A Boatman Seen Through a Natural Arch (Desmontre)

A Boy with a Barrell  (Unknown Artist)

A Classical Warrior (Unknown Artist)

A Classical Youth (Unknown Artist)

A Dancing Woman (Unknown Artist)

A Distant View of Vesuvius and Peasant Woman Dancing (Marie-Francois-Firmin Girard)

A Girl (Walter Shirlaw)

A Girl at a Gothic Window(Unknown Artist)

A Girl Releasing a Dove (Unknown Artist)

A Girl with a Doll on Steps, Seen through a Door (Antonio Rossi)

A Guitar Player (Unknown Artist)

A Hunter (Noel-Dieudonne Finart)

A King (Niccolo Bertuzzi [Bertucci])

A Man (Imitator of Jacques Callot)

A Man by a Mill (Unknown Artist)

A Man in a Boat (Walter Shirlaw)

A Man in a Prison (Unknown Artist)

A Man Walking (Unknown Artist)

A Man, after the Antique (Unknown Artist)

A Moor  (Unknown Artist)

A Mourning Woman (Unknown Artist)

A Nurse (Circle of Sir Joshua Reynolds)

A Painter Drawing a Turk (Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret)

A Peasant Woman (Noel-Dieudonne Finart)

A Peasant Woman  (Unknown Artist)

A Relief with Female Figure, Butterflies and a Dove at the Sides (Fortunato di Paoli)

A Seated Man Smoking  (Walter Shirlaw)

A Shepherd  (Unknown Artist)

A Shepherdess (Noel-Dieudonne Finart)

A Sleeping Woman (Paul Delaroche)

A Sportsman (Unknown Artist)

A Woman Advancing (Circle of Giovan-Battista Trotti)

A Woman at a Well (A.D.L...Y)

A Woman by a Table with Armour (Camille Roqueplan)

A Woman Clipping a Wing (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with a Scythe (Unknown Artist)

A Youth Running (Unknown Artist)

An Angler on a River Seen through a Natural Arch (Carl Bauch)

An Arab on a Sofa (Attributed to Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix)

An Astrologer (Unknown Artist)

Seated Woman (Unknown Artist)

Silhouette of a Seated Woman (Unknown Artist)

The Artist's Design for his Own Tomb (Giovanni Battista Piranesi)

Wayfarer (Alexandre Marie Colin)

Woman at a Door (Unknown Artist)

Woman Bathing in the Courtyard of a Harem (Jean Lubin Vauzelle)

Woman Picking Grapes (Unknown Artist)

Woman with a Basket  (Unknown Artist)

Women by a Moorish Fountain (Unknown Artist)


A Classical Couple (Unknown Artist)

A Clown with a Girl (Unknown Artist)

A Couple from the Back (Unknown Artist)

A Couple in a Bedroom (Unknown Artist)

A Peasant with a Boy (Unknown Artist)

A Seated Woman and a Man from the Back (Attributed to Giuseppe Cesareo)

A Swooning Woman Before a King (Unknown Artist)

A Warrior before a Queen (Unknown Artist)

A Woman Fleeing with Her Son(Unknown Artist)

A Woman Stooping , and a Man (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with a Baby (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with a Child (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with Her Child on a Road (Unknown Artist)

An Emperor Escorted by a Youth (Unknown Artist)

Classical Woman with a Child (Unknown Artist)

Lovers (Unknown Artist)

Pair of Standing Figures (two entries) (Circle of Claude Vignon)

Two Arabs (Unknown Artist)

Two Figures(Circle of Pierre Paul Prud'hon)

Two Men (recto/verso)  (Unknown Artist)

Two Women (Circle of Donato Creti)

Two Women by a Column (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Two Women with a Drunken Man (Unknown Artist)

Women by a Monument  (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Women by an Urn (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Wrestlers (Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps)


A Boy, Two Girls, and Children (Jean Baptiste Clermont)

A Dance  (Unknown Artist)

A Group of Classical Figures  (Unknown Artist)

A Harem  (Unknown Artist)

A Knight and Peasants by a Cross (Hippolyte Lecomte)

A Meeting in a Street (Unknown Artist)

A Minstrel Playing to a Young Couple (Antoine-Clause Fleury)

A Peasant Family (Attributed to Bartolomeo Pinelli)

A Serenade (Unknown Artist)

A Sick Woman in a Garret with Her Relations (Unknown Artist)

A Warrior Before a King and Queen (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with a Spindle and other People near a Tree (Unknown Artist)

A Woman with Two Maids Carrying her Train (Unknown Artist)

An Artist Sketching Savoyards (Jean Francois Clermont)

An Old Man Being Fed (Unknown Artist)

An Oratory (Charles Caius Renoux)

Arabs Under an Awning (Unknown Artist)

Artists Sketching Near a Chateau (Unknown Artist)

Banditti (Attributed to Rev. Mathew William Peters)

Banditti (Attributed to Bartolomeo Pinelli)

Banditti (Follower of Salvator Rosa)

Boys by a Farm (Lailerie)

Boys on Stilts on the Sand (Unknown Artist)

Cavaliers and Ladies in a Roman Garden (Unknown Artist)

Clowns in a Street (Antoine Jean-Baptiste(?) Thomas)

Figures (Unknown Artist) 

Figures and a Hay Cart  (Jacques Francois Jose Swebach-Desfontaines)

Figures in a Clearing (Unknown Artist)  

Figures by a Natural Arch (Unknown Artist)  

Figures in a Portico (Unknown Artist) 

Figures in a Runied Church (Unknown Artist)

Figures near a Gateway  (Unknown Artist)

Figures near a Gothic Door (Unknown Artist)

Figures Round a Saint in Bed (Unknown Artist)

Figures Under a Gothic Vault (Victor Jean Nicolle)

Figures with a Bull, a Hare and a Pig (after the Antique) (Unknown Artist)

Figures with a Horse (Unknown Artist)

Figures Witenessing (At Assumption) (Unknown Artist)

Fishermen by a Lagoon (Vincenzo Chilone)

Italian Peasants  (Follower of Carlo Labruzzi)

Lovers with a Pleading Woman (Karl-Pawlowitsch Bruloff)

Makers of Musical Instruments(Unknown Artist)

Negroes Harvesting Sweet Corn  (Francis Blackwell Mayer)

Oeuvres de Clermont: Group of Women and Children (Jean Baptiste Clermont)

Peasants and a Priest (Attributed to Bartolomeo Pinelli)

Peasants on the Way to Market (Unknown Artist)

Peasants Resting by a Tree (Francois Antoine Leon Fleury)

The Fortune Teller (inscribed date, unknown)(Amedee-Auguste Desmoulins)

Three Classical Figures (Unknown Artist)

Three Figures (Unknown Artist)

Le Demenagement (Unknown Artist)

Le Jeu de Diable (Unknown Artist)

Feeding the Baby (Circle of Jean-Baptiste Greuze)

The Death of a Philosopher(Unknown Artist)

Untitled (Figures at Table) (Unknown Artist)

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