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MSA S1402

Waddell, Grace

Waddell, James A.
Waddell, M. Brunt
Wade, Robert
Waggaman, Eliza
Waggaman, Sarah
Wagner, J. G. [Mrs.]
Wagner, John George
Wagner, Mary Virginia
Wailes, John Perry [Jr.]
Wailes, Mary H.
Waites, [Mrs.]
Walker, Ann
Walker, Chainey
Walker, Charles
Walker, Florey
Walker, George
Walker, James T.
Walker, Jane
Walker, John
Walker, Margaret Susannah
Walker, Nobel J.
Walker, William
Wall, Alice
Wall, Annie
Wall, Sarah E. [Mrs.]
Wallace, Annie E. [Mrs.]
Wallace, James
Wallace, James
Wallace, James [Col.]
Wallace, S. Emma [Miss]
Wallace, William
Wallis, Anna M.
Wallis, Arthur
Wallis, Constant
Wallis, Corbin Rudolph
Wallis, Cornelius
Wallis, Frank
Wallis, John
Wallis, Margaret Ann
Wallis, Mary
Wallis, Samuell
Wallis, Wm. H.
Wallters, Christopher
Walmsley, Martha
Walters, [Mrs.]
Warchorn, Lizzie [Mrs.]
Ward, Allen
Ward, Allen
Ward, Amelia
Ward, John
Ward, John Mrs.
Ward, Martimer
Ward, Nathan
Ward, Robert
Ward, Robert [Senior]
Ward, Robert [Senior]
Ward, Samuel
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Susana
Ward, William
Ward, William
Warden, Lydia
Ware, Margaret
Wareman, Sarah
Warfield, Eleanor
Warfield, John
Warfield, John
Waring, Henry
Warman, Hester
Warren, Augustus
Waters, [Mrs.]
Waters, Catherine [Mrs.]
Waters, Catherine [Miss]
Waters, Harriet
Waters, Jane
Waters, Lloyd
Waters, Martha
Waters, Robert Dennis
Watkins, Elisabeth
Watkins, Gassaway
Watkins, Gassaway
Watkins, Martha Ann
Watkins, Mary
Watkins, Ogden Hoffman
Watkins, Rachel [Mrs.]
Watkins, Richard
Watkins, Sophia
Watson, John
Watts, Alexander
Watts, Francis
Watts, Francis
Watts, Francis
Watts, Francis
Watts, John
Watts, Mary
Watts, Walter Jenifer
Watts, William
Watts, William
Wayman, Leonard [Junior]
Weaber, George Tice
Weaver, Charles Richard
Webb, John [Mr.]
Webb, John W.T.
Webb, Walter Spry
Webb, William [Capt.]
Webber, [Mrs.]
Webster, [Mr.]
Webster, Elizabeth Anne
Webster, Kurtz
Webster, Sarah A.
Webster, Zenia
Weeden, Mary Ann
Weedon, Sarah C.
Weems, Annie Mills
Weems, Elizabeth
Weems, George
Weems, James M.
Weems, John [Col.]
Weems, L. C. [Dr.]
Weems, Loch [Dr.]
Weems, Mary Day
Weems, O. Taney
Weems, Rachel Ann
Weems, Richard Dorsey
Weems, Sarah
Weems, Sarah
Weibel, Mary [Miss]
Weir, George P.
Welch, Ann
Welch, Anne
Welch, John
Welch, Katie
Welch, Mary L.
Welch, Sally
Welch, Virginia
Weller, Ellen
Weller, Jane
Wells, Benjamin
Wells, Elizabeth
Wells, Frances
Wells, Margt.
Wells, Mark
Wells, Mary
Wells, Sarah
Wells, Sarah
Welsh, Mary
Wesson, Elizabeth
West, Elisabeth
West, Hannah
West, Martha [Mrs.]
West, Sarah
West, Stephen [Mr.]
Westal, Richard
Westall, George
Westall, Joshua
Westhal, George
Wethered, L. [Mrs.]
Wethered, William
Whaley, William
Wheatley, James
Wheedom, John H.
Wheedon, James
Wheeler, Edward
Wheeler, Ellen
Wheeler, John W.
Wheeler, Levin
Wheeler, Louisa
Wheeler, Marian
Wheeler, Sarah Rebecca [Miss]
Wheeller, Susanna
White, Alward M. [Dr.]
White, Elizabeth
White, Fannie
White, Henrietta E.
White, Mary
White, Nicholas
White, Robert
White, Robert Henry
White, Thomas
White, Thomas Edward
White, William Henry
Whitman, Ellis J.
Whittington, Ann [Mrs.]
Wilcox, Anna
Wilely, Matha
Wilkinson, Bettie Hughe
Wilkinson, Earnest
Wilkinson, Harry Weems
Wilkinson, Henry
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, John Quinan
Wilkinson, Joseph
Wilkinson, Joseph Blake
Wilkinson, Nathaniel
Wilkinson, Rebecca Y. [Mrs.]
Wilkinson, Rebecca Y. [Mrs.]
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, [Orton]
Willes, David Ellis [Rev.]
Williams, [Mrs.]
Williams, [Mrs.]
Williams, Anne M.
Williams, Annie Virginia
Williams, Arthur Mix
Williams, Benjmain
Williams, Benjmain
Williams, Bettie [Mrs.]
Williams, Collin
Williams, Dunbar
Williams, Earnest
Williams, Elisabeth
Williams, Elizabeth Caroline Mills
Williams, Eloise Sedwick (Ireland)
Williams, Henry
Williams, Isaac F.
Williams, Lela Augusta
Williams, Lydia [Mrs.]
Williams, Mary
Williams, Priscilla E. [Mrs.]
Williams, Ruth
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas Henry [M.D.]
Williams, Thomasine
Williams, Walter
Williams, Zenith
Willis, Albert Bowdle
Willis, James
Willis, Mary Spencer
Willis, T. A. [Mrs.]
Willobie, John
Willson, Alex. [Mr.]
Willson, James
Willy, Ricta
Wilson, Amelia Hackett
Wilson, Americus[?]
Wilson, Anna Ross (Messick)
Wilson, Charles Henry
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, George
Wilson, Helen C.
Wilson, James [Jr.]
Wilson, James
Wilson, James Andrew
Wilson, Jas. [Dr.]
Wilson, John Handley
Wilson, John T.
Wilson, Jos. S.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Joseph A. [Esq.]
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Nannie
Wilson, Rachel Jane
Wilson, Sarah E.
Wilson, Sarah Helen
Wilson, Thomas Gray
Wilson, William George
Wiltshire, Francis
Winchester, Hiram
Winchester, Hiram F. [Lieut. (U.S.A.)]
Winder, E. N. [Mrs.]
Winder, Edward [Captain]
Winder, Ora [Mrs.]
Winder, Rider Henry
Wingate, C.
Wingate, Harriet Isidora
Wingate, Margaret
Wingert, Eliza P. [Mrs.]
Winter, William [Mrs.]
Winter, Wm.
Winthrop, George
Winthrop, Matilda
Wirt, Henry Biddle
Wirt, John Henry [Dr.]
Wirt, Samuel Henry [Bayard]
Wirt, William B.
Wise, Emma Stewart
Witchell, Mary
Withall, Samuell
Witherington, Anne [Mrs.]
Wiveler[?], Alice
Wolf, Edward
Wolkfill, Jane [Mrs.]
Wood, Abraham
Wood, Alexius
Wood, Benjamin
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Francis Maria
Wood, John
Wood, John W.
Wood, Margaret Stowe (Bowen) [Mrs.]
Wood, Martha [Mrs.]
Wood, Mary Jones
Wood, Thomas
Woodburn, Allen Thomas
Woodfield, Elizabeth
Woodfield, William
Woodland, [Mrs.]
Woodland, James Freeman
Woodlands, Hannah P. [Mrs.]
Woodlans, Melvin Johnson
Woods, William
Woodward, William E. [Dr.]
Woolford, Eva
Woolford, Margaret
Woolford, Priscilla [Mrs.]
Woolford, Sarah [Miss]
Woolford, Thomas [Dr.]
Woolton, Anne
Wootten, William
Wootten, William
Wootton, Agnes
Wootton, Mary
Wootton, Turner [Mr.]
Wright, Edward
Wright, Edward [Jr.]
Wright, Eliza [Mrs.]
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, J. Frank
Wright, Jonathan
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Julia Helen
Wright, Justina
Wright, Lillie Pattison
Wright, Mary
Wright, Mary
Wright, Mary
Wright, Nathl. [Jr.]
Wright, Rigsby Turpin
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Solomon [Jr.]
Wrightson, R. T. [Mrs.]
Wrightson, Thomas Hubbard
Wyvill, Benjamin
Wyvill, Marmaduke
Wyvill, Marmaduke
Wyvill, Walter
Wyvill, William

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