney,
Henry Pinkney, Emily Pinkney, and William Pinkney
of Edward. BA. Petition to release mortgage on
Taylors Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 139,
p. 447.
Accession No: 17,898-3450-1/2. MSA S512-3558   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3464: George Mason vs. Thomas Rutland. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Rutlands Purchase, lots in
Accession No: 17,898-3464. MSA S512-3572   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3477: Nicholas Day McComas and George McComas vs.
Samuel G. Osborn. HA. Injunction against sale of
Accession No: 17,898-3477. MSA S512-3584   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3498: James McMullen, Sr., James McMullen, Jr.,
and Eleanor Burris vs. John Burris and James
Burris. CE. Estate of Edward Burris - Stony
Battery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 24, p. 53.
Accession No: 17,898-3498-1/2. MSA S512-3605   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3529A: Edward Murray vs. David McMechen, Richard
Ridgely, Francis Curtis, Frederick Yeiser, and
Susanna Yeiser. BA. Contract to purchase lot in
BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 25, p.1.
Accession No: 17,898-3529A. MSA S512-3639   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3529B: Thomas Miles vs. Attorney General. BA.
Accession No: 17,898-3529B. MSA S512-3640   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3544: John Montgomery. BA. Insolvent estate of
Montgomery. Recorded (Insolvency Record) 2, p.
Accession No: 17,898-3544. MSA S512-3659   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3556: John Brooke and Mary Brooke vs. John Weems.
CV. Estate of Roger Wheeler.
Accession No: 17,898-3556-1/2. MSA S512-3671   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3565: Samuel Menough. CE. Insolvent estate of
Accession No: 17,898-3565. MSA S512-3681   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3581: James Morgan vs. David McMechen, William
Moore, Thomas Kell, James Gile, and William Smith.
BA. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-3581-1/2. MSA S512-3699   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3591: James Maccubbin Lingan, Nicholas Presbury,
Thomas Presbury, Martha Presbury, Richard Johns,
Susannah Johns, Mary Presbury, Ann Maccubbin,
Thomas Maccubbin, John Jacob Bough, Elizabeth
Bough, Ann Hood, Elizabeth Hood, Mary Hood, and
Hester Hood vs. William Woodward. AA. Estate of
James Maccubbin.
Accession No: 17,898-3591-1/2. MSA S512-3709   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3615: Stephen Steward, Sr. and Stephen Steward,
Jr. vs. Robert Morris. AA. Contract to pay a debt.
Accession No: 17,898-3615-1/7. MSA S512-3732   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3654: John Moale, Thomas Usher, Jr., Walter Roe,
Charles Wiesenthal, Robert Morris, and Peter
Whiteside vs. Margaret Hudson and Jonathan Hudson.
AA, BA, CE. Estate of Jonathan Hudson - lot in BC,
Griffiths Delight, Mollys Habitation, Wells
Inheritance, Wee Bit, Westphalia, Haywood, New
Castle, Griffins Neighbor, Joshuas Gift, Sophias
Garden and Hunting Ridge in BA. Also Chews Lease
of Manor Land in CE. Also Islands Addition,
Bennetts Island in AA. Recorded (Chancery Record)
17, p. 203.
Accession No: 17,898-3654-1/7. MSA S512-3770   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3671H: Patrick McGill. AA. Insolvent estate of
McGill - slaves Jeffrey, Kate, Lydia, Lucy, Dinah,
and Bock. Recorded (Insolvency Record) 3, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-3671H. MSA S512-3793   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3744: William Neilson vs. William Ward and John
Stoops, Jr. KE. Estate of John Stoops - lots in
Georgetown. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 570.
Accession No: 17,898-3744-1/3. MSA S512-3866   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3750: William Neilson vs. John Thompson and
William Matthews. CE. Estate of John Dockery
Thompson. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 539.
Accession No: 17,898-3750. MSA S512-3872   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3765: William Charles Neill. QA. Insolvent estate
of Neill.
Accession No: 17,898-3765. MSA S512-3887   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3790: Benjamin Nicholson vs. Samuel Swan, Susannah
Swan, William Armer, Rachel Armer, William Ray,
Anne Ray, Elizabeth Pontnay, Sarah Pontnay, Mary
Pontnay, and Eleanor Pontnay. BA. Mortgage
foreclosure on Parishes Fear, Parishes Range,
Eagle Nest.
Accession No: 17,898-3790. MSA S512-3912   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3835: James O'Bryan and Samuel T. Wright vs.
Cornelia Sewell. QA. Estate of Clement Sewell.
Accession No: 17,898-3835. MSA S512-3950   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3861: William Osborn. HA. Insolvent estate of
Accession No: 17,898-3861. MSA S512-3976   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3870: Stephen Onion. BA. Insolvent estate of Onion
- Siclemore Dock.
Accession No: 17,898-3870. MSA S512-3984   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3878: Benjamin Ogle vs. Rebecca Owen and Kennedy
Owen. MO. Estate of Robert Owen - Two Brothers,
Discontent, Advantage. Plat filed in MARYLAND
SURVEY PAPERS (Division Plats) S65, MdHR
40,283-134. Recorded (Chancery Record) 24, p. 613.
Accession No: 17,898-3878. MSA S512-3992   1/36/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3926: John Petty vs. David Stewart. AA. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-3926. MSA S512-4041   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3954: Isaac Perkins, Barney Carse, and Philip
Brooks vs. George Gleaves. KE. Estate of John
Gleaves - Broad Neck, Bachelors Resolution.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 24, p. 104.
Accession No: 17,898-3954-1/4. MSA S512-4070   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
3990: Robert Peter vs. William Deakins, Jr.,
Bernard O'Neal, Edward Burgess, Richard Thompson,
John Peters, and Thomas Beall. MO. Contract to
serve as securities.
Accession No: 17,898-3990. MSA S512-4108   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4007: James Pearce vs. Hannah Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Sarah Gordon, Ann Gordon, Joseph Gordon,
and Charles Gorden. KE. Estate of Charles Gordon -
lot in Chestertown.
Accession No: 17,898-4007. MSA S512-4125   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4009: James Leiper Porter vs. Attorney General.
CE. Contract to purchase Smiths Fort.
Accession No: 17,898-4009. MSA S512-4127   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4049: James Pattison vs. James Stone. AA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-4049. MSA S512-4167   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4087: Nathaniel Pigman vs. Ephraim Gaither. MO.
Injunction against execution of judgment on
Dechersons Lot, Addition to Snowdens Manor,
Leakins Lot. Recorded (Chancery Record) 23, p.
Accession No: 17,898-4087-1/2. MSA S512-4205   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4092: Robert Peter vs. Charles Beatty. MO. Title
to Renfrew and injunction against construction of
a dam at George Town.
Accession No: 17,898-4092. MSA S512-4210   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4144: John Page vs. William Hopper, James Kent,
Philip Feddeman, and Henry Downes. KE. Insolvent
estates of Hopper and Kent.
Accession No: 17,898-4144-1/2. MSA S512-4268   1/36/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4180: Richard Ponsonby and Leonard Marbury Deakins
vs. State of Maryland. PG. Injunction against
execution of judgment on Yarrow Head, Chance.
Accession No: 17,898-4180. MSA S512-4303   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4227: Paul Richards vs. Charles Wallace, John
Muir, and Francis Charlton. AA.
Accession No: 17,898-4227. MSA S512-4349   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4248: DeNih Ryelandt and G.M. Berenbrock vs.
Francis Coopman. BA. Defraud of creditors of
Accession No: 17,898-4248. MSA S512-4370   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4255: John T. Risteau vs. William Lux, Ann
Risteau, and Rebecca R. Risteau. BA. Petition to
sell Crosses Chance, Wheelers Beginning, Gays Good
Fellowship. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21,
p. 771.
Accession No: 17,898-4255-1/3. MSA S512-4377   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4259: Charles Ridgely of Hampton vs. John T. Young
and Jacob Young. BA. Defraud of creditors of
defendants - Little Mouth, Youngs Delight.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 26, p. 421.
Accession No: 17,898-4259. MSA S512-4381   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4262: William Russell vs. Belt Norwood and Elijah
Gaither. AA. Petition to record mortgage on slaves
Doll, Bolt, and Jacob.
Accession No: 17,898-4262. MSA S512-4384   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4267: John Rogers, Abraham Dyson, Samuel Dyson,
Richard Cooke, Edmund Lardner, Edward Gale, and
Thomas Portues vs. Thomas Lane. AA. Defraud of
creditors of Gabriel Lane and Benjamin Lane -
Brousley Hall.
Accession No: 17,898-4267. MSA S512-4389   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4290: Charles Ridgely of William and Ruth Ridgely
vs. Edward Norwood. BA. Injunction against removal
of timber from and cultivation of United
Accession No: 17,898-4290. MSA S512-4412   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4292: John Ringland vs. Bigger Head. FR. Title to
Boxs Search, Marys Fancy.
Accession No: 17,898-4292. MSA S512-4414   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4311: Charles Ridgely of William vs. Brice Howard,
Rebecca Howard, Henry Howard, John Howard, Anne S.
Howard, and Rebecca Howard. AA. Estate of John
Howard. Recorded (Chancery Record) 27, p. 111.
Accession No: 17,898-4311-1/6. MSA S512-4437   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4344: William Reily and John Reily vs. John Barney
and James Phillips. BA. Contract to purchase
Clarssons Hope.
Accession No: 17,898-4344. MSA S512-4483   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4417: Eleanor Dorsey, Jeremiah Townly Chase, James
Cheston, Benjamin Nicholson, and Levin Lawrence
vs. Charles Ridgely, Rachel Ridgely, Elizabeth
Ridgely, Rebecca Ridgely, and Dorothy Ridgely. AA,
BA. Estate of Charles Ridgely of John - Discovery,
Dorseys Land, White Wine and Claret, Airy Hills,
Timber Neck in AA. Also Pleasant Spring, Ridgelys
Delight in BA. Recorded (Chancery Record) 24, p.
Accession No: 17,898-4417-1/15. MSA S512-4566   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4458: George Scott vs. Joseph Chapline, James
Chapline, and William Chapline. WA. Title to
Contentment Resurveyed.
Accession No: 17,898-4458-1/5. MSA S512-4610   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4511: Herman Stitcher. BA. Insolvent estate of
Stitcher. Recorded (Insolvency Record) 2, p. 32.
Accession No: 17,898-4511. MSA S512-4678   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4518: Anne Stuart, John Voorhees, Barney Corse,
and Robert Anderson vs. Thomas Stuart and Thomas
Angier. KE. Estate of Asa Stuart - Adventure,
Mitchells Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21,
p. 94.
Accession No: 17,898-4518-1/2. MSA S512-4685   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4533: Betty Smith, Gilbert H. Smith, and Thomas
Parran vs. John Weems. CV. Injunction against
execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-4533. MSA S512-4702   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4536: State of Maryland vs. Richard Williams,
Philip Turner, and Rachel Turner. PG. Estate of
Thomas Williams - Resurvey on Williams Range,
Stonefield, Three Sisters, Johns lot, Good Luck.
Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 56, p. 585.
Accession No: 17,898-4536-1/5. MSA S512-4705   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4537: John Salmon vs. Thomas Usher, Joseph Usher,
James Usher, Ann Usher, Robert Usher, Elizabeth
Usher, Sarah Usher, Samuel Usher, Samuel Johnston,
and Joseph Donaldson. BA. Estate of Thomas Usher -
Coles Addition, Locust Tree Bottom. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 19, p. 516 and 21, p. 121.
Accession No: 17,898-4537-1/5. MSA S512-4706   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4549: John Scott, Jr. and Elizabeth Scott vs.
Edward Dorsey, Dr. Michael Pue, William Goodwin,
Milcah Goodwin, and Eleanor Dorsey. AA. Estate of
Caleb Dorsey - Dorseys Delight Enlarged, Timber
Ridge, Mill Frog. Recorded (Chancery Record) 41,
p. 842 and 42, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-4549-1/16. MSA S512-4718   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4550: Gavin H. Smith vs. Hannah West. PG.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-4550. MSA S512-4719   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4560: James Clerke vs. State of Maryland. BA.
Title to Cole Harbor. Plat. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 40, p. 545.
Accession No: 17,898-4560. MSA S512-4729   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4561: Sarah Spence vs. James Handy, Nancy Handy,
Margaret Spence, Betty Spence, Mary Spence, George
Spence, and Ann Robins. WO. Estate of Adam Spence.
Accession No: 17,898-4561-1/4. MSA S512-4730   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4608: Stephen Steward vs. James John Skinner. CV.
Mortgage foreclosure on Dotsons Desire.
Accession No: 17,898-4608. MSA S512-4778   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4619: Richard Scott. AA. Insolvent estate of
Scott. Recorded (Insolvency Record) 1, p. 509.
Accession No: 17,898-4619. MSA S512-4789   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4621: Richard Spencer vs. Elizabeth Middleton and
Joseph Middleton. AA, BA, KE. Estate of Joseph
Middleton, Sr. - Piney Point in KE, lot in BC, lot
in Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 16, p.
Accession No: 17,898-4621. MSA S512-4791   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4654: John Sewell vs. Peter Bond. HA. Petition to
record deed for Bonds Forrest, Morgans Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-4654. MSA S512-4823   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4673: Joseph M. Semmes and Ann Semmes vs. Thomas
Semmes. CH. Appointment of trustee for Thomas
Accession No: 17,898-4673. MSA S512-4842   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4687: Thoroughgood Smith, William McCreery,
William Stenton, Francis Partridge, and John
Rogers vs. Ann Dennis, Sr., and Littleton Dennis,
Jr. WO. Estate of Henry Dennis. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 21, p. 648.
Accession No: 17,898-4687. MSA S512-4856   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4696: George Stinchcomb vs. Nicholas Boaz, William
Andrews, Edmund Kelly, and George James. BA. Title
to lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-4696. MSA S512-4865   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4705: John Somerville vs. John Cartwright Ashcom.
SM. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-4705. MSA S512-4874   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4762: James Stone and Elizabeth Stone vs. Hannah
West. PG. Petition to revive a suit.
Accession No: 17,898-4762-1/6. MSA S512-4931   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4769: John Steele vs. Thomas Bond, Thomas Bennett,
and James Chapple. BA. Contract to lease lots in
Fells Point.
Accession No: 17,898-4769. MSA S512-4938   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4827: Edward Semmes vs. Anne Semmes and Jason M.
Semmes. CH. Title to Lichfield, Small Profit,
Lichfield Enlarged.
Accession No: 17,898-4827. MSA S512-4990   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4856: Fielder Bowie Smith, George Smith, and Phebe
Smith vs. Stephen Stewart, Daniel Smith, and
Elizabeth Estep. CV. Mortgage foreclosure on
Archers Hays.
Accession No: 17,898-4856. MSA S512-5015   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4892: Stephen Steward vs. Adam Allen. AA. Mortgage
foreclosure on lot in Bristol, Gotts Farm, slave
Accession No: 17,898-4892. MSA S512-5044   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4920: David Shawhan and George Clem vs. Frederick
Heffner. FR. Injunction against execution of
judgment on Rocky Hill.
Accession No: 17,868-4920. MSA S512-5071   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4930: Richard Spriggs vs. Robert Wade and Margaret
S. Magruder. PG. Estate of Edward Magruder -
Friendship, Lowes Discovery, Carrickfergus.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 17, p. 335 and 18, p.
Accession No: 17,868-4930. MSA S512-5081   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4949: William Lyon and James Sterrett vs. John
Smith, William Smith, and David Steuart. Debt owed
to Lyon and Sterrett.
Accession No: 17,868-4949. MSA S512-5097   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4950: Alexander Stenhouse vs. Hugh Scott, John
Ross Key, and Samuel Cleland. WO. Mortgage
foreclosure on Tribulation. Plat. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 18, p. 571.
Accession No: 17,868-4950. MSA S512-5098   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4998: Gavin Hamilton Smith vs. John Hamilton
Smith. CV. Title to Nichols Chance.
Accession No: 17,868-4998. MSA S512-5144   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5000: Vachel Stevens vs. Benjamin Harrison and
Thomas H. Eagan. AA. Defraud of creditors of
Accession No: 17,868-5000. MSA S512-5146   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5022: Daniel Henry vs. Richardson Steward and
James Armstrong. BA. Estate of Alexander McFaddon.
Accession No: 17,868-5022-1/2. MSA S512-5167   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5023: John Smith vs. Joseph Sprigg. WA. Injunction
against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,868-5023. MSA S512-5168   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5025: Joseph Sprigg vs. Alexander Hamilton Smith.
CV. Estate of Alexander Hamilton Smith -
Batchelors Quarter. Recorded (Chancery Record) 17,
p. 25 and 16, p. 181.
Accession No: 17,868-5025. MSA S512-5170   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5041: Robert Taylor. BA. Insolvent estate of
Accession No: 17,868-5041. MSA S512-5185   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5100: Philip Thomas vs. Richard Snowden Thomas and
John Chew Thomas. CE. Estate of Philip Thomas.
Accession No: 17,868-5100-1/3. MSA S512-5241   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5105: Rachel Thomas vs. Peter Gordon. DO. Estate
of William Thomas.
Accession No: 17,868-5105. MSA S512-5246   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5173: George Tubman vs. Walter McPherson. CH.
Injuction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-5173. MSA S512-5306   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5211: Charles Turner vs. John Worthington and
Thomas Beatty. FR. Contract to convey Solomons
Flower, Daniels Small Tract. Plat. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 88, p. 97.
Accession No: 17,898-5211-1/15. MSA S512-5341   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5245: Thomas Usher, Joseph Usher, Joseph
Donaldson, and Samuel Johnson vs. William Davis,
Patty Davis, Fanny Davis, Richard Coleman, Mary
Coleman, James Alcock, and Elias Batner. BA. Trust
estate of Mary Coleman - lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-5245-1/2. MSA S512-5373   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5251: Jane Urquhart vs. James Hutchings. AA.
Estate of William Urquhart.
Accession No: 17,898-5251-1/2. MSA S512-5379   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5310: Isaac Van Bibber vs. Thomas Kell, William
Moore, Thomas Bond, Catherine Bond, Jacob W.
Giles, Joana Giles, and Susannah Giles. BA. Estate
of William Fells - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 24, p. 153.
Accession No: 17,898-5310-1/15. MSA S512-5438   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5318: Richard Wootton vs. William Brogden. AA.
Estate of William Brogden. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 34, p. 65.
Accession No: 17,898-5318-1/4. MSA S512-5446   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5346: William Winder vs. State of Maryland. SO.
Contract to purchase land. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 17, p. 268.
Accession No: 17,898-5346. MSA S512-5474   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5357: William Winder, Isaac Horsey, Nancy Nelms,
Robert Dashiell, James Houston, Jesse Fooks,
Thomas Fooks, Stephen Toadvine, John Bratton, and
Saul Causey vs. William Riggin, Jonathan Riggin,
and John Riggin. WO. Estate of Jonathan Riggin -
Safeguard, Georges Purchase. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 21, p. 506.
Accession No: 17,898-5357-1/5. MSA S512-5484   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5360: Charles Wells vs. State of Maryland. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment on lots
in Fells Point.
Accession No: 17,898-5360. MSA S512-5487   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5437: Jean Willson vs. Thomas Wilson. MO.
Appointment of trustee for Thomas Wilson -
Exchange, New Exchange Enlarged.
Accession No: 17,898-5437. MSA S512-5559   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5446: Seth Warfield, Richard Harwood, and
Zachariah Jacobs vs. John Warfield and Samuel
Sewell. AA. Estate of Luke Warfield - Warfields
Forrest, Owens Range. Recorded (Chancery Record)
21, p. 755.
Accession No: 17,898-5446-1/2. MSA S512-5567   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5452: Richard William Wells vs. Zadoc Duvall and
Alexander Duvall. PG. Contract to purchase slaves.
Accession No: 17,898-5452-1/3. MSA S512-5573   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5460: George Wells. BA. Insolvent estate of Wells
- Davids Fancy, lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-5460. MSA S512-5581   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5506: Samuel Ward vs. James Ward. CV. Petition to
record deed for Golsons Inheritance.
Accession No: 17,898-5506. MSA S512-5625   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5510: Robert Wright, Jr. vs. James Clayland. QA.
Guardianship of Edward Chatham.
Accession No: 17,898-5510. MSA S512-5629   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5570: Otho Holland Williams vs. State of Maryland.
BA. Contract to purchase Principio Co. lands.
Accession No: 17,898-5570. MSA S512-5685   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5581: Charles Williamson vs. James Stone. CV.
Dissolution of a partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-5581. MSA S512-5693   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5594: Charles Wallace, Joshua Johnson, and John
Muir vs. John Turner and Joseph Wilkinson. CV.
Contract to form a partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-5594. MSA S512-5706   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5602: Isaac Webster vs. John Hayes. HA. Title to
Howards Forrest.
Accession No: 17,898-5602-1/4. MSA S512-5714   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5656: Alexander Warfield, Mary Warfield, and Sarah
Warfield vs. Elizabeth Warfield, Nancy Warfield,
Elisha Warfield, Lott Warfield, David Warfield,
Dennis Warfield, and Charles Warfield. FR, WA.
Petition to partition Quilting Frolick, Little
Price, Matthias, Poor Mans Loss, Brothers
Generosity, King Cole, Butlers Ramble. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 23, p. 1.
Accession No: 17,898-5656. MSA S512-5768   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5661: Charles Wallace, Joshua Johnson, and John
Muir vs. Roger Boyce. BA, HA. Mortgage foreclosure
on lot in Joppa. Also Nicholsons Manor in BA.
Accession No: 17,898-5661. MSA S512-5773   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5674: Henry O'Neal Welch vs. Leonard Wayman. AA.
Title to slaves Barbara and her children.
Accession No: 17,898-5674. MSA S512-5786   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5676: James Weems and Amelia Weems vs. John Weems.
CV. Estate of James Weems.
Accession No: 17,898-5676-1/14. MSA S512-5788   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5738: John Walker vs. Benjamin Wright. AA.
Appointment of trustee for Wright.
Accession No: 17,898-5738. MSA S512-5844   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5750: State of Maryland vs. Gassaway Watkins and
Dinah Watkins. AA. Estate of Gassaway Watkins -
Nathans Purchase, Bear Ridge, Connors Purchase,
Gassaways Lot, Brashears Purchase. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 35, p. 302.
Accession No: 17,898-5750. MSA S512-5856   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5777: John Winder vs. Elizabeth Winder. WA.
Appointment of trustee for Elizabeth Winder.
Accession No: 17,898-5777. MSA S512-5879   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5790: Otho H. Williams vs. William Thomas. FR.
Injunction against removal of timber from Dulanys
Accession No: 17,898-5790. MSA S512-5893   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5797: William Whetcroft vs. Allen Quynns and
Samuel Chase. AA. Injunction against execution of
judgment. Recorded (Chancery Record) 26, p. 211.
Accession No: 17,898-5797-1/3. MSA S512-5900   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5831: Robert Walters vs. Thomas Hamer. QA.
Contract to purchase Whittal, Lloyds Fishery.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 23, p. 37.
Accession No: 17,898-5831. MSA S512-5926   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5864: William Davis vs. Stephen Wilson and Robert
Lemmon. BA. Insolvent estate of Davis - lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-5864-1/7. MSA S512-5951   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5865: James William Lock Weems vs. Mary Hutchins,
Elizabeth Hutchins, Mary Hutchins, Rachel
Hutchins, and Hannah Hutchins. CV. Title to
Magruder, Edmunds. Recorded (Chancery Record) 26,
p. 178.
Accession No: 17,898-5865. MSA S512-5952   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5867: Richard Wootton vs. Thomas Richardson,
Margaret Richardson, Samuel Lockwood Davis, Sarah
Davis, William Chiffen Davis, John Davis, and
Allen Quynn. AA. Petition to sell Hickory Hills.
Accession No: 17,898-5867. MSA S512-5954   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5880: John Young vs. Richard Coale. FR. Contract
to lease slaves.
Accession No: 17,898-5880. MSA S512-5966   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5886: George Yantz vs. Christopher Shrode. BA.
Contract to sell livestock.
Accession No: 17,898-5886. MSA S512-5972   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5893: Jeremiah Yellott vs. Deborah Sterrett, James
Sterrett, David Sterrett, Samuel Sterrett, Richard
Gittings, Polly Gittings, Hannah Sterrett, Eliza
Sterrett, Juliet Sterrett, Andrew Sterrett,
Charles R. Sterrett, John Sterrett, James
Sterrett, and Deborah Sterrett. BA. Estate of John
Sterrett - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record)
29, p. 154.
Accession No: 17,898-5893-1/18. MSA S512-5979   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6811: Gabriel Christie vs. James Barnes. HA.
Injunction against removal of timber from Culvers
Accession No: 17,898-6811. MSA S512-6854   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7679: Joseph Ensor. BA. Appointment of trustee for
Accession No: 17,898-7679. MSA S512-7682   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7981: John Geohagen vs. Elam Bailey and Thomas S.
Pache. BA. Estate of John Welsh.
Accession No: 17,898-7981. MSA S512-7974   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8969: Thomas Iiams vs. Vachel Warfield. AA.
Injunction against execution of Judgment on
Duvalls Delight.
Accession No: 17,898-8969. MSA S512-8909   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9955: William McLaughlin and Mary McLaughlin vs.
Anne Plowman. CV. Estate of David Arnold - Archers
Meadow, Andersons Manor, lot in Lower Marlboro,
Nunnery, Chews Manor, Abington, Dodsdale,
Hardistys Choice. Recorded (Chancery Record) 16,
p. 662 and 17, p. 126 and 73, p. 286.
Accession No: 17,898-9955-1/2. MSA S512-9847   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10955: Charles Somerset Smith vs. John Perrie. CH.
Estate of Charles Somerset Smith, Sr.
Accession No: 17,898-10955. MSA S512-10798  1/39/3/

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