An Act for the relief of the Jews in Maryland

    Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland.  That
every citizen of this State professing the Jewish Religion and who shall
hereafter be appointed to any office or public trust under the State of
Maryland shall in addition to the oaths required to be taken by the
Constitution and Laws of the State, or of the United States, make and
subscribe a declaraiton of his belief in a future State of Rewards and
Punishments, in the stead of the declaration now required by the Constitution
and form of Government of this State.

    And be enacted. That the several clauses and sections of
the declaration of rights, Constitution and form of Government and
every part of any law of this State contrary to the provisions of this act,
so far as respects the Sect of people aforesaid shall be and the same is
hereby declared to be repealed and annulled on the confirmation hereof.

    And be it enacted That if this act shall be confirmed by the
General Assembly of Maryland after the next election of Delegates in
the first Session after such new election as the Constitution and forms
of Government directs, in such case this Act and the alterations of the
said Constitution and form of Governent shall constitute and be valid

Source: An Act for the relief of the Jews of Maryland, 1825.
GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Laws, Original) MSA S 966-182, f. 1.

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