Book of Descents - 1794 - 1837

Frederick/Carroll Counties, Maryland

About 1788, there was an Act of Assembly passed entitled "Act to Direct Descents". This act ensured an equal distribution to the heirs of a person who died without a will. The widow was given one third of the property including at least part of the home dwelling and included the best part of the property. If the land could not be divided equally, it would then be offered to each child (or brothers and sisters if no issue) by order of birth. If they chose to take the property, they would then have to pay the others their equal share of the appraised value within a specified time period. If all heirs refused to take the property, it was then sold at auction to the highest bidder subject to the widow's dower (she had a life estate) and the proceeds divided equally among the heirs. This of course after all debts had been covered.

If the heirs were minors (under 21 for a male and under 18 for a female), a guardian (representative of the minor who is of age and will act in the best interests of the minor) would be assigned for them or they could choose one.

The following are abstracts of these such cases (Chancery Court) and are housed at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. They have been arranged alphabetically by the surname (as written in the records).

AMBROSE, Christopher, d/ since 1795, intestate - (Pg 151-154)
widow - Catherine, now w/o David MILLER)
(all of George Twp, Fayette Co, PA)
Children -
1. Mary, w/o Robert MOSSMAN
2. Peter (now age 18)
3. Catherine (now age 15)

Guardian was Joseph MILLER.

Land - Shady Grove (135ac); Peter MANTZ was surveyor and dower laid out of 41 2/3 acres; estate sold to George BITTEL for $3,221.25 on 30 Mar 1810; no further mention of dower in sale which indicates widow may have released dower to be sold.
Commissioners: John GETZENDANNER, Henry KIEFER, Jacob STALEY, Jacob GETZENDANNER of Adam, John RICARD, dtd August 1810.

ARTER, Michael, d/ May 1808, intestate - (Pg 158-160)
Children -
1. Frederick
2. William
3. George
4. Abraham
5. Solomon
6. Michael
7. Elizabeth, w/o Gabriel BOYER
8. John, dec. of Ohio
.....(his minor ch/ Michael, Jacob, Polly, David, Catherine & Sarah)

Son John died since his father and guardian of his children was Michael ARTER of Michael.

Land - Philips Range (217ac), Arters Resurvey, Addition to Full Bottle (120ac), Fathers Care (205ac), and A Little A'nt Much. No Plat or dower; Frederick ARTER takes the estate.
Commissioners: John WAMPLER, William DURBIN Sr, Henry STEVENSON, John LYSTER, Lewis MILLER, dtd August 1810.

BEAL, David, d/ 16 Nov 1810, intestate - (Pg 199-201)
No widow mentioned - 6 children -
1. Jacob
2. Catherine, w/o Jacob EVERHART
3. Elizabeth, W/o George BITTLE
4. David
5. Isaac
6. Benjamin

It was mentioned there were two guardians appointed by the Orphan’s Court but their names were not given.

Land - Ohio and Frushe's Folly (149 2/3 ac). Jacob BEALL, eldest son, takes estate at value of $3,375.
Commissioners: Andrew SHRIVER, Michael SPONSELLER, John JONES, Adam FRAZER, Gutleb YIEZER, dtd 1 March 1816.

BOOGHER, Jacob - d/ intestate - (Pg 195-199)
widow - & children -
1. Charlotte, w/o Jacob TROUT
2. Allen
3. Mary Ann Catherine
4. Jacob
5. Jemima
6. Nicholas
7. Margaret

All children except Charlotte were minors; guardian was Isaac MANTZ.

Land - Addison's Choice (21 1/2 ac) by Alexander Contee HANSON, Chancellor on 16 Oct 1794; Lot# 1, pt of Addison’s Choice (222 ac) by deed dtd 5 Sep 1796. Peter MANTZ was surveyor; land valued at $7,420;. Sale was subject to widow’s dower and the grain now seeded by tenant, Conrad KELLER. Sale was held 3 Apr 1813 and sale made to Charles HAMMOND for 22 1/2 acres for $10,600. The larger plot was not sold at the sale and had to be readvertised (except 50 acres were conveyed to Levy HUGHES); 212 acres of good farm land on the Monacosy River, two miles from Frederick Town, 90 acres wooded, some meadow and two dwelling houses, log barn, small orchard and several good springs; record ended at this point.
Commissioners: Jacob LEASE, William COOKERLY, Levy HUGHES, John BRENGLE, Peter MANTZ, dtd Apr 1813.

BUZZARD, Samuel the Elder, d/ 1827, intestate - (Pg 353-366)
widow - Catharine & 11 children -
1. Mary, w/o Michael HUMBERT
2. Samuel BUZZARD
3. Catherine, w/o John SPIELMAN of Green Co, PA
4. William BUZZARD
5. Anna, w/o Garrett SUMAN
6. Hannah, w/o David KELLER
7. Nelly, w/o Jacob SMITH
8. Susanna, w/o Peter BUZZARD
9. Magdalena, w/o Samuel SUMMERS
10. Jacob BUZZARD
11. Esther BUZZARD

Land - part of Quaker's Mistake (109ac) by Adam NAVE / NEFF, farmer (wife Mary) dtd 3 Sep 1784 for 150 pounds; the Catoctin Creek flows along the eastern boundary of the property; neighbors were John NEFF and Jacob KELLER. Samuel BUZZARD is listed as a blacksmith. David BOWLUS was surveyor and property was valued at $2,045, subject to the widow’s dower; the widow objected to the division of the dower because she was given all of the house and no land for the use of the barn; dower was redivided; Samuel BUZZARD, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: Peter SCHLOSSER, Jacob EVERHART, John BOWLUS, John R. MAGRUDER, Conrad MICHAEL, dtd 1836.

CHENEY, William - d/ 1804, intestate, no issue - (Pg 105-110)
widow - Elizabeth
Brothers & Sisters -
1. Jeremiah (eldest)
2. Robert
3. Charles
4. John
5. David
6. Mary, w/o James McCOY
7. Drucilla, w/o John LANE
8. Neomy, w/o Griffin JOHNSON
9. Elizabeth, w/o Elijah CHANEY
.....(their son - Elias, minor), Washington County
10. Rebecca, w/o William O'NEAL
11. Amy DAILY, dec (her children -
...............Milly (w/o John SWEARINGEN), Amy DAILY, William DAILY

Jeremiah CHANEY, guardian to Amy & William DAILY.

Land - Pleasant Hill (157 1/2 ac), pt Resurvey on Rodansscelar's (Rodepiller’s/Rodensiller’s) Ramble by Quakers Tricks, and Lost Bottle - 94 acres mountain land (by Christian SHOEMAKER 1803); (249ac total). Dower set off in two tracts from Kitcoctin Creek to north side of main road from Middle Town to Hager’s Town, next to Jacob WORTENBECKER’s conveyed by Peter BAINBRIDGE; Pleasant Hill was by Michael MENSER; Peter MANTZ was surveyor and determined land could not be divided as Pleasant Hill was far superior. Robert CHANEY, the second brother, takes estate.
Commissioners: Henry MOTTER, Henry LIGHTNER, Lawrence EVERHART, Thomas MARLOW, Jacob SMITH, dtd February 1808.

CRAMER, Casper, Sr. d/ intestate - (Pg 65-68)
widow - Sarah & 7 children -
1. Christena, w/o George WAGGONER
2. Philip CRAMER
3. Magdalena, w/o Samuel JACOBS
4. Susanna, w/o Christian CROUSE
5. Casper CRAMER
6. Sarah, w/o John HIGHLAND
7. Daniel, a minor (John CRAPSTER, guardian)

First filed in Feb 1803.
Land - Joseph's Chance (40ac), part of the Addition to Brooke's Discovery on the Rich Lands (20 1/8 ac), all contiguous; 1/3 for widow’s dower laid out being on part of Joseph’s Chance; Philip CRAMER, eldest son, purchased the estate.
Commissioners: Michael NULL, Joseph LITTLE, Joseph McKALEB, Daniel BOYLE, Thomas GIBSON, dtd February 1804.

CREAMER, Jacob of George, d/ 1822, intestate
widow - Christina (d/ Feb 1829)
..Catharine, w/o Frederick BARRICK
..Sophia, w/o Adam CREAGER
..Cornelius CRAMER
..Christian CRAMER
..Christina, w/o John William CREEGER

Land - various lots on Monocacy Manor: Lot 76 (10ac) bought 16 May 1796 from John SNIDER of Virginia, farmer; Lots 60, 61, 62, (8-1/2ac) bought 11 Apr 1803 from Anthony SIM; Lot 77 (29-1/2ac) bought same; 7 perches of Umstead's Residence bought 11 Aug 1823 from Enoch Umstead by the heirs.
Commissioners: David KEMP, Charles BALTZEL, Robert FULTON, William GRIMES,
John WALKER, dtd 6 November 1830.

CRIST, Jacob - d/ Jul 1793 - (Pg 1-8)
Children -
1. Henry
2. Jacob, minor
3. Catherine, w/o Tobias BUTLER, Jr, she a minor (husband as Guardian)
4. Elizabeth, minor
5. Mary, minor
6. Philip, minor

Guardian was Henry GARNHART except as noted; case filed in Nov 1794.

Land - The Hardest Fend Off (402ac), part of Fountain Low (215ac), Nantucket (2ac), part of Piney Grove (143ac), and lots 77 & 78 in Creagerstown. It was determined the land could not be divided; none of the children opted to purchase the land which was then sold at sale to the highest bidder.
Commissioners: Thomas BEATTY, John RAMSBERG, Jeremiah BROWNING, John BRUNNER (miller), and Thomas LILLY, dtd March 1795.

CRIST, Michael d/ intestate - (Pg 14-21)
Children -
1. Barbara, w/o Matthias YOUNG
2. Charlotte, w/o Jacob BALTZELL
3. Henry
4. Mary, w/o Michael LOEHR
5. Peter
6. Elizabeth, a minor, w/o John CARNEY (Guardian was her husband)
7. Catherine, a minor
8. Margaret, a minor
9. Susannah, a minor
10. Rosina, a minor

Guardian for the last four children was John BRUNNER, miller.

Land - parts of New Germany, Resurvey on Millers Chance, Manfelt, First Part of Survey on Puzzle, Fancy, Rensberger's Chance, and lots 241 & 242 in Frederick Town, 816ac total. It was decided the land could not be divided, none of the children opted to buy so sale was held.
Commissioners: John REMSBERG, Henry KUHN, John CREEGER, Peter SHOVER, William Beckwith HEAD, dtd March 1797.

CRONISE, John, d/ Oct 1803 - (Pg 100-105)
widow - Mary & 8 children -
1. John
2. Susanna, w/o Henry LAMBERT
3. Catherine, w/o Joseph STAUFFER
4. George
5. Jacob
6. Simon, minor
7. Henry, minor
8. Elizabeth, minor

The last three children were minors and George BARE, Jr. was named guardian but later John BRANNER was named guardian.

Land - Resurvey on Hog Range (240ac), part of Taskers Chance (2-3/4ac), part of Mortality (182ac), and part of Chestnut Level (53ac). No dower plat as dower was sold with property; Sale made to William POTTS (Res on Hog Range, 242 ac @ 1 pound 10 shillings/acre); to Frederick BAKER (Chestnut Level, 45 1/2 ac @ 5 pounds/acre); and the remainder to Peter WOOLF @ $18.15 per acre.
Commissioners: Valentine BUCKEY, Arthur FLEMING, Henry RAMSBERG, John BRUNNER of John, Nicholas HOLTZ, dtd February 1807.

CROUSE, John, the Elder d/ Nov 1801 intestate - (Pg 62-65)
widow - Hannah & 7 children -
1. John
2. Mary, w/o Frederick KEEFER
3. Elizabeth, w/o John WELTY, the Younger
4. Frederick, a minor
5. Abigail, a minor
6. Joseph, a minor
7. Margaret, a minor

Guardian was Michael NULL.

Land - part of the Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands (93ac), The Resurvey on Owings Chance (70ac); Dower set off for the widow; Sale made to John CROUSE.
Commissioners: Daniel BOYLE, Samuel McCUNE, John TRUCKS, Joseph LITTLE, John McKALEB, dtd February 1802.

CROUSE, Philip - d/ intestate
Children -
..Jacob CROUSE
..Michael CROUSE
..Mary, w/o Daniel HAWN
..Elizabeth, w/o John HAWN
..Anna Maria, w/o Jacob HAWN
..Catherine SHERRITS

Land - Resurvey on Weavers Lot, patented to Philip Crouse 21 Feb 1815.
Commissioners: John FISHER, Henry STULLER, John FLEAGLE, John MARKER, John HULL, dtd 24 March 1820.

DARST, Henry, d/ 24 Oct 1802, intestate - (Pg 96-100):
widow - Mary & 12 children -
1. Hannah, w/o Jacob SCHLEICH
2. Abraham
3. John
4. Catherine, w/o George KLEM, Jr.
5. Henry
6. Jacob
7. Isaac
8. George
9. Polly
10. William
11. Rebecca
12. Joseph

The last eight children were minors and Jacob SMITH was named guardian.

Land - Hard Dealing (183 ac), being part of Fielderia Manor (30ac). Surveyed by Peter MANTZ; Dower laid out in two parts; land adjoined part sold to Jacob SCHLEICH and Jacob SMITH; property could not be divided without loss; estate sold to Jacob SMITH for $1,742.80 on 26 Oct 1805.
Commissioners: Jacob GETZENDANNER, Jr., John BRUNNER of John, John HOUCK, Sr., Christopher MYER, Thomas PATTERSON, dtd February 1806.

DAVIS, Richard d/ intestate - (Pg 85-88)
Children -
1. George
2. Jonathan
3. Sarah
4. Mary
5. Isaac
6. Richard

The last four children were minors; Jesse WRIGHT, guardian; petition filed 1803.

Land - Pleasant Valley (230 acres) contains orchard and meadow and has main road to Baltimore Town from Frederick Town passing through property. Property sold to George, Jonathan, Sarah and Mary DAVIS for 2,702 pounds, 10 shillings.
Commissioners: Basil DORSEY, Philemon GRIFFITH, Joab WATERS, Gassaway SELLMAN, Henry WOOD, dtd February 1806.

DERNER, Andrew - d/ intestate - (Pg 161-164)
Children -
1. George
2. Barbara, w/o Henry SNUR
3. Mary, w/o John CASTLE
4. John, minor
5. Jacob, minor

Guardian of the last two children was George DERNER.
Land - part of Masons Folly and Resurvey of same (60 1/2 ac) located on east side of Catoctin Creek and north of Whiskey Alley. No plat or dower; Land sold to George SHAFFER for $5,610 on 9 Jun 1815.
Commissioners: Henry BOWLUS, Joseph SWEARINGEN, Peter COBLENTZ, Thomas MARLOW, John RAMSBERG, dtd August 1815.

DERNER, Jacob Sr - d/ intestate - (Pg 164-167)
widow - Barbara & 7 children
1. Jacob
2. Mary, w/o John SHAFFER
3. Katy, w/o Andrew CADECK
4. Molly, w/o George ABRAKE
5. Elizabeth, w/o Jacob BISER
6. Andrew, dec (his children -
..........Barbara, w/o Henry SNUR
..........Mary, w/o John CASTLE
..........John, minor
..........Jacob, minor

Guardian was George DERNER.

Land - Landaw (100ac) and half of part of Masons Folly (97ac). Dower laid out; Jacob DERNER, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: Edward MARLOW, Thomas MARLOW, Joseph SWEARINGEN, Frederick STEMBLE, Jacob GROVE, dtd August 1810.

EBY, Christian d/ intestate - (Pg 71-74)
Children -
1. Jacob
2. John
3. Mary, w/o Christian GARMAN
4. Barbara, w/o Philip BISHOP
5. Mary, widow of John BRUBACK
& Grandchildren -
..........Ephraim EBY
..........Barbara, w/o Jacob STONER
..........Elizabeth, w/o Abraham RORER
..........Christian EBY, a minor
..........Jacob EBY, a minor

Guardian was John STONER.

Land - Resurvey on Coopers Alley (51 acres from John GRABILL dtd 10 May 1794), part of Spring Plains (252 acres), part of Resurvey on Long Bottom Enlarged (6 acres from Benjamin ROBINSON dtd 20 Aug 1800). Surveyor Peter MANTZ concluded the best plow land, main body of timber land, buildings and water were all on Dottro’s Lot, part of Spring Plains; other parts were too small to divide and unable to divide into 50 acre shares. Sale was made to Jacob EBY; Spring Plains equalled 2,823 pounds, 15 shillings current money; Cooper’s Alley valued 282 pounds, 10 shillings; Long Bottom Enlarged valued 70 pounds; totalling 3,276 pounds, 5 shillings on 30 Jan 1804.
Commissioners: John COOKERLY, John FLEMING, Frederick EICHELBERGER, Jacob WOOLF, Alexander WARFIELD, dtd August 1804.

ECARD, Michael - d/ intestate
Children -
1. Henry ECARD
2. Elizabeth, w/o John COBLENTZ
3. Catharine, dec, w/o Jacob COBLENTZ (their children -
..........Jacob, Peter & Catharine)
4. Magdalen, w/o Jonah BUFFINGTON
5. Barbara, w/o Solomon RENNER
6. Mary, w/o Thompson McCREA

Land not stated. The case was discontinued.
Commissioners: Joseph TANEY Sr, George PRICE, James MARK, Jacob BAUMGARDNER, Joseph Sim SMITH; for second case - George PRICE Esq, Joseph TANEY Esq, Col. William KNOX, John CRAPSTER, Abraham LICHTENWALTER, dtd 18 May and 16 August 1824.

ELDER, Charles, d/ May 1804, intestate - (Pg 126-128)
Children -
1. James
2. Mary Ann w/o Charles MONTGOMERY
3. Richard
4. Walter
5. Bennet, dec
..........(His minor children - Charles, Henry, Alexius, Elizabeth)
6. John, dec
..........(His minor children - Rebecca, Betsey, John)

Guardians: Richard ELDER to Bennet's children; Nicholas MARSHALL to John's chldren.

Land - Arnold's Delight; Land couldn’t be divided; Richard ELDER, second son, takes estate.
Commissioners: John TRAXELL, John STEWART, Philip MATTHEWS, James HUGHES, Henry SPALDING, dtd August 1807.

FOUT, Henry of Baltzer, d/ intestate, no issue - (Pg 245-253)
Brothers & Sisters -
1. Mary SMITH, (eldest)
2. Barbara, w/o John LANE, (2nd eldest)
3. George FOUT, (3rd eldest)
4. Baltzer FOUT
5. Catherine EBBERT, dec (her son/ Emanuel EBERT)
6. Jacob FOUT, dec (his dau/ Sophia w/o Marcey BRIGHLEY / BAIGHLEY)

Land - Lot# 179 w/ 2-story brick dwelling house in Addition to Frederick Town; Property valued at $600 on 5 Jan 1826; Emanuel EBERT sold his rights to George FOUT who takes estate.
Commissioners: Joseph STEINER, George BAER, John BAILEY, Cyrus MANTZ, George ROHR, dtd March 1824.

FOUT, Lewis (unmarried), d/ intestate, no issue - (Pg 174-177)
Brothers & Sisters -
1. Henry FOUT
2. Mary, w/o Jacob SMITH
3. Barbara, widow of Daniel FOUT
4. Baltzer FOUT
5. George FOUT
6. Catherine, dec, w/o George Adam EBERT
.......... (their minor ch/ Emanuel & Jonathan)
7. Jacob FOUT, dec
..........(his minor ch/ Sophia & John Jacob)

George Adam EBERT was guardian for his sons and Margaret FOUT was guardian of Sophia and John Jacob.

Land - part of Lots 13 and 14, Fredericktown on southwest corner of brick shop on Lot# 14 fronting Market Street running east. Lots sold to Jacob STEINER for $360 on 7 Apr 1813.
Commissioners: Peter MANTZ, Lawrence BRENGLE, Frederick HEISELY, Peter BURKITT, Charles SCHELL, dtd August 1813.

FRIEZE, Michael, d/ 1813, intestate - (Pg 205-209)
widow - Catherine & 9 children -
1. George
2. John
3. Jacob
4. Mary, w/o Jacob VALENTINE
5. Elizabeth, w/o Henry VALENTINE
6. Hannah, w/o John MILLER
7. Eve, w/o John HUMRICK
8. Catherine, dec, w/o Jacob SOWERS
..........(their ch/ Elie, Frederick & Margaret)
9. Magdalene, dec, w/o Jacob STEVENS
..........(their ch/ Lydia, Joshua,& James)

Guardian was John FRIESE of minors, Joshua & James STEVENS / STEPHANUS.

Land - part of Lot# 58 in Monocacy Manor (60ac) from Moses GRABILL dtd 7 Nov 1803; and Lot# 30 in Woodsbury. Lawrence BRENGLE surveyed the real estate 18 Jul 1815 and valued it at $3,000 and $1,000 respectfully, subject to dower; George FRIESE, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: Matthias SHROOP, Jacob WOLF, George KEILER, Thomas MAXWELL, Joseph HEDGES, dtd March 1816.

FRUSHOUR, Jacob d/ intestate - (Pg 21-29)
Children -
1. Henry
2. Jacob
3. Catherine, w/o Jacob LAMON (LAYMAN)
4. Peggy, w/o Conrad LICHLITER
5. Elizabeth, w/o of Jacob KING
6. George, minor
7. Susanna, minor
8. John, minor

Guardian for minor children was Henry GARNHART.
Land - part of Resurvey on Fearnot (Gearnoh?) (200ac), Ungerland (92ac), part of Resurvey on Puzzle (10ac), Mad Bottom (23ac) totalling 301 acres. It was decided the land could not be divided into more than three farms, so the land was sold at sale to Jacob & George FRUSHOUR and Conrad & Peggy LICHLITER on 26 Mar 1804 as tenants in common subject to the widow’s dower; except for the property “Fearnot” of 147 acres which was purchased by Jacob LAYMAN, husband of daughter Catherine.
Commissioners: Thomas BEATTY, John BRUNNER (miller), Frederick Wm. SHRIVER, Nicholas HOLTZ, Henry KUHN, dtd March 1799.

GARRETT, Barton d/ 8 Aug 1804, intestate
Children -
..Edward GARRETT
..Joseph GARRETT
..........(who does not elect to come in for his part, having received lands in advance)
..Hannah, w/o Thomas BUTLER
..Elizabeth, w/o John P. GARRETT
..Sarah, w/o Erasmus GARRETT
..Ann GARRETT, a minor

Guardian was Erasmus GARRETT.

Land - part of Fielderia, and Lots 13, part of 14, and 15 of the Merryland Tract.
Commissioners: Patrick McGILL, Elias THRASHER, James HOOK, William
LUCKETT, Edward BOTELER, dtd August 1808.

GRABILL, John d/ intestate - (Pg 36-43)
Children -
1. Moses
2. Elizabeth w/o David SOWER
3. Mary
4. Magdalene w/o Jacob SAGER
5. Eve w/o Joshua COMPSTONE
6. Barbara w/o Jacob BIXLER
7. Joseph
8. Susannah, minor
9. Judith, minor
10. Anne, minor
11. Sarah, minor

Guardian was Charles BALTZELL; case began 5 Aug 1799..

Land - Spring Plains which was part of Stoney Ridge and part Sandy Spring equalling 289 3/4 acres subject to the widow’s dower (life estate and goes to purchaser after her death). The land could not be divided because timber was at one end and water at the other and the land was long and narrow with meadow and buildings at one end. Sale was made to Henry DARKIS for 2,500 pounds current money.
Commissioners: Nicholas RANDALL, Peter SHOVER, Abraham CRAPSTER, Richard WINCHESTER, Jacob WOOLF; case closed 8 Jun 1801.

HAMMOND, Charles, d/ @ 1821, intestate - (Pg 328-353)
Children -
1. Adelia, w/o Alpheus M. MARRIOTT
2. Charles HAMMOND Jr, a minor, student at Princeton College, NJ

Guardian was Thomas HAMMOND, appointed 3 Sep 1835; Adelia married since the death of her father.

Land - Large farm 4 miles east of Frederick Town adj The Linganore (1242ac) by Philemon PLUMMER in 1757; Hammond's Request (1030ac) formerly lands of Nathan HAMMOND in 1760; Addison's Choice (212ac) (by Jacob BOOGHER in 1794 to Jacob & Charlotte TROUT to HAMMOND); Proptery situated along the Monocacy River.
Land was divided; deeds and surveys included in file with elaborate drawings and three houses shown.
Commissioners: Christian GETZENDANNER, John L. HARDING, Moses WORMAN, Jacob BRENGLE, Jonathan EADER, dtd 10 May 1835.

HELM, Francis Nicholas d/ 1795 intestate - (Pg 34-36)
Children -
1. Adam
2. Elizabeth, a minor
3. Rebecca, a minor
4. George, a minor

Guardian was Thomas LOYD.

Land - Resurvey on Mount Pleasant (39ac). Land could not be divided; Adam HELM purchased estate.
Commissioners: Joseph WELLS, David SHRIVER, Jacob FLICKINGER, Thomas WELLS, Henry STEVENSON, dtd March 1799.

HERSHBERGER, Henry - d/ intestate
widow - Catherine & children -
..Mary, w/o George HERRING
..Catherine, w/o Peter BOYER
..Elizabeth, w/o James WILES

Commissioners: Patrick McGILL, Henry BOTELER, Benjamin THRASHER, David BOWLUS, John HOFFMAN, dtd 23 March 1822. (Case listed in index only)

HILL, Richard, the Elder d/ 1794 intestate - (Pg 59-62)
Children -
1. Isaac
2. Richard
3. James
4. Hester, w/o Jacob CORNELL
5. Elizabeth, w/o Charles CLABAUGH
6. William
7. Abraham, dec - his children, all minors -
..........Mary, Rachel, Elizabeth, Richard,
..........Hester, John & Judah - Judah HILL, guardian

Land - The Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands (50ac). Sale was made to Isaac HILL.
Commissioners: Joseph Sim SMITH, Joseph LITTLE, Michael NULL, Joseph McKALEB, John GWINN, dtd November 1801.

HINER, Harbert, d/ Oct 1806, intestate - (Pg 135-139)
widow - Mary & 8 children
1. Henry
2. Peter
3. William - his minor children -
..........Henry, Peter & John
4. Elizabeth
5. Susanna CLARY
6. Catherine, w/o Adam RICH
7. Mary, w/o Isaac METLER
8. John, minor

Guardian not stated. (Not certain of William's position in the family, he was listed last as sometimes deceased children are.)

Land - Bedford (200 ac), pt Retirement, and pt Retirement Corrected (487ac). Property valued at $15,354 cm subject to dower (229 ac); Henry HINER, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: Joseph TANEY, Sr., William JONES, Peter SHRINER, John McKALEB, Thomas TODD, dtd August 1807.

HOBBS, Nicholas d/ intestate - (Pg 68-71)
Children -
1. Sarah, w/o Samuel LAWRENCE
2. William C.
3. Brice
4. Rachel, widow of William DORSEY
5. Rhesa
6. Upton
7. Mary, w/o Samuel HOBBS
8. Basil, a minor
9. Harriott, a minor
10. Elizabeth, a minor

Guardian to minor children was William C. Hobbs.

Land - part of Resurvey on Colledan (476 acres valued @ $16/ac for $7,620), part of Venus (98 acres valued @ $14/ac for $1,372), part of Dear Bought (62ac w/ grist mill and saw mill includes 6 ac of Res on Colledan for mill for value of $ 2,666.66). First, on 1 Feb 1804, dower was laid off to Mrs. Elizabeth CAMPBELL on the Dear Bought property with 1 part of the annual value of the mill; William C. HOBBS purchased the estate.
Commissioners: Joshua HOWARD, Ephraim HOWARD, Alexander WARFIELD of Charles, Abraham CRAPSTER, Peter SHRINER (miller), dtd August 1804.

HOOK, James S., d/ 15 May 1820, intestate, no issue - (Pg 229-235)
Brothers & Sisters -
1. Stephen HOOK
2. John HOOK
3. James HOOK
4. Mary w/o Patrick MAGILL
5. Daniel, dec - his children -
..........America, minor
..........Emily, minor

Land - Hooks Conclusion, Boat Harbor and James' Isle (791ac) (contiguious); neighbors were Lindsey DALASHMUTT and Mrs. Emily STOCKTON. Plat in record; Land was divided among the heirs on 10 Jul 1821; record finalized Oct 1821.
Commissioners: Peter MANTZ, Henry L. KEMP, Grafton DUVALL, James MORRISON, Christian KEMP, dtd 31 July 1820. (Record is extremely pale)

HOWARD, Joseph - d/ intestate - (Pg 124-126)
widow, not named & 8 children -
1. Rebecca, w/o Daniel AYRS
2. Elisha
3. Elizabeth
4. George
5. Mary
6. Joseph
7. Dorcas
8. Ann

All children listed except Rebecca were minors; guardian not named.

Land - Jedburg Forest Resurveyed (126ac) (by Jeremiah STEWART & wife 13 Nov 1798, from Benjamin STEWART & wife); Dower laid out of 42 acres 12 Jan 1807; Final disposition not stated.
Commissioners: Ignatius DAVIS, George BUCKEY, Samuel HOWARD, Joseph SMITH and Joseph CROMWELL, dtd February 1807.

HUMMER, John, d/ 10 Nov 1828, intestate - (Pg 281-296)
Children -
1. John HUMMER
2. Louisa, dec, w/o John STULL, their children -
..........Benjamin STULL
..........Lewis STULL
3. Elizabeth, w/o John OTT
4. Henry HUMMER, (daughter, Susanna)
5. Jacob HUMMER
6. Andrew HUMMER, (& wife Susanna)
7. Catherine (d/ bef 1828), w/o Peter FAVORITE, their children -
..........Eli FAVORITE of Miami Co, Ohio
..........Polly, w/o George FAIR of Miami Co, Ohio

Land - “Krise’s Establishment” by Peter KRISE on 26 Dec 1812; pt “Choice”; totalling 115 acres. Sale was made to Andrew HUMMER for $1,322.50; he also purchased the interests of Louisa, Elizabeth, Henry and Jacob.

Andrew HUMMER died testate by Oct 1832. In 1832, Susanna, minor d/o Henry HUMMER, requested by John OTT, her friend, a conveyance concerning the land left to Susanna widow of Andrew and Susanna d/o Henry. Will also mentions Benjamin & Lewis STULL, nephews.
Commissioners: Brooke BAKER, Noah PHILLIPS, Joseph EICHELBERGER, William MILLER, Martin EICHELBERGER, dtd October 1835.

JOHNSON, Thomas, d/ Sep 1805, intestate - (Pg 118-122)
widow - Elizabeth & 9 children -
1. Abigail, w/o Thomas JOHNSON
2. Elizabeth
3. Martha, w/o David GOODMAN
4. Susanna, w/o Thomas JOHNSON
5. Rebecca, w/o Richard LEMASTER
6. Robert
7. Thomas
8. Joseph
9. Mary Ann, minor
10. Catherine Ann, minor

Joseph SWEARINGEN appointed guardian to
Mary Ann; Robert JOHNSON appointed guardian to Catherine Ann.

Land - Johnson's Lane Enlarged (150ac) conveyed by John & Joseph JOHNSON 6 May 1785; Peter MANTZ surveyed 15 May 1806; Dower laid out to widow in two tracts; Heirs objected because dower improperly laid off and value was claimed to be too low; subpeoned to testify by Sheriff George CREAGER: Peter MANTZ, Frederick STEMBLE, Jacob STALEY, Henry LEATHERMAN, Samuel DUVALL; The widow’s dower included the spring which was generally used by Frederick STEMBLE. Objections overruled; Robert JOHNSON elects to take estate.
Commissioners: Robison EASTBURN, Adam ROUTSAWN, George Peter WISE, Shadrack HEDGE, John HESSON, dtd February 1807.

KARHN, John, d/ 13 Sep 1804, intestate - (Pg 110-115)
widow - Magdalena & 8 children -
1. Jacob
2. Catherine, widow of Jacob YOUNG
3. Frederick (who has since died w/o issue,
.......... leaving a widow Susanna enseint with child)
4. Elizabeth
5. Barbara, w/o John FRY
6. Magdalena, dec, w/o Solomon SHUE
..........(their children, Jacob & Solomon, minors)
7. Susanna, minor
8. Ann, minor

Listed as guardian to minor children was Solomon SHUE.

Land - Seven Bitts United (196ac) and Oxx's Chance (50ac); Peter MANTZ was
surveyor; land couldn’t be divided; Dower set off in two sections (65 1/2 ac), parts of Seven Bitts United (patent 1797), located on the west side of Fishing Creek next to Bottom Hole with a two-story stone dwelling, stone kitchen, good barn, log stable.   Stipulation made to put dam on dower property to raise water of Fishing Creek which runs down thru dower; and part of Oxx’s Chance (16 5/8 ac) by George OX 1803. On 15 Oct 1806, sale went to Walter FUNDENBERG for Seven Bitts United subject to dower for 1,144 pounds and 12 shillings and 3 pence; Oxx’s Chance went to John COCKEY for 157 pounds and 10 shillings, it being located 8 miles from Frederick Town on the road to Emmitsburg.
Commissioners: John REMSBERG, Nicholas HOLTZ, Michael MYERS, Frederick
EICHELBERGER, Andrew HEDGES, dtd February 1807.

KELLER, Jacob of Rudolph - d/ intestate
Children -
..Henry T.

Commissioners: Jacob BRENGLE, Gilbert DAVIS, Henry RIGGS, Peter MANTZ, Frederick KELLER; Case dismissed by attorney, dtd 16 August 1824. (Case listed in index only)

KEMP, Henry, s/o Gilbert, d/ intestate - (Pg 81-85)
widow - (unnamed) & children -

All minors except Frederick; George SHOUP, guardian.

Land - part Middle House (57ac), Lovely Prospect (7/8 acre). Widow’s dower set off in two sections totalling 18 acres lying on part of Middle House and part of Middle House conveyed by Henry’s father Gilbert, now deceased; Property sold to John BRUNER @ 18 pounds/acre, surveyed at 60 5/8 acres..
Commissioners: John RAMSBERG, John GETZENDANNER, Christian GETZENDANNER, Christopher MOYER, John GEBHART, dtd August 1803.

KEMP, Peter, d/ Feb 1811, intestate - (Pg 184-188)
widow - Mary & 8 children -
1. Eve, dec, w/o John CRONIN / CRONISE (she died before father)
...............their ch/ Frederick (age 13) & Samuel (age 11)
2. Mary
3. Esther, w/o Valentine TOUP
4. Margaret
5. Sophia (age 17)
6. Jonathan (age 14)
7. Ezra (age 13)
8. Peter (age 8)

Guardian for Sophia was Valentine TOUP; guardian for Jonathan, Ezra and Peter was Seth CLARK; guardian for Frederick & Samuel CRONIN was their father.

Land - The Country Seat (225 ac) by patent 22 Jan 1796 of which 1 acre was conveyed to Jacob STALEY; Carey's Good Will (40 ac) by patent 25 Jun 1763; The Calf Pasture (39 ac) by patent 31 Jan 1798; part of Finley's Last Choice (30 ac) by Peter to Frederick KEMP, deed dtd 22 Oct 1765; part of Resurvey on Mankin (24 1/2 ac) by Henry KEMP, deed dtd 15 Jan 1795; part of Resurvey on David's Choice (2 1/4 ac) by George HINKLE & Frederick BIRELY deed dtd 25 Mar 1796; part of Fox's Spy; total land is 360 acres.
Land couldn’t be divided because property in six separate tracts, not contiguous except that County Seat and Fox’s Spy adjoin; property valued at $16,737.21 subject to dower.   Dower laid off to widow in three sections; two in The Country Seat and the other was Finley’s last Choice; Valentine & Esther TOUP takes the estate.
Commissioners: John GETZENDANNER, Valentine BUCKEY, Henry KOONTZ Jr, Andrew KAUFMAN, John BRUBECKER, dtd March 1812.

LEFEVER, Elias, d/ since 1803, intestate - (Pg 91-96)
Children -
..Catherine, w/o Jacob SMITH

The last two children were minors and Elias LEFEVER was named guardian.
Land - Resurvey on part of Bennetts Resolution (199ac): lies next to Hunting Creek, 11 miles from Frederick Town on the road to Graceham (Moravian Town) between Creagerstown and Johnson’s (or Blackford’s) furnace. The property was surveyed by Samuel DUVALL and determined forty acres were good bottom divided by part of Little Hunting Creek, 30 acres of limestone land, 65 acres of woodland and 20 acres in meadow.   The land is an eligible site for a mill with fall of 16’ and a great number of fruit trees.   It has a log dwelling, a barn 60x25’and other outbuildings. The estate was sold to Col. Baker JOHNSON for 1,989 pounds and a penny on 1 Aug 1806.
Commissioners: Henry LEATHERMAN, Henry KUHN, Matthias SHROOPE, Jacob HOLTZMAN, Conrad SHAFER, dtd August 1806.

LEVY, Samuel, d/ May 1811, intestate, no issue - (Pg 180-184)
Heirs were brothers & sisters -
..Jonathan LEVY, the Elder
..Abraham LEVY
..Sarah, w/o Francis GUISINGER
..Elizabeth, w/o William CRUM
..Rebecca, w/o Adam ZEIGLER
..Jacob LEVY, dec, (died before father)
...............(his ch/ Rebecca w/o Joseph JOHNSON,
...............Elizabeth w/o Matthew MURRAY,
...............and minors, Sophia D. and David LEVY)
..David LEVY, dec (died before father)
...............(his ch/ Jonathan W., Sarah, Leonard, Maria C. and Ann Rebecca S., minors)

Joseph JOHNSON was guardian to Jacob’s children and Mary Ann LEVY was guardian to David’s children (she their mother ?) dtd 9 Oct 1811.
Land - two lots in Bentz Town & brick dwelling with kitchen and stable. Lots sold to George ARTER for $1,002; Each 1/7 part netted $131.90 1/7.
Commissioners: Peter MANTZ, Michael HAUSER, Justinian MAYBERRY, Henry KUHN, Lewis CREAGER, dtd 7 March 1814.

MARKLE, George - d/ intestate - (Pg 139-143)
Juliana (widow)
Children -
1. George of Washington County
2. David of New Spain
3. Daniel of Virginia
4. Jacob of Frederick County
5. John of Kentucky
6. Mary, w/o William SMITH of Virginia
7. Catherine, dec w/o John SMITH of Washington County
...... - their children: Mary, & minors, Daniel, Jacob, George and Catherine Smith
8. Esther, w/o Valentine BOWLUS of Frederick County
9. Elizabeth, w/o Jacob DOUPT of Frederick County
10. Magdalene, w/o Abraham KING of Washington County
11. Susanna of Pennsylvania
12. Juliana widow/o Thomas CARTY
13. Philippina, w/o John MOYER of Pennsylvania

Guardian of minor children was Thomas MARLOW.
Land - part of Good Will (141 acres by Christian EVERHART 16 Jul 1775), part of Resurvey on Mason's Folly (53 3/4 acres by Chancellor of Maryland 12 Jun 1789), and Wide Brake Resurveyed (77 acres from deed dtd Apr 1787). On 2 Nov 1807, Joseph SWEARINGEN surveyed the property and determined the land could not be divided because sections would not equal 50 acre sections. Land was next to tract Chestnut granted to Jacob BOWLAS March 1749. Dower laid off on Content, pt of Res on Mason’s Folly (64 acres); Property valued at $3,318.69; George MARKLE, eldest son, takes the estate.
Commissioners: John Stone FRAZIER, John SHAFER, Philip KELLER, Sr., Peter YOUNG, Jacob RHOADE, dtd August 1808.

McSHERRY, Barnabas, died intestate, no issue - (Pg 30-34)
Brothers & Sisters and their children -
1. John McSHERRY
2. Patrick McSHERRY, dec (to his minor daughter Catherine)
3. Mary OWINGS, dec (to her children: Patrick, John, Hannah [of age],
....................Catherine, William, Mary, and Teresa - last four were minors)
4. Hugh McSHERRY
5. Catherine, w/o Richard COALE
6. James McSHERRY
7. Sarah, w/o Josiah CLEMENTS

Guardian named to all minors was Richard BROOKS, Esq.
Land - In TaneyTown, Resurvey on Brothers Agreement (100ac). It was decided the land could not be divided; Richard & Catherine COALE purchased the estate.
Commissioners: John Ross KEY, John GWINN, Henry SPALDING, Michael NULL and Daniel BOYLE, dtd March 1801

MEASEL, Frederick, d/ @ 1815, intestate - (Pg 235-241)
widow - Rosanna & 10 children -
1. John
2. Solomon
3. Mary, w/o Henry LECHLIDER
4. Ann (minor > 14)
5. Susanna ( > 14)
6. Catherine ( > 14)
7. Joseph ( < 14)
8. George ( < 14)
9. Valentine Frederick ( < 14)
10. Elizabeth ( < 14)

Guardian to minor children was the widow and mother.

Land - The Beginning of Peace (216ac), part of Resurvey on Chestnut Hill (59ac). The property was valued on 11 Dec 1822 for $5,866.50 subject to the widow’s dower; Solomon had conveyed his interest to Henry LICKLIDER; John sold his interest to Henry BANTZ who took the estate.
Commissioners: Nicholas HOLTZ, George MERTZ, John GITTINGER, Walter POOLE, Peter MANTZ, dtd March 1821.

METCALF, Thomas Sr. d/ Nov 1818, intestate
widow - Rachel
Children -
1. Thomas
2. Hannah w/o Thomas BOYER

Land - Dear Bought, Cool Spring; it was determined the land could be divided. Lot# 1 as Dower consisted of 220 acres valued at $12,000; Lot# 2 to son Thomas consisted of 150 acres valued at $2,000; Lot# 3 to daughter Hannah consisted of 290 acres valued at $12,000. The surrounding neighbors were: D. ZOLLICKOFFER to the north; P. BABYLON to the northeast; George WARNER to the east; M. WAGONER to the east; A. MILLER to the southeast; John LEISTER to the southwest; John WAGONER to the west; and Engler Z. HAINES to the west (clockwise).
Commissioners: William DURBIN Sr, John McKALEB, Isaac ATLEE, John HAMBLETON and William DURBIN Jr. Case closed on 12 Jan 1815.
[from Book of Descents Supplemental Loose Papers, not recorded in Book]

MILLER, Jonathan, d/ 4 Jan 1827, intestate
Children -
..Sarah, w/o Daniel HAUVERMALE
..Dorcus, w/o John OTTO
..Caroline MILLER, a minor

Land - Resurvey on Foxes Hall (306ac). This case disposed of by Chancery Proceeding #950. Dated 13 August 1828.

MISSEL, Jacob, d/ 1805, intestate - (Pg 168-171)
widow - Eleanor & 6 children -
1. Marianne, w/o Jacob WARRENFELT
2. Nicholas
3. Jacob (age 19)
4. Valentine (age 16)
5. Eleanor (age 12)
6. George (age 7)

Guardian was George Adam EBERT.

Land - Lot # 48 and half of Lot # 1 in Fredericktown on south side of Patrick Street.   Dower laid out; estate sold to Phillip ROHR for $655.
Commissioners: Nicholas HOLTZ, Valentine BUCKEY, Peter MANTZ, George BALTZELL of Michael, Godfrey LEATHERMAN, dtd August 1811.

MOBLEY, Lewis, d/ 15 Oct 1806, intestate *
widow - Drusilla & children -
..Elizabeth, w/o Samuel RICHARDSON
..Tabitha (d/ 1812 devising her part to Drusilla)
..Sarah (also d/ 1812 devising her part to Drusilla)

The last four children were minors; guardian named was Drusilla Mobley, widow and mother.
Land - The Zachariah and The Remainder (252ac). Sale subject to widow's dower.
Commissioners: Henry RAMSOUR, Ely HYATT, James MURPHY, William TRACEY, Charles McELFRESH (listed in Index); listed on original papers were: Ely HYAT, Charles PURDY, William KINLEY, Thomas PLUMMER, William COCKY, dtd 8 April 1811.

MYERS, Daniel - d/ intestate - (Pg 128-132)
widow - Barbara & 8 children -
1. John
2. Abraham
3. Mary w/o John STEM, who died since her father (Her ch/ Lydia, Samuel, Elizabeth)
4. Elizabeth, w/o James CONDIN
5. Salome, a minor
6. Catherine, a minor
7. Lydia, a minor
8. David, a minor

Guardians - John STEM for Mary's children; John YOUNG alias YON to Salome, Catherine and Lydia and David.

Land - Resurvey on Black Oak Hill, Jacob's Pasture, Hanse's Branch being pt of Michael's Fancy, and Kinsey's Neglect (73ac); Land couldn’t be divided; Dower set off in two parcels (pt of Res on Black Oak Hill, 32 1/4 ac, by Rudolph SWITZER & 23 1/12 ac of Michael’s Fancy, Jacob’s Pasture and Kinzey’s Neglect); John MYERS, eldest son, takes estate for value of $3,019.50 subject to dower.
Commissioners: James MARK, Amos FARQUHAR, Thomas BOND, Thomas GIBSON, Joseph TANEY, dtd February 1808.

OTTO, William - d/ 1806, intestate - (Pg 143-147)
widow - Elizabeth & 9 children -
1. Catherine, w/o Tobias HAMMER of Bedford Co, Pa
2. Peter OTTO, now dec (his heirs: Anna, his widow; & children -
..........Catherine w/o Lot GRIMES
..........Elizabeth w/o Brooke BAKER
..........& minors - John, Margaret, Mary, Anna, Noah, Susanna,
                    David, Ely and Febby
3. Matthias OTTO of Bedford Co, Pa
4. Henry OTTO
5. William OTTO
6. Herbert OTTO of Bedford Co, Pa
7. Abraham OTTO of Bedford Co, Pa
8. Elizabeth, w/o Joseph BLACK of Bedford Co, Pa
9. Jacob OTTO

Guardian was Jason PHILIPS.
Land - Bedford and part of Good Intent (483ac); real estate valued at $6,762 subject to dower (146 acres). The property Good Intent lies on the north side of the great road leading from Little Pipe Creek bridge to Westminster by deed 9 Nov 1799; Great Pipe Creek borders the east edge of the widow’s dower; it was decided the property couldn’t be divided without loss and was then sold; sale went to Jacob OTTO and Christian BOWERSOCKS for $5,795.23.
Commissioners: Joseph TANEY, Sr., William JONES, Thomas TODD, Conrad STULTZ, Jacob COVER, dtd June 1809.

    - Joseph M. CROMWELL mentioned. (Case listed in index only)

Commissioners: Darius RICHARDSON, John S. HARDING, Daniel DUVALL, Patrick McGILL Jr, James HOOK, dtd 7 Oct 1831.

PANCOAST, Stacy, d/ 1795, intestate *
Children -

Land - Wet Work.
Commissioners: William HARDING, George BUCKEY, John SIMMONS, Basil BROOKE, John L. HARDING, dtd November 1811.

PURDY, William, d/ 1809, intestate - (Pg 177-179)
Children - (14)
1. Sarah w/o Jeremiah NORWOOD
2. Edmund PURDY
3. William PURDY
4. Elizabeth, dec, w/o Osborn HILLEARY & children -
..........Sarah, w/o Thomas NORWOOD
..........Ralph HILLEARY
..........Deborah HILLEARY
..........& minors William, Thomas, and Mary HILLEARY, all < 16
5. Nancy PURDY
6. Hannah PURDY
7. Mary, dec, w/o Adam RAMSOWER
      (& daughter Elizabeth RAMSOWER < 16)
8. Charles PURDY
9. Deborah, w/o Jeremiah WATKINS
10. Eleanora, w/o Joseph RICHARDS
11. Catherine, w/o James DUVALL
12. Amelia, w/o John MARK
13. Joseph PURDY
14. Cynthia, w/o George Mark

Guardian was Charles PURDY.
Land - Joseph's Advantage, part of William and Elizabeth, part of The Zachariah, (145 ac). Edmund PURDY, eldest son, takes the estate; each child’s share was $183.75 in Feb 1812.
Commissioners: Ely HYATT, Elisha BEALL, Thomas COOKE, Ely BRASHEAR, Otho SPRIGG, dtd 13 April 1812.

RAMSBURG, Jacob, d/ many years ago, intestate - (Pg 241-245)
..Lydia (a minor), w/o Edward TRAIL

Richard POTTS, esquire, was assigned as guardian. The heirs could not agree on division.
Land - 2 lots, a valuable gristmill, 2 dwelling houses, located in Frederick Town; valued at $11,500 on 2 May 1822. Lewis RAMSBURG, as eldest, takes estate.
Commissioners: James ROBERTSON, John BRENGLE, John GETZENDANNER, Henry SCHOLL, Casper MANTZ, dtd March 1822.

RADCLIFFE, Joseph, d/ 7 Mar 1814 testate - (Pg 269-281)
(Will was written 7 Mar 1814 and probated 19 Feb 1816)
Children -
1. Elizabeth, w/o Gilbert DAVIS (their son, Luke DAVIS)
2. Susanna DAVIS, dec - her children -
..........Joseph DAVIS
..........Walter DAVIS
..........Mary, dec, w/o Moses CANNON - their children -
....................William CANNON
....................Grace CANNON
....................Catherine CANNON
....................Noah CANNON
..........Catherine w/o George GEBHART
..........Denton DAVIS {a minor in Ohio}
..........(formerly w/o Barney DEAN but long since separated)
..........her daughter, Sophia DEAN
4. Thomas RADCLIFF, dec - his children -
..........Samuel RADCLIFF
..........James RADCLIFF
..........Joshua RADCLIFF
..........and minors - Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, William, Thomas and Upton RADCLIFF

Land - The Rights of Man (504ac). Land divided according to will: one-fourth to Elizabeth DAVIS, heirs of Susanna DAVIS, Catharine MONACAY and heirs of Thomas RADCLIFF.
Commissioners: Henry RIGGS, Thomas C. SHIPLEY, John PANCOAST, William MORSELL, Plummer IJAMS, dtd March 1824.

RENNER, John d/ intestate - (Pg 88-91)
widow Mary, now w/o Peter ENGLE (who is also guardian of last 8 children)
Children -
..Mary, w/o George YOUNG
..Catharine, w/o Michael KESSELRING
..Betsy, w/o John SONNAFRANK

All children minors except those shown as married; petition filed Aug 1803.
Land - Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship (219ac), The Fifth Dividend (145ac), all contiguous; Dower laid out on part of The Fifth Dividend (conveyed by Philimon & Joshua GRIFFITH); Michael & Catharine KESSELRING purchased the estate.
Commissioners: Normand BRUCE, Thomas JONES, Middleton SMITH, Bernard GILBERT, John RAMSBERG, dtd February 1805.

RITCHIE, William - d/ since 17 Sep 1814, intestate - (Pg 201-205)
widow - Frances & 4 children
..Maria, w/o Ezra MANTZ
..William Jr.
..Susan (age 16-20)

Guardian was mother, Frances RITCHIE.
Land - Lots 347, 348, 349 in Frederick Town, being part of Tasker's Chance and two other unnumbered lots by Daniel DULANEY to John DARNALL, dec father of John DARNALL dtd Apr 1752 (pt laid off for Court House and Prison in Frederick Town).
Dower laid off with Mansion house and kitchen and property cut through the three lots and faced the courtyard square (the lots ran from Church Street to 2nd Street; William RITCHIE, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: John BRENGLE, Lawrence BRENGLE, Dr. John TYLER, John GOMBER, George BALTZELL, dtd 26 March 1816.

ROBERTS, William, d/ 1807, intestate - (Pg 209-219)
widow - Anne & 6 children -
1. Thomas
2. Elizabeth
3. William
4. John
5. Samuel
6. Frances

All children except Thomas were minors; on 12 Feb 1811, Francis HOLLINGSWORTH was guardian to Elizabeth and William and Anne ROBERTS, the mother, was guardian to the remaining minors.
Land - part of Goodwill (90ac), Second Resurvey on Brierwood (365ac), and part of Stevenson's Garden (179ac). The property was situated on Little Pipe Creek and on 2 May 1815 was surveyed by John WAMPLER and valued at $27,490 subject to dower (on two tracts: 103 ac & 15 1/2 ac). Thomas ROBERTS, eldest son, chose to take Brierwood; Stevenson's Garden was sold to Jacob STEMS; Thomas ROBERT's share was to be paid to Rachel HAMMOND to cover mortgage.
Commissioners: Isaac ATLEE, John NICODEMUS, William DURBIN Sr, Michael BARTHOLOW, Jacob SHRIVER, dtd March 1817.

RUDY, Teter, d/ @ Jun 1808, intestate - (Pg 147-150)
widow - Susanna & 8 children -
1. Magdalena, w/o Jonathan BOYER
2. Jacob
3. Catherine
4. John
5. Frederick
6. Barbara
7. Joseph, a minor
8. Christian, a minor

Guardian was Jacob EVERHART.

Land - Thomas and Mary, and 2nd Resurvey on Black Acorn (326ac); surveyed by Joseph SWEARINGEN and determined the land couldn’t be divided without loss; valued at $4,410 subject to dower (81 acres). Jacob RUDY, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: John RINGER, Daniel BISER, Christian KOOGLE, John SHAFFER, John FLOOK, dtd August 1809.

SHEETZ, Peter, d/ Spring 1816, intestate - (Pg 219-224)
widow - Mary
..Barbara (age 30), w/o Henry ROUTSONG
..Margaret (age 14)
..Peter (age 12)
..Jacob (age 11)
..George (age 7)
..Joseph (age 4)

On 11 Mar 1817, Peter ERB Sr. was assigned as guardian to Margaret and Mary SHEETS, widow and mother was assigned as guardian to the other minor children.
Land - pt High Germany (106ac), part of Resurvey on James' Fancy, O'Hara's Inheritance (4ac). The property was valued at $2,000 subject to dower; Henry ROUTZONG, husband of Barbara, chose to take the estate.
Commissioners: Andrew SHRIVER, Andrew HULL, Christian BOWERS, Godlep YEISER, John JONES, dtd October 1817.

SIM, Anthony, d/ @1806, intestate - (Pg 188-192)
widow - Mary, now w/o Robert NELSON:
..Anne, w/o Talbot SHIPLEY

All children except Anne were minors; guardian was their mother except Catherine’s guardian was Henry KOONTZ Jr.
Land - pt of Lot 80 of Monocacy Manor by William CAMPBELL dtd 24 Jun 1796; & pt of Lot 82 of Monocacy Manor (75 acres conveyed to Peter SMITH by SIM); Land surveyed by John WOODROW and found to contain 357 1/2 acres valued at $21,375 subject to the widow’s dower and also subject to a prior dower of 42 acres held by the widow of Jacob MILLER. The new dower was laid out in two parts: 116 1/2 acres facing the Great Road and 17 1/2 acres of wooded land in a separate plot. Property sold to Robert NELSON for $20,525 on 11 Apr 1814.
Commissioners: John SCHLEY, Sebastian GRAFF, Philemon CROMWELL, Enoch UMSTED, Nicholas RANDALL, dtd April 1814.

SIX, Henry, the Elder d/ 7 Oct 1799, intestate - (Pg 78-81)
widow - Elizabeth & 10 children
1. George SIX
2. Elizabeth, w/o William OTT
3. Mary, w/o Conrad STULTZ
4. Philip SIX
5. Ann, w/o Jacob MANN
6. Catherine, w/o Henry STIMMEL
7. Henry SIX
8. John SIX
9. Leonard SIX
10. also, deceased daughter Sophia w/o Abraham MOON & their children -
..........John & George MOON, minors)

Guardian was William CURRENS.
Land - Buck Lodge (200 acres); dower set off to widow; disposition not completed.
Commissioners: Normand BRUCE, Joel WRIGHT, Joseph TANEY, Roger BROOKE, Joseph LITTLE, dtd August 1805.

SMITH, Jacob, d/ 6 Dec 1805, intestate - (Pg 122-124)
Children -
..Eleanor, w/o Michael KOLLER
..Elizabeth, w/o Jacob SMITH

Land - Jacob's Fancy (21ac), Dead Hog (44ac), Shovers Good Will (50ac), and Lot# 7 of Fielderia Manor (26ac) = 141 acres. No dower; no disposition stated.
Commissioners: John GEBHART, Conrad SHAFER, Jacob SHISLER, Lawrence BRENGLE, Thomas NOLAND, dtd August 1806.

SMITH, John, d/ 1825, intestate *
Children -
..Mary, widow of William ANDERS
..Elizabeth, w/o Solomon FOGLE

Land - Groves Purchase, Josephs Friendship, First Brother, All That Is Left (182ac). This land bought from Adam SMITH, farmer; John SMITH called "of Philip" in deed; No plat; Land sold to Charles WOOD.
Commissioners: Brooke BAKER, John B. STIMMEL, Solomon BARRICK, Samuel WILHIDE, Basil BAKER; Case discontinued by attorney, dtd 27 October 1835.

SOLLERS, Sabritt, Major, d/ 14 Jul 1834, intestate - (Pg 366-395)
Children -
..Thomas E. SOLLERS
..Ariana, now w/o Thomas G. MAYNARD
..Margaret (a minor, Ignatius WATERS as guardian)

Land - 190ac by his deceased father, Thomas SOLLERS dtd 29 Nov 1794; 190ac pt of same tract conveyed by Basil SOLLERS on 6 Apr 1803; 15+ac pt Mount Felicity; 82ac pt Mount Pleasant by Abraham JONES, trustee in Chancery Ct 17 Jul 1834; 182ac of contiguous parts of The Mount of The Mures, Carmack's Farewell, Walnut Ridge, Luck - by Ely C. DORSEY, Mary DORSEY & Otho DORSEY dtd 17 May 1817; and 199ac of Middle Plantation by Bean PIGMAN, trustee dtd 7 Jun 1817 with 1 ac conveyed to Solomon NUSBAUM.

Thomas SOLLERS deeded land by will dtd 13 Apr 1781 to his three sons, Sabrith, Basil (wife Susanna) and Dennis. The road from New Market to Liberty Town lies on the western border of the property (leads to Jones’Mill); also lies north of Linganore Creek; surveyed in 1836 by Elihu H. ROCKWELL; Land divided; deeds included in file.
Commissioners: Thomas WARFIELD, Richard COALE, Abraham JONES, John DUDDERAR, Nicholas HOY, dtd 26 Oct 1837.

STALEY, Henry d/ May 1800 intestate - (Pg 74-78)
Children -

The last six children were listed as minors with George SHOUP as guardian.
Land - Resurvey on Other Sum (188 acres conveyed by Joseph & Jacob STALEY on deed dtd 19 Nov 1772 for 200 acres); part of Martin's Good Luck (3ac); Little Did I Think It (15 acres timbered adjoining other land). On 19 Dec 1789, elder Henry conveyed a portion of land to Peter KEMP and Joseph STALEY for a school house. On 7 Aug 1804, the property was declared to be worth 1,547 pounds; ads were placed in newspaper in Hager’s Town and Frederick Town regarding the pending sale. The said property was located two miles from John BRUNER’s mill and 3 1/2 miles from Frederick Town and consisted of a saw mill, stone dwelling, barn, stable and other out buildings; 70 acres cleared, 15 acres in meadow and the remainder well-timbered; well watered with a good orchard. Real estate purchased by Dr. John TYLER on 6 Dec 1804, 190 1/2 acres @ 8 pounds/acre and $95 for second portion.
Commissioners: John GETZENDANNER, Christopher MOYER, John HOUCK, Joseph STALEY Sr., Jacob STALEY of Melchor, dtd March 1805

STIMMEL, Peter, d/ Jan 1809, intestate - (Pg 154-158)
widow - Barbara, now w/o John HENDERSON
Children -
1. Magdalena, w/o Jacob CRAMER
2. Catherine, w/o John CRAMER
3. Elizabeth, w/o John LOCK
4. Susanna, w/o John CLEM
5. Abraham, minor
6. Polly, minor
7. Lydia, minor
8. Peter, minor
9. Frederick, minor
10. Sophia, minor

Guardian of last six children was Frederick BAKER.
Land - Lot# 51 of Monocacy Manor (198ac), withn one mile of Woodsborough.   Lawrence BRENGLE was surveyor; property contained first quality limestone and was well adapted to use of plaister paris and clover; contained orchard, meadow and woodlands with a two-story stone dwelling, frame kitchen and adjoined a log dwelling and other out buildings; property determined not to be dividable and was advertised in both Frederick and Lancaster Co, PA newspapers for the sale. Dower was laid out with objection by John HENDERSON who is now married to the widow; Dower adjusted to include both dwellings where Abraham STIMMEL and John LOCK now reside as well as the stone milk house and the granery which included 66 acres. Estate sold to Christian BARRICK for $6,868.62 subject to dower.
Commissioners: Henry BARRICK, Jacob WOLFE, John FLEMING, Michael MYERS, Nicholas HOLTZ, dtd August 1810.

STONER, Benedict d/ intestate - (Pg 8-14)
Children -
1. Benedict
2. Mary, w/o William WENNER
3. Elizabeth
4. Henry
5. Barbara
6. Susanna
7. Jacob
8. David
9. Christiana
10. Charlotte

All the children except Benedict and Mary were minors and George CREAGER was appointed as their guardian.
Land - Resurvey on Beatty's Range, part of Isaac's Inheritance, part of Spring Garden, part of Stoner's Luck, and Ferry Landing, 250ac total. It was determined the land could not be divided; none of the children opted to buy, so sale was held.
Commissioners: Michael HAUSER, George BAER Jr, Henry KOONTZ Sr, Lawrence BRENGLE Jr and John RAMSBERG, dtd March 1796.

STUDY, Martin, d/ @1810, intestate - (Pg 224-228)
Children -
1. Ludwick STUDY, dec (his children -
..........Catherine w/o Daniel STONESIPHER
..........Elizabeth w/o Abraham KOONTZ)
2. John STUDY
3. Ann Maria, w/o John MIDOWER (or MILDOWER)
4. Dorothy, dec, w/o Dieterick BISHOP (she died since her father; their children -
..........Sophia w/o Henry SELL
..........John BISHOP
..........Elizabeth w/o John WICKART
..........Henry BISHOP
..........Margaret w/o Daniel HESS
..........Polly w/o John SHEELY
..........Mary BISHOP
..........Catherine BISHOP
5. Rebecca, w/o Henry KOONTZ
6. Christiana, w/o Jacob FEESER
7. Elizabeth STUDY

Land - pt High Germany (101ac), Resurvey on John's Lot & Addition to John’s Lot (27ac). Land valued at $8,000 with no dower; Sold at auction to John STUDY for $8,060.
Commissioners: Jacob SHRIVER, William DURBIN Sr, Michael SMELTZER, Andrew SHRIVER, Peter ERB of Christopher, dtd March 1819.

TROUT, Jacob, d/ 8 Nov 1804, intestate - (Pg 115-118)
Children -
..Mary, w/o Abner MOORE
..Catherine, a minor

Michael WACHTER was guardian for minor child.
Land - Taskers Chance (156ac). Peter MANTZ was surveyor; TROUT had conveyed 6 acres to Jacob GITTINGER 8 Sep 1798 and 5 acres to Michael HEFFNER s/o Frederick on 8 May 1802 and 2 acres to Valentine BUCKEY on 7 Aug 1802. Estate sold to Valentine BUCKEY for $4,456.69.
Commissioners: Arthur FLEMING, Joseph FLEMING, Nicholas HOLTZ, Peter WOLF, John GITTINGER, dtd August 1805.

UTTO / OTTO, Peter, d/ 1804, intestate - (Pg 171-174)
widow - ( not named)
Children -
..Elizabeth, w/o Brooke BAKER
..Catherine, w/o Lot GRIMES
..Margaret, w/o Jacob SLICK
..John OTTO
..Mary (age 19)
..Anna (age 16)
..Susanna (age 14)
..Noah (age 12)
..David (age 10)
..Elias (age 8)
..Sabrit (age 4)

Guardian was Joseph HEDGES.
Land - Bedford (156 ac), Logsdon’s Amendment and part of the Resurvey on Welsh Cabbin (Mifford's Delight) (124 ac), The Long Snake, This or None (104 ac) totals 384 acres valued at $2,800 subject to dower (193 1/2 ac); estate couldn’t be divided without loss; sale made to Paul HAUGH Jr. of Bedford & Logsdon’s Amendment for $1,939.62 on 2 Oct 1811; and to John OTTO for Res on Welsh Cabbin for $3,151.39.
Commissiners: Joab WATERS, Robert FULTON, Joseph FRY, Jacob CRAMER, Jacob COOKERLY, dtd February 1812.

WAMPLER, John - d/ intestate
Children -
..Sarah, w/o John KUHN
..Lydia, w/o John KELLY
..Henry H.
..Maria Louisa
..William Augustus
..Emily Jane

Commissioners: Jacob MATHIAS, Isaac SHRIVER, Jacob REESE, William WILLIAMS, Jacob POWDER Jr, dtd 14 November 1835. (Case listed in index only)

WELTZEIMER, Ludwick, d/ 1834, intestate - (Pg 296-328)
widow - Ann Margaret & daughters -
1. Caroline, w/o Adam WOLFE
2. Rebecca, w/o Christian STEINER

Land - Lots 207, 208, 209, 210 and half of Lots 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 in “Addition to Frederick Town”. Some part of this property was previously conveyed to Godfrey BROWN and wife Mary of Frederick Town by Daniel DULANEY, Barrister at Law, of Annapolis.

Godfrey BROWN died; then later his wife Mary also died, leaving children -
1. Samuel BROWN (of Baltimore City)
2. John BROWN
3. Ann, w/o Patrick ROGERS
4. Lydia, w/o George COOK (of Franklin Co, PA)
5. Mary, w/o James GALLAHER (of Alleghany Twp, Cambria Co, PA)
(on 24 May 1810)

All sold their rights to Ludwig WELTZHEIMER.
Dower was laid off; numerous deeds are included in the file.
Commissioners: Robert McCLEARY, George HOUCK, John McDONALD, Jacob BRUNNER, John ENGLEBRECHT, dtd October 1835.

WHIPP, Tobias, d/ @1804, intestate - (Pg 192-195)
widow - Catharine
..Barnet (who conveyed his rights to George)
..Mary, a minor
..Susanna, a minor
..Charlotte, a minor

Guardian was Jacob WHIPP.
Land - Good Luck, Bad Luck, pt Mistaken Rival by Thomas TAYLOR dtd 12 Dec 1796; pt George's Discovery, pt Resurvey on Geore’s Discovery by Francis HOFFMAN dtd 6 Apr 1798; the land laid contiguous and totaled 184 acres. Christian KEMP surveyed the land and valued it at $10,147.50. Dower laid off to widow of 61 1/2 acres; George WHIPP, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: David KEMP, Henry KEMP, Patrick McGILL, John HOFFMAN, Richard CROMWELL, dtd February 1814.

WHITE, ANDREW of Frederick County died intestate (without a will)
He owned a house and lot in Emmitsburg, part of the tract "Carrollsburgh"
He left four children -
..Jacob WHITE
..Barbara w/o Jacob DEHOOF
..Magdalena w/o George WINTERS
..Peter WHITE of Bedford Co, PA

Peter assigned his brother Jacob as his power of attorney.
This action issued 30 Jan 1815, ending date in file 7 Feb 1815.
(Suggest searching land records for this period under Jacob WHITE)

WINTER, John, d/ 4 Jan 1817, intestate - (Pg 253-268)
widow - Catherine
..Susannah, w/o George HESS
..Elizabeth, w/o George WILHELM
..Mary, w/o Jonathan DAVIS

The last five children were minors (by the second wife, Catherine) but the guardian was not named.
Land - pt White Gravel Spring, pt Resurvey on Black Oak, part of Stevenson's Lot, Taylor's Lot, Brazelton's Neighbor, Taylor's Mistake (461ac) (contiguious); other tracts mentioned were Batchellor’s Hall, Brazelton’s Friend, Children’s Inheritance; next-door neighbor was Jacob APPLER. The property was located on the east side of Little Pipe Creek. John SLYDER surveyed the property at a value of $34,406.46 subject to the widow’s dower (117 1/4 acres); Estate sold to Samuel, Joseph & Catherine WINTER on 20 Dec 1824 and part to George & John WINTER.
Commissioners: Moses SHAW, Jacob YON, John SHUE, Peter SHRINER, David KEPHART, dtd March 1818.

WORMAN, Jacob, the Elder, d/ Aug 1804, intestate - (Pg 133-135)
widow - Mary & 9 children -
1. Magdalena, w/o David HALVERSTADT
2. Henry
3. Eve, w/o Henry BRICKER
4. Jacob Jr.
5. Salome, dec (w/o Christopher ZIGLER and their son Jacob)
6. Conrad
7. Noah
8. Mary Jr, a minor
9. Joshua, a minor

Guardians: Conrad WORMAN for Mary Jr; Jacob LANDIS for Joshua.
Land - Mattingly being part of Pork Hall (221 1/2 ac) and Worman's Content (158 ac).   Dower laid off in one tract, Worman’s Content; Land valued at 3,985 pounds subject to dower; Henry WORMAN, eldest son, takes estate.
Commissioners: Isaac ATLEE, Joseph HAINES, James POULSON, Thomas WELLS, Peter SHRINER, dtd August 1807.

ZIMMERMAN, George d/ by 1799, intestate - (Pg 44-57)
widow - Catharine & 8 children
1. George
2. Jacob
3. Elizabeth, w/o George BECKINBAUGH
4. Michael
5. Catharine, a minor
6. Barbara, a minor
7. Mary, a minor
8. John, a minor

Guardian was Matthias SHREUP.
Land - What You Please (73ac), Farin Swamp (58ac) (both on Kittoctin/Catoctin Mountain); George's Good Will (1 7/8 ac); Piere Hoft (100ac); Doffles Luck (50 ac); Woods Design (10 1/2 ac); Second Dividend (42ac); Mill Place (100ac by Handel BARRACK); Crists Good Luck (10 3/4 ac by Jacob CRIST); lots 189 & 190 in Creagers Town totalling 292 1/4 acres; Dower laid off to widow. Sale to George ZIMMERMAN.
Commissioners: Thomas BEATTY, John BRUNNER (miller), Nicholas HOLTZ, John PATTERSON, Henry GARNHART; dtd August 1802.

Location Reference at Maryland State Archives
Frederick County - Chancery - Book of Descents 1795-1836
MSA T-2687, Loc: 1-42-8-32

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