Legacy of Slavery Board of Advisors Meeting
March 11, 2005, 1:30pm
Maryland State Archives


Prospective Attendees:

Larry Gibson
Jerry Hynson
Jenny Masur (by conference phone)
Steve Whitman

Kara Carter
Maya Davis

John Gartrell
Chris Haley
Jen Hafner
Millington Lockwood
Emily Oland Squires
Ed Papenfuse

   I)   Call to order by Chris Haley
  II)   Member Introductions
 III)  Staff Introductions
  IV)  Overview of Legacy of Slavery Department by Chris Haley
            a)   Beneath The Underground Railroad by John Gartrell
            b)   Legacy of Slavery Exhibits by John Gartrell and Kara Carter
            c)   Additional Research Projects and Outreach by Jen Hafner, Maya Davis, and Millington Lockwood
   V)   Sample UGRR Presentation by Chris Haley
  VI)  Open Discussion led by Emily Oland Squires
            a)  Call for General Comments, Questions, or Suggestions
            b)  Logo
            c)  Seeking Sources for future Grant Submissions
                1) Save Our History
                2)  National Parks Service
                3)  National Endowment for the Humanities
 VII)    Board Meeting Calendar by Emily Oland Squires
VIII)   Adjorn by Chris Haley