Using The New Early Settlers of Maryland

Below is a table of the books and their microfilms The New Early Settlers refers to, the books of the period 1633-1681 entitled "Patents" and one of 1681-1685 entitled "Warrants." The microfilms can be ordered from the Maryland State Archives. The original books before 1658 are gone, but their transcripts, made about 1725, survive.  For most of the rest of the period the Archives' has both transcripts and originals. As the transcripts are mostly accurate and the handwriting of the 1720s is easier to read than that of the mid-seventeenth century, the reader is advised to use the transcripts.  The earliest spelling of a name, whether in an original record or in a transcript, is taken as the norm.  When a spelling in a transcript differs from a spelling in the original record, it is retained in parentheses.

Every entry comprises a name, remarks, and at least one reference, including a microfilm number.  This reference, right under the name, is to the earliest original record if there is an original record, or if there is not, to the earliest transcript.  Most entries include additional references, right under remarks, labeled “Original” or “Transcript.”  All these references are related to one another both by the table and by the pagination of the transcripts.  The table shows which transcripts are of which originals.  The transcripts have their own page numbers at the tops of the pages and, most of them, the page numbers of the originals in the margins.

The dates of this period are of the Julian calendar, which Great Britain and its colonies used until 1752.  According to it, the old year ended on the 24th of March and the new year began on the 25th.  So instead of being the first months of the year, January and February were the last.  (Though most of March also was at the end of the old year, it was considered the first month of the new.)  To put it another way, October, November, and December of, say, 1634, came before January, February, and most of March of 1634.

The dates of only a few transportations and times of service are stated in the records.  The dates of most are known only from the dates of the records they are in; that is, all that is known is that they occurred by these dates.  This distinction is not hair-splitting.  If, for instance, one entry for Charles Aldridge says he was transported in 1661 and another says in 1669, there must be two Charles Aldridges.  But if the two entries say by 1661 and by 1669, there may be but one.  Whereas Early Settlers does not observe this distinction, The New Early Settlers  does.

In these records “transport” means pay for the transportation of. Most settlers were transported by somebody else. A few transported themselves.  Early Settlers uses “immigrated” - a term not used in the records - to mean transported himself. The New Early Settlers  uses "transported himself."


1640-1658     1 (of F & B) 1724 SR 7341 
1637-1651     2 (of Z & A)  1725  SR 7342
1647-1658     3 (of A & B) 1726 SR 7343 
1646-1657     AB&H (of A,F,H, & L) 1717 SR 7344
1658 Qo SR 8198 Q (of Qo) [nd] SR 7345 
1659-1663 R SR 8199 4  (of R & X)  1725  SR 7346
1661-1664 AA SR 8200  5  (of X & AA) 1725 SR 7347 
1663-1664 AA SR 8200 6  (of AA) 1726  SR 7348
1664-1665 CC  SR 8201 7  (of CC) 1725  SR 7349
1665 DD SR 8202 8  (of CC & DD)  1726  SR 7350 
1666 EE SR 8203 9  (of EE) 1726  SR 7351
1666-1667 FF SR 8204 10 (of FF & GG)  1725  SR 7352 
1667-1668  GG  SR 8205 11 (of GG) 1725  SR 7353 
1668-1669  HH  SR 8206  12 (of HH & JJ)  1725  SR 7354 
1668-1671  JJ  SR 8207  13 (of JJ)  1726 SR 7355 
1669-1672  KK  SR 8208  14 (of KK)  1726  SR 7356 
1670-1673  WT  SR 7547  16 (of WT)  1726  SR 7357  
1673-1679  LL  SR 7548  15 (of LL)  1726  SR 4327  
1670-1675      17 (of WT & MM)  [nd]  SR 7358
1672-1675     18 (of MM)  1726  SR 7359 
1675-1680  WC  SR 7549  19 (of WC)  1726  SR 7360 
      20 (of WC)  1727  SR 7361 
1678-1681  WC3  SR 7550  21 (of WC3 & WC5)  1726 SR 7362 
1680-1683  WC5  SR 7551       
1679-1681      WC2 [nd] SR 7340 
1680-1681     CB2 [nd]  SR 7366 

1681-1685 WC4 SR 8264