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Lot 47

Brookeville, Montgomery County, Maryland
Owned by Caleb Bentley, 1804-1816


Lot 47 on Market Street in Brookeville contained a general store that was owned and run by prominent Brookeville resident Caleb Bentley from 1804 to 1816.1 On June 28, 1816, Bentley sold the store and the lot to George Thompson, who then sold the lot to George Gassaway on the very same day.2 The lot now contains the Brookeville Post Office.

Kyle Bacon, DAR Research Fellow, 2012


  1. MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURT (Land Records) February 14, 1804, Liber L, p. 256, Deed, Richard thomas Jr. to Caleb Bentley, lots 47 & 56 in Brookeville [MSA CE 148-12]; Martha Nesbitt and Mary Reading Miller, et al. Chronicles of Sandy Spring Friends Meeting and Environs (Sandy Spring, Maryland: Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting, 1987), p. 75. Although much of the information in this text is passed down through oral history, the sources of the information tends to be descendants of the original inhabitants of Brookeville, including the granddaughter of Caleb Bentley. She often speaks of Caleb owning two stores in the town, one of which being in his house, and the other being on lot 47.
  2. MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURT (Land Records), June 28, 1816, Liber T, p. 100, Deed, Caleb Bentley to George Thompson, Lot 47 in Brookeville [MSA CE 148-21]; Ibid., p. 101, Deed, George Thompson to George Gassaway, lot 47 in Brookeville [MSA CE 148-21].

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