Baltimore Catholic Cemeteries Collection
MSA SC 2578

Collection Dates: 1850-1970
Collection Description: St. Vincent de Paul, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Roman Catholic, BC lot owners cards, interment cards, annual care cards, n.d.; Old Holy Cross Cemetery - Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore City: interment records 1871-1945, alphabetical 1871-1945 (graves of Old Holy Cross Cemetery were moved to Woodlawn Cemetery in June 1970); St Peter the Apostle, BC: cemetery records 1850-1970.
Medium: Microfilm
Restrictions: No restrictions
Provenance: Scanned in 1974

M 2073
Lot owners cards, Interment Cards, Annual Care Cards, n.d.; Old Holy Cross Cemetery - Woodlawn Cemetery, BC. Interment Records 1871 - 1945, alph. Abbott - Flaherty. (Graves of Holy Cross moved to Woodlawn Cemetery 1970.)