Record Transfers and Space Management receives permanent records from State, county and municipal government agencies. For those records, this department provides inventory control and access while maintaining total database control over the collections. It also manages the overall space at the State Archives building in Annapolis, and at three offsite warehouses.

A new department, Record Transfers and Space Management was created in July 2001. Formerly its duties were overseen by units under Acquisition and Preservation. The department formed to meet increased demands by State, county and municipal government agencies for the State Archives to store their records. Earlier, that demand had led the Archives to secure more warehouse space. Now, that space requires more cost-effective management.

To cut costs and give greater access to public records, Record Transfers and Space Management set about to reorganize functions. It secured a computer link to Annapolis, allowing database access at the warehouses to the Archives website. That electronic connection enables the department to scan material to make it available on the web, and provide on-site reference services for researchers to access original records.


Total cse (clam shell equivalents) added = 20,354
cse (1 cu. ft. of unprocessed material = 2.4 cse of processed material)

Total number of volumes added = 974 volumes

Total number of boxes added = 6,766 boxes

Total number of maps/plats added = 72,525 maps/plats

Total number of CDs added = 200 CDs

Total number of reels added = 7,646 reels

Total number of cartridges added = 0 cartridges

Total amount of fiche added = 3,034 fiche

Total amount of aperture cards added = 4,000

Records Received, FY2002 (as of August 31, 2001)
Plats 100,255
Boxes (rcbs) 6,093
Books 690
Compact Disks 35


Warehouses. Space Management operates three offsite warehouses: Cheltenham Warehouse in Prince George's County; Hammonds Ferry Warehouse in Anne Arundel County; and Ordnance Road Warehouse in Baltimore.

Shelving. To date, some 148 sections of shelving have been received and installed at the Ordnance Road Warehouse. This shelving will accommodate 12,432 cubic feet of records.

Plat Processing. A plat processing operation has been set up to prepare plats for scanning into for the various counties of the State.

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