The Peabody Art Collection Works on Paper
A Treasure for Maryland


A Capriccio (Circle of Giovanni Paolo Pannini)
A Classical Capriccio(Unknow Artist)
A Papal Allegory (Domenico Bruno)
A Winged Victory  (Follower of Pierre Paul Prud'hon)
A Woman with a Cornucopia and a Censer (Niccolo Bertuzzi [Bertucci])
Allegory of Time (Attributed to Clement-Pierre Marillier)
An Allegory in Honor of a Cardinal of the Meici Family. Design for a Ceiling  (Unknow Artist)
An Allegory of Religion: Design for a Ceiling  (Unknow Artist)
An Allegory with Two Queens and Flags Borne by Putti and a Genius (Unknow Artist)
An Angel Appearing to a Hermit: Charity (Ubaldi Gandolfi)
Authority (recto), Serenity (verso)(Unknow Artist)
Charity  (Unknow Artist)
Constancy (recto), Nativity (verso) (Unknow Artist)
Constitution and Guerriere (R.T. Brady)
Education (2 entries) (Unknow Artist)
Fame  (Workshop of Giulio Romano)
Fame Scattering Flowers: A Masque Design (Attributed to Giulio Parigi)
Geography (Unknow Artist)
Justice (Unknow Artist)
Justice  (Walter Shirlaw)
Justice (Unknow Artist)
Justice and Truth (Stefano Pozzi)
Justice: an Overdoor [after Vouet](Unknown Artist)
Justice: Design for a Ceiling(Unknow Artist)
Plenty (Niccolo Bertuzzi [Bertucci])
Religion (Unknow Artist)
Singerie: Philosophy (Claude Gillot)
Singerie: The Arts     (Claude Gillot)
Temps d'Amour (D. Pithou)
Time and Beauty (Charles Choffr)
Time and Beauty with Justice(Unknow Artist)
Victory (Atrributed to Fortunato Duranti)
War and Justice (Unknow Artist)
Youth and Age (Henry Inman)

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