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The Archivists' Bulldog
by Ray Ringgold 

1631_______Kent Island settled by Virginians under William Claiborne. 
1633/11/22__The Ark and the Dove set sail from Cowes, England, for Maryland. 
1634/03/25__Landing of settlers at St. Clement's Island. 
1637_______St. Mary's County established. Called Potomac County from 1654-1658. 
1638_______Lord Baltimore gained firm control over Kent Island. 
1642/08/2___Kent County established. 
1648_______Kent County originally called Isle of Kent County. 
1650/04/29__Anne Arundel County established from the settlement called Providence. 
1650_______Calvert County established from Old Charles. Called Patuxent County from 1654-1658. 
1652/03/29__Parliamentary commissioners held jurisdiction over the colony. 
1653_______Kent Island population about 250. 
1654/10____ Southern boundary of Anne Arundel County set at Mr. Maishes Creek aka Oyster Creek
                      aka Fishing Creek. 
1657/11/30__Lord Baltimore's claim to Maryland reaffirmed. 
1658_______Settlements began on the Eastern Shore beyond Kent Island. 
1658_______Charles County established. 
1659_______Baltimore County established, with boundaries from Patapsco River to the Chester River. 
1659_______Baltimore County to include the area north and east of the Patapsco River. 
1660_______Kent Island population about 600. 
1662_______Talbot County established. 
1664_______Slavery sanctioned by law; slaves to serve for life. 
1666_______Somerset County established. 
1668_______Dorchester County established from Somerset and Talbot counties. 
1670_______Kent Island population about 650. 
1671_______Kent Island population about 1000. 
1671/06/21__Boundary change between Kent and Talbot counties. 
1674_______Southern boundary of Baltimore County defined as 2 miles south of the highest plantations
                      south side of Patapsco River. 
1674_______Cecil County established from Baltimore and Kent counties. 
1683/05/15__Headright system of land grants ended. 
1692-1715__Crown rule. Maryland governed as a royal colony rather than proprietary province. 
1692_______Church of England made the established church. Royal assent to Establishment Act given
                      in 1702. 
1694_______Capital of Maryland moved from St. Mary's City to Annapolis. 
1695_______Kent Island taken from Kent County and placed in Talbot County. 
1695_______Prince George's County established from Calvert and Charles counties. 
1698_______Boundary between Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties set generally along the divide
                      between the Magothy and Patapsco rivers. 
1706_______Queen Anne's County established from Dorchester, Kent, and Talbot  counties. 
1707_______Boundary between Kent and Cecil counties defined as the Sassafras River. 
1715_______Restoration of proprietary rights to Charles Calvert, 5th Lord Baltimore. 

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The Archivists' Bulldog 
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TIMELINES (continued from Page 2)

1727/05/30__Boundary between Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties moved to south side of
                        Patapsco River. 
1732_______Establishment of Maryland boundary line with three lower counties of Pennsylvania, 
                        which later became Delaware. 
1742_______Worcester County established from Somerset County. 
1744/06/30__Indian Chiefs of the Six Nations relinquished by treaty all claims to land in colony. 
1748_______Frederick County established from Baltimore and Prince George's counties. 
1763-1767__  Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary line. 
1773_______Caroline County established from Dorchester and Queen Anne's counties. 
1773_______Harford County established from Baltimore County. 
1776_______Montgomery County established from Frederick County. 
1776_______Washington County established from Frederick County. 
1776/11/8___First State Constitution adopted by Ninth Convention. 
1781/02/2___Property of Loyalists and British subjects confiscated. 
1789_______Allegany County established from Washington County. 
1791/12/19__ Maryland ceded land for District of Columbia. 
1796_______Baltimore City incorporated. 
1798-1799__  Election districts within the 19 existing counties first established. 
1824/02/24__Reestablishment of the boundary between Anne Arundel and Calvert counties. 
1836_______Carroll County established from Baltimore and Frederick counties. 
1838/10/3___Governor and state senators first elected by voters rather than by legislature. 
1851_______Baltimore City separated from Baltimore County for judicial purposes by the Constitution
                        of 1851. 
1851_______Howard County established from Howard District of Anne Arundel County. 
1864/11/1___Maryland slaves emancipated by Constitution of 1864. 
1867_______Wicomico County established from Somerset and Worcester counties. 
1872_______Garrett County established from Allegany County. 
1877/01/16__Maryland-Virginia boundary demarcated by Jenkins-Black Award. 
1906_______Precincts within election districts first established. 

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