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MSA S1402

Daffin, [Mrs.]

Daffin, Joseph [Col.]
Dail, Edgar Augustus
Dail, Levin S.
Dail, Levin S.
Dail, Sarah E.
Dail, Simon Hall
Dail, Wilson [Mrs.]
Dalphine, Thomas
Dalrumple, Ida May
Dalrymple, Catherine
Dalrymple, Henry
Dalrymple, Jesse J.
Dalrymple, Jesse Julius
Dalrymple, John Edward
Dalrymple, Rebecca [Mrs.]
Dalrymple, Virgil
Dalrymple, Virgil Becket
Daniel, Thomas
Dare, Matilda [Mrs.]
Darrach, Caroline [Miss]
Dashiell, E. F. [Rev.]
Dashiell, Edwin
Dashiell, Edwin Gordon
Dashiell, Milton [Mrs.]
Dau, R. [Mrs.]
Davidson, [Mrs.]
Davidson, Elizabeth
Davidson, Franklin B.
Davidson, George
Davidson, George W.
Davidson, James
Davidson, James
Davidson, Maury
Davidson, Ray
Davidson, Sarah
Davidson, William
Davidson, William H.
Davies, Isabell
Davis, Amelia
Davis, Ann
Davis, Darcas [Mrs.]
Davis, David [Dr.]
Davis, Elijah
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, George
Davis, J. P.
Davis, James
Davis, Jane [Mrs.]
Davis, Jane C.
Davis, Jane
Davis, John
Davis, John Conover
Davis, Marmion Alexander
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary Olivia
Davis, Mary V.
Davis, Robert
Davis, Robert Samuel
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah T.
Davis, William [Sr.]
Davis, William S. [Mrs.]
Davis, William W. [Dr.]
Davis, William W.
Dawkins, Delia
Dawkins, Frances O.
Dawkins, Glorinia [Miss]
Dawkins, Jno. Thos. [Dr.]
Dawkins, Nancy [Mrs.]
Dawkins, Sarah R. [Miss]
Dawson, Catherine
Dawson, Ethel Ross
Dawson, Louisa [Miss]
Dawson, William H.
Day, Eliz
Day, Margarett
Day, Mary
Day, Rob[ert]
Day, Robert
Day, Thomas
Day, Thomas
Dayhoff, Jacob C. [Mrs.]
DeHaven, Mrs.
DeRinzee, Mrs.
Deacons, John A.
Deakyne, Clara A.
Deakyne, George A.
Deale, [Mrs.]
Deale, James [Capt.]
Dean, Elmer
Dean, Thomas Jefferson
Decausse, Leonard
Deckyne, William Horsey
Deford, Benjamin Merchant
Deford, Sarah
Dement, Edward
Demerest, Lilly Mrs.
Dening, Mary
Denney, Catharine
Dennis, Mrs.
Denny, Benjamin [Sr.]
Denny, Margaret Mrs.
Denny, Sarah
Denny, Sarah Matilda
Denny, Thomas O.
Dent, Anna
Dent, Attawa
Dent, Brewer
Dent, Grace Ann
Dent, Julianne C.
Dent, Levi
Dent, Maria
Dent, Priscilla
Dent, Rebecca
Denton, Sarah Rebecca
Denver, Edward Levi
Derrese, William H.
Derringer, Henry C.
Derringer, Mary Woodland
Devaise, Henry Lay
Devor, Grace [Sen.]
Devor, Richard [Sr.]
Deweake, William Frederick
Dewees, Dan[ie]l U.
Dewees, Ella Virginia
Dewees, Mary L.
Dewees, Thomas
Dick, Margaret
Dick, Margaret
Dickinson, Ann [Mrs.]
Dickinson, Henry [Jr.]
Dickinson, Van Rensalaer
Dickinson, Wilhelmina Goldsborough
Dicks, Margaret
Dickson, Benjamin
Didier, Henry D.
Dikes, Margaret
Dion, Margaret A. [Mrs.]
Disney, Anne
Disney, James
Disney, Thomas
Disney, Thomas
Disney, Thomas
Disney, William
Disney, William
Disny, Mary
Dixon, Anne Maria
Dixon, Edwin Wallace
Dixon, Eliza S.
Dixon, James
Dixon, John Stewart
Dixon, Sarah [Mrs.]
Dobson, Edward
Dodson, Mr.
Dodson, Charles Curtis
Dodson, Elener
Dodson, James
Dodson, Martha Columbia
Dodson, Robert B.
Domell, Mrs.
Domell, Sallie D.
Domell, William Duke
Donalson, Cathrine
Donoko, Major Gasland [Jr.]
Donovan, Sarah
Dooley, Isabella
Doreing, James
Dorset, Leonard Iglehart
Dorsett, Arthur
Dorsett, Jane
Dorsett, Laura
Dorsett, Robert Goldsborough
Dorsett, Thomas Jefferson
Dorsett, William Brogden
Dorsey, Clement
Dorsey, Elizabeth J.
Dorsey, Eva Harrison
Dorsey, George [Dr.]
Dorsey, James
Dorsey, Joshua Philip
Dorsey, Mary Jane (Lavielle) [Mrs.]
Dorsey, Mary Mackall [Mrs.]
Dorsey, Polly [Mrs.]
Dorsey, Robert
Dorsey, Samuel Young
Dorsey, Sarah Ann [Mrs.]
Dorsey, Somerset
Dorsey, Thos. A.
Dorsey, Walter W.
Dorsey, [Ni]colas
Doweel, Phillip
Dowell, Richard K.
Downes, [Mr.]
Downes, Ann Isabella
Downes, Annie Estelle
Downes, Annie Hardcastle
Downes, Annie Hardcastle
Downes, Elizabeth
Downes, Emmett [Mrs.]
Downes, Mary Elizabeth
Downes, Philip W.
Downes, W. J. [Mrs.]
Downs, Duke
Downs, Elijah Colis
Drakyne, Louisa
Draper, Effie
Draper, James Howard
Draper, Stella May
Dresser, George Edward [Jr.]
Drew, Sarah E.
Drew, William
Drury, Henry C. [Mrs.]
Duce, Gordon Grahame
Duglis, Margaret
Duhadway[?], Sarah
Duke, Alex
Duke, Alexander
Duke, Alexander
Duke, Ann Maria (Lavielle)
Duke, Benjamin Parran
Duke, Carrie Eliz[a]b[eth] (Owen)
Duke, Carrie Owen [Mrs.]
Duke, Edith W.
Duke, Everard P.
Duke, Hetty [Miss]
Duke, James Basil
Duke, James Nathanial
Duke, Jas.
Duke, John Parker
Duke, Maria [Mrs.]
Duke, Mary A. [Mrs.]
Duke, Mary A. [Mrs.]
Duke, Mary Adeline
Duke, Mary Broome
Duke, Mildred Ellen
Duke, Nathaniel
Duke, Nathaniel
Duke, Nathaniel
Duke, Sophia [Mrs.]
Duke, W. [Mrs.]
Duke, William Alexander
Duke, William Davis
Dukes, Mary Tryphemia
Dulin, Ellen A. [Mrs.]
Dulin, John
Dunbar, Milicent [Mrs.]
Dunbar, Morris
Duncking, William
Dunn, Abram
Dunn, Joseph [Capt.]
Dunn, William Reginald
Dunnefan, Daniel
Durham, Fanny
Dutton, Jas. Heighe
Duval, Martha
Duvall, Jacob
Duvall, John
Duvall, John
Duvall, Martha
Duvall, Mounttillion
Duvall, Murreene
Dyatt, Aaron
Dyatt, Thomas
Dyer, Fannie C. [Mrs.]
Dyott, [Mrs.]
Dyson, Ann E.
Dyson, George Francis
Dyson, Jand [Mr.]
Dyson, Os
Dyson, R. H.
Dyson, Thomas
Dyson, Thomas
Dyson, William H.

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