Women of Achievement in Maryland History, Inc.
Book Project Summary

We are here to move history forward

The Women of Achievement in Maryland History project will chronicle the evolving roles and hard-won rights of women in Maryland history. The project's primary objective is the publication of a book recounting women's history through the lives of individual women whose spirit, accomplishments and determination have created the fabric of today's Maryland.

This unique statewide project is coordinated by Women of Achievement in Maryland History, Inc. (WOA), a 501 (3)(c) not-for-profit organization founded by First Lady Frances Hughes Glendening, the organization's president. It will expand upon the tremendous success of the book, Women of Achievement in Prince George's County History, also spearheaded by Mrs. Glendening and published in 1994.

The women profiled in this hard-cover historical reference book will be selected from throughout the Maryland community. The statewide nomination process commenced in August 1996. A diverse committee of citizens will conduct the selection process. The state's history will be divided into historical eras, setting the stage for the issues, concerns and struggles of the day. Vivid narratives will bring to life the remarkable stories of the women selected. Women of Achievement in Maryland History will represent the dynamic legacy forged out of women's courage, conviction and love that have helped determine Maryland's destiny.

Scheduled for publication in 2000, Women of Achievement in Maryland History will be distributed statewide to public and private schools, libraries, religious institutions and private service organizations. If you would like additional information about this dynamic project or nomination forms, please call executive director Mary Ann Lundgren at (301) 949-8996.