A Dead Bird on a Marble Shelf (Fortunato di Paoli)

A Fallen Horse (Jacques-Jospeh Bachelier)

A Goose (Walter Shirlaw)

A Horse in a Loose Box (Attributed to Theodore Gericault)

A Horse Race  (Unknown Artist)

A Horseman in the Desert (Unknown Artist)

A Horseman Leading a Riderless Horse (T. Middleton)

A Jockey with Horses (J. Taylor)

A Lion Hunt (Jacques Courtois, Il Borgognone)

A Monk with a Donkey on a Mountain Track (Joseph Nicolas Robert-Fleury)

A Monkey (Circle of Antonio Tempesta)

A Python Attacking a Boar (Horatio Walker)

A Seated Woman with a Dog (Unknown Artist)

A Woman and a Donkey (Antoine Charles Horace (Carle) Vernet)

A Woman with her Dog [in the manner of Metsu] (Unknown Artist)

An Arab with a White Horse (Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix)

An Elephant (After Rosso Fiorentino)

An Owl, Birds  and a Kite above Chimney Stacks and a Spire (A.D.L...Y)

Arabs, One with a Camel (Unknown Artist)

Boy with Terrier under a Tree (Unknown Artist)

Castle Near the Coast (Cattle and Shepherds in Landscape) (A.E.)

Dogs (Domenico Bruno)

Drovers with Horses (Unknown Artist)

Figures with a Bull, a Hare, and a Pig [after the Antique] (Unknown Artist)

Figures with a Horse (Unknown Artist)

Head of a Horse (Unknown Artist)

Heads of Bulls  (Walter Shirlaw)

Heron on a Branch, a Town Beyond (Jan Hulswit)

Horse Breakers (Unknown Artist)

Horseman Outside a Walled Town (Sebastian le Clerc, Elder or Younger)

Horsemen (Follower of Philips Wouwermans)

Horsemen on a Road (Unknown Artist)

Horses at a Trough by a Cliff (Willaim Payne)

Man with Donkey (Unknown Artist)

Rabbits on a Bank (Newton Fielding)

Two Sheep (M. Eaton)

Two Shells (Unknown Artist)