A Fragmentary Antique Statue (Arcanjo Fresquini)

A Trumpet (Baccio Bianco)

Blocks and Instruments (Adrien Dauzats)

Studies for a Cartouche with Fame (Unknown Artist)

Study for a Memorial to Marchesa Anna Rondaninia (Tomasso Conca)

Study for an Ornamental Fountain (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Study of a Classical Bust (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Classical Marble Bust (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Classical Marble Bust (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Column (Unknown Artist)

Study of an Armchair (Unknown Artist)

Study of Hills (recto) (Unknown Artist)

Study of Egyptian Ruins, with Hieroglyphics (verso)
(Unknown Artist)

Study of Ruins  (Unknown Artist)


A Lily (Domenico Bruno)

Basket of Flowers (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Cherries on a Branch  (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Daisies(Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Dogwood Blossoms (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Dogwood Blossoms(Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Flowers(Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Flowers (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Hibiscus and Other Flowers (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Pink Flowers of a Branch (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Pink Flowers of Small Branch (Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Roses(Unknown Artist)

Botanical Study: Twig with Leaves (Unknown Artist)

Figs on a Marble Shelf (Fortunato di Paoli)

Onions  (Fortunato di Paoli)

Onions and Peppers (Fortunato di Paoli)

Study of a Maple Leaf (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Peach (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Rose (Unknown Artist)

Study of a Tree (two entries) (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

Study of Dogwood Branch (M. Eaton)

Study of Flowers  (Unknown Artist)

Study of Flowers (Nasturtiums?) (Unknown Artist)

Study of Flowers and Leaves (Unknown Artist)

Study of Leaves (Unknown Artist)

Study of Pink Flowers (Unknown Artist)

Study of Roses  (M. Eaton)

Study of Trees  (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

Study of Trees by a River (Unknown Artist)


A Group of Heads with Long Noses (Unknown Artist)

Caricature Head (Circle of Pier-Leone Ghezzi)

Figure Studies (recto/verso) (Unknown Artist)

Figure Study  (Unknown Artist)

Figure Study: 'Drawing for Illustration' (Walter Shirlaw)

Figure Study: 'Fragment Study for D.O. Mills Frieze' (two entries) (Walter Shirlaw)

'Odessa Quarantine,' Sheet of Sketches of Hands, feet, eyes, noses, lips (Unknown Artist)

Pair of Head Studies: Young Man and Girl (Unknown Artist)

Portrait Study: Two Children (Unknown Artist)

Portrait Study: Young Boy (Unknown Artist)

Portrait Study: Young Girl in Profile (Unknown Artist)

Portrait Study: Young Woman (Unknown Artist)

Portrait Study: Young Woman in Bonnet (Unknown Artist)

Studies of a Head, and of Feet (Attributed to Antonio Cavallucci)

Studies of Dutch Women (Walter Shirlaw)

Studies of Figures (Circle of Giovanni-Battista Franco)

Studies of Five Heads (Attributed to Charles Fraser)

Studies of King David (Unknown Artist)

Studies of the Legs of a Man (Unknown Artist)

Study for an Apostle or Prophet (Attributed to Francesco Trevisani)

Study of a Man (Walter Shirlaw)

Study of King David with Arm Study (Unknown Artist)

Study of Servants [after Veronese?] (two entries)  (Unknown Artist)

Study of Three Heads after the 'Sabines,' Repetition Libres des Sabines (Circle of Jaques-Louis David)

Tree Study (three entries) (Unknown Artist)


Studies for a Classical Composition (recto/verso) (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

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