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Sandy Spring region, Montgomery County, Maryland
Owned by Isaac Briggs, 1794-1825; Hannah Briggs 1825-1851


Sharon, built circa 1795. M-NCPPC Historic Preservation office, Montgomery County Planning Department.
"Sharon," which lies approximately five miles outside of downtown Brookeville, Maryland, was the estate of Isaac Briggs and his wife, Hannah Brooke Briggs.1 The estate was a part of a tract of land known as "Addition to Brooke Grove," which belonged to Hannah's father, Roger Brooke IV, until his death in 1790. Hannah inherited a 245 acre parcel of her father's land, where she would establish "Sharon."2 With the help of his father Samuel, Isaac constructed a modest log cabin on the property.3 Hannah, Isaac, and their children used the land surrounding the home to grow a variety of crops, including corn, wheat, chestnut trees, apple trees, clover, and potatoes.4 While Isaac was away on business, which could often be for months or years at a time, Hannah and her children would stay in a house that Hannah owned in downtown Brookeville. The Briggs Family remained in the possession of Isaac and Hannah Briggs's descendants until well into the twentieth century. The original home that Isaac and Samuel Briggs constructed at "Sharon" still stands today, and has been restored to closely resemble its original form.5

Kyle Bacon, DAR Research Fellow, 2012


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