Court of Appeals:
Cases Appealed from Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
compiled from the COURT OF APPEALS (Maryland Reports) Series

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Summary of cases from Dec. 1850 through Dec. 1948
Dec. 1850 Clarke's Administrator v.. Marriott's Administrator 9 (Gill) Case that brought into question the proof behind the sale of a slave
Dec. 1850 Williams v. Hall 9 (Gill) Case concerning the proper validation of a promissory note.
June 1851 Henderson v. Jason, et al. 9 (Gill) This case involved the slave or free status of Rachael, a former slave, and two of  children.  Jason argued that the Rachael was freed before her children were born, thus her children were free and could not be forced to work for Henderson.  The Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision that Rachael and her children were free.
Dec. 1850 Kent v. McEldery 9(Gill) Case involving the delay of a next-day judgment.
June 1851 Townshend v. Townshend 9(Gill) Case transferred to AA from PG for the possibility of a  fair trial.  Sanity of testator in question. 
1851-52 Stewart v. State
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Stewart was indicted for murder in Baltimore City, but the case was tried in the Howard District of Anne Arundel County so that a fair trial could occur; Stewart was found guilty of murder; he appealed the case arguing that the Howard District had no jurisdiction in the case
1851-52 State v. Manly 1 Case that addresses the nomenclature of the Howard County Court versus the court for the Howard District of Anne Arundel County; the name officially changed to the Howard County Court as a result of this case and the operation of the court fell on Howard County, not Anne Arundel
June 1852 Linstttead v. Green 2 Case involving the manumission of the daughter of a slave woman; although the daughter was unborn at the time of the mother's agreement for her and her children to be freed at the age of 36, the daughter still had to remain a slave until she herself turned 36
Dec. 1852 Negro Jerry v. Townshend 2 Slaves Jerry, Anthony, and others petitioned for freedom, but asked that the case be heard in Anne Arundel County instead of their home county of  Prince George.  Townshend opposed the transfer, but the Court of Appeals upheld it. 
Dec 1852 Allen v. Lambden 2 Case regarding leases and mortgages
Dec 1852 Watkins v. Watkins 2 The appellee was the Adjutant General at the time of the adoption of the new Constitution.  The governor commissioned a new Adjutant General, but the former one held onto all official papers and documents of the office and refused to give them over to the newly commissioned Adjutant General.  The Court of Appeals found that there was no vacancy to fill and therefore, the governor should not have appointed a new Adjudant General. 
Dec 1852 Chauvenet v. Commissioners 3 Case addresses the tax exemption of those living on the territory of the Naval Academy.
June 1853 Thomas v. Owens 4 Cae involving the the paying of salaries of government officers
Dec 1853 Terry v. Bright 4 Case concerning the slandering of a single woman's chastity
Dec 1853 Ellicott v. Peterson 4 Case Case involving disputed contracts of a grandfather for the education of his two grandchildren
June 1854 Marshall v. Harwood 5 Case addresses the term of office of the State Librarian and whether the Legislature was correct in voting on a new librarian before the expiration of the previous librarian's term
Dec 1854 Townshend v. Townshend 6 Third appeal of a case involving the competency of a witness to the will of the elder Townshend (also in Gill 7 and Gill 9).  The will is  particularly significant because of the slave family it emancipates.  Questions arise over whether all of the elder's slaves were part of the family that was emancipated in the will.
Dec 1854 Cochrane v. State 6 Case that calls into question the definition of arson
Dec 1854 Gibbs v. Gale 7 Case regarding evidence in Courts of Equity
June 1855 Tongue v. Negro Crissy 7 Case involves the manumission of slaves; although some very young slaves were manumitted in a will, the law requires that they be able to support themselves once manumitted and Tongue argues that young slaves would not be capable of that
June 1855 Marshall v. Harwood 7 Harwood argued that he did not have to surrender his positions as State Librarian because his replacement, Marshall, had not been selected and bonded as required by law
June 1855 Raab v. State 7 Case addresses the jurisdiction of Anne Arundel County in criminal cases
Dec 1855 Hughes v. Davis 8 This case addresses a judgment in the District of Columbia that was then brought to the Circuit Court in Anne Arundel County
Dec 1855 Carroll v. Ridgaway 8 Case regarding the use of a plaintiff's handwritten records as evidence in trials.
Dec 1855 Hurst v. Hill 8 Case regarding partners' obligations after dissolution
Dec 1855 Anderson v. Tydings 8 Case concerning purchased property, but no deed was issued; the deed was later issued to Mrs. Tydings; she died and questions arose as to her husband's right to the property 
June 1856 Mitchell v. Clagett 9 Addresses the competency of a witness in a case about the validity of a will
June 1856 Peterson v. Ellicott 9 Cae concerning for paying back money for the education of a young granddaughter
June 1856 Harwood v. Marshall 9 Case concerning the jurisdiction of Circuit Courts in cases of mandamus
June 1856 Negro Jerry v. Townshend 9 Case concerns the manumission of slave Jerry and a few other slaves after the death of their owner John Townshend; Townshend's son Jeremiah argues that his father was not sane at the time that he agreed to manumission and that therefore the slaves should belong to Jeremiah, the executor of John's will
Dec. 1856 Stockett v. Holliday 9 Case concerning the transfer of property between husband and wife
Dec 1856 Billingsley v. Tongue 9 Case deals with wills and legacies
Dec 1856 Williams v. Reynolds 10 Case involving a dispute over a promissory note 
Dec 1856 Wilson v. Smith 10 Case involves a dispute over the sale and transfer of title of a slave from one owner to another
June 1857 Harwood v. Marshall 10 Case that addresses the validity of a writ of mandamus commanding the State Librarian to surrender his position
Dec 1857 Tucker v. State 11 Case addressing the appeals process
7/20/1858 Franklin v. State 12 This case involves a violation by Franklin of the statute prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors, free people of color, and slaves; Franklin sold whiskey to a slave without the permission of his owner as the law required; this law also required those issued a liquor license to pay a fee of 50 cents to the Clerk
7/20/1858 Cowman v. State 12 This case involves a violation of the same statute as before; in this case Cowman sold alcohol to a minor without permission of his parents and/or guardian
7/20/1858 Green v. Purnell 12 Case addresses the requirement of the State Comptroller  of the Treasury to perform certain actions
5/31/1859 Lessee v. Nutwell 13 Dispute over the property willed to a daughter
7/15/1859 Parkinson v. State 14 This case addresses the portion of the Act of 1858 that, in addition to the selling of alcohol to minors, also prohibited giving alcohol to minors
2/7/1860 St. John's College v. State 15 Case addressing public funding of St. John's College
2/20/1861 Green v. Caulk 16 Case addresses the use of evidence for particular purposes and to what extent a counselor can refresh a witnesses' memory
3/27/1861 Phelps v. Phelps 17 Case concerning deeds
4/1/1861 Shipley v. Caples 17 One man who owned a farm house along the road to Baltimore erected a fence that blocked the way to the city; those traveling with goods to trade in Baltimore were forced to use a "longer, circuitous and bad road;" those forced to take the alternate route argue that the law does not allow for such obstruction 
6/26/1861 Tongue v. Nutwell 17 Case involving the ejectment of tenants
9/20/1861 Phelps v. Stewart 17 Case concerning descent law
10/3/1861 Kent v. Carcaud 17 Case regarding the slave of land in gross
10/29/1861 Smith v. Wilson 17 Case removed from Calvert County; related to the Wilson v. Smith case of 1858 previously summarized; question over the ownership of a particular slave
10/29/1861 Cecil v. Clarke 17 case removed from Howard County; malicious prosecution for the crime of kidnapping slaves
11/4/1861 Mutual Insurance Company v. Deale 18 case concerning the property rights of married women
11/4/1861 Kent v. Waters 18 case concerning a deed of trust and the sale of real estate by a Court of Equity
7/9/1862 Stockett v. Bird 18 Case addresses the transfer of property from a wife, after he death, to her husband
1/14/1864 County Commissioners v. Duckett 20 Duckett filed suit against the County Commissioners; his horse was killed while traveling along a county road that he claimed was in bad repair; he sought compensation from the county for the loss of his horse; the Court of Appeals found that the county was obligated to keep its roads in good condition, and thus the county had to pay Duckett for his loss
1/14/1864 Smith v. Crandall 20 Case involving the transfer of a deed for land after the death of one of the parties involved
2/5/1864 Wilson v. State 21 Case addresses the Act of 1838 that prohibited the transportation of slaves on railroads or boats without the permission of their owners; such modes of transportation allowed slaves an opportunity to escape; the State claimed that Wilson had a slave, Washington, helping him to navigate, on his boat without the permission of his owner; Wilson argued that Washington had been hired out, as a seaman, from his owner and therefore could ride aboard his ship
2/26/1864 Sparks v. Weedon 21 Case addresses specific legacies mentioned in wills
3/4/1864 McCeney v. Duvall 21 Case concerning the warranty on a recently purchased slave; the slave was suffering from a disease, but this was not mentioned to the buyer at the time of sale
7/1/1864 Dawson v. Contee 22 Attachment on warrant
10/20/1864 Trustee of Allegany County School v. Maffit 22 Case concerning State funding for Allegany Schools
10/21/1864 Cecil Bank v. Farmers Bank 22 Case concerning bills and notes
11/25/1864 Phipps v. State 22 The State accused Phipps of violating oyster bedding laws
11/25/1864 Nutwell v. Tongue 22 Dispute over evidence to prove ownership of a tract of land
11/1/1865 Brown v. State 23 Case addresses the term "slave" after emancipation of slaves; a negro apprentice should not be referred to as a slave because he was not held in absolute servitude
11/29/1865 St. John's College v. Purnell 23 In addition to the appellee Comptroller Purnell, Treasurer Sprigg Harwood (and later Clerk) was also an appellee in this case; addresses public funding and related interest for St. John's College
Date Case Name Volume Description
6/28/1866 Magruder v. Swann 25 Magruder felt that an election violation had occurred; he asked the Circuit Court to issue a writ of mandamus against Gov. Swann for commissioning the ineligible victor; Appeals says that Magruder should have contacted the House of Delegates (where contested elections are considered) instead of going to the Circuit Court
6/28/1866 Magruder v. Tuck 25 a public officer must be commissioned by the Governor; merely having a Circuit Court judge or Clerk declare a victor does not confirm that person's position 
11/2/1866 Earle v. Turton 26 case concerning what to do with land left to heirs of minor age; Appeals decided they could not divide and sell the land; since the contract for this sale was not finalized, the Court of Appeals found that the contract could be stopped 
11/27/1866 Waters v. Waters 26 caveatees asked for new trial because they believed the findings of the court to be inconsistent and contradictory; Appeals says that no injustice occurred so no new trial needed
3/8/1867 Union Bank of Maryland v. Tillard 26 Tillard argued in Circuit Court that the documents filed against him were void because they had used the wrong name; Appeals says that cannot nullify the documents
12/17/1867 Jump v. Spence 28 Spence argues he is worthy of pay for a judge's position since the man who was originally commissioned was declared ineligible; he argues that he was willing to perform the duties of the office and should be paid as such; Circuit and Appeals both find against Spence
2/5/1868 Higgins v. Carlton 28 in favor of Circuit Court's decision concerning mental capacity in creating one's will
1/28/1869 Annapolis v. State of Maryland 30 Annapolis allows one George Wells to erect a fence obstructing traffic on South St; Court of Appeals finds that eminent domain can only be used for public good, not to give/sell another
3/11/1869 Ward v. Leitch 30 reversed Circuit Court decision concerning evidence exclusion
3/12/1869 Chew vs. Buchanan 30 case about payment to creditors; remanded for more proceedings
3/13/1869 Williams v. Higgins 30 should there be a retrial of a case if some evidence given is later thrown out?; both Circuit and Appeals say no retrial
4/16/1869 Tate v. Sullivan 30 case concerning the payment of promissory notes
7/2/1869 Tongue v. Nutwell 31 Appeals calls for a retrial of this case about rent and insurance payments
2/1/1870 Gardner v. Merritt 32 Is the money a grandmother put into accounts for her infant grandchildren a perfected gift, or is it the property of her estate?  Appeals says it is a perfected gift
2/3/1870 Webster v. Byrnes 32 affirmed Circuit Court decision regarding mutual accounts
2/23/1870 Truett v. Legg 32 case concerning the proper time to request a new trial
4/8/1870 Silver v. Magruder 32 The governor appoints the State Librarian, but when he leaves office prematurely, can the new governor appoint a new State Librarian, or does the original librarian serve the full four years of the original governor's term? Circuit Court and Court of Appeals says a new librarian may be appointed
6/2/1870 Annapolis v. Harwood 32 case concerning the constitutionality of a special "paving tax" in the city
12/7/1870 Magruder v. Gage 33 question over who is responsible for goods once shipped - the vendor or the vendee
6/6/1873 Nicholson v. Maryland 38 case regarding whether or not force was used in gaining one man's confession to committing murder; as today's lawyers argue that too much evidence is thrown out on technicalities, so too did the State's legal team argue this point; Appeals affirmed the Circuit ruling that the confession and testimony concerning it should be admissible
7/2/1873 Sprogle V. Allen 38 new trial ordered regarding mutual accounts; too many inconsistencies in the Circuit Court ruling
7/2/1873 Elliott v. Elliott 38 Appeals affirms the Circuit Court decision that Mr. Elliott should not be permitted to marry another woman so long as his first wife is alive; such was the ruling after it was proven that Mr. Elliott committed adultery and cohabitated with another woman while still legally married to Mrs. Elliott
12/17/1873 Annapolis and Elkridge 
Railroad Company v. Gantt
39 affirmed the Circuit Court decision about a fire caused by the engine of a freight train owned by the railroad company in question which ruined Gantt's fields; Gantt wants compensation; the Court argues that the onus is on the railroad company to prove that they were not negligent, not on Gantt to prove that it was; Gantt must be compensated 
7/1/1874 McBlair v. Bond 41 questions raised over the position of Adjutant General; when and how does the Governor remove the Adjutant General; McBlair thought he was eligible, but the Court of Appeals decided differently
2/27/1875 Berry v. Balt. & Drum Pt. Railroad Co. 41 Balt. & Drum Pt. RR Co. did not fulfill their charter to complete a new road; the company argues that there is no law that can nullify their charter;  Court of Appeals says that they did not do their work in time so their contract is void, which there is a statute to justify
3/3/1875 Jacobs v. Bealmear 41 Court dismisses the appeal requesting a rehearing of this case about equity practice
3/5/1875 Baron v. Higgins 41 reverses Circuit Court's decision concerning an audit
3/5/1875 Tiernan v. Hammond 41 case concerning fraudulent and irregular judgment
3/10/1875 Bannon v. Warfield 42 case concerning improper evidence and good faith
3/112/1875 Drury v. Briscoe 42 reverse of Circuit Court decision regarding the paying of a mortgage after a new mortgage was created without releasing the first
3/12/1875 Legg v. Annapolis 42 legislation passed in the House of Delegates allowing for an appointed Police Commissioner for the City of Annapolis; this same bill was somehow lost in the Senate; a new bill based on the old one was drafted and passed in the Senate; the debate in this case was over whether the legislation really became law since the Senate bill did not exactly match the earlier House bill; this petition arguing that they were separate was dismissed
6/22/1875 Ludwig v. Iglehart 43 Court of Appeals orders a new trial of this case concerning promissory notes
2/29/1876 Balt. City Pass. Co. v. McDonnell 43 a child was hit and injured by a Baltimore City Passenger Railway (BCPR) car; BCPR argued that the child was not being properly monitored; McDonnell and others argued that the car was speeding and that the driver was looking at a young lady on the sidewalk instead of watching the road;  the negligence in this case, therefore, was that of the BCPR employee, not the caretaker of the child
12/21/1875 Groome v. Gwinn 43 Gwinn received the majority of votes in the election for Attorney General of Maryland; his opponent contested the election; Gov. Groome believed that there could be good reason to contest this election, so he refused to commission Gwinn; Gwinn wanted the Circuit Court to issue a write of mandamus to force Gov. Groome to commission Gwinn; Court of Appeals does not think they should do anything to obstruct this constitutional right of the governor
6/15/1876 Smith v. Maryland 45 a merchant sold wine to a midshipman under the age of 21; the law against this was repealed before time to convict; although the act may have taken place while this law was still on the books, it was repealed before conviction, thus it cannot apply here
6/23/1876 Broll v. Maryland 45 case involving oyster policy violations
6/14/1877 Nutwell v. Nutwell 47 case regarding the purchase of land; conflict over proving a write of habere facias possessionem
6/13/1877 Stockett v. Goodman 47 case involving deeds and construction
6/19/1877 Light Street Bridge Co. v. Bannon 47 case involving contracts for the sale of land and purchasing one without obtaining a deed
2/20/1878 Moore v. State 47 Moore's tobacco was kept in a state-owned storage space which caught fire; Moore wanted compensation, but the State argued that it had no such responsibility because it was not in the warehouseman role; Court of Appeals agrees with the State
3/1/1878 County Comm'rs v. A & E RR Co. 47 case involving the taxing of the RR Co. 
6/27/1878 Gantt v. Grindall 49 case involving mortgages and foreclosures
12/19/1878 Bouldin v. Reynolds 50 case involving jurisdiction of equity
12/19/1878 Hall v. Bryan 50 case involving trusts and the right of a trustee to sue
2/7/1879 Harrison v. A.&E. RR Co. 50 Harrison and the other trustees tried to sell some of the RR's property; RR argues that the property cannot be sold because of the restraints of a technical mortgage; Harrison argues that there is no technical mortgage
7/15/1879 Maurice v. Worden 50 Maurice argued that he was "out of state" because he was on the territory that Annapolis recently ceded to the U.S. Government for the U.S. Naval Academy; he also calculated his time "out of state" to be three years after adding up the instances he was on said territory; Circuit Court and Court of Appeals decided that both of Maurice's arguments were invalid
2/11/1880 Hall v. Farmers Nat. Bank 52 case regarding contracts and construction
7/1/1880 County Coom'rs v. Duvall 54 a man was injured traveling on a road that was supposed to have been repaired by workers employed by the county; the question was whether the Road Supervisor was responsible or the Commissioners; Court of Appeals stated that it was the fault of the Road Supervisor for the employees under his direct control caused the accident through their negligence (case switched from AA County to Baltimore County to be heard)
7/2/1880 Sprigg v. State 54 case regarding bonds and the Governor's approval of them
12/16/1880 Jones v. Keating 55 two members of the Montgomery County Board of County School Commissioners did not agree with the new appointments made; they asked for injunction against the board, but it was not granted by the Circuit Court or Court of Appeals
3/18/1881 Owens v. Claytor 56 case regarding charges on real estate and annuities left in the will of a woman to her sons and niece
6/30/1881 Diffenderffer v. Griffith 57 validity of a will; after the death of one of the caveators before the complete trial what should happen?;  Court of Appeals orders a new trial
3/1/1882 Gaither v. Williams 57 case regarding the power of revocation reserved to grantors
3/2/1882 Harman v. Harwood 58 Harman disagreed with the Governor's decision to appoint someone to take his place as Register of Voters for the Fourth Election District; Harman asks for an order of injunction against Clerk Sprigg Harwood for delivering the registration books to the newly appointed Register John Lowman
3/22/1882 Anderson v. Levely 58 case regarding contested elections and the jurisdiction of the courts to decide such cases
7/12/1882 MD Agricultural College v. Keating 58 case regarding the legality behind the withdrawal of $1.00 from the endowment for the Maryland Agricultural College
10/27/1882 Handy v. Hopkins 59 case involving the contested County Commissioners election and what jurisdiction the Circuit Court has over such a case
2/9/1883 Bush v. Linthicum 59 case regarding the dissolution of a business partnership and a plea of infancy
3/8/1883 Goodwin v. White 59 case about fraudulent conveyances of a grantee toward the grantor
7/11/1882 Repp v. Berger 60 a brewery was built on a lot adjacent to a lot belonging to a baker and his family; damages were caused by the brewery which is what this case deals with (the conflict arose in Baltimore City, but the case was removed to AA Co Circuit Court)
3/29/1883 Annap. & Elk. RR Co. v. Baldwin 60 stray cattle hit  by cars of the A$E RR which damaged the cars; RR have the right of way on their roads so the fault was that of  the owner of the cattle for negligence resulting in the escaped cattle; new trial awarded
4/10/1883 Lusby v. Carr 60 case regarding the payment of taxes
5/4/1883 Halstead v. Hall 60 question over the meaning of "heir" in a will and whether or not a grand-daughter can take interest or estate during the life of her mother
6/20/1883 Ryninger v. Keating 60 case regarding the compensation of the officers of registration of voters - they are compensated for the time it takes to register names, and also for the time it takes to make and publish the lists of registered voters
12/13/1883 Girault v. Adams 61 case regarding mortgagees and the property and compensation rights of married women
12/13/1883 Hamilton v. State ex rel. Wells 61 dispute between Gov. Hamilton and a State Senator, George Wells (father of Clerk Wells), over a bill concerning oysterbeds; Wells argues that the bill became law because the Governor waited the constitutionality allotted time without signing the bill, thus making it law; Hamilton argues that he never received the original copy of the bill, as he by law should, but received only a copy, therefore nullifying Wells' argument
1/9/1884 Crisp v. Crisp 61 case regarding the construction of a will
2/28/1884 Scully v. Rose 61 digging of ore resulted in a case of trespassing
6/19/1884 Fowler v. Jacob 62 liability of married women in purchasing real estate
6/19/1884 Brown v. State and A&E R.R. Co. 62 railway mortgages
1/14/1885 State v. Bryant 63 conflict over the validity of warehouse receipts
2/6/1885 State v. Yewell 63 two conflicting laws concerning the sale of liquor to minors; one law allowed for parental permission (or permission from a naval officer if a midshipman) for minors wanting to purchase liquor, the other prohibited it all together
4/23/1885 Chesapeake Club v. State 63 another case concerning the sale of liquor and the "Local Option Law"
6/23/1885 State v. Insley 64 Writ of Error concerning oyster laws
7/22/1885 State v. Brown and A&E R.R. Co. 64 case concerning railroad bonds and deeds of trust
3/12/1886 Kernan v. State 65 Patrick Kernan was on trial for the murder of one Thomas Kernan; Thomas' son Edward J. Kernan testified to the violent behavior Patrick exhibited minutes prior to the murder of Thomas; Patrick's attorneys argued that such testimony should not be admissible because it was only used to present his character in a negative way; Court of Appeals disagrees with Patrick and states that the evidence is relevant because it discusses the frame of mind of Patrick leading up to the actual murder of Thomas (murder occurred in Baltimore, but the case was removed to AA County)
6/24/1886 Gambrill v. Forest Grove Lodge 66 case concerning wills and dying without heirs
12/17/1886 Conway v. Cook 66 case concerning the ownership of land by married women and husbands as the agents of  their wives
3/14/1888 Savings Institution v.Bannon 68 case regarding joint bonds
11/23/1888 Bannon v. Comegys 69 case involving the rights one has after he has sold his interests in lands;  if one has sold his interests and has assigned a mortgage, he cannot maintain a bill for partition and sale of the lands
2/5/1890 Wells v. Thomas 72 case concerning alleged illegal charges on property sold by Wells, as Count Treasurer, to Mr. Thomas
2/6/1890 Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line Railroad Co. v. Pumphrey 72 case in which a train hit and killed two mules; the owners of the mules wanted compensation for the loss, but the Court of Appeals found no negligence on the part of the A&B RR Co. so payment was ordered
3/18/1890 Maryland Grange Agency v. Lee 72 case concerning wills and payment of debts
3/19/1890 Chase v. Stockett 72 case concerning charitable payments as ordered in wills
1/22/1891 Scharf v. Tasker 73 case regarding the selling and taxation of unclaimed military lots in Allegany and Garrett Counties
2/20/1891 State v. Tracey 73 case concerning the indictment of Tracey who was accused of embezzlement 
3/24/1891 School Commissioners v. Gantt 73 School Commissioners argue that Gantt, the County Treasurer, cannot change the amount of money given to the school board once the county Board of Commissioners has already levied a certain amount
3/25/1891 Baltimore & Drum Pt. RR Co. v. Pumphrey 74 case concerning the county government holding stocks in the B&D Pt. RR Co. and what the effects are on taxpayers
3/16/1892 Ridgely v. State 75 Ridgely and his partner Melvin owned the Maryland Republican newspaper; they were accused of libel against Frank A. Bond, an election judge; Ridgely disputes the admissibility of some of the evidence used against him in this case; Court of Appeals upholds the Circuit Court decision, deciding against Ridgely
1/12/1893 Wailes v. Smith 76 questions raised over writ of mandamus; claims against the U.S. after part of the money the State paid the U.S. government in taxes was refunded
1/12/1893 Givens v. State 76 it was required for the Clerk of the Court to ask jury members if they agreed with the decision of the jury as a whole; if this process is omitted, a new trial may be ordered; Givens was found guilty of dredging for oysters outside of the permitted waters of the Chesapeake Bay, but the jury was never questioned by the clerk as required; Court of Appeals agrees with Givens that a new trial should take place since this omission
3/14/1894 Taylor v. State 79 Taylor was accused of violating oyster laws; he was tried in AA Co. Circuit Court, but he argues that he should have been tried in Talbot County, his home county, and the county whose waters he was in at the time of the alleged crime; Court of Appeals does not find sufficient evidence that he was in Talbot County
4/5/1874 Brown v. Bragunier 79 this case deals with the governor's power to commission and revoke commissions
6/21/1894 Brayshaw v. Ridout 79 Brayshaw argues that he has a right to be registered in his parish, but that the parish register, Ridout, refused to allow this to occur
11/22/1894 Hunt v. Gontrum 80 case regarding the liability of trustees
12/18/1894 Bottomly v. Bottomly 80 John A. Bottomly was accused by Thomas F. Bottomly of some terrible actions which resulted in his discharge from his job; John accused Thomas of libel 

12/18/1894 Annapolis v. Howard 80 question of whether habeas corpus cases can result in appeals or writs of error
12/19/1894 Crook v. B&O RR 80 case concerning warranties of machines
3/1/1894 Acton v. State of Maryland 80 Acton was charged with illegally constructing a house; Acton argued that the land on which he built the house was not part of nor under the jurisdiction of AA County; Court of Appeals did not agree with Acton's pleas
3/26/1895 Revell v. Annapolis 81 controversy arose in funding a new school building in Annapolis; differences in taxation among election districts to provide funding for the school construction
6/18/1895 Stearns v. State 81 Stearns is accused of running a house for betting on horse races; he appeals on technicalities relating to duplicity
6/19/1895 Owens v. Owens 81 case involving malicious prosecution and testimony of the foreman in a grand jury
6/19/1895 Gray v. Farmers' Bank 81 case concerning the authority of bank cahiers and the liability of surety on notes
6/18/1895 Melvin v. Aldridge 81 case concerning the commission of real estate agents
3/26/1896 Peterson v. State 83 Peterson accused of selling beer to Robert R. Cook, a minor; he argues that it was the general consideration that Cook was in fact of age and that he had heard the minor say so in previous conversations; while on the stand, he was asked if he had presented himself as twenty-one years of age; this question was objected to by the state and sustained by the judge; the Court of Appeals found that the question should have been permitted because it provided evidence of the character of the witness
3/26/1896 Claude v. Handy 83 selling of land before partition
6/161896 Turner v. Bryan 83 case concerning voter registration
4/16/1896 Munroe v. Wells 83 Wells' election to the position of Clerk of the Court was contested by his opponent; the election was declared invalid, but no new election was held because of a technicality in new state law
10/28/1896 Turner v. Crosby 85 case concerning voter registration
2/24/1897 Ijams v. Duvall 85 case concerning the contested election of an Orphan's Court judge
4/1/1897 Randall v. Randall 85 case concerning financial matters between husband and wife
4/1/1897 Harbor Co. v. Smith 85 case involving the recording of an agreement about property with joint owners
4/30/1897 Baker v. Hedrich 85 ownership rights and earnings of married women
6/24/1897 Jones v. Monroe 86 what state law allows for in municipal elections in Annapolis
10/20/1897 Wells v. Munroe 86 relates to the earlier case, Munroe v. Wells; Munroe argues that when elected in 1895, he was only elected to serve the rest of Bannon's term so that he should be eligible for a full six-year term if elected in 1897
4/1/1898 South Baltimore Harbor and Improvement Co. of Anne Arundel County et al. v. Russell and Meushaw 87 conflict over the dedication of a public square in the town of Brooklyn in AA County
6/29/1898 Russell v. Werntz 88 Family dispute over distributing the estate of a deceased family member
12/21/1898 Wilson v. Fowler 88 Case concerning the conduct of a sheriff for an execution of a writ; the sheriff forbade Wilson from picking, shipping, or selling his crops of  peaches and corn, but instead let them rot until they were worthless
6/21/99 Cheston v. Cheston 89 Dispute over a good faith contract about selling land; Mrs. Cheston rescinded on the contract after deciding that the land she was selling to her brother-in-law was in fact part of a trust for her children and therefore not available for sale
12/9/1899 School Commissioners v. Goldsborough 90 Case addresses the status of school commissioners as civil officers
11/15/1900 Davidson v. Brice 91 Dispute over the position of County Treasurer; also addresses the oath of office
12/13/1900 Talbott v. Leatherbury 92 Requirements for filing a bond
6/13/1901 Brashears v. Orme 93 Case addresses the mental stability of Thomas Orme in regard to writing his will; Wallace Orme questioned the mental capacity of Thomas Orme because he attempted suicide years before making his will
10/29/1901 Davis v. O'Berry 93 Registration of a voter when switching precinct
1/16/1902 Davis v. O'Berry (Memoranda) 93 Appeal dismissed because facts were not properly certified
11/22/1901 Seick v. State 94 Case concerning the selling of liquor to minors; Seick was previously convicted of the crime, but the law does not specify that the second sentence should be more strict than the first
1/16/1902 Hall v. Anne Arundel County 94 Case concerning labor on county roads not completed under contract
1/16/1902 Bembe v. Anne Arundel County 94 Case concerning the county's failure to repair a bridge; this bridge was Bembe's only way to get to and from his property; since he was the only one effected by the bridge's condition, questions arose as to what the solution should be and for how much the county was responsible
1/16/1902 Bembe vs. Anne Arundel County 94 Case concerning the same bridge as the previous case; this one asks for a write of mandamus to compel the county to repair the bridge
1/17/1902 Plummer v. Shepherd 94 Dispute over those mentioned in a will
1/17/1902 Bourke v. Boone 94 Dispute over the distribution of real estate in a will
1/17/1902 Arnold v. Fowler 94 Case relates to the Wilson v. Fowler case of 1898 in Volume 88; concerns the sale of a crop of peaches belonging to Fowler
3/7/1902 Beasley v. Ridout 94 Supervision of the county jail; dispute over whether it should be supervised by the Sheriff or by a Board of Visitors who should appoint a warden
3/6/1902 Bannon v. Shekell 94 Concerns the shooting of fowl in the county
11/20/1902 Washington Bldg. Assn. v. Andrews 95 Case concerning usury
4/1/1902 Brown v. Brooke 95 Dispute over the power of state officials in determining terms of county commissioners
4/1/1902 State v. Ward 95 Jurisdiction of AA Circuit Court in appeals from the judgment of the Justice of Peace
4/1/1903 Shriver v. Hering 97 Funding for colored schools in the state; dispute over the amount of money given to these schools should be based on the population of both colored and white children or just on the amount of white school age children

1/22/1903 East Brooklyn Box Co. v. Nudling (no number in original) 96 Disagreement over who is to blame for Nudling's injury while operating machinery at the East Brooklyn Box Co.; Nudling charges that the injury resulted because of his supervisor's premature starting of the steam split saw while Nudling was still filing the saw; the company argues that the accident occurred because of Nudling's lack of knowledge about the machine in use

4/1/1903  Henkel v. Millard  97  Addresses the requirements of who can sell prescription drugs and where they can be sold
4/1/1903 Shriver v. Hering 97 Shriver asked for a writ of mandamus commanding Comptroller Hering to appropriate money for school districts based on the size of the white student population instead of on the size of the entire student population; Shriver's request was denied
6/29/1903 B.F. Smith Fire Proof Construction v. Munroe, et. al.  97 Taxpayers of AA County filed a bill of complaint against the Smith Company and the AA County Board of Commissioners trying to prevent the spending of taxpayer  money on constructing a fire-proof vault in which to keep the records of the Clerk of the Court
12/4/1903 Dunlap v. Gipson 98 Dispute over ownership of land
2/19/1904 Murdoch v. Strange 99 Election law case concerning the intent of the voter when submitting blank ballots; Strange claims that he had won the election for Market Manager, but Murdoch disagrees and believes that he should still hold the position until someone else is officially elected
3/23/1904 Martin v. Moore, 99 Prisoner in the House of Correction, Martin, charged that he was unjustly beaten by two guards at the facility under the supervision of Moore; Court found that Martin did not have enough evidence to support his case and that his charge against Moore as responsible for the actions of his employees was weakly based
6/9/1904 County Commissioners of AA County v. Baltimore Sugar Refining Company 99 Tax assessment conflict between the County and the Baltimore Sugar Refining Company
11/17/1904 Snyder v. Jones 99 Conflict within family over property of the father who died without a will
1/13/1905 Thompson, et al.  v. Williams, et al. 100 Family conflict over money Williams owed to his daughter, Thompson 
3/21/1905 County Commissioners of Alleghany County v. Edwin Warfield, Governor of Maryland 100 County Commissioners filed for a writ of mandamus ordering the Governor to send to the Alleghany Court Clerk a statute they alleged was passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor; the Governor argued that after signing the bill, he immediately erased his signature; the Court of Appeals found in favor of the Governor
3/22/1905 Rullman, et al. v. Winterling, et al. 101 Creditor bill for the sale of Rullman's real estate to pay off the debt owed by Rullman at the time of his death
3/23/1905 Edwin Warfield, Governor of Maryland v. Vandiver 101 Conflict over properly initiating and passing a proposal to amend the Maryland Constitution
10/19/1905 Revell, et al. v. Hollladay, et al., Board of Supervisors of Elections 102 Case addresses the power of political parties' central committees in deciding when primary elections can occur
1/11/1906 Maryland Agricultural College v. Atkinson, Comptroller 102 Dispute over the funding necessary to pay professors and for other costs for the College
6/15/1906 Fulton, et al. v. Parlett and Parlett 104 Dispute over lien claim and the selling of real estate
12/21/1906 Annapolis, Washington, and Balitmore Railroad Co. v. Stateuse Clara E. Hickox 104 Case involves the death of Mr. Hickox, which Miss Hickox charged was the result of negligence of the Annapolis, Washington, and Baltimore Railroad Co.; Hickox argued that the conductor of the train in question failed to blow its whistle, thus Mr. Hickox entered the roadway unaware of the oncoming train that would hit his buggy; Court of Appeals found that the conductor did follow all necessary precautions, thus freeing the railroad from any responsibility for the accident
4/24/1907 Singer Sewing Machine Co. v. Lee 105 Dispute over exchange of money between Singer and Lee after Singer took over Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine Company
6/25/1907 Buchanan Schley, State Tax Commissioner v. Lee, et al. 106 Montgomery County residents have dispute over tax assessment for the year 1907
6/25/1907 Buchanan Schley, State Tax Commissioner v. County Commissioners of Montgomery County 106 Same as previous case, this time filed  by the County Commissioners instead of by Montgomery County taxpayers
11/15/1907 Stewart, et al. v. Workingmen's Building and Loan Association of Annapolis 106 Conflict over the sale of mortgaged property
12/4/1907 Jeffers, Harwood, et al. v. Mayor, Counselors, and Alderman of the City of Annapolis 107 Annapolis residents upset over the construction of a railroad track filed suit against the City for allowing the Annapolis, Washington, and Baltimore Railroad Co. to build the new road along their property
1/8/1908 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. State of Maryland, Use of Matilda Stansbury 107 (tried in Baltimore County, but involves road in Anne Arundel County) State filed suit against AA County Commissioners, for Mrs. Stansbury, because of an accident occurring on a drawbridge crossing the Severn River; Mr. Stansbury tried to cross said bridge, but subsequently fell into the river and drowned; the state charged that AA County had failed to establish a system of proper warning for the drawing of a bridge, thus causing Stansbury's accident; the AA County Commissioners therefore owed compensation to the Stansbury family for both past losses and prospective losses as a direct result of this accident
1/15/1908 Stehle, Jr., et al. v. United Surety Co. 107 Dispute over contract
3/5/1908 Johns v. Carroll 107 Question of whether it can be established that Samuel Carroll paid for the property in question himself even though the deed is in the name of Delilah Johnson
3/6/1908 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Ridgely P. Melvin 107 Melvin, Esq. was hired by the Boards of Registry and Supervisors of Elections of AA County, but he argued that he did not receive proper compensation for his services; the County argued that the City of Annapolis should pay the fees because his services were used in a municipal case; Court of Appeals found in favor of Melvin
1/20/1909 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County and Walter W. Crosby Engineer, Etc. v. United Railways and Electric Company 109 Dispute over the paving of First Street (Light Street) in the village of Brooklyn
1/27/1909 Annapolis Gas and Electric Light Company v. Oscar Fredericks 109 Fredericks brought suit against the Annapolis Gas and Electric Light Company because he charged that its wires were not maintained properly and subsequently burned him as he was crossing the bridge between Eastport and Annapolis; he claimed that after a gust of wind he reached to grab his hat and instead touched a live wire; the Court of Appeals found that errors had been made in the previous hearing of the case and thus ordered a re-trial
5/20/1909 Nutwell v. County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 110 Nutwell, resident and tax payer of AA County argues that the new law concerning the licensing of vehicles has a misleading title that does not reflect the entire content of the law
6/28/1909 Brady, et al. v. Brady 110 Dispute over receiving cash from a transaction at Farmer's National Bank
6/30/1909 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Carr 111 Carr had sued the County Commissioners of AA County for an accident that occurred as a result of the County Commissioners not maintaining the public roads and bridges; as Carr was crossing a public bridge in the county, her horse fell through, resulting in "great bodily pain" for  Carr; the County Commissioners; the Commissioners argued that they were not responsible for maintaining roads, nor for compensation to Carr; these were  instead the responsibility of the Board of Road Commissioners; the Commissioners further argued that the bridge in question was not public; a new trial was ordered by the Court of Appeals
6/30/1909 Thrift v. Bannon 111 Conflict over deeds of land
1/14/1910 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Watts 112 Dispute over the upkeep of a public bridge in the county; Watts was hired by the County to build piers along the Patapsco River, but Watts argued that he could not do the work because the bridges he needed to traverse with his labor and equipment to get to his work sites were not fit for travel, thus preventing construction
2/2/1910 Annapolis Gas and Electric Light Company v. Fredericks 112 This case is a result of the retrial ordered by the Court of Appeals in 1909; Fredericks was rewarded $400 after the second hearing of this case in the Circuit Court; again, the Court of Appeals found that errors had been made and thus ordered a re-trial
6/23/1910 Schapiro, et al. v. Howard, et al. 113 Dispute over inheritance
1/10/1911 Duvall v. Maryland Electric Railway Co. 114 Dispute over meeting the deadline of submitting the transcript of the case heard in the Circuit Court; the plea for the Court of Appeals case to hear the case was denied
1/11/1911 Zell v. Dunaway 115 Conflict over an assault was planned and committed with  malicious  intention of inflicting bodily harm, or whether said assault occurred only in self-defense
1/12/1911 Leitch, et al. v. Leitch, et al. 114 Dispute over the competence of witnesses to a will and what should happen to real estate mentioned in the will in question
2/23/1911 Marden v. Leimbach and Wife 115 Dispute over the sale of land from Leimbach to Marden; Marden objects to the title offered because it was "not good and marketable"
6/23/1911 Arundel Realty Company v. Maryland Electric Railways Co. 116 Arundel Realty Company had purchased an area of land close to Baltimore in which to build "suburban homes;" ARC had an agreement with the Maryland Electric Railways Company that they could transport needed labor and materials to the building site at a reduced rate; ARC filed suit against the Maryland Electric Railroad Company because it increased rates from the earlier reduced rate agreement; Court of Appeals found that there was no set length of time for the reduced rate agreement, thus the Maryland Electric Railways Co. could end the reduced rates at any time
6/23/1911 Hillers v. Taylor 116 Case of adultery; the adulteress charged that the man she was illicitly involved with purposely spoke to her husband in order to break up the marriage
11/15/1911 Meyer v. Frenkil 116 removed to AA County from Charles Co.; Frenkil filed suit against Meyer to receive payment for services completed in a house in Baltimore City owned by Meyer
11/24/1911 Queen, Green, and Johnson v. State of Maryland 116 Case concerning the jurisdiction of AA County justices in criminal cases
1/9/1912 Jessup v. State of Maryland 117 Case dealing with the sale of alcohol at Carvel Hall in Annapolis to minors
1/9/1912 Board of County School Commissioners in Anne Arundel County v. Henkel, Strange, and Moss 117 The three appellees had asked the AA Circuit Court to issue a writ of mandamus for the Board to appoint six district trustees for the white public school system, as six vacancies existed; the School Commissioners argued that the laws the appellees were citing were outdated and that no vacancies existed
7/10/1912 Claude v. Wayson??? 118
12/5/1912 Board of Commissioners of Howard County v. Pindell 119 Pindell brought suit against the Commissioners of Howard County as she and her horse were injured while traveling on a public road in Howard County
12/7/1912 Sunderland and Sunderland v. Braun Packing Company 119 Conflict over money owed to the Sunderlands from the Braun Packing Company
1/14/1913 Graham, et al. v. Cooper 119 Graham filed suit against Cooper who was hired to build a cottage for Graham in Wardour; Cooper continued to miss deadlines on completing the cottage; Graham finally moved in, but found that the cottage did not meet his standards, and thus refused to pay Cooper
1/15/1913 Chaney, et al. v. County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 119 A group of AA County citizens filed for an enjoinder against the County Commissioners ordering the construction of a wharf along the South River; citizens argued that there was no demand for such a pier and that large boats needing to get to the wharf would not be able to get through the shallow waters, thus causing damage to the territory in this area
1/15/1913 Dawson v. Maryland Electric Railway 119 Dawson charged that the Maryland Electric Railway was not properly maintaining its cars, nor did it provide enough seating for its customers; on his ride between Annapolis and Baltimore he suffered bodily injury when the train suddenly jerked, throwing Dawson forward into an open door that closed and crushed his fingers; the Court of Appeals did not see that this was the fault of the Maryland Electric Railway
2/27/1913 McDowell v. Beddison and Beddison 120 Conflict over a fence in the road to the Lake Shore Post Office
4/25/1913 Vandiver, Treasurer of Maryland v. Fidelity Savings Bank of Frostburg, Lonaconing Savings Bank of Allegany County, and Commercial Savings Bank of Cumberland 120 The banks in this case were not following the latest statutes concerning enlarging banking powers
6/24/1913 Brunt v. Farinholt-Meredith 121 ???
11/12/1913 Graham, Secretary of State v. Wellington, et al. 121 Three candidates, for U.S. Senator, Comptroller, and Clerk of the Court of Appeals, wanted a writ of mandamus requiring the Secretary of State to put their names on the ballot; these three candidates were members of the Progressive Party
12/2/1913 Martin v. Martins 121 Dispute over the account of Louisa May Martin, deceased; the husband claims rights to the amount of money in the bank under Louisa's name, while the children of Louisa disagree that Mr. Martin should be able to claim that sum of money as his own
12/6/1913 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Collison 122 Collison brought suit against the County Commissioners because the road in which he was traveling was littered with tree and bush cuttings that made the road too narrow for two horse and buggy vehicles to pass; as a result, Collison's horse was hit and killed by another horse and buggy while passing along this narrow road
1/14/1914 Amos, et al. v. Abromaitis 122 Dispute over ownership of a farm in AA County
1/15/1914 Nowell v. Harrington, Comptroller of the State of Maryland 122 Dispute over money owed to Nowell as a result of a boat accident while guarding Herring Bay
10/28/1914 Duvall v. Ridout 124 Conflict over the use of a roadway
2/11/1915 Fidelity Savings Bank of Frostburg, et al.  v. Vandiver, Treasurer of Maryland 125 Case relates to an application for a writ of mandamus requiring Vandiver to give the three banks in Allegany County the bonds earlier given to the Treasurer
2/17/1915 Purnell v. State Board of Education and Shriver 125 Purnell had applied for a writ of mandamus to remove Shriver from the State Board of Education and put himself f in that place

4/14/1915 Sunderland, Sunderland, and Childs v. Ebeling, Ebling, and Stockett 125 Dispute over the transfer and validity of a deed of land
4/16/1915 Overton v. Harrington, Comptroler of the State of Maryland 126 Dispute over the issuance of a fishing license for catching a non-food fish, menhaden, with a pocket net instead of the legal mesh net
5/7/1915 Magruder, et al. v. State Road Commission 125 Dispute with the State Road Commission over the distribution of funds in constructing roads through Prince George's and Anne Arundel County
5/12/1915 State Tax Commissioner v. Harrington, Comptroller of the State of Maryland 126 Dispute over the paying of salaries to two members of the State Tax Commission
6/23/1915 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County and Joshua S. Linthicum, late Treasurer v. Mayor, Counselor, and Alderman of the City of Annapolis and the Annapolis Water Company 126 Dispute over the payment of taxes by the Annapolis Water Company
12/4/1915 Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis Railroad Company, etc. v. Moss 127 Case about breach of contract; removed to Howard County Circuit Court
1/12/1916 Abromatis v. Amos, et al. 127 Dispute over property rights; removed to Baltimore County
4/5/1916 Hohberger & Shacks v. United Heating Co. 128 United Heating Co. wanted to claim a lien for the property of Hohberger and Shacks; the company claimed that they should have this lien because of money owed to them for installing water heaters to the Hohberger and Shacks property
6/23/1916 Williams v. Armiger and Brother 129 Dispute over the possession of a deed
6/23/1916 Stoll v. Smith, Mewshaw, and Mewshaw 129 This case developed as a result of a request for the Court to enforce a contract of sale for land in AA County
1/11/1917 Werntz and Evans v. Wells and Strahorn 130 Case concerning the financing of the construction of a road between Baltimore and Annapolis
1/17/1917 Dugan v. Howard 130 Problem with the installation of heating and plumbing in a house being constructed for Miss Dugan
2/2/1917 Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis Electric Railroad Company v. Moss 130 Removed from AA County to Howard County; 
6/27/1917 Cromwell v. Chance Marine Construction Co. 131 Cromwell purchased a motorboat from the Chance Marine Construction Co., but was not satisfied with his purchase, as it did not contain the proper motor; when Cromwell tried to return it, Chance would not accept it
6/28/1917 Gischell v. Ballman and Wife 131 The Ballmans wanted the proper payment from Gischell for land he purchased from them; the problem was that the death Ballman's father created controversy as to who possessed the land and who should carry through the purchase
11/15/1917 Annapolis Public Utilities Co. v. Martin 131 Dispute between Martin, a restaurateur on West St., and the Annapolis Public Utilities Co.; Martin charged that the company maliciously turned off the gas supply to his restaurant; the company argued that they had given warning of such cessation, and furthermore argued that Martin owed the company money for his gas supply
12/13/1917 Blick v. Cockins 131 Case removed from St. Mary's County to AA County, then removed to Baltimore City; concerns compensation for delinquent promissory notes
1/15/1918 Howard and Howard v. Randall 131 No description given; Circuit Court decision affirmed
1/16/1918 Green and Stockett v. Redmond and Redmond 132 Dispute over mortgage
4/3/1918 Baltimore Car Foundry Company v. Ruzicka 132 Ruzicka, the widow of Mr. Ruzicka an employee of the Baltim ore Car Foundry Company, was killed when crushed by moving cars while crossing the tracks at work; the company argued that Ruzicka's act of walking across that tracks was willful misconduct, but Ruzicka argued that it was not forbidden for employees to cross the tracks; Ruzicka wanted to receive worker's compensation benefits, but could not unless there was no willful misconduct 
6/19/1918 Boynton, et al. v. Remson, et al. 133 Conflict arose when two mortgages were sold for the same property at rival auctions
6/20/1918 McMullen v. Shepherd 133 Question of the salary of the Land Commissioner
7/30/1918 McGraw v. Merryman, Treasurer of Baltimore County 133 Controversy over annexing territory
11/21/1918 McDonald v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 133 Removed from AA County to Carroll County; lease dispute
1/16/1919 Snowden v. State of Maryland 133 Removed from Anne Arundel County to Baltimore County; appeal sought by Snowden after he was found guilty of first degree murder of a young woman and sentenced to hanging; Court of Appeals found no errors in the Circuit Court judgment
1/16/1919 Swift v. Cook, et al. 133 Dispute over property left in a will
6/24/1919 Evans, Grand Master of United Grand Lodge v. Brown, et al. 134 Grand Master of the Masons removed the lodge rights of  Brown, et al. after their role in the Universal Lodge No.14 Free and Accepted Masons v. Valentine case; the Grand Master argued that Brown, et al. had released Masonic secrets while talking to authorities about the case; Brown, et al. asked that such removal of rights be declared null and void
6/24/1919 Universal Lodge No. 14 Free and Accepted Masons v. Valentine 134 This group of Masons sought action against Valentine, Master of a local branch of Masons; Valentine had a meeting that violated the group's charter during which an agreement was made to purchase property to be used to construct a new home for this  branch of the Masons.
6/25/1919 Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, Phillips, and the American Feeding Co. v. Sackett, et al. 135 Residents of AA County pursued legal action against the City of Baltimore because they opposed the use of nearby AA County farmland for the storage of garbage and a piggery to consume the garbage
6/25/1919 Strange, Mayor of Annapolis v. Levy 134 Controversy over making the president of the Annapolis Water Company an appointed municipal position; such an act would also make the City Counselor and one of the aldermen directors of the Annapolis Water Company
11/21/1919 Gale v. Keech, et al. 135 Conflict over the intent of a will which granted property to Mrs. Gale, the appellant's late mother
12/10/1919 Strohmeyer v. Remson and Remson 135 Dispute over the sale of a mortgage
6/18/1920 Wilson v. Yates 137 Yates sought legal action against Wilson for injuries suffered; Wilson interfered with the plumbing and water fixtures in Yates' kitchen, leaving the floor covered with water; the weather was cold, which froze the water, resulting in a sheet of ice across Yates' kitchen floor; upon entering the room, she fell and received numerous injuries
11/17/1920 Mitchell, et al. v. Slye 137 Removed from Charles County; dispute over a will; Slye's daughter, whose will is in question; was a lunatic and thus was of sound mind to make a valid will
1/13/1921 Owens v. Moss, et al. 137 No background given; per curiam opinion
4/8/1921 Potee v. County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 138 Potee sought a writ of mandamus to receive compensation for several months in service as Police Justice of the Fifth District of Anne Arundel County
1/13/1922 Karupka, et al.  v. Zoph 140 Conflict over carrying out a contract of sale of real estate
1/25/1922 Texas Company v. U.S. Asphalt Refining Co., et al. 140 Dispute over a strip of land in Curtis Bay on which both companies hold property
6/23/1922 Howes v. State of Maryland  141 Howes was accused of selling intoxicating liquors without a license; 
7/18/1922 Waring, et al. v. Stinchcomb, et al.  141 Bitter land dispute between neighbors; conflict arose when water washed
out beaches on one side of a creek and created a new beach across the
1/11/1923 Marx v. Reinecke 142 Removed to AA County from Baltimore County; dispute with the executor
of a will, Marx, who was withholding a sum of money from Reinecke
3/16/1923 Ball v. Disney 143 Dispute over a mortgage that was not sold with proper description; the land
was advertised as a whole, but was in truth a development divided into
several pieces
3/16/1923 Sunderland v. McAbee 143 Dispute over the sale of property
6/26/1923 Maryland Lumber Co. v. Eckhardt 143 The Maryland Lumber Company sought a lien for the property of Eckardt;
Maryland Lumber claims that it supplied Eckhardt with many supplies for the
construction of a house; Eckhardt did not pay his bill, thus Maryland Lumber
sought payment through this lawsuit
2/1/1924 Pryor v. Pryor 146 No background given; judgment affirmed
2/13/1924 O'Brecht v. State of Maryland 145 The State of Maryland accused O'Brecht of obstructing a pubic roadway;
O'Brecht placed trees, wood, etc. in the middle of the roadway between Benfield
Road and Oyster Shell Landing;  dispute over the road in question was in fact
public; new trial ordered
1/16/1925 Tomlinson v. Dille 147 Dispute over a lease
2/26/1925 Maryland State Fair, Inc. v. Schmidt, et al. 147 Dispute over land use of 4 1/2 acres 
3/20/1925 Kramme v. Mewshaw 147
6/11/1925 Fletcher v. Meredith, et al. 148 Fletcher was struck by a truck belonging to Meredith's lumber company one
evening in Parole; the dispute is over whether Dorsey, the man who was driving
the truck that hit Fletcher, was on the job at the time of the accident, and thus
whether Meredith is responsible for the accident
6/30/1925 Block, et al. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, et al. 149 Block and neighbors brought suit against the City Council of Baltimore for depositing large amounts of garbage and dead animals on an area of land in AA County; Block, et al. described the great nuisances and damages this depositing caused, including swarms of flies around the garbage which, along with maggots, make their way into nearby homes; a foul smell was also produced, as was much water  pollution that prevented anyone from swimming or fishing in the surrounding water; Court of Appeals reversed the decree from the Circuit Court
3/10/1926 Robbins, et al. v. Dorsey 150
4/6/1926 Gross v. King 150 Dispute over a deed for land
4/71926 Boyle v. Maryland State Fair, Inc. 150 Case related to Maryland State Fair, Inc. v. Schmidt, et al. regarding land issues 
6/29/1926 Meredith v. Washington Loan and Trust Co., Trustee, et al. 151 Request for a bill of sale for land so that it could be partitioned 
12/8/1926 Stieff v. Wilson 151 Wilson's mother purchased a piano from Mr. Guise; Guise delayed in its delivery, and when it was delivered he brought a different brand than had been ordered; this piano that was delivered had been purchased from Mr. Stieff; Stieff tried to get possession of the piano again, but Wilson disapproved
1/27/1927 Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis Electric Railway Co. v. Fitch 152 Miss Fitch sought legal action against the railroad company because while leaving a train car during one winter day, she slipped and was injured; she claimed that the company was negligent in that it did not properly clean off ice and snow from the train steps; the slippery surface left by such negligence caused Fitch's accident; the railroad claimed that there was no negligence
3/23/1927 McGehee v. McGehee 152 Family dispute over the property of Mr. H. Webster McGehee, of South Carolina; McGehee owned land in AA County
4/8/1927 Union Trust Co. v. Biggs 153 Union Trust Co. and Biggs disputed over money owed to them by Mary W. F. Spears
6/10/1927 Strahorn, et al.  v. Rowe, et al. 153 Family dispute over a will
7/9/1927 Bilbrey v. Strahorn 153 Case relating to the previous disputed will case
1/18/1928 Ebling, et al.  v. Brewer 154 Conflict over the sale and commission of real estate along the Severn River
7/16/1928 Winebrenner, Secretary of State v. Salmon 155 Case addressing a voting referendum of a proposed gas tax law
1/17/1929 Greif v. Teas 156 Dispute about  the right of way over a road adjacent to one's land
3/21/1929 Wolf v. Johnson 157 Mr. Johnson died, having left a promissory note with Wolf for $1100; Mrs. Johnson argued that the promissory note had not been properly signed
4/17/1929 Barnard v. Godfrey 157 Dispute over the custody of to children
5/24/1929 Grangers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Blieve 157 Blieve wished to collect insurance money after a fire destroyed tobacco stored on her farm
10/30/1929 Rosenstein v. Hynston, et al. 157 Dispute over the payments for a player piano
3/12/1930 Woodruff v. Linthicum, et al. 158 Question over the validity of Mrs. Linthicum's will; Mr. Linthicum had an adulterous relationship with another woman, thus it seemed odd that Mrs. Linthicum would be generous toward Mr. Linthicum in her will
5/15/1930 Hillwood v. Hillwood 159 Divorce case in which Mrs. Hillwood accused her husband of poisoning her; Mrs. Hillwood continued to remain at home despite alleged poison and other alleged abuses; evidence of poisoning was weak
5/15/1930 Cityco Realty Co. v. Mayor, Counselor, and Aldermen of the City of Annapolis 159 Cityco sought action against the City of Annapolis because of the pollution in Spa Creek that came from the city's sewer system; Cityco could not sell the lots it established in the Silopanna region of town because of the foul odors from the nearby polluted Creek
1/13/1931 Colburn, et al. v. Ellers, et al. 160 Family dispute over a deed of land made by the late Mr. Colburn; he left the house to one of his daughters, but other members of the family argued that he was not in the right mental state to execute a valid deed
1/13/1931 Harman v. Hurst 160 Dispute over the validity of a deed
4/24/1931 Kleis, et al.  v. Katchef 160 Kleis and his wife ignored the restrictions of the property of Mr. Katchef
1/12/1932 Whitehurst v. Barnett 161 Conflict over who had the right to lease property to Mr. Barnett
6/20/1932 Drury, et al. v. State Capital Bank of the Eastern Shore Trust Company 163 Case regarding indebtedness
10/20/1932 Callahan v. State of Maryland 163 Callahan was convicted of charges of selling intoxicating liquors without a proper permit; he claimed that authorities violated proper search and seizure guidelines, but the Court of Appeals did not agree with Callahan
3/20/1933 Chabeaux v. Chabeaux 164 Mr. Chabeaux sought an end to his marriage with Mrs. Chabeaux on grounds that she deserted him; Mrs. Chabeaux argued that the initial separation had been mutual, and further argued that Mr. Chabeaux was not a resident of AA County, thus presenting a jurisdiction issue
3/21/1933 Grangers Mutual Fire Insurance Company v. Farmers National Bank 164 These two companies were competing for the surplus money from a mortgage foreclosure
4/20/1933 Maryland State Fair, Inc. v. Henderson 164 Ms. Henderson was injured by wire while attending the horse races at the Maryland State Fair and sought compensation for this accident
5/26/1933 Hart v. Hart 165 Dispute over money owed to Beatrice Hart by Walter Hart
6/27/1933 Rawlings, et al. v. Russell 165 Dispute over the holding of primary elections for the City of Annapolis
1/17/1934 Davis v. Board of Education of Anne Arundel County 166 Board of Ed. obtained a title for an area of land to be used as an alleyway, subject to the right of Ms. Davis; instead, the Board of Ed. constructed a schoolhouse
1/30/1934 State, for Use of the Board of Welfare v. Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 166 Case concerning the payment of prison guards for prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment and to death
1/30/1934 Edwards, et al. v. State, Use of Moses Guy, et al. 166 Case of driver negligence in which Mrs. Guy was struck and killed by a car driven by Edwards on a rainy, foggy night 
4/3/1934 County Commissioners for Anne Arundel County v. Anskiver 166 Tried in Baltimore County Circuit Court
4/26/1934 Lutz v. State of Maryland; Siegert v. State of Maryland 167 Lutz and Siegert contest conviction of running bawdy houses; Court sides with the state
4/26/1934 Stallings, et al. v. Annapolis Savings Institution, et al. 167 Annapolis Savings Institution tried to foreclose on Stallings and auction the property at the courthouse
6/13/1934 Kay, et al. v. State of Maryland 167 Kay was charged with intent to break into a warehouse; he tried to contest the charges, but the Court of Appeals sided with the state
1/16/1935 Davis v. Board of Education 168 Davis wanted to present new arguments against the Board of Education, but the Court of Appeals would not allow it
4/3/1935 Hughes v. Svboda 168 Hughes was to collect money from a claim against Svboda, but Svboda did not believe that he had to meet Hughes' demand
4/11/1935 Tidewater Oil Company, et al. v. County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 168 Petroleum supplies of the Tidewater Oil Company had decreased so much that the company did not agree with the county's outdated tax assessment
5/22/1935 Bushong, et al. v. Clark, Administratrix 168 Relatives of the late Mr. Bushong were at odds with Mrs. Clark, Administratrix of Bushong's estate
12/5/1935 Seaboard Terminals Corporation v. American Oil Company; American Oil Company v. Seaboard Terminals Corporation 168 Breach of contract and payment of debts
2/20/1936 Henry B. Myers Company v. Annapolis Banking and Trust Company 170 Dispute between these two companies for rights over the failing Arundel Supply Company
4/9/1936 Stephenson, et al. v. Upper Ashburton Realty Company, Inc, et al. 170 Dispute over the buying and selling of land
4/9/1936 Greenhawk v. Quimby, et al. 170 Conflict over the signature on a will
5/19/1936 Jacobs v. Jacobs 170 Family dispute; Mrs. Jacobs abandoned her husband and he sought a divorce on that basis; he also sought action because Mrs. Jacobs and the couple's two sons were trying to take over his property in AA County; he also alleged that the two sons were beating him
6/10/1936 Mead v. Gilbert, et al. 170 Execution of deeds of property while in sick body and mind
6/10/1936 Serio v. Serio 170 Mr. Serio returned to his homeland for two months, and after returning he became violent with his wife; she left the home and took up residence elsewhere; Mr. Serio then sought a divorce and custody of the couple's two children; Mrs. Serio claimed that this she was not abandoning her husband, but that she had to flea for her own safety, thus he should not be rewarded with custody of the children
1/11/1937 Wilkerson v. State of Maryland 171 Case about the obstruction of justice
1/13/1937 Parks v. Benning 171 Dispute over a lease for underwater land to be used for oystering
1/13/1937 Stinchcomb v. Realty Mortgage Company, Inc. 171 Boundary dispute over farm and beach land near the Magoth River
1/14/1937 Bryan v. Wilson 171 Dispute over the conveyance of property 
1/14/1937 Wimpling v. State of Maryland 171 Wimpling disputed his second conviction for arson; he argued that he could not be convicted of aiding the crime when the primary person involved in the crime had not been proven
1/21/1937 Craig v. Hebron Building and Loan Association, Number 2, Incorporated 171 Conflict over a promissory note
3/16/1937 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Thomas, Jr. 172 Dispute over a liquor license and the sale of alcohol during specified times
3/17/1937 In Re Estate of George W Bowen Deceased 172 Unreported opinion
5/225/1937 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Goodman, et al. 172 Case regarding the salary of Goodman, deceased, who served as State's Attorney for Anne Arundel County; during his term, the County Commissioners reduced his payment; his administrators brought suit against the Commissioners over this reduction 
11/3/1937 Wolfe vs. State, for use of Brown, et al. 173 Automobile accident in which Brown was hit and killed; Brown's wife sought damages from Wolfe, claiming that Wolfe's own negligence caused the accident
1/12/1938 Whittington v. State of Maryland 173 Dispute over whether Whittington's theft of tobacco was a misdemeanor or a felony
1/13/1938 State, for use of Peach v. Cavey, et al. 173 Peach fell through the trap door on the property of Cavey; his widow sought compensation from the Caveys for the accident
5/18/1938 Mayor and City Council of Berlin v. Shockley, et al. 174 Dispute over laws concerning the sale of alcohol
5/18/1938 Blanch v. Collison 174 Case regarding mortgages
5/19/1938 Gordon v. Maryland State Fair, Inc. 174 Gordon sought action against Maryland State Fair, Inc. after he was injured at a horse race in Laurel; his view of the race was blocked, so he stood on his chair to watch it; after the race, the crowd knocked him off of the chair and caused serious injury
6/14/1938 Free v. Greene, et al. 175 Conflict over the official sale of property
12/1/1938 Williams Realty Co. v. Robey, et al. 175 Conflict over land use
12/1/1938 Pumphrey, et al. v. State Roads Commission 175 Dispute over establishing the fair market value for land; new trial ordered
1/10/1939 Glen Burnie Savings and Loan Association v. Martindale, et al. 175 Conflict between the two parties over loans and deposits
1/11/1939 Stembler v. Wilson 175 Wilson sought proper payment for her services as a real estate broker for Stembler's property; Stembler questioned whether such a suit was possible, for he had moved out of Anne Arundel County to Prince George's County 
1/15/1939 Tsaracklis, et al. v. Characklis, Administrator 176 Dispute over the money spent by Characklis, administrator of Victor Characklis, on the burial, funeral, and settlement of debts
1/18/1939 Public Service Commission v. Maryland Bay Company 176 Conflict between these two groups over the operation of a ferry that would cross the Chesapeake Bay from Sandy Point to Kent Island
3/8/1939 Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad Company v. Lichtenberg, et al.; Public Service Commission v. Same 176 Conflict over the hiring and transport of workers in an unlicensed fashion
5/16/1939 Jackson, et al. v. County Trust Company 176 Dispute over mortgages
5/17/1939 Phillips v. Clark 176 Family dispute over who should receive  property from the estate of Ms. Phillips
6/6/1939 State Roads Commission v. Redmiles, et al. 176 The State Roads Commission wanted an area of land for the construction of a new road; Redmiles and others did not support the purchasing of their property for this project, for the land in question contained a valuable spring needed for watering local cattle
10/27/1939 Moss v. Annapolis Savings Institution 177 Moss sought to have a mortgage foreclosure annulled
11/29/1939 Woelfel v. State of Maryland; Woelfel v. City of Annapolis; Woelfel v. Anne Arundel County 177 Woelfel argued that the Act of 1939 that changed the structure of the magistrates' courts for the counties was unconstitutional, or at least that it could not apply to him
11/29/1939 Wright v. State of Maryland; Watkins v. Same 177 Wright and Watkins were arrested for selling and possessing lottery tickets; they argued that officials conducted an illegal search and seizure; Watkins further argued that he was denied access to his attorney and forced into confession by a belligerent police commissioner
11/29/1939 Eisenstein, et al. v. City of Annapolis, et al. 177 Dispute over proper drainage systems at a movie theater at the corner of Northwest and Cathedral Streets in Annapolis
1/11/1940 Brockmeyer v. Norris, et al. 177 Dispute over a  written agreement concerning the sale of a subdivision of land
3/5/1940 Miller v. Miller  178 Mrs. Miller accused her husband of abandonment, and later of abuse; the couple was seeking a divorce; Mr. Miller was ordered to pay alimony to Mrs. Miller
5/22/1940 Dorsey, Jr., et al. v. Petrott, Secretary of State, et al. 178 Conflict over a referendum
6/12/1940 Langenfelder, et al. v. Jones 178 Question over whether an accident that occurred could be considered for workmen's compensation
10/31/1940 Ivrey v. State of Maryland 178 Appeal dismissed because of expiration of time
10/31/1940 Schlicht, et al. v. Wengert, et al. 178 Controversial saloon located in a residential area

1/3/1941 Ahlgren v. Cromwell  179 Question over the validity of the Gvoernor's order to make the guard at the State House a classified position
1/3/1941 Tawes, Comptroler, et al. v. Miller; Miller v. Tawes, Comptroller, et al. 179 Dispute over taxation of Mrs. Miller's income
4/30/1941 Phillips v. Green 179 From Orphan's Court; dispute over a will and related payments
12/3/1941 McGlaughlin v. Warfield, et al. 180 McGlaughlin was penalized for crabbing with a crabpot, a device prohibited by law; he argued that the law concerning this was invalid
1/13/1942 Brown v. Weiland, et al. 180 Dispute over the sharing of real estate
1/13/1942 Hart, et al. v. Mercantile Trust Company of Baltimore, Etc. 180 Question over the rate of taxation for property received from a will
2/5/1942 Legum v. Farmers National Bank of Annapolis 180 Legum with the striking of an order of satisfaction
3/3/1942 Tawes, Comptroller v. Home Owners Corporation of
Washinton, D.C.
180 Home Owners Corporation sought repayment for the payment of taxes before the documentation for their property was formally filed
4/8/1942 Evans v. Stinchcomb 180 Evans was attempting to place oyster beds too close to the property of Stinchcomb; Stinchcomb sought further restrictions of this
11/18/1942 Stuart v. Johnson 181 Conflict between neighbors over a road that runs through the Stuart's newly-purchased property
11/18/1942 Meyers v. Murphy 181 Fraudulent mortgage
12/7/1942 Bannister v. Bannister 181 Mr. Bannister sought an annullment from his wife, arguing that his wife's divorce from her prior husband had not been finalized
1/13/1943 Bachrach v. Washington United Cooperative 181 Washington United Cooperative argued that Bachrach was was cheating the organization out of required payments
1/29/1943 Lorea v. Lorea 181 No summary given
3/16/1943 Carroll v. Board of Commissioners of Anne Arundel County 181 Carroll, attacked by dogs, sought action against Anne Arundel County; he claimed that the incident resulted from the negligence of the county to abate the situation
3/17/1943 Katski v. Triplett, et al. 181 Dispute over the payment of debts
3/17/1943 Clauss v. Board of Education of Anne Arundel County 181 Clauss sought workmen's compensation from the Board of Education; question arose as to whether the Board was subject to the Workmen's Compensation Law
4/7/1943 Nicols v. Nicols; Same v. Same 181 From Orpan's Court; dispute over a will
4/28/1943 Whitman, et al., State Roads Commission of Maryland v. Forney 181 Conflict over the blockage of storm waters that obstructed the use of county roads
6/2/1943 Collier v. Collier; Same v. Same 182 Divorce case involving the splitting of property that was part of the couple's business partnership
11/3/1943 Tayman v. Hare 182 Conflict over a mortgage
11/4/1943 Boehm, Jr. v. Boehm, Sr.  182 Father and son dispute over the mortgage for a farm
11/10/1943 Burley v. Mayor, Counsellor, and Aldernmen of the City of Annapolis 182 Burley obtained a license to operate billiard tables from the city; months later, city authorities voted to revoke his license, afterwhich police went to Burley's and removed the license; he argued that this removal was arbitrary and unwarranted and sought a writ of mandamus for the return of the license
12/15/1943 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. English  182 English argued that a law requiring the payment of a fee for trailers violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 23 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights
12/15/1943 Ivrey v. Karr 182 Ivrey sought action against Karr, who had made the sale of an apartment building at a public auction; Ivrey argued that the property was not properly advertised and that had he known about certain problems with the property, he would not have purchased it
3/23/1944 Borssuck v. Pantaleo 183 Dispute over the construction of a house on a recently purchased lot
6/14/1944 Harrison v. Prentice, et al. 183 Dispute over the transfer of property to family members after the death of Mr. Holt
6/14/1944 Taussig v. van Deusen 183 Conflict involving the use of proposed roads and avenues that were on laid out on a plat, but never on the actual ground
10/27/1944 Hillman v. Stockett, et al. 183 Question of the validity of amendments involved with Maryland Legislature  bills Chapter 722 and Chapter 796
11/2/1944 Stevens v. Stevens 183 Divorce case in which Mrs. Stevens sought a divorce from her husband based on his abandonment of the family and adultery
11/17/1944 Lichtenberg, et al. v. Joyce, et al. 183 Case addresses the statue of limitations in enforcing an assessment
12/20/1944 Kirby, et al. v. Kirby 184 Thomas and George Kirby had made an agreement to split the proceeds from a tobacco crop; George charged that Thomas was not equally splitting the profits
1/11/1945 Weaver v. King, et al. 184 Weaver argued that his brother, for whom King was the Administrator, was indebted to him for taking care of him just before his death; Weaver's brother, however, left no will that expressed this
3/1/1945 Brooks v. Brooks  184 Dispute over a divorce case
11/29/1945 Rawlings, et al. v. Armstrong 185 Armstrong sought action because he was denied access to a list of registered voters by the Board of Suervisors of Elections for the City of Annapolis
1/9/1946 Corens v. State of Maryland 185 Murder case removed from Montgomery County; Corens was accused of murdering his wife and severring her head; he argued that too much circumstantial evidence had been used in the case
3/13/1946 Popham, et al. v. Conservation Commission, Department of Tidewater Fisheries, et al. 186 Dispute over the leasing of waters and the land beneath
4/11/1946 Giles v. diRobbio, et al. 186 Question of official boundaries of property
4/12/1946 Board of County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Snyder 186 Conflict over land use and zoning regulations of property to be used for business purposes
4/12/1946 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Ward 186 Snyder filed a writ of mandamus against the Anne Arundel County Commissioners; he felt that his request for a county building permit had been unjustly denied
5/17/1946 Stimis v. Stimis 186 Divorced couple fought over the custody of their young son
6/13/1946 Owings v. Currier, et al. 186 Dispute over the distribution of property after the death of Mrs. Owings; Mr. Owings argued that earlier separation orders against his wife were null and void, thus he would have rights to part of her estate; the daughters of Mrs. Owings, in her first marriage, disagreed with Mr. Owings
10/10/1946 Clark v. Tawes, Comptroller 187 Clark sought a pension for his service as a associate judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Maryland
12/12/1946 King v. Compton 187 Dispute over primary negligence that resulted in the injury of Mrs. Compton
11/10/1947 Datlton, et al. v. Real Estate and Improvement Co. 189 Conflict over the use of roads 
12/10/1947 Stoll v. Alton, Sheriff, et al. 189 Dispute over money owed by Stoll
2/18/1948 McAuliffe, et al. v. Lerch, et al. 189 Dispute over the use of a makeshift road between two other country roads in the southern part of the county
3/31/1948 Feudale, et al. v. Sarles, et al. 190 Controversial construction in and around Spa Creek
4/1/1948 Zeller v. McGuckian  190 Conflict over a will
4/2/1948 d
5/25/1948 f
Hillman v. Boone, et al. 190 Hillman argued that he should be a candidate on the ballot for the office of Associate Judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit in the primary election
4/23/1948 County Commissioners of Anne Arundel County v. Buch 190 Buch sought action against the County Commissioners because he felt that they had completed unjustly low assessments of several tracts of property in the county 
5/20/1948 Hyatt v. Romero 190
6/17/1948 Langville v. Langville 191
6/17/1948 Zepp v. Darnall 191
11/11/1948 Waters v. Waters 191
12/8/1948 Queen, et al. v. Anderson, et al. 191
12/10/1948 Goetz, et al. v. Smith; Saunders v. Phillips, et al. 191