A sampling of photographs displayed under the auspices
   The Maryland State Lunacy Commission, 1909
Exhibitions of Commission photographs took place at Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland State House during 1909 and 1910, respectively.  Both the general public and many state officials gained their first glimpse at the conditions inside the county institutions through these images.  The use of captions, pasted directly below the image, helped to further reinforce the key themes targeted for reform.  In addition, the commentary provided additional insight into how patients were improperly cared for within the facilities.

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Catatonic woman, Baltimore County Almshouse, 1908, MSA S 195-110     Baltimore County Almshouse 
Sleeping accomodations for African American males at Montevue Asylum, Frederick County, 1909, MSA S 195-02     Montevue Asylum
View of a basement cell at the Kent County Almshouse, 1908, MSA S 195-23     Kent County Almshouse
A room at the Anne Arundel County Almshouse, 1909, MSA S 195-05     Anne Arundel County Almshouse 
Administrators at the entrance to a white ward at the Montevue Asylum, 1908, MSA S 195-20     Montevue Asylum, Frederick County
Interior of a room at the Baltimore County Almshouse, 1909, MSA S 195-21   Baltimore County Almshouse
African American women at recreation; location unknown (possibly Sylvan Retreat), 1908, MSA S 195-22   Location currently unknown
Exterior view of the Queen Anne's County Almshouse, 1908, MSA S 195-14   Queen Anne's County Almshouse
Exterior view of the Cecil County Almshouse, 1909, MSA S 195-11     Cecil County Almshouse 

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