Houses of Worship

A Chapel Among Trees (Unknown Artist)

A Chapel Near a Bridge (Unknown Artist)

A Country Church (H. Niel)

A Church (Jean Jaques Champin)

A Church (Unknown Artist)

A Church Among Cliffs or A Child Before Residence in Rocky Mountains (Dusommier)

A Church Among Hills (Unknown Artist)

A Ruined Church in Snow (Francois Alexandre Pernot)

A Shrine at the Entrance to a Monastery (Victor Jean Nicolle)

A Temple in a Park (Jean Thomas Thibault)

A Vaulted Undercroft (Unknown Artist)

A Venetian Church (Vincenzo Chilone)

Asia Minor: Temple of Apollo (Unknown Artist)

Chapelle de Rosny (inscribed date, unknown) (I.D)

Chartres (Scott)

Circular Temple (Jean-Honore Fragonard)

Figures in a Ruined Church (Unknown Artist)

Figures Under a Gothic Vault (Victor Jean Nicolle)

S. Marco, Venice (Vincenzo Chilone) (two entries)

S. Maria della Salute, Venice (recto); S. Gervasio e Protasio (verso) (Vincenzo Chilone)

Temple (Unknown Artist)

Temple of Romulus (Unknown Artist)

Temple of the Fawn (Unknown Artist)

The Basilica, Paestum (Unknown Artist)

The Door of a Cathedral (Theodore-Henri Mansson)

The Entrance to a Church (Rendux)

The Interior of a Deconsecrated Church seen through a Door (Victor Jean Nicolle)

The Steps of the Salute (Vincenzo Chilone)

The Temple of Vesta (Unknown Artist)

View of Rome: The Temple of Hercules Victor, Temple of Portunus (T. Dessoulavy) (two entries)

View of the Bacino di S. Marco from the Riva degli Schiavone (Vincenzo Chilone)

View of the Frari, Venice (Vincenzo Chilone)

Cities and Public Buildings

A Boathouse at Sorrento (T.T)

A City on a River (Attributed to Lodewijk Toeput, Il Pozzoserrato)

A Classical Atrium (Agno)

A Classical City (Giuseppe Valadier)

A Gothic Atrium (Charles Caius Renoux)

A Lighthouse by Moonlight (Unknown Artist)

A Market Place (Jean-Isidore Bourgeois)

A Mill (Jules Cogniet)

A Town Hall (Adrien Dauzats)

A Vaulted Archway in an Italian Town (Victor Jean Nicolle)

A Vaulted Atrium (Unknown Artist)

A Village (Attributed to Leon Cogniet)

A Village Near a River (Unknown Artist)

A Water Mill (Unknown Artist)

A Windmill (Charles Saxoni)

Buildings by a River in a French Town (Unknown Artist)

European City with Arched Gate, Children Playing in Road (Unknown Artist)

Figures in a Portico (Unknown Artist)

Figures Near a Gateway (Unknown Artist)

Figures Near a Gothic Door (Unknown Artist)

Figures Outside a Walled Town (Sebastian le Clerc, Elder or Younger)

In a French Town (Robert Gignoux)

In a French Town (W.S.)

Mill by a Stream (Unknown Artist)

Piazza San Pietro (Unknown Artist)

Project for the Carceri Series (Georges Francois Blondel)

Sottoportego del partio dei Bijali, Venice (Vincenzo Chilone)

The Arch of Septimus Severus, Rome (Marchi)

The Arch of Titus (Unknown Artist)

The Louvre from the Seine (Caizac)

The Piazza of a Town (Unknown Artist)

Town with Bridge (Unknown Artist)

Venetian(?) View (Attributed to Bartolomeo Cavalotti) (two entries)

View from Via Garibaldi toward the Salute(Vincenzo Chilone)

View Near Rome (Unknown Artist)

View of a French Town (Unknown Artist)

View of Chillon (Joseph Francois Dupresson)

View of Julina (Unknown Artist)

Designs, Monuments, and Objects

A Cart (Unknown Artist)

A Coat of Arms (Unknown Artist)

A Door with a Landscape Panel (Unknown Artist)

A Fountain in the Crimea (F.B.)

A Gothic Ruin (De Lucy)

A Prison Interior: Design for the Stage (Unknown Artist)

A Ruined Monument (Imitator of Salvator Rosa)

A Small Ship (Circle of Gerrit Groenewegen)

A Stone Block (Unknown Artist)

A Venetian Staircase (Vincenzo Chilone)

A Wagon (Jacques Francois Jose Swebach-Desfontaines)

A Wagon at Sunset (Unknown Artist)

An Arched Loggia (Unknown Artist)

An Egyptian Device (Unknown Artist)

An Urn with Lion Handles (Unknown Artist)

Cartouche for Framing an Earlier Portrait of a Woman (Unknown Artist)

Ceres: Design for a Ceiling (Unknown Artist)

Design for a Monument to Louis XVI (with assorted documents) (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

Design for a Monument: Marcgese of the Bourbon del Monte Family (Unknown Artist)

Design for a Salt (Circle of Marco Marchetti)

Design for an Awning (Unknown Artist)

Design for Door Decoration (two entries) (Unknown Artist)

Design for the Decoration of a Door with a Landscape (Unknown Artist)

Diagram of Fortress (Unknown Artist)

Fountain with Figures by a Urn (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Fountain with River God (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Woman by an Urn (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Four Kings: Project for a Lunette (Unknown Artist)

Monument in a Park (Jean Thomas Thibault)

Section of a Ceiling Design (four entries) Unknown Artist)

Steps Seen Through a Door Case (Attributed to Antonio Rossi)

Study for an Ornamental Fountain (Louis-Felix de la Rue)

Trophies (two entries) (Vincenzo Chilone)


A Castle (Derby)

A Castle by a River (Pierre Jean Mariette)

A Chateau (Lemaitre)

A Cottage (Adrien Dauzats)

A Cottage (Unknown Artist)

A Cottage (Andre Malathier)

A Courtyard (Auguste Jacques Reginer)

A Farm Cart (Jean-Baptiste Le Prince)

A Farm Near a River (Filon Godfroy)

A Fountain in Terraced Garden, a Castle Beyond (Carl-Antonio Buffagnoti)

A Gothic Ruin (De Lucy)

A House in Sussex (Mrs. H.D Shrine)

A Mansion Seen Through Pines (Jean Thomas Thibault)

A Ruin on the Coast (Charles Gudin)

A Ruined Pedimented Building (Unknown Artist)

A Shack Below a Windmill (N.F. (Newton Fielding?))

A Summerhouse (Unknown Artist)

A View of a Castle in the Piedmont (Unknown Artist)

A View of the Villa Madama, Rome (Attributed to Jean Pirre-Louis-Laurent Houel)

A Villa (Antoine-Laurent Castellan)

An Italian Villa (A.L.C.)

Chateau d'Ebieux (Unknown Artist)

Cottage (Unknown Artist)

Cottage by the Shore (Adrien Dauzats)

Cottage near Reading (L(avia) Humphrey)

Cottage on the Estuary (Lemaitre)

Cottages by the Coast (L.G.)

View of a Country Estate (Unknown Artist)

House - Front View (Unknown Artist)

House and Ruin (Unknown Artist)

House in Landscape (Unknown Artist)

House with Fence, Four Figures (M. Eaton)

House with Out Building (Unknown Artist)

House, Man Tending Two Pigs (M. Eaton)

House, Two Figures (Unknown Artist)

Houses near a Lake (Sebastian le Clerc, Elder or Younger)

John P. Kennedy House, Mount Vernon Place (Unknown Artist)

Small Cottage in Woods (Unknown Artist)

Steep Hill Castle (Unknown Artist)

Stone House (M. Eaton)

The Loggia of the Ducal Palace (Vincenzo Chilone)


A Bridge Below a Ruined Castle (Unknown Artist)

A Roman Aquaduct (Jakob Wilhem Mechau)

Bridge by a Lake (Leon Cogniet)

Girls on a Bridge (Derby)

Ponte di Gragnano (Unknown Artist)

Ponte Molle (Unknown Artist)

Ponte Nomentane (Unknown Artist)

The Grand Canal, Venice (Vincenzo Chilone)

The Walls of Dememin, Pomerania (Unknown Artist)

The Walls of Rome with the Pyramid of Cestus (Louis Francois Marie Raulin )

Wall in the Ancient City of Petra (Unknown Artist) 

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