Archives of Maryland
Historical List
Convention to Ratify the Federal Constitution, April 21-29, 1788

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Members and Opponents of the Convention of Maryland Which Ratified the Federal Constitution

George Plater, President
William Harwood, Secretary
Members County/City Opponents
Annapolis City
Nicholas Carroll (1750/51-1812)
Alexander Contee Hanson (1749-1806)
Anne Arundel County
Jeremiah Townley Chase (1748-1828)
Samuel Chase (1741-1811)
Benjamin Harrison (ca. 1754-1825)
John Francis Mercer (1759-1821)
  Charles Carroll of Carrollton
James Carroll
Brice Worthington
John Hall
Baltimore County
Edward Cockey (1731-ca. 1795)
Nathan Cromwell (1731-1813)
Charles Ridgely (1733-1790)
Charles Ridgely of William (?-1810)
  Henry D. Gough
James Gittings
John E. Howard
John Craddock
Baltimore Town
John Coulter (1751-1823)
James McHenry (ca. 1752-1816)
  Samuel Sterrett
David M'Mechan
Calvert County
John Chesley, Jr. (?-1805)
Charles Grahame
Walter Smith (1747-1804)
Joseph Wilkinson (1753-1820)
Caroline County
Matthew Driver (1740-1798)
Peter Edmondson (ca. 1753-1819)
Joseph Richardson (?-1814)
William Richardson (1735-1825)
Cecil County
Samuel Evans (?-1798)
Joseph Gilpin (ca. 1727-1790)
James Gordon Heron (1749-1809)
Henry Hollingsworth (1737-1803)
Charles County
Gustavus Richard Brown (1747-1804)
John Parnham (ca. 1748-1813)
Michael Jenifer Stone (1747-1812)
Zephaniah Turner (1737-1794)
Dorchester County
Robert Goldsborough, Sr. (1733-1788) (Did not serve)
Nicholas Hammond (1758-1830)
James Shaw (ca. 1747-ca. 1795)
Daniel Sulivane (1745/46-1799)
Frederick County
Abraham Faw (1747-1828)
Thomas Johnson (1732-1819)
Thomas Sim Lee (1745-1819)
Richard Potts (1753-1808)
Harford County
John Love (ca. 1730-1793)
Luther Martin (1748-1826)
William Paca (1740-1799)
William Pinkney (1764-1822)
  R. Rumsey
Aquila Hall
John Archer
B.E. Hall
Kent County
William Granger (ca. 1749-1791)
Isaac Perkins (1743-1791)
William Tilghman (1756-1827)
Donaldson Yeates (1729/30-1796)
Montgomery County
Thomas Cramphin, Jr. (ca. 1740-ca. 1831)
William Deakins, Jr. (ca. 1744-1798)
Benjamin Edwards (1753-1826)
Richard Thomas (ca. 1728-1806)
  Edward Burgess
Lawrence O'Neal
William Holmes
Henry Griffith
Prince George's County
Fielder Bowie (ca. 1745-1794)
George Digges (ca. 1742-1792)
Benjamin Hall, of Francis (?-1803)
Osborn Sprigg (ca. 1741-1815)
Queen Anne's County
William Hemsley (1736/37-1812)
James Hollyday (1758-1807)
John Seney (ca. 1733-1795)
James Tilghman III (1743-1809)
St. Mary's County
Richard Barnes (?-1804)
Charles Chilton (?-1824)
George Plater (1735-1792)
Nicholas Lewis Sewell (ca. 1721-1800)
Somerset County
George Gale (1756-1815)
John Gale (1753-1813)
John Stewart (?-ca. 1794)
Henry Waggaman (1753-1809)
Talbot County
Jeremiah Banning (1733-1798)
Robert Goldsborough IV (1740-1798)
Edward Lloyd (1744-1796)
John Stevens (ca. 1735-1794)
Washington County
Moses Rawlings (1745-1809)
Henry Shryock (ca. 1736-1814)
Thomas Sprigg (ca. 1747-1809)
John Stull (1733-1791)
  Jacob Cellers
Jacob Funk
Col. Andrew Bruce
Col. Norman Bruce
Worcester County
Peter Chaille (?-1802)
John Done (ca. 1747-1831)
James Martin (ca. 1738-1810)
William Morris (?-1799)