Published and unpublished photographs compiled for
   The 23rd Annual Report of the Lunacy Commission, 1909
The Montevue photographs contained in the 23rd Annual Report of the Maryland Lunacy Commission built the strongest case for abolishing the system of county care.  Commission members had made five visits to Montevue in the space of several months, the most of any such institution, carefully seeking out the most incriminating images.  A series of photographs produced in January of 1909, taken with flash equipment, came as a result of a surprise night time inspection by Dr. Arthur Herring, Commission Secretary. 

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The cells of African Americans at Montvue; man is chained to window grate, 1909, MSA S 195-69c, d     Montevue Asylum, View of cells, African American wards 
Overcrowding of cell; view of sleeping accomodations at Montevue, 1909,  MSA S 195-74c, d     Montevue Asylum, African American male ward views
Views of men in various types of restraint, 1909, MSA S 195-69a, b     Montevue Asylum, African American males in restraint devices
Exterior of building for white patients; night view of interior of African American female ward, 1909, MSA S 195-74a, b     Montevue Asylum: white building; African American female ward 
View of sleeping accomodations for African American males at Montevue, 1909, MSA S 195-113     Montevue Asylum, African American male ward

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