The Waverly School

The Waverly School, or Annex School No. 1, was located on Merryman's Lane, near York Road. This location was not yet in Baltimore City when the school was prepared in 1888. The school was, however, in the Baltimore City School System because the city annexed the schools before the annexing the land surrounding them. Baltimore City expanded its borders in 1918, encompassing the land on which the Waverly School stood. The land between the old and new borders of the city was known as the Belt.

The Sanborn map (1945) shows a school occupying the block formed by Merryman's Lane, Greenmount Avenue (York Road), 32nd Street, and Brentwood Avenue.[1] Unfortunately, this block is now a parking lot. Baltimore City has lost forever a landmark that once stood as a reminder of the struggle for education by African Americans.

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