2006 Summer Internship Program
Project Summary

Each summer the Archives offers paid internships to provide students with an opportunity to learn archival and historical methods in a professional setting.  High school, undergraduate, and graduate students attending Maryland institutions or Maryland residents attending out-of-state schools are eligible to apply.  In addition, students may participate in an abbreviated program for academic or community service credit.  This summer, the Archives hosted twenty students who worked on thirteen diverse projects throughout the agency. The students' work ranged from preserving collections both traditionally and electronically to geographical, demographical, and biographical research. We are extremely proud of their significant contributions, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.  We are also grateful to the organizations who gave matching funds to help support this summer's program including:  Baltimore City Court Foundation, George Washington University, Maryland Commission for Women, Morgan State University, St. John's College, S. J. Martenet and Company, and the U.S. Department of Education.

The following projects were undertaken:

Archives of Maryland Online Electronic Archives Project
Anna Pritt, Home School
Ms. Pritt was the Maryland Colonial Society Essay Contest Winner this year.  She worked from home editing the OCR text for the 1994-95 Maryland Manual posted in Volume 186 of the Archives of Maryland Online.

Artistic Properties Commission
Sarah Waller, George Washington University
Ms. Waller helped to draft a Collections Management Policy for the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property. The policy  is designed to provide the staff with governing policies to ensure the protection of objects in their care including the scope of the collections, what objects will be accessioned, how they will be deaccessioned, and what objects will be borrowed or loaned.

Camille Manganello, Brandeis University
Ms. Manganello helped to repair and conserve library books in our collection including making Mylar book covers and wraparounds for books that had been disbound.  She also assisted in the assessment of our microfilm collections, and specifically evaluating specimens presenting with symptoms in accordance with what is known as “vinegar syndrome.” 

IT Programming
Kyle McLean, Mary Washington College
Mr. McLean programmed an updated version of the Archives' publications management system to enhance its.  Also, he updated the mail logging system to automatically print receipts that were previously written by hand.

African American Attorneys Biographical Research Project
Louis MalickCollege of William and Mary 
Mr. Malick worked with the Research staff in studying the career and life of prominent African American attorney J. Steward Davis.  He assisted in compiling a list of all extent court cases and documents from Davis' career.

Library/Government Publications
Faith Erline, Washington College
Ms. Erline assisted the Librarian in accessioning, cataloging, and storing publications including back issues of the library's collection of serials, publications from organizations such as local genealogical or historical societies, or national organizations like the Library of Congress or the National Archives.

S. J. Martenet Company Electronic Archives Project in Baltimore
Richard Brown, Home School
Joshua Hood, Home School
Brian Oswinkle, Perry Hall High School
Ronald Owen, Jr., Home School
The students flattened, foldered, and boxed the original documents in acid free storage materials from Maryland State Archives SPECIAL COLLECTIONS 5087 (S.J. Martenet and Company, Inc. Collection).  Then, they scanned the surveyor's plats, maps, and field notes of Baltimore City and surrounding areas, preparing them for presentation online in  Once the materials were imaged, they original files were delivered to the Archives for proper storage.

Special Collections St. John's Archives Project
Emily Tordo, St. John's College
Ms. Tordo processed, cataloged, and created on online inventory for the Maryland State Archives SPECIAL COLLECTIONS 5698 (St. Johns College Archive Collection).

State House Research Project
Cindy Thompson, University of Maryland, College Park
Ms. Thompson reviewed the chronology and extracted the research related to the structure of the Old House of Delegates Chamber and its many restorations.  She also annotated the report of the committee which oversaw the restoration of the Old Senate Chamber during the 1930s. The task entailed adding many letters, bills, newspaper articles, ads, and photos to the chronology.

Underground Railroad Research Project
Ryan Cox, Salisbury University
Genevieve GoerlingSt. Mary's Collegee of Maryland
Keith Swaney, University of Maryland, College Park
The students reviewed the 1830 and 1840 United States Federal Census Records for Baltimore County looking for all households including slaves or free blacks, and those dwellings where blacks were listed as the heads of household.  Also, the students searched for and scanned runaway slave and domestic traffic advertisements from the Maryland Republican and the Baltimore County Advocate.  Data from the census and newspapers, including scanned images of the advertisements, were entered in a database for presentation on  They also spent a portion of time on case studies making connections between online biographies, slave narratives, interactive maps, runaway advertisements, and land records on  Each student also wrote and gave a presentation to be included on the website.

Women's Hall of Fame Research Project
Amy Huggins,University of Maryland, College Park
Ms. Huggins researched and wrote ten biographies of members of the Maryland Women's Hall of Fame, including Bea Gaddy, Hiltgunt Margret Zassenhaus, Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston, and Dr. Liebe Sokol Diamond.  These biographies have been added to the online exhibit maintained by the Archives for the Maryland Commission for Women.

Women in Law Research Project
Amber Robinson, Hood College
Allison Smith, McDaniel College
Erin Troxell, St. Mary's College of Maryland
In partnership with Judge Battaglia of the Court of Appeals and Judge Eyler of the Court of Special Appeals, these students used the Court of Appeals Test Books to compile a list of women admitted to the Maryland Bar between the years of 1902 and 1975.  The interns' list totaled seven hundred and forty-nine people by the conclusion of the summer, and they also started biographical files for many of the women.  The ultimate goal of this project is a publication on the history of Maryland Women in Law.  This summer was a pilot project that could continue in 2007 with funding.  Ms. Andrea Fucheck is creating an editorial oversight group for the project and helping to raise money for a Finding Justice:  Maryland Women in the Law publication.  Dr. Papenfuse has been asked to serve on an LLC for that purpose and any monies raised would go to the Friends of the Archives as matching funds for the 2007 summers internship program.