Daily Life and Work

'...Negotiating under high pressure..'  (Unknown Artist)

A Chestnut Vendor (Unknown Artist)

A Crowded Street Scene (Unknown Artist)

A Deathbed (Domenico Bruno)

A Deathbed Scene (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

A Dentist (Domenico Bruno)

A Ferry Across a Lake (Jean-Jacques de Boissieu)

A Market Day, Rolling (Walter Shirlaw)

Dock Side Scene (Unknown Artist)

Shipping Off a Jetty (Charles Gudin)

Shipping Off a Promontory (Lancelot Theodore Comte de Turpin de Crisse)

Shipping Off Cliffs (Edward Calvert)

Shipping Off Naples (Unknown Artist)

Shipping off the Coast (Edward Calvert)

Singerie: A Notary's Office (Claude Gillot)


A Man in 16th Century Costume (Unknown Artist)

A Man in 16th Century Costume with his Son (P. Meroil)

Costumes at Pera: Figure in Tall Black Hat, wearing Blue Cloak (Unknown Artist)

Costumes at Pera: Figure wearing Tall Green Hat and Red Cloak, Carrying a Pipe(?) (Unknown Artist)

Costumes at Pera: Three Figures, Two wearing Fezzes (Unknown Artist)

Costumes at Pera: Two Figures wearing Cloaks and Head Wrappings (Unknown Artist)

Costumes at Pera: Two Figures, One in Green Costume and Blue Sash (Unknown Artist)

Jockey in a Top Hat (Antoine Jean-Baptiste(?) Thomas)

Lovers in 16th Century Costume (Achille Deveria)

Man in Top Hat (Antoine Jean-Baptiste(?) Thomas)

Three Figures in 16th Century Costume(Unknown Artist)

Two Men and a Woman in 17th Century Costume (Alexandre Evariste Fragonard)

Feluccas (Circle of Claude Joseph Vernet)  


A Classical Scene (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

A Classical Scene (Unknown Artist)

A Classical Scene (recto); a Goddess (verso) (Unknown Artist)

A Crowd Before a Palace at Night (Frederick Mathei)

A Ferry Across a Lake (Jean-Jacques de Boissieu)

A Shipwreck (Victor Hugo)

A Shipwreck off Cliffs (Unknown Artist)

An Assassination  (Lesmontie)

An Attack on a Coach (Alexandre Marie Colin)

Preparation for a Classical Execution (Bartolomeo Pinelli)

Ships Being Burnt on a Shore with Figures Nearby (Unknown Artist)

Shooting in a Wood (Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps)

Festival/ Religious:

A Cavalcade (Circle of Adam Frans van der Meulen)

A Classical Procession (Unknown Artist)

A Classical Sacrifice (Ubaldi Gandolfi)

The Aldobrandini Wedding [after the Antique] (Unknown Artist)


A 17th Century Court Scene-Advice before a Wedding  (Charles Chaplin)

A Woman Led to the Guillotine(Unknown Artist)

Guido sent by Livia (recto); Antonius (verso)

The Roman Senate (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

A Painter Drawing a Turk (Pierre Nolasque Bergeret)


A Cavalier by a Stable (Attributed to Michel Carree)

A Classical Battle (Bartolomeo Pinelli)

A Crusader Vanquishing an Infidel (Unknown Artist)

A Drummer and Other Calvarymen [previously attributed to Van Der Meulen] (Charles Parrocel)

A Fotress in Pomerania, Beseiged by the Imperial Army under Conte ? (Unknown Artist)

A General with a Page (Unknown Artist)

A Rider in a Battle (Unknown Artist)

A Roman Triumph (Jean Baptiste le Brun)

A Siege (Circle of Bernardino Campi)

A Soldier with a Nude Girl in a Landscape (Marcello Creti)

A Trooper with Two Horses (Unknown Artist)

A Warrior [after Tibaldi] (Unknown Artist)

A Warrior Finding a Wounded Soldier (Marcello Creti)

An Incident in a Battle (Jacques Francois Jose Swebach-Desfontaines)

Cavalrymen (Jacques Francois Jose Swebach-Desfontaines)

Cavalrymen  (T. Middleton)

Constitution and Guerriere (R.T. Brady)

Female Prisoners Before a General (Circle of Simone Cantarini)

Galleons in a Harbour (Unknown Artist)

Hussars in a Town (Victor Jean Adam)

Kneeling Warriors (Unknown Artist)

Officers by a Tree (Follower of Philips Wouwermans)

Scene from a Campaign (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

Soldiers (Circle of Antoine Charles Horace Vernet)

Soldiers Guarding a Gate (Noel-Dieudonne Finart)

Warriors in a Temple (Circle of Giuseppe Bernardino Bison)

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