First Lady Frances Hughes Glendening Frances Hughes Glendening with Emily Oland Squires
First Lady Frances Hughes Glendening                                       Mrs. Glendening congratulates exhibit curator
gives her opening remarks.                                                         and Director of Biographical Research
                                                                                                for the Maryland State Archives,
                                                                                                Emily Oland Squires.

Frances Hughes Glendening with Edward C. Papenfuse
Frances Hughes Glendening with Edward C. Papenfuse

Mrs. Glendening presents State Archivist Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse with a volume of her Chronicles detailing her administration as First Lady of Maryland.
These Chronicles include photographs, speeches, programs, and correspondence from events hosted and attended by Mrs. Glendening.
Mrs. Glendening donated the volumes to the Maryland State Archives, where they are currently available for public use.


Frances Hughes Glendening with Mr. and Mrs. C. Worthington Campbell, Jr. Frances Hughes Glendening with Hillary Thomas
Mrs. Glendening welcomes Dorothy Lane Campbell,                      Mrs. Glendening thanks Hillary Thomas,
daughter of First Lady Dorothy Byron Lane,                                   Collections Manager and Registrar
and her husband, Worthington Campbell, Jr.                                  for the Maryland
                                                                                                 Commission on Artistic Property,
                                                                                                 who helped plan the exhibit.

First Lady Frances Hughes Glendening with Edward C. Papenfuse

Mrs. Glendening and Dr. Papenfuse enjoying the exhibit.


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