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Secondary Sources:

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Archival and Image Sources:

January (Judge Harry Cole):

Images –

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February (Eubie Blake):

Images –

(census of Blake family) US CENSUS BUREAU (Census Record, MD) BC Enumeration Districts 97-114, M 2372-1

(photo of Eubie Blake)

March (Mathias de Sousa):

Images –

(Mathias’ arrival, 1633) LAND OFFICE (Patent Record, Original) MSA S 920-1

(Mathias in General Assembly) GENERAL ASSEMBLY UPPER HOUSE (Proceedings) 1637-1658, MSA S 977-1

April (Verda Freeman Welcome):

Images –

(Welcome Census 1930) US CENSUS BUREA (Census Record, MD) BC Enumeration District 4-285 to 4-312, M 12932

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May (Lillie Carroll Jackson):

Images –

(1900 census, Jackson family) US CENSUS BUREAU (Census Record, MD) BC Enumeration Districts 174-189, M 2375-1.

(Lillie and Juanita) “Juanita Jackson - the future Mrs. Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. – and her mother, Lillie Carroll Jackson, circa 1928.” Baltimore Magazine, May 1999.

June (Sit-in at Hooper’s Restaurant)

Images –

BALTIMORE CITY CIRCUIT COURT (Transcripts), 1913-1986, Transcripts of Proceedings, State of Maryland vs. Robert Bell et, al, MSA T496

July (William Wheeler and Mark Caesar):

Images –

(act concerning William Wheeler) GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Laws, Original) MSA S966, Chapter 368, 1845.

(penitentiary record for Mark Caesar) MARYLAND PENITENTIARY (Prisoner’s Record) Mark Caesar #3921, MSA 275.

(article on trial) SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Newspapers) The Port Tobacco Times, September 4, 1845.

August (Matthew Henson):

Images –

(Henson article) SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Newspapers) Afro-American Ledger, October 30, 1909.

(photo of Henson) Matthew Henson Brochure, Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture. Annapolis. Scanned image made available by Maryland State Archives.

(Henson plaque) Matthew Henson plaque, Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland. Dedicated in 1961.

September (Maryland General Assembly):

Images –

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October (Benjamin Banneker):

Images –

(portrait of Benjamin Banneker) SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Phebe Jacobsen Scrapbook) MSA SC 1753.

(Banneker Land Record) BALTIMORE COUNTY (Land Records) MSA C 352-18, Indenture of Robert and Benjamin Bannakay, 11 March 1737.

November (Joe Gans):

Images –

(death certificate) BALTIMORE CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENT BUREAU OF HEALTH STATISTICS (Death Record) 1910/07/1910/12, C35528, CR 48,150

(Joe Gans picture) SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Newspapers) Afro-American Ledger, August 13, 1910, M 11812-03.

December (Donald Gaines Murray):

Images –

(letter to UMD) BALTIMORE CITY COURT (Court Papers) Plantiff’s Exhibit #1, 8 December 1934, MSA C 174-2-6.

(picture of Donald G. Murray) Donald Gaines Murray Photo from his 1934 yearbook from Amherst College, Olio. Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College Library. MSA SC 5216.