Hall of Records Commission

for a Meeting 
at the Maryland State Archives
Electronic Classroom
12 Noon
September 22, 1999

Call to Order by the Chairman
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bell at 12:20 p.m.
Attendees and Introduction of Special Guests
Dr. Papenfuse welcomed the Ottenritters and Butlers to the meeting to thank them for the gift of surveyors records which is of great interest to the Archives.  The Archives has been working hard to preserve and care for oversized materials that exist in the courts throughout the State, particularly plats and recordation of surveys of property.  The more oversized materials are used, the more rapidly they deteriorate.  There is a project underway with the courts and, with the help of the Land Records Improvement Fund, to implement county by county image-based retrieval of all condominium, subdivision and survey plats, starting with Baltimore County.  Dr. Papenfuse said it was providential that we were offered this wonderful collection of survey materials relating to Baltimore County that was still in private hands and which needed a good home and good care.  It includes a wonderful edition of the 1915 Bromley Atlas which is a very carefully done atlas of Baltimore City and parts of Baltimore County. Its owner was a surveyor who annotated all of the work he did, so it provides a key to his collection as well.

Dr. Papenfuse introduced another special guest, Dr. Lois Green Carr,  the world's leading authority on 17th and 18th century Maryland.  Dr. Papenfuse recommended an award-winning article of Dr. Carr's, The Planter's Wife:  The Experience of White Women in Seventeenth-Century Maryland, which explains what life was like for women in the 17th and into the 18th century, as well as her book Robert Cole's World:  Agriculture and Society in Early Maryland. Dr. Carr helped the Archives get a grant to preserve her research notes which are an invaluable treasure trove of biographical data on 17th and 18th Century Marylanders, and now will be made available on line at the Archives' web site.

Other staff recognized by Dr. Papenfuse included Kathy Beard who handles all administration and coordination for these meetings; Mimi Calver who works with the State House Trust; Pat Melville who handles publication of the Archivists' Bulldog; Lynne MacAdam, the Archives' web master who handles all of our web-based activities and some of our publications; and Ray Connor who is handling the video taping of this meeting.

Standing in for the President of the Senate is Vicki Fretwell, and Jeff Bishop is representing the President of St. John's College.

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Dr. Papenfuse reviewed the following speaking engagements in which he is directly involved over the next few weeks to give the Commission an idea of the kinds of special events with which he is directly involved, and also the kinds of things the Archives does in a recurring way:

Special Presentations

Next meeting

The next Hall of Records Commission meeting will be at the call of the Chair sometime in March or April 2000.


Before closing, Secretary Richkus told the Commission that the following afternoon from 4:00-6:00 p.m., there would be a Preservation awards ceremony at the Paca House.  DGS, who managed the State House Acorn project, will be receiving recognition for the role it played.  Secretary Richkus' predecessor, Mr. Gene Lynch, will also be there.  Dr. Papenfuse said that DGS did a wonderful job on this project.  He noted that it was a project of the State House Trust and that the Lt. Governor played a very critical and positive role in seeing to it that it would be done properly.  Ms. Calver indicated that the Lt. Governor is being honored as well at the ceremonies.

On a motion by Dr. Ridgway seconded by Mr. Nelson, the meeting adjourned at 1:21 p.m., the Chairman concurring.

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State Archivist

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