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The Archivists' Bulldog
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of 1851 initiated the procedure for electing judges to office and provided for their removal by address to the General Assembly. This complicated process has been used only once, to remove Henry Stump, judge of the Baltimore City Criminal Court, in 1861. 

On October 7, Ed and Jen Hafner attended the oral arguments in the Potomac River case of Virginia vs. Maryland at the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Significant Special Collections acquisitions  include a map, drawings, papers of a senator, and a membership certificate for the Society of Cincinnati. The Archives used income from the Radoff Fund to purchase a map of Baltimore City, prepared by Sidney and Neff and published by Lloyd Van Derveer in 1852. The Metropolitan Club of Washington, DC contracted with Archives to restore and scan the architectural drawings of its building, constructed in 1907. 

State Senator Julian L. Lapides has deposited his public and legislative papers with the Archives and will provide financial support for an intern to process the collection next summer. 

Ed used that certificate and examples of oversize maps to illustrate the capability of the Archives to reproduce documents in color and in such detail as to be suitable for exhibits where it is not possible to display original materials.

Two on-line findings aids were demonstrated for the Commission. Ed showed how the Maryland land records project, launched initially in Worcester County, can be used to obtain references from indexes and then to go directly to the first page of the instrument and 

The Archivists' Bulldog 
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Jabour, Anya. Marriage in the Early Republic: Elizabeth and William Wirt and the Companion Ideal 
Jewish Museums of Maryland. Enterprising Emporiums: The Jewish Department Stores of Downtown 
Jourdan, Elise Greenup. Abstracts of Charles County Circuit Court: Court and Land Records, vol. 1, 
   1658 - 1666 
_____. Abstracts of Charles County Circuit Court, Court and Land Records, vol. 2, 1665 - 1695 
Kelley, Owen and Lisa Miotto, ed. How the Friday Night Dance Came to Glen Echo Park: A Collection
   of Essays about the Largest Weekly Contra Dance in the Washington, DC Area 
King, Julia A. and Douglas H. Ubelaker, eds. Living and Dying on the 17th Century Patuxent Frontier 
Knepper, Cathy D. Greenbelt, Maryland: A Living Legacy of the New Deal 
Levinson, Barry. Baltimore, Life in the City 
Lonn, Taylor. Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem 
Loverro, Thom. Home of the Game: The Story of Camden Yards 
Mallick, Sallie and F. Edward Wright. Frederick County Militia in the War of 1812 
Malloy, Mary Gordon et al., compl. Abstracts of Wills, Montgomery County, Maryland, 1776 - 1825 
   Maryland Air National Guard, A Commemorative History 
Maryland General Assembly. Department of Legislative Services. Under the Dome: The Maryland General
  Assembly in the 20th Century 
Maryland Pocket Annual for the Year of Our Lord 1842 
Maryland Pocket Annual for the Year of Our Lord 1846 
Mash, John. Land of the Living: The Story of Maryland's Green Ridge Forest 
Meyer, Eugene L. Maryland Lost and Found Again 
Miller, Mark B. Baltimore Transitions, Views of an American City in Flux 
Mills, Eric. Chesapeake Rumrunners of the Roaring Twenties 
Morgan, Jon and Doug Kapustin. Gaining a Yard: The Building of Baltimore's Football Stadium 
Nelson, Richard T., Jr., compl. 1880 Census of Charles County, Maryland 
_____. 1880 Census of St. Mary's County, Maryland 
_____. 1920 Census of St. Mary's County, Maryland 
_____. 1930 Census of St. Mary's County, Maryland 
Norton, Louis Arthur. Joshua Barney: Hero of the Revolution and 1812 
Older, Curtis L. Fox's Gap in Maryland [computer file] 
Peden, Henry C., Jr. Closer Look at St. John's Parish Registers, 1701 - 1801 
_____. More Marylanders to Kentucky, 1778 - 1828 
_____. Quaker Records of Baltimore and Harford Counties, Maryland, 1801 - 1825: Births, Deaths, 
   Marriages, Removals, and Abstracts from the Monthly Minutes 
_____. Revolutionary Patriots of Maryland, 1775 - 1783: A Supplement 
_____. Revolutionary Patriots of Maryland, 1775 - 1783: Second Supplement 
_____. Revolutionary Patriots of Talbot County, Maryland, 1775 - 1783 
_____. Revolutionary Patriots of Worcester and Somerset Counties, Maryland, 1775 - 1783
Pedersen, Vernon L. Communist Party in Maryland, 1919 - 57 
Prevas, Nicholas M. Gone But Not Forgotten: A Definitive History of the Greek Section at Woodlawn 
Quinn, Frederick. Courthouse at Indian Creek: The First Five Years of the Greenbelt, Maryland, Federal 

by Lee Evans 

The old pond, ah! A bullfrog somewhere croaks; 
A snakelike rustle shakes the reedy grass. 
Three boys about the age of Huck Finn pass 
Beneath the overhanging boughs that choke 
Each others' sun and rain, and thickly cloak 
My vantage point upon a hillside bench. 
Unseen by them, I watch the three lads drench 
Their boots and socks (up to their knees they're soaked) 
And slosh about the lily pads; no fear 
Of snake and leech in the entangled roots. 
I shut my book awhile: These three repeal 
Ones fancies that consumer goods are truth-- 
That Nature needs improvement. Now the guard 
Half heartedly escorts them from the yard.