MSA SC 5458-51-3936, request from Del. Rudolph re: Cecil County schools in 1843

MSA SC 5458-51-3933, request from Sen. Stone's office, re: how does Sen. Stone's length of service compare with that of Sen. Fred Malkus, Maryland's longest serving state senator

MSA SC 5458-51-3889, submotions request re: death penalty bill from Sen. Gladden

MSA SC 5458-51-3881, re: state song from Sen. Forehand's office. Note: There was also email correspondence between Dr. Papenfuse and Sen. Forehand on this issue

MSA SC 5458-51-3876, request from Sen. Dyson's office re: Thomas Johnson Bridge

MSA SC 5458-51-3865, request from Del. Bromwell re: history of 65 College Ave

MSA SC 5458-51-3836, request from Sen. Colburn re: anniversary of the Mason-Dixon Line

MSA SC 5458-51-3829, Dr. Papenfuse spoke with Joe Getty about coordinating ECP's and Sen. Colburn's remarks for Lincoln's birthday speech

MSA SC 5458-51-3828, work with Sen. Raskin concerning Washington's birthday address, including compilation of a list of those present in the Senate chamber on 12/23/1783

MSA SC 5458-51-3827, request from Sen. Gladden re: William H. Lemmel, Baltimore City School Superintendent who collapsed in the Senate chamber on January 29, 1953, while testifying before a committee hearing

2/23/2009 - Email correspondence between Dr. Papenfuse and Del. Rosenberg re: Police Commissioner Pomerleau and spying activities in 1970s. Work was done on this topic a few years ago, and Dr. Papenfuse sent hyperlinks to the report in question on 2/25/09


First Citizen and Speaker's Society awards research and preparation

MSA SC 5458-82-97 , request from Governor Counsel's office re: recommendation letter for Judge John Phillip Miller

MSA SC 5458-51-3944 , request from Governor's office re: letter from Glendening's files concerning Native Americans and Casinos