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Baltimore City Council, 1923-present

Under the 1923 reorganization of the City Council, Baltimore was divided into six districts. Each district elected three council members, and the Council President was elected by the whole city at large, giving the Council nineteen total members. Members served four year terms. In 1947, a fourth member was added in the Fifth District, and an additional member was added to the Third District in 1951. These extra council members were eliminated in 1967.

Baltimore voters approved a referendum in 2002 that changed the membership of the Council, creating fourteen districts, each electing a single council member, chosen every four years. The Council President continued to be elected at large.

Baltimore City Council Members, by Year

Baltimore City Council Members, by District

First District
Second District
Third District
Fourth District
Fifth District
Sixth District
Seventh District
Eighth District
Ninth District
Tenth District
Eleventh District
Twelfth District
Thirteenth District
Fourteenth District
Council President

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