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The Brookeville Tannery

Brookeville, Montgomery County, Maryland
Owned by Thomas Moore, 1806-1818


In 1806, Thomas Moore purchased a two acre parcel of land adjacent to Newlin's Mill at the edge of Brookeville, Maryland from Caleb Bentley for $23.75.1 By 1813, Moore had established a tannery on the property, which significantly increased the property's value to $400.2 In 1818, Moore sold the tannnery to Henry Howard and William Woodward for the hefty sum of $1,200.3 Under Howard and Woodward's ownership, the tannery employed three men and three boys to produce sole and upper leather for shoes which they sold for 25 to 30 cents per pound in 1820.4

Kyle Bacon, DAR Research Fellow, 2012


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For additional information, please see: MARYLAND HISTORICAL TRUST (Inventory of Historic Sites) Brookeville Historic District, M: 23-65, Montgomery County [MSA SE5-17391].

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