The Peabody Art Collection
A Treasure for Maryland
  Unknown Artist:
A Bacchanal
A Boy with a Barrel
A Bridge Below a Ruined Castle
A Cart
A Chestnut Vendor
A Church
A Chapel Among Trees
A Chapel Near a Bridge
A Church Among Hills
A Classical Capriccio
A Classical Couple
A Classical Landscape
A Classical Procession
A Classical Scene
A Classical Warrior
A Classical Youth
A Clown with a Girl
A Coastal Landscape
A Coat of Arms
A Cottage
A Couple from the Back
A Couple in a Bedroom
A Crowded Street Scene
A Crucifix at Sunset
A Crusader Vanquishing an Infidel
A Cymbal Player
A Dance
A Dancing Woman
A Distant View of a Castle
A Door with a Landscape Panel
A Dove and a Cherubim
A Female Saint
A Fortess in Pomerania, Beseiged by the Imerpial Army under Conte
A Friar
A General with a Page
A Girl at a Gothic Window
A Girl Borne by an Angel
A Girl by a Grave
A Girl Releasing a Dove
A Goddess
A Gorge
A Group of Classical Figures
A Group of Heads with Long Noses
A Group of Maenads
A Guitar Player
A Harem
A Horse Race
A Lighthouse by Moonlight
A Man, after the Antique
A Man by a Mill
A Man in a Prison
A Man in 16th Century Costume
A Man Mourning at a Grave
A Man Walking
A Martyrdom
A Meating in a Street
A Mendicant
A Moor
A Mourning Woman
An Allegory in Honor of a Cardinal of the Meici Family. Design for a Cieling
An Allegory of Religion: Design for a Cieling
An Allegory with Two Queens and Flags Borne by Putti and a Genius
An Arched Loggia
An Astrologer
An Egyption Device
An Emperor Escorted by a Youth
An Estuary at Twilight
Angel with Book and Scythe
An Old Man Being Fed
A Nude
A Nude from the Back
A Nun in Prayer
An Urn with Lion Handles
A Peasant with a Boy
A Peasant Woman 
A Priest Restraining a Soldier
A Prison Interior: Design for the Stage
A Putto on Clouds
Arabs, One with a Camel
Arabs Under an Awning
A Rider in a Battle
A River Landscape
A Roman View
A Ruined Pedimented Building
Asia Minor
A Sacrifice of a Bull
A Seated Woman with a Dog
A Serenade
A Shepherd
A Shipwreck off Cliffs
A Sick Woman in a Garret with Her Relations
A Sportsman
A Sprawling Nude with a Child
A Standing Nude
A Stone Block
A Summer House
A Swooning Woman Before a King
A Town on a Lake
A Trooper with Two Horses
A Vaulted Atrium
A Vaulted Undercroft
A View in the Holy Land
A View of a Castle in the Piedmont
A Village Near a River
A Wagon at Sunset
A Warrior
A Warrior Before a King and Queen
A Warrior Before a Queen
A Water Mill
A Woman Being Stripped
A Woman Clipping a Wig
A Woman Fleeing with her Son
A Woman Led to the Guillotine
A Woman Stooping, and a Man
A Woman with a Baby
A Woman with a Child
A Woman with a Scythe
A Woman with a Spindle and other People near a Tree
A Woman with her Dog
A Woman with Two Maids Carrying her Train
A Wooded Landscape
A Youth Running
Bacchus and Ariadne
Basket of Flowers
Botanical Study:
Boys on Stilts on the Sand
Boy with Terrior Under a Tree
Buildings by a River in a French Town 
Cartouche for Framing an Earlier Portrait of a Woman
Cavaliers and Ladies in a Roman Garden
Ceres: Design for a Cieling
Chateau d'Ebieux
Christ Among the Doctors: Design for a Cieling
Christ Child Held by St. Peter
Christ's Charge to Saint Peter
Christ with Two Angels
Classical Woman with a Child
Costumes at Pera:
Cupid and Psyche
Cupid with a reclining figure
Cupid with a Youth
Design for a Monument: Marcgese of the Bourbon del Monte Family
Design for a Monument to Louis XVI
Design for an Awning
Design for Door Decoration
Design for the Decoration of a Door with a Landscape
Diagram of Fortress
Diana the Huntress
Dock Side Scene
Doubting of Thomas
Drovers with Horses
European City with Arched Gate
Family by a Cross
Fishermen by a Stream
Four Kings: Project for a Lunette
Friars in a Cloister
Galleons in a Harbour
General John Eager Howard's Residence on McKim's Hill
God the Father and a Head
Grotta di Amalfi
Guido sent by Livia
Head of a Baby
Head of a Boy
Head of a Girl
Head of a Horse
Head of a Man
Head of a Soldier
Head of a Woman
Head of Minerva in Profile
Head of the Virgin
Horse Breakers
Horsemen on a Road
Jacob's Ladder
John P. Kennedy House, Mount Vernon Place
Jury Sketches
Kneeling Warriors
Landscape Studies
Landscape with Camels
Landscape with House
Landscape with Town and Ruins
Last Judgement
Le Demenagement
Le Jeu de Diable
Makers of Musical Instruments
Male Nude Study
Man with Donkey
Mercury Appearing to a Shepherd
Mercury Appearing to Two Youths
Mercury, Venus, Mars and Cupid
Mill by a Stream
Mountainous Landscape
Mount Carmel
Near Eastern Cityscape
'Negotiating under high pressure'
'Odessa Quarantine', Sheet of Sketches
Orpheus and Eurydice
Pair of Head Studies
Park Landscape with River, Town in Background
Peasants on the Way to Market
Peninsula of Sinai
Piazza San Pietro
Pilgrims Near a River
Ponte di Gragnano
Ponte Molle
Ponte Nomentane
Port de St. Cloud at Night
Portrait of a Child
Portrait of a Cleric
Portrait of a Judge
Portrait of an Artist
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of Thomas Negliflier
Portait Study
Red Bank
River View with Suspension Bridge
Ruin with Gothic Arch
Rye Beach
Saint Anthony of Padua 
Saint Christopher
Saint Elizabeth
Saint Lucy
Scene From a Campaign
Scene of 'Wady Kahan'
Scene on a River
Seated Woman
Section of a Ceiling Design
Shipping off Cliffs
Shipping off Naples
Ships Being Burnt on a Shore with Figures Nearby
Silenus and other studies, The Nativity
Small Child and Deer in Forest
Southern Russia
St. James with a Picture of the Madonna and Child and other Figures
St. Jerome
St. Joseph with the Christ Child
St. Luke Painting the Virgin
St. Michael
St. Terese
Studies of a Cartouche with Frame
Studies of King David
Studies of the Legs of a Man
Studies of the Virgin
Study of a Classical Bust
Study of a Column
Study of a Maple Leaf
Study of an Armchair
Study of a Peach
Study of Flowers
Study of Hills
Study of Leaves
Study of Ruins
Study of Servants
Study of Trees
Susannah and the Elders
Temple of a Fawn
Temple of Romulus
The Agony in the Garden
The Aldobrandini Wedding
The Angel Appearing to Saint Peter in Prison
The Apostles in the Empty Tomb
The Arch of Titus
The Artist with a Pipe
The Ascension
The Assumption of the Virgin
The Basilica, Paestum
The Bath of Diana
The Battle of Centaurs and Lapiths
The Birth of Diana
The Bishop of St. Asaph
The Brazen Serpent
The Crossing of the Red Sea
The Dead Christ
The Death of a Philosopher
The Entombment
The Farnese Hercules
The Flight into Egypt
The Holy Family
The Immaculate Conception
The Infant Samuel
The Judgement of Solomon
The Lamentation
The Madonna and Child
The Madonna del Giglio Appearing to Two Saints
The Madonna in Glory
The Madonna with a Weeping Youth
The Martyrdom
The Martyrdom of Saint Prassede
The Nativity
The Penitent Magdalene
The Piazza of a Town
The Presentation
The Presentation of Samuel
The Rape of the Sabines
The Sacrifice of Abraham
The Sacrifice of a Lamb
The Sacrifice of Issac
The Sermon on the Mount
The Temple of Vesta
The Trinity
The Virgin
The Virgin in Prayer
The Virgin of the Rosary
The Walls of Memin, Pomerania
The Way to Calvary
Three Cherub Heads and Dove
Three Trees in Landscape
Time and Beauty with Justice
Town on a River
Town with a Bridge
Travellers near a Tree
Trees in a Fenced Enclosure
Turkey, Asia Minor
Two Arabs
Two Men
Two Shells
Two Women with a Drunken Man
Untitled (Figures at Table)
Venus and Cupid
Venus Drawn by Bacchantes
View Near Rome
View of a French Town
View of Julina
Views in 'Wady Ain'
Village on a River
War and Justice
White Mountains from Glen House
White Mt. Notch
Woman at a Door
Woman Mourning By a Tomb
Woman Picking Grapes
Woman with a Basket
Women at an Altar
Women by a Moorish Fountain

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