A Bridge Below a Ruined Castle (Unknown Artist)

A Distant View of a Castle (William Groombridge)

A Fountain in the Crimea (F.B)

A Landscape with Peasants Near a Castle (Cesare Gennari)

A Roman View  (Unknown Artist)

A View in the Holy Land (Unknown Artist)

Bridge by a Lake (Leon Cogniet)

Girls on a Bridge (Derby)

In the Holy Land  (Pierre Justin Ouvrie)

Landscape with a Bridge
(Jacop de Momper)

Landscape with a Bridge (Imitator of Eugene Claude)

Landscape with House   (Unknown Artist)

Landscape with Temple (Pietro Bargigli)

Landscape with the Holy Family (Circle of Annibale Carracci)

Landscape with Tower (Giovanni-Battista Busiri (or Busieri)

Landscape with Town and Ruins  (Unknown Artist)

La Peschiere, Rome (Achille Vianelli)

Naples Seen Through a Natural Arch (Desmontre)

Near Eastern Cityscape  (Unknown Artist)

Ponte di Gragnano (Unknown Artist)

Port de St. Cloud at Night  (Unknown Artist)

Roman Ruins  (Jan Wyck)

A Roman Aquaduct (Jakob Wilhem Mechau)

Roslyn Castle (Henry Cave)

Ruin with Gothic Arch   (Unknown Artist)

Southern Russia. Crimea... (Unknown Artist)

The Walls of Memin, Pomerania (Unknown Artist)

The Walls of Rome with the Pyramid of Cestus (Louis Francois Marie Raulin )

Three Landscape/Cityscape Studies  (Unknown Artist)


A Classical Landscape (three entries) (Unknown Artist)

A Gorge  (Unknown Artist)

A Hill Landscape (Walter Shirlaw)

A Landscape (Follower of Giovanni Guercino)

A Natural Arch (Charles F. Buckley)

A Road Above a Gorge in Italy (Marie-Francois-Firmin Girard)

A Volcano (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

Bowder's Stone (Elisabeth Green)

Cave at Baiae (Alexis-Victor Joly)

Grotta di Amalfi (Unknown Artist)

Herdsmen on a Bluff (Circle of Alessio de Marchis)

Landscape (Bowness?) (E.A)

Landscape Study (Unknown Artist)

Mount Carmel  (Unknown Artist)

Mountainous Landscape  (Unknown Artist)

Mountainous Landscape with Town  (Unknown Artist)

Red Bank  (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

Summer Suite (5): Ploughing (Walter Shirlaw)

Tivoli (Follower of Paul Brill)

Ventnor Cliffs from Esplanade Hotel  (Unknown Artist)

Vesuvius (Circle of Achille Vianelli)

'Wall of Newport' (Indians in a Ravine)(E.S.)

White Mountains from Glen House  (Unknown Artist)

White Mt. Notch   (Unknown Artist)


A Forest (Hawke)

A Tree in a Landscape (Walter Shirlaw)

An Extensive Wooded Landscape (Unknown Artist)

A Wooded Landscape (Giovanni-Battista Busiri (or Busieri))

A Wooded Landscape (Circle of Aarnout ter Himpel)

A Wooded Landscape (three entries) (Unknown Artist)

A Wooded Landscape with Classical Ruins (John Breughel)

Landscape Study with Trees (three entries) (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

Three Trees in an Landscape (Unknown Artist)

Travellers near a Tree  (Unknown Artist)

Trees (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

Trees in a Fenced Enclosure  (Unknown Artist)

Trees near a Tower (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

Trees on a Hillock (Circle of Claude Lorrain)

Shooting in a Wood  (Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps)

Small Child and Deer in Forest (Unknown Artist)


A Coastal Landscape (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

A Coastal Landscape with Boats  (Circle of Jacob de Momper)

A River Landscape (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

A River Landscape (Unknown Artist)

A River Landscape with a Farm (Remigio Cantagallina)

A River Landscape with Masted Ships  (William Payne)

A Swiss Lake (Johann Meyer)

A Town on a Lake  (Unknown Artist)

A Town on the Coast (Jacop de Momper)

A Tree above a River  (Salvatore di Stefano Plantania)

A Village Near a River  (Unknown Artist)

A Waterfall (Francois-Joseph Dupressoir)

An Estuary at Twilight  (Unknown Artist)

Fisherman by a Stream (Unknown Artist)

Fisherman on the Neapolitan Coast (Circle of Achille Vianelli)

Fishermen by a Lagoon (Vincenzo Chilone)

Fishermen in a Cove (Charles Loius Mozin)

Harbour Scene (Pierre Cogniet)

Naples Harbor (Circle of Achille Vianelli)

On Lake George, New York  (J.R Hofland)

On the Rappahannock River, Virginia (J.R Hofland)

Park Landscape with River, Town in Background (Unknown Artist)

Partridge Island, St. John's Island, Bay of Fundy (John Martin)

Ponte Molle  (Unknown Artist)

Ponte Nomentane  (Unknown Artist)

River View with Suspension Bridge  (Unknown Artist)

Riverscape with Natural Rock Bridge (Unknown Artist)

Ruin on a River (Francois Alexandre Pernot)

Rye Beach (Unknown Artist)

Rye Beach - Near Perkins (Unknown Artist)

The Grand Canal, Venice (Vincenzo Chilone)

The Venetian Lagoon (Vincenzo Chilone)

Town on a River (Unknown Artist)

Village on a River, Boatman in Foreground (Unknown Artist)

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