Thomas R. Smith:

Historic Sites

Thomas R. Smith spent much of his life in the Seton Hill area of Baltimore City. However, as Smith became older and wealthier, he moved in a northwesterly direction, first to 2035 Druid Hill Avenue and finally to 6621 Reisterstown Road, which is near the City/County border. For the following sites, the years in parenthesis show dates when Smith probably lived or worked at that address.


66 Union Street (boyhood home)

521 Union Street, not extant. (1888?-1909)

2035 Druid Hill Avenue, at the corner of Druid Hill Ave. and Bloom Street. (1912-1932?)

photograph #1 of house at 2035 Druid Hill Avenue
This structure was built around 1907.[22]

6621 Reisterstown Road, at the corner of Reisterstown Road and Clark Lane (1933?-1938)


412 New Street, at the corner of New street and Jasper Street. New street may be re-named George or Pierce Street. saloon. (1903?-191912?)

437 + 437 1/2 Druid Hill Avenue. three-story brick hotel. not extant. (1913-1937)

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