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MSA S1402

Cadle, Ann

Cadle, Ann
Cadle, James
Cain, Earl
Cain, Lewis
Callaway, Alena
Callendar, Robert H.
Calloway, Emily [Mrs.]
Calvin, Maggie
Camblin, Annie M.(?)
Cameron, Ethel
Cameron, Frank Foreacre
Cameron, Harry Foreacre
Cameron, Laura E.
Cameron, Lucy Foreacre
Campbell, Henry M. [Maj.]
Campbell, Lavina
Campbell, Levin H.
Campbell, Levin H. [Esq.]
Campbell, W. G.
Cannon, Hanna M.
Cannon, James
Canter, [Mrs.]
Canter, Harry [Mrs.]
Canter, William Keech
Cantor, Harry [Mrs.]
Cantwell, Hooper
Cantwell, Joseph P.
Carcand, Mary [Mrs.]
Carcand, William H.
Carey, Joshua
Carey, Joshua
Carlone, Arthur
Carman, Burton
Carman, Rebecca
Carmine, Benjamine Ward
Carnaghie, Ellen [Mrs.]
Carpenter, Amelia [Mrs.]
Carpenter, Thomas Day
Carr, Ben [Mrs. Dr.]
Carr, Elizabeth
Carroll, J. E.
Carroll, Julia Stevenson
Carroll, Juliana
Carroll, Margaret Handy
Carroll, Mary H.
Carroll, Thomas King
Carroll, Thomas King
Carroll, Victor [Dr.]
Carter, Anita Downes
Carter, Anne
Carter, Edward
Carter, Edward B.
Carter, Elisabeth
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Henry
Carter, Henry
Carter, John
Carter, Julia Ann [Mrs.]
Carter, Mary
Carter, Richard T.
Carter, Sparrow
Carter, Sparrow
Carter, Thomas
Cartwright, Ellen
Cartwright, Nancy
Cartwright, Susanna [Mrs.]
Cartwright, Thomas
Cartwright, William
Carver, Caroline [Mrs.]
Carvil, Alexander
Cash, Edward
Cassard, William Gilbert
Caton, Jeanie Elizabeth
Caton, Thomas
Cattell, Sarah
Catterton, Charles B.
Catterton, Francis Ann
Catterton, Mary Ann [Mrs.]
Causey, John
Cavalle, Stansbury
Chairs, Nathl.
Chamberlaine, Henrietta M.
Chamberlin, Amanda
Chambers, Ann Rebecca [Mrs.]
Chambers, Anne
Chambers, Anne
Chambers, Carrie
Chambers, J. D.
Chambers, Nicholas
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, Samuell
Chambers, Sophia
Chandler, Thomas [Sr.]
Chaney, Caroline Augusta Higgins
Chaney, Carrie Higgins
Chaney, Leroy Lee
Chaplain, Elizabeth S.
Chaplain, Henrietta
Chaplain, James Bond
Chaplain, William
Chapman, Caroline
Chapman, Margerett
Chapman, Mary
Chapman, Richard
Chapman, Thomas
Chappell, Alexander
Chase, Thomas B.
Chase, Willie E.
Cheney, Benjamin
Cheney, Elisabeth
Cheney, Elizabeth
Cheney, Richard
Cheney, Richard
Cheney, Sarah
Chesley, [Mrs. Dr.]
Chesley, Anthony
Chesley, Jane [Mrs.]
Chesley, Jas. [Dr.]
Chesley, William F. [Rev.]
Cheston, Ann [Mrs.]
Cheston, Cornelia
Cheston, Cornelia
Cheston, Cornelia [Mrs.]
Cheston, Mary
Chetham, Edward
Chew, Daphne
Chew, Elizabeth [Miss]
Chew, Jane [Mrs.]
Chew, John Hamilton [Dr.]
Chew, Joseph
Chew, Mary Ann
Chew, Mary Clagett
Chew, Pidgie [Miss]
Chew, Samuel
Chew, Tani Benson
Chidister, Charles Pavord
Chilcott, Humphrey
Chilcott, John
Ching, Elizabeth
Ching, J____
Ching, Thomas
Chipman, Margaret
Chocke, Margarett
Chook, Matha
Chrichly, James
Chrismond, [Mr.]
Chrismond, [Mr.]
Christian, Elizabeth Marshall
Christian, William Warwick
Christopher, Elizabeth Ellen
Christopher, Royden Goldsborough
Chubb, Caroline J.
Chubb, Catherine Donaldson
Clagett, Albert
Clagett, Edmund
Claggett, John
Clark, Allie
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Ethel May
Clark, George Washington
Clark, Henry
Clark, Levi
Clark, Levi
Clark, Levin
Clark, Lewis
Clark, Lucretia
Clark, Mary Anne
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Richard
Clark, Sarah [Mrs.]
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William
Clarke, Joseph
Clarke, Neal
Clay, Charles Robinson
Clay, Jacob
Clayton, John [Capt.]
Clayton, Louis Wallis
Clayton, Solomon
Clayton, Zilla Margaret
Clear, Thomas
Cleare, Nathaniel
Clemson, Oliver P.
Clevidence, George A.
Clouds, Richard
Co[oll], John
Coale, Sarah
Coburn, A. L.W.
Cochran, Ethel
Cochrane, Ethel Elizabeth
Cochrane, Wm. Henry
Coffie, John
Cohee, Earl Edward
Cohee, John Henry
Colbatch, Joseph [Rev.]
Cole, Martha
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary Louisa
Coleman, Mary
Colliar, William
Collins, Clarence Wood
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Ella
Collins, Harry A.
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Rebecca
Collins, Richard
Collinson, Ann [Mrs.]
Collinson, John
Colsten, Ann Matilda
Colston, Arthur Bell
Colston, Richard
Colton, Alice Frances
Colton, Alice Franklin
Colton, Frank L.
Comegys, Ann Rebecca
Comegys, Anna Worrell
Comegys, Catharine
Comegys, Edward Thos.
Comegys, Mary
Comegys, Mary
Comegys, Nathaniel
Comegys, Nathaniel W.
Comegys, Samuel
Comegys, William [Sr.]
Comich[?], Maragret
Comigys, Nathaniel
Compton, Caroline
Compton, Lucinda
Compton, Rebecca
Compton, Susanna [Mrs.]
Compton, W. I.
Compton, Wilson
Condon, Anna
Conregys, Helen Augusta Brone
Constable, Alice
Constable, Claire
Constable, Edith
Constable, Richard
Cook, Elizabeth J.
Cook, J. M. Manuel
Cook, Jesse
Cook, John [Mr.]
Cook, Julius Hainebach
Cook, Reginald
Cook, Shelton Th:
Cooke, [Miss]
Cooke, Andrew [Captain]
Cooke, Elizabeth S.
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Jane
Cooke, Thomas
Cooksey, Jillen [Mrs.]
Cooksey, Martha A.
Coolidge, Edmond Brainard
Coolidge, Susan [Mrs.]
Coombe, Benjamin
Cooper, Greene Ernest
Cooper, Mary J.
Cooper, Rachel Genevieve
Cooper, Ringgold
Coppage, Earl P.
Coppage, Samuel
Cordwell, Alexander
Cork, Carrie
Cork, Sadie Lavinia
Corn, Lucille Ellen
Cornelius, Horace W.
Cosby, George M.
Coster, John Dennard
Coster, Thomas Isaac
Coster, Walter
Coster, Walter Paret
Cotter, Anne
Cotter, John
Cotter, William
Cotter, William
Cottman, Victoria
Coulston, Anne
Coulton, Helen Trever Vanderwarker
Courtney, Berkley
Courtney, Louise Graham
Coverdale, Alvan Virdan
Covington, Guy Austin
Cowan, Sarah
Cowden, Joseph
Cox, Edward
Cox, Henrietta Lecompte
Cox, Ida
Cox, Isadore [Mrs.]
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, John A.
Cox, Martha
Cox, Mary E. [Mrs.]
Cozzens, Alfred
Craig, [Mrs.]
Craig, Anne E.
Craig, Charles Page
Craig, Eliza
Craig, Irene (Dashiell)
Craknell, John
Craknell, Sarah
Crandall, Jane
Crane, Elisabeth
Crapper, Catherine [Mrs.]
Crawford, Grizell
Crawford, Jas. D.
Creighton, Charles N. [Mrs.]
Creighton, Charles W.
Creighton, Lewis Ross
Crisfield, Ella [Mrs.]
Crisman, Catherine
Crockett, Charles Venables
Crompton, Margaret
Cropper, [Miss]
Cross, Ann
Cross, John
Crother, George Randolph
Croulie, Mary
Crow, Lilian Nandain
Crow, William C.
Crowell, Carter Meredith
Crowell, Charles N. [Mrs.]
Crowell, Emma Eliza Bande Horen
Crowell, Joseph Warren
Crowell, Roberta (Jarden)
Crowther, Mary D.L.R.
Croxall, Charles [Captain]
Croxall, Charles
Cruchley, Alice
Cruikshank, George Washington
Cruikshank, Sarah
Cumberland, Jesse
Cummins, Jno. H.
Cunningham, Allan
Cutler, Catherine
Cutler, Isabell

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