The Peabody Art Collection Works on Paper
A Treasure for Maryland


A Male Nude (Raphael M.)
A Nude (Unknown Artist)
A Nude (Circle of Henry Fuseli (Johann Heinrich Fussli))
A Nude from the Back  (Unknown Artist)
A Nude in Motion (Circle of Donato Creti)
A Recumbent Nude(Theodore Gericault)
A Seated Nude (Circle of Luca Giordano)
A Sprawling Nude with a Child  (Unknown Artist)
A Standing Nude  (Unknown Artist)
A Woman Being Stripped (Unknown Artist)
Nude (Atkinson)
Nude (Robert Field)
Nudes Falling (Attributed to Jusepe de Ribera)
Male Nude Study (three entries) (Unknown Artist)
Seated Nude Theodore Gericault)

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