Confirmed by
Proprietary by
an Instrument
under his hand &
Seal dated 26
August 1650
Phil Calvert

Acts and Orders of Assembly
assented unto enacted and made at a Gene-
ral Session of the said Assembly held at
Saint Mary's on the one and twentieth
day of April Anno Domini 1649 as fol-
loweth viz:

An Act concerning Religion

Forasmuch as in a well Governed and Chris-
tain Commonwealth matters Concerning Religion &
the honour of God ought in the first place to be taken
into serious Consideration and endeavoured to be settled.

Be it therefore Ordered [ordeyened] and Enacted by the right
honble Cecilius Lord Baron of Baltimore absolute Lord
and Proprietary of this Province with the advice and
Consent of the General Assembly that whatsoever Person
or Persons within this province and the Islands thereto
Belonging shall from henceforth Blaspheme God that
is Curse him or deny our Saviour Jesus Christ to be the
Son of God or shall deny the holy Trinity the Father
Son & Holy Ghost on the Godhead of any of the said
three Persons of the Trinity or the unity of the Godhead
or shall use or utter any reproachful speeches words or
Language Concerning the said holy Trinity or any of the
said three Persons thereof shall be punished with death
& Confiscation or forfeiture of all his or her lands and
Goods to the Lord Proprietary and his heirs and be it
also Enacted by the Authority and with the advice and
assent aforesaid that whatsoever Person or Persons

Source: An Act Concerning Religion, 1649, April 21.
GENERAL ASSEMBLY, UPPER HOUSE (Proceedings) MSA S 977-1, f. 354.
[Words in brackets supplied from the original recording of the law]

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