Family, Property, Community,  & Speculative Mania in the Formation of the Early Republic- Second Semester

The following tentative schedule is subject to change as the semester progresses. Check this page and the links from it periodically. The format for class will be an in-depth dicussion of the reading every two weeks beginning with Chapter IV of Elkins & McKitrick next week and the remainder of the book two weeks later. Informed discussion of the reading constitutes 1/3 of the grade for the semester and attendance is mandatory. The research paper constitutes 2/3 of the grade. Progress reports on research papers and discussion of research methods and goals will be held on the alternate weeks when discussion of reading is not scheduled. All grading of papers will be based on what is up and working on your website by the day set aside for the final exam.

Papers: Those carrying over from last semester already know their assignments and will polish off their work this semester. New members of the seminar/reading group will concentrate on writing biographies of one of the following, focusing on their interest and role in the creation of the Federal City-

Robert Morris, the Financier
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Pierre L'Enfant
William Thornton
John Nicholson

The first step for those new to the seminar will be to compile a bibliography of secondary and printed primary sources for week 3 which is to be emailed as an attachment to me by 10 a.m. of the day of class. Expect that for each of the non discussion weeks there may be assigments relating to the papers which will be sent in to me prior to class.


Monday, week 1, Review of requirements, open hotmail account if you do not already have one, creation of website at Geocities. Send me an email at giving me your name, email account, address, phone number. Follow up by next week with hotmail address, password, address for Geocities site

Monday, week 2, class cancelled because of Archives budget hearing, Budget and Taxation subcommittee, Maryland Senate

Monday, week 3, discussion of Chapter IV, Elkins and McKitrick, Green, through chapter I.

Monday, week 4, discussion of Elkins & McKitrick

Monday, week 5, review of progress on papers, discussion of paper topics, resources to consult.

Monday, week 6, review of progress on papers

Monday, week 6, discuss Jefferson and Bowling, begin discussion of Arnbebeck through first section

Monday, week 8, finish discussion ofArnebeck

Monday, week 9, review of progress on papers

Monday, week 10, discuss Joseph J. Ellis, American Sphinx, the Character of Thomas Jefferson, 1997

Monday, week 11,

Monday, week 12, view American Experience Program on Laurel Ulrich's Diary of a Midwife.

Monday, week 13, discuss Ulrich, Diary of a Midwife

Monday, week 14 (Final Paper due on, or linked from, Geocities Website by 10 a.m.)