A Girl Borne by an Angel(Unknown Artist)

A Warrior and an Angel with a Trumpet  (Circle of Jacopo Palma, Il Giovane)

An Angel (Domenico Bruno)

An Angel (Follower of Francois Duquesnoy)

An Angel and Putti (Circle of Giuseppe Bernardino Bison)

An Angel Appearing to a Man (Giuseppe Lopez)

An Angel in Flight  (Cirlce of Francesco Montelaticci)

Angel with a Scroll  (Circle of Domenico Piola)

Angel with Book and Scythe (Unknown Artist)

Christ with Two Angels (recto); The Brazen Serpent (verso) (Unknown Artist)


A Bearded Saint, half length (Giovanni Guercino)

A Female Saint with a Cross (Unknown Artist)

A Female Saint with a Cross and Staff (Unknown Artist)

A Female Saint with a Crozier(Unknown Artist)

A Female Saint with a Crucifix (Domenico Bruno)

A Female Saint with a Lily (Domenico Bruno)

Christ Child Held by St. Peter (Unknown Artist)

Saint Anthony of Padua (Unknown Artist)

Saint Anthony of Padua and Another Saint (Unknown Artist)

Saint Christopher (Unknown Artist)

Saint Elizabeth (Unknown Artist)

Saint John the Baptist (Circle of Guiseppe Passeri)

Saint Joseph with the Christ Child (Unknown Artist)

Saint Lucy (Unknown Artist)

Saint Matthew (Domenico Bruno)

Saint Teresa (Unknown Artist)

Soldiers Guarding an Imprisoned Saint  (Ascribed to Francesco Gessi)

St. James with a Picture of the Madonna and Child and other Figures (Unknown Artist)

St. Jerome   (Unknown Artist)

St. Luke Painting the Virgin (Unknown Artist)

St. Michael  (Unknown Artist)

St. Terese  (Unknown Artist)

St. Therese in Ecstasy(Leon Dorschwiller)

The Death of A Missionary Saint (Domenico Bruno)

The Magdalen (Domenico Bruno)

The Martyrdom of Saint Prassede  (Unknown Artist)

The Martyrdom of St. Lucy (Domenico Bruno)

The Mystic Marriage of a Saint (Domenico Bruno)

The Penitent Magdalene(Unknown Artist)

The Trial of St. Lucy (Domenico Bruno)


  8 Drawings on One Mount: Studies of the Virgin (Unknown Artist)

 A Statue of the Madonna and Child in an Apple Tree, with the Banishment of Evil (Domenico Bruno)

 A Statue of the Madonna and Child with the Trinity (Domenico Bruno)

The Assumption of the Virgin (Pieter Aertsen)

The Assumption of the Virgin(Unknown Artist)

The Assumption of the Virgin  (Follower of Carlo Maratti)

The Assumption of the Virgin, a Roundel Borne by Angels  (Unknown Artist)

The Assumption of the Virgin. Design for a Ceiling (recto/verso) (Attributed to Giovanni Battista Lenardi)

The Birth of the Virgin  (Circle of Giuseppe Porta, IL Salviati)

Madonna and Child  (Unknown Artist) 

The Madonna and Child (Domenico Bruno)

The Madonna and Child (Unknown Artist) 

The Madonna and Child (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna and Child (recto); and Arm (verso)(Jacopo Chimenti (a.k.a Jacopo da Empoli)

The Madonna and Child Appearing to Five Saints (Domenico Bruno)

The Madonna and Child in a Frame with Putti (Follower of Pietro da Cortona)

The Madonna and Child with a Saint (Follower of Sebastiano Conca)

The Madonna and Child with a Saint (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna and Child with Saint (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna and Child with Saints (Domenico Bruno)

The Madonna and Child with St. Catherine (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna del Giglio Appearing to Two Saints (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna in Glory (Unknown Artist)

The Madonna with a Weeping Youth (Unknown Artist)

The Virgin (Unknown Artist)

The Virgin and Child (Unknown Artist)

The Virgin Comforting a Youth (Domenico Bruno)

The Virgin in Glory with the Trinity and St. Michael  (Domenico Bruno)

The Virgin in Glory: Design for a Ceiling (Attributed to Giovanni Battista Lenardi)

The Virgin in Mourning  (Domenico Bruno)

The Virgin in Prayer (recto); Part of the Last Judgement (verso)(Unknown Artist)

The Virgin of the Rosary (Unknown Artist)

BIBLICAL SCENES (Old and New Testament)

A Prophet  (Circle of Francesco Solimena)

A Prophet  (Circle of Francesco Trevisani)

Jacob's Ladder (Unknown Artist)

Joseph Before Pharoah (Follower of Pierre Jacopo Palma, Il Giovane)

Joseph in Prison (Attributed to Benjamin West)

Judith and Holofernes (Domenico Bruno)

Judith and Holofernes (Circle of Donato Creti)

Salome (After Guido Reni)

Samson and Delilah (Attributed to Bartolomeo Cavalotti)

Susannah and the Elders (Unknown Artist)

The Angel Appearing to Saint Peter in Prison (recto) (Unknown Artist)

The Baptist Preaching/ Hermit Preaching (Giovanni del Cinqui)

The Crossing of the Red Sea (Unknown Artist)

The Crucifixion of Saint Peter  (Francesco Trevisani)

The Finding of Moses (recto/verso) (Circle of Marco Ricci)

The Infant Samuel [after Sir Joshua Reynolds] (Unknown Artist)

The Judgement of Solomon  (Unknown Artist)

The Judgement of Solomon (recto);  David (verso)  (Unknown Artist)

The Lapidation of Saint Stephen (Filippo Lauri)

The Presentation of Samuel (Attributed to Louis de Boullogne, Elder or Younger)

The Presentation of Samuel (Unknown Artist)

The Sacrifice of Abraham (Beniforte)

The Sacrifice of Abraham (Unknown Artist)

The Sacrifice of Isaac  (Unknown Artist)

The Triumph of Judith (Clement-Pierre Marillier)

Life of Jesus

Christ (Domenico-Maria Canuti)

Christ Among the Doctors:  Design for a Ceiling  (Unknown Artist)

Christ Preaching  (Domenico Bruno)

Christ's Charge to Saint Peter  (Unknown Artist)

Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

The Adoration of the Shepherds (Circle of Domenico Piola)

The Adoration of the Shepherds (Follower of Guiseppe Passeri)

The Agony in the Garden (Unknown Artist)

The Apostles in the Empty Tomb (Unknown Artist)

The Ascension (Unknown Artist)

The Circumcision  (Domenico Bruno)

The Crucifixion  (Domenico Bruno)

The Crucifixion  (Follower of Guido Reni)

The Dead Christ  (Unknown Artist)

The Entombment  [after a drawing by Raphael]

The Flagellation (Domenico Bruno)

The Flight into Egypt (Unknown Artist)

The Good Samaritan (Vincenzo Camuccini)

The Last Supper (Domenico Bruno)

The Magdalen annointing Christ's Feet (Domenico Bruno)

The Nativity  (two entries)(Unknown Artist)

The Presentation [after Veronese] (Unknown Artist)

The Sermon on the Mount (Unknown Artist)

The Way to Calvary (Domenico Bruno)

The Way to Calvary  (two entries) (Unknown Artist)   

Ecclesiastical Scenes and Ritual

A Churchyard (Louis Jules Frederic Villeneuve)

A Friar  (Unknown Artist)

A Martyrdom (Unknown Artist)

A Martyrdom (recto); Studies of the Annunciation in the manner of Trevisani (verso) (Pelagio Palagi)

A Mass (Cornelius de Wael)

A Mendicant (Unknown Artist)

A Missionary Saint Converting Natives (Domenico Bruno)

A Nun in Prayer (Unknown Artist)

A Priest Restraining a Soldier (Unknown Artist)

A Sacrifice of a Bull (Unknown Artist)

A Sermon (Cherian)

Alms Giving (Domenico Bruno)

Friars at a Cross (Louis Dupre)

Friars in a Cloister (Unknown Artist)

Friars in a Corridor (A. Ford)

Pilgrims in the Colosseum  (Robert Walker Weir)

Pilgrims Near a River (Unknown Artist)

Priest and Kneeling Woman at a Shrine (Victor Jean Nicolle)

Priests in a Church (Paul Martin)

The Atrium of a Mosque (Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps)

The Bishop of St. Asaph (Unknown Artist)

The Circumcision (Domenico Bruno) 

The Death of a Missionary Saint (Domenico Bruno)


4 Drawings on One Mount: A Dove and Cherubim (Unknown Artist)

A Crucifix at Sunset (Unknown Artist)

A Crypt (Charles Louis Lesaint)

A Girl by a Grave (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

A Man Mourning at a Grave (Unknown Artist)

A Mother and Daughter Beside A Grave, Near an Alpine Lake (Julien Vallou de Villeneuve)

A Woman at an Altar (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

A Woman Kneeling Before Two Souls (Circle of Donato Creti)

Family by a Cross (Unknown Artist)

Figures Near a Shrine (Victor Jean Nicolle)

Figures Round a Saint (?) in Bed (Unknown Artist)

Figures Witnessing (at Assumption?) (Unknown Artist)

God the Father and a Head [after Raphael] (Unknown Artist)

The Christ Child in Glory (Domenico Bruno)

The Cross Borne by Angels (Domenico Bruno)

The Holy Family  (Domenico Bruno)

The Holy Family (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

The Holy Family  (four entries) (Unknown Artist)

The Holy Family with God the Father (Domenico Bruno)

The Holy Family with Saints (Domenico Bruno)

The Immaculate Conception (Unknown Artist)

The Immaculate Conception with Saints (Unknown Artist)

The Lamentation (Unknown Artist)

The Lamb in Glory: Design for a Ceiling (Domenico Bruno)

The Sacrifice of a Lamb: Frontispiece Design (Unknown Artist)

The Trinity (Domenico Bruno)

The Trinity (Unknown Artist)

The Trinity with Saints (Domenico Bruno)

Three Cherub Heads and Dove (Unknown Artist)

Woman Mourning by a Tomb (Unknown Artist)


2 Drawings: Putti: for a Frontispiece to Vasari's 'Vite'  (Unknown Artist)

A Frieze of Putti (Unknown Artist)

A Putti with a Skull (Unknown Artist)

A Putto on Clouds (Unknown Artist)

An Eye on a Triangle with Putti (Domenico Bruno)

Kneeling Putti (Unknown Artist)

Putti (Unknown Artist)

Putti at Temples, or Putti at the Altar of Love (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Putti bearing the Cross (Domenico Bruno)

Putti Musicians  (Unknown Artist)

Putti on a Dolphin (Unknown Artist)

Putti with a God (Unknown Artist)

Putti with a Mask (Charles-Dominique Eisen)

Putti with the Cross (Domenico Bruno)

Putti, One with a Lily (Circle of Carlo Maratti)

Seated Putti (Unknown Artist)

Standing Putti (Unknown Artist)

Three Putti (Unknown Artist)

Two Putti (Unknown Artist)

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