Newsletter of
The Maryland State Archives
Vol. 17, No. 7
April 14, 2003
Archives Successfully Nominates Maddox and DuFour 
to Maryland Women's Hall of Fame 

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The Archivists' Bulldog

The Archivists' Bulldog 
Page 3
by Robert Barnes 

A Closer Look at St. John's Parish Registers, 1701-1801. By Henry C. Peden, Jr. Westminster: Willow Bend Books, 2003. Pp. iv, 103. $15.00. Paper. 

In 1987, when the author published St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers, 1696-1851, he noted that he had used the transcriptions made many years earlier by Lucy H. Harrison. Upon finding many errors in Ms Harrison's transcription, primarily in St. John's Parish,  Peden has gone back to the original registers to correct mistakes and clear up any ambiguities. There is no index in the new book, but each 


Adams, Herbert B. Maryland's Influence Upon Land Cessions to the United States 
_____. Public Educational Work in Baltimore 
Agle, Nan Hayden. Free to Stay: The True Story of a Former Slave and the Family She Adopted
anonymous. 1930 Census Enumeration Districts 
_____. Middleham Chapel, Middleham and St. Peter's Parish and Cemetery Inscriptions 
Barnes, Robert W. British Roots of Maryland Families, [vol.] 2 
Bavis, Mary Claire. Baltimore Bound: Three Pathways to the City and the Families that Followed Them, 
     1608 - 1923 
Bedini, Silvio A. With Compass and Chain: Early American Surveyors and Their Instruments 
_____. Life of Benjamin Banneker: The First African-American Man of Science (Second edition. 
     Revised and expanded.) 
Berlin, Ira. American Slavery in History and Memory 
Bishop, Fred T. Guide to Historical Episcopal Churches of Southern Maryland 1634 - 1984 
Blumenson, John J. G. Identifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Style and Terms 1600 - 
Boemeke, Manfred F. and Roger Chickering. Guide to Archives and Historical Collections in the 
     Washington Metropolitan Area 
Botkin, B. A., ed. Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends, and Folklore 
Bourne, M. Florence. Thomas Kemp, Shipbuilder, and His Home, Wades Point 
Brown, George T. Gas Light Company of Baltimore: A Study of Natural Monopoly 
Brown, Canter, Jr. River of Peace: The Nineteenth Century 
Brown, Connis O., Jr. "Procedural Microfilm Recording of Current Land Records in Prince George's 
     County, Maryland" IN National Micro-News:  Official Publication of the National Microfilm 
     Association, no. 88, 1967 
Bunting, Elaine and Patrician D'Amario. Counties of Central Maryland 
Burn, Helen Jean. Maryland in the Great Depression [video recording] 



    (Equity Papers) 1822-1984 [MSA T3533] 
    (Insolvency Record) 1879-1938 [MSA 
    (Land Records) 1742-1942 [MSA T3549] 
    (Marriage License Applications) 1900-1990 
           [MSA T3564] 
    (Mechanics Lien Record) 1898-1977 [MSA 
    (Paternity Papers) 1964-1998 [MSA
    (Test Book) 1818-1975 [MSA T3581]