The Peabody Art Collection:Works on Paper
A Treasure for Maryland


Apollo and Diana and Minerva (Circle of Edme Bouchardon)
Cupid and Psyche  (two entries)(Unknown Artist)
Cupid with a (reclining figure) (Unknown Artist)
Cupid with a Youth (Unknown Artist)
Diana the Huntress (recto and verso) (Unknown Artist)
Fountain with River God (Louis-Felix de la Rue)
Juno Appearing to a Prince Surveying a Fleet (Circle of Marco Antonio Franceschini)
Jupiter with Mars and Minerva: Design for a Ceiling (Domenico Bruno)
Mercury and Argus  (Circle of Jan Lys)
Mercury Appearing to a Shepherd(Unknown Artist)
Mercury Appearing to Two Youths  (Unknown Artist)
Mercury, Venus, Mars and Cupid  (Unknown Artist)
The Bath of Diana  (two entries) (Unknown Artist)
Venus and Cupid  (Unknown Artist)

Ariadne  (Unknown Artist)
Bacchus and Ariadne (Unknown Artist)
Chiron and Achilles (Jean Baptiste Regnault)
Galatea (Stefano Pozzi)
Ganymede (Unknown Artist)
Hercules  (two entries) (Unknown Artist)
Hercules (Attributed to Luigi Sabatelli I)
Hercules and the Lion  (Unknown Artist)
Medea  (Unknown Artist)
Orpheus (Unknown Artist)
Orpheus and Eurydice (Unknown Artist)
Orpheus and Eurydice (Antonio Gionimo)
Romulus and Remus (Vincenzo Camuccini)
The Farnese Hercules (Unknown Artist)
The Rape of the Sabines(Unknown Artist)

A Bacchanal  (Unknown Artist)
A Group of Maenads (Unknown Artist)
Nymphs in a Landscape (Attributed to Domenico Piola)
Scogli de Ciclop(Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)
Sea Nymphs (Walter Shirlaw)
Silenus and other studies (recto); The Nativity (verso) (Unknown Artist)
Sphinxes (Attributed to Stefano Della Bella)
The Battle of Centaurs and Lapiths (Unknown Artist)
The Education of Bacchus (Vincenzo Camuccini)

A Goddess Attended by a Putto (Circle of Donato Creti)
A Vampire Surprising a Writer (A.D.L...Y)
King Lear (Alexandre Marie Colin)
Monsters  (Unknown Artist)
A Mythological Scene (W. de Graits)
Mythological Scene (Louis-Felix de la Rue)
Statue of a Goddess with a Swan  (Pietro Antonio Novelli II)
Title Page for the Tragedies of Aeschylus (John Flaxman)

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