From Radoff's County Courthouses and Records of Maryland, Part I:  The Courthouses-

The original building in 1824 cost $12,000.
The first remodelling occured in 1892
In 1925, a portion of the building was made fire resistant.
From 1949 to 1952, a large addition was constructed at a cost $910,000 which "dwarfed" the original size of the building.
There was nothing specifically mentioned about the layout and usage of the courtroom.

From MSA SC 4576
Elizabeth A. Aiello and John L. Seidel, Three Hundred Years in Annapolis: Phase III Archaeological Investigations of the Anne Arundel County Courthouse Site (18AP63), Annapolis, Maryland 2 volumes.

In 1821, the legislature appointed commissioners to purchase land on which to build a Courthouse for AA Co.
No deed was located, but the land purchased was the northeastern portion of lot 59 from John Shaw.
Payments were made for the building between 1821 and 1824.
1822 payment made for furnishing.
1823 payment made for a privy.
Enough land was purchased to widen the street in front of the building.
The original courthouse structure was a brick Federal building with an octagonal tower and belfry.
In 1892 and 1925, the building was enhanced and expanded with Victorian additions to make it a two story building measuring roughly 85 x 80 feet.
1970 there was a new wing constructed on the original courthouse building.